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Kids Faith TV – Jesus loves you – yeah The story of the birth of Jesus Years ago, in the days when  Herod was king of Judea,   God sent the angel Gabriel to Nazareth  in Galilee to a virgin named Mary.

Angel Gabriel came to Mary and gave her a message  from God, that a child would be born to her.   This message was surprising to Mary,  but she was attentive and obedient.  Angel Gabriel informed Mary that  she was to name the child Jesus,  

For He would be the son of God and  rule over Israel forever. Mary said,   “My soul magnifies the Lord, and my  spirit rejoices in God my Savior” Mary who was engaged to her  soon-to-be husband Joseph,  

Was surprised and confused as to how a child of  God would be born to her. When she told Joseph,   he did not believe Mary’s story, he was  confused and hurt. ‘How can this story be true,   that an angel told Mary that  she will have a son of God’?  

Joseph was also worried that Mary was expecting  a baby before their marriage had taken place. At night Joseph thought to himself to divorce Mary  quietly, but then an angel appeared to Joseph in   a dream and assured Joseph that the child in  Mary’s womb was the son of God, who would save  

His people from their sins. The angel told Joseph  to take Mary as his wife and name the child Jesus.  When Joseph awoke from his dream,  he did all that the angel commanded. When the time of the birth drew near, Mary and  Joseph had to travel to Bethlehem because of an  

Order from the Roman emperor that a census would  be taken in their hometown to count the people. Joseph took the pregnant Mary and they travelled  on a donkey for several days. It was not an easy  

Journey on Mary. Soon they arrived in Bethlehem  and looked for a place to stay. But they were told   that the inns were full, as many travelers were in  town for the census. There were no places to stay.

Seeing that Mary was due at any moment, an  owner of an inn told Joseph that they could   stay in his stable. Mary and Joseph settled down  on the hay in a stable and surrounded by animals. It was not long that Mary went into labor  and in the place where the animals slept,  

Mary gave birth to Jesus; Jesus was born in the  stable in Bethlehem. Baby Jesus was laid in a   manger which is animals’ trough, and the sleeping  baby Jesus, the son of God, rested in the manger. Now, when Jesus was born, a brand-new  bright star appeared in the sky.

During this time, an angel appeared to 3 shepherds  who were watching their flocks in the fields near   Bethlehem. The angel told them the good news of  the birth of the Savior and Messiah, Jesus Christ.   The shepherd saw a shining star in the sky and  the shepherds immediately followed the star  

As they went to find baby Jesus. The star led  them to where baby Jesus was laid in a manger.   The shining star rested over where Jesus was born.   The shepherds knelt and worshipped the Savior and  gave Him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. The birth of Jesus is celebrated  yearly at Christmas time.  

Baby Jesus was son of God  made man to save mankind.

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