We Need to Build an Interfaith America

We have before us a momentous opportunity To create the world’s first truly interfaith nation We need to build American Medina A city on a hill Made holy By the wideness of its welcome The strength of its bonds Look at it shining The Catholic university where Muslim immigrants

Learn The Jewish hospital where Hindu babies are born They eyes of the world are upon you We need to build A sangha whose chants of lovingkindness Change the climate Bridge divides and bind hearts We need to build The beloved community where we see each other

The Baptist and Mormons who farm fields and fight fires together The witnesses who watch over the whole block We need to build The New Jerusalem Tents for angles to dwell Tabernacles for the tribes Twelve, twelve thousand, twelve million They will not cease to be diverse

They come from across the Earth Seeking the sacredness of knowing one another Every refugee a pilgrim Every stranger a friend Until we are a nation This Interfaith America Pluralist rashtra Diverse democracy Achieving our country Where our hopes are prophecies Where we offer langar to our friends and our

Enemies Where we do not wait for sickness to pray for one another’s health Where we defeat the things we do not love by building the things we do We need to build

#Build #Interfaith #America