The lucrative business of doing deals with the devil

Wow! That person has it all! How did they get so  good at what they do? Could be….SATAN?!?!? We’re   talking Deals With The Devil on today’s Nutty  History! With all those people making deals with   the devil throughout history, it’s gotta be hell  keeping track of all those contracts. Ugh. Can you  

Imagine the work when he updated to digital?  Now, how about you make a deal with me, and   subscribe to this channel, click the notification  bell, and like this video? Throughout the history   of the church, people have been accused of  witchcraft, sorcery, demonic possession,  

Evil acts, and making straight-up deals with  the devil. The accusers’ reasons differed:   they could have an agenda against the accused and  be trying to take them out with the church’s help;   they could be jealous of the accused’s talents and  lifestyle; they could be caught up in religious  

Fervor, or maybe the accused person literally  wished to sell their eternal soul in exchange for   favors and a little red guy with a pitchfork that  he uses to poke people in the butt appeared with a   contract. They all seem like perfectly reasonable  explanations and we’ll never know for sure. Deals  

With the devil are especially prevalent in music,  from hidden satanic messages when you play songs   backward, to dark heavy metal and horror-core  rap imagery, to that time the devil went down   to Georgia in that one country song… I think it  was called Boot Scoot Boogie. But it’s not just  

Musicians selling their souls, later on, we’ll  explore how one of the major rocket scientists   from the early days of NASA was talked of selling  his soul, practice occult rituals with the most   wicked man in the world Aleister Crowley,  and unleashed a moon goddess spell onto the  

World with the help of Scientology founder L. Ron  Hubbard! So who was that Aleister Crowley guy? He   was an English occultist, ceremonial magician,  poet, painter, novelist, and mountaineer,   founder of the religion Thelema, and THE  WICKEDEST MAN IN THE WORLD. Oh, and I forgot  

To include that he was also a spy, drug fiend,  & sex addict. Born to a wealthy British family,   he rejected their fundamentalist Christianity at a  young age. His mother was very strict, and called   him a “devil” and accused him of worshiping Satan.  Because of this, he began calling himself “the  

Beast” and “The AntiChrist”. He once described  a battle between God and Satan over his soul,   although later he claimed to not believe in the  Christian idea of satan. Crowley famously moved   among occult circles, practicing magic with the  help of drugs, sex, and elaborate rituals in order  

To summon various demons, angels, and gods into  our world. Many of Crowley’s books on the occult   are used in ceremonies, teaching, and research to  this day. His most famous and lasting teaching is   the phrase often associated with Satanism, “Do as  thou wilt”. You’d think with such a direct line to  

Evil, Crowley could have asked for some guitar  talent or at least some cool violin lessons.   He could have been like old-school satanic  soul seller Nasty Nicolo! Nicolò Paganini was   a musician that just got sick of all the practice  and hard work with no rewards to show for it. The  

Violinist, guitarist, and composer was born in  1782 and began publicly performing at the age   of 12, only to collapse under the pressure just  four years later. He made a triumphant comeback   on the music scene when he was 22 performing  arrangements he had written that were so complex,  

No one else could do them! So what happened in  those years he was away from the scene? Well,   I don’t need 1700s TMZ to tell me, Nasty  Nicolo made a deal with the devil! Rumors   of the satanic pact spread and some people even  said they saw Satan on stage with Paganini,  

Assisting him during concerts. The devil rumors  were so persistent that Paganini was denied final   rites and a proper burial upon his death. Bummer.  Old Nicolo should have repented before death like   Saint Theophilus of Adana or Saint Theophilus the  Penitent as he was later known. Saint Theophilus  

Is considered the first man to sell his soul  to the Devil in exchange for worldly riches and   favors. The guy was unanimously elected to become  a bishop in the sixth century, and he turned it  

Down out of humility. Whoa. The church was going  to give him a thing he wanted and he was like “No,   no, I don’t deserve it” and they were like “okay,  so…. We’ll give it to someone else”. And he was  

Like, “You know what, now I want it.” That’s  right, another dude took the bishop position   and old Theo was miserable. So, he did what any  reasonable person would do, he hired a sorcerer   that summoned Satan himself. The devil gave Theo  a contract renouncing Christ and the Virgin Mary,  

Spelled out in his own blood. Theo signed it,  and he became Bishop! Yay! Happy ending. Not so   fast. Theophilus regretted what he did and begged  the Virgin Mary for forgiveness. She appeared and   said, “Nah”. But he begged and she agreed to go  talk it out with God. She came back 30 days later  

And told him that he was forgiven, but don’t let  it happen again. But 3 days later he awoke to find   the contract on his chest because Satan refused to  relinquish his soul. Theo went to another bishop,   who burned the contract and freed him.  Then Theo died right there on the spot,  

Overcome with joy. So… happy ending? I guess  you’re right? I’m noticing a lot of these “selling   your soul to the devil” stories don’t seem to  end well for the sellers. At least some have   cool legends told about them. Like Robert Johnson.  Robert Johnson was an American blues guitarist,  

Singer, and songwriter that recorded primarily in  the 1930s. He was pioneered the Delta blues style   and was a massive influence to those that followed  him. He also sold his soul to the devil. According   to legend, as a young man, Johnson lived on a  plantation in rural Mississippi and wanted nothing  

More than to become a great blues musician. One  night, Johnson took his guitar to a crossroad   near Dockery Plantation at midnight. There,  he met the Devil. The Devil took his guitar,   tuned it, played a few songs, and then returned  the guitar to Johnson. After that, Robert Johnson  

Had complete mastery over the guitar. Johnson’s  lyrics included supposed clues to his talent’s   origin, such as “Early this morning when you  knocked upon my door / And I said, ‘Hello,   Satan, I believe it’s time to go.” Johnson died  under mysterious circumstances at the age of 27.  

Some say it was the devil collecting his due.  Others say it was the raging case of syphilis,   he had. We’ll never know for sure. The life and  music of Robert Johnson didn’t just influence   the music of future generations, it may have  convinced a few to sell their souls as well.  

In Bob Dylan’s song titled “Crossroads”, perhaps  itself a reference to the crossroads where Robert   Johnson and the Devil made their deal, Dylan falls  to his knees and pleads to “the lord” to help save   his soul. From the lyrics, it would seem like he  is referring to God. But the very last line says,  

“And I’m standing at the crossroads, believe I’m  sinking down.” Then in an interview, Dylan said,   “It goes back to that destiny thing and I made  a bargain with it a long time ago, I’m holding  

Up my end.” “What was your bargain?” “To get where  I am now,” “Should I ask who you made the bargain   with?” “You know with the Chief Commander…On  this Earth, and in the world, we can’t see”   Jimmy Page, the guitarist for seminal English rock  band Led Zeppelin, was less influenced by Robert  

Johnson and more influenced by Aleister Crowley.  Page read Crowley’s book ‘Magick in Theory and   Practice’ at the age of 15 and became a lifelong  fan of all things occult. Is it just a coincidence   then that a young rocker became influenced by one  of history’s most wicked men, and then grew up to  

Be one of the most successful rock musicians  of all time? Perhaps a deal with the devil was   involved. Page was such a Crowley advocate that  he purchased Crowley’s former home in Loch Ness,   Scotland, which he believed was haunted. Page told  stories about how people had died in that house,  

And the strange sounds he heard when he stayed  there. Rumors followed that Jimmy Page was a   Satanist and that if you play “Stairway to  Heaven” backward, you’ll hear demonic voices   speaking. There’s always been rumors that the  popular artist of the day is somehow in league  

With the devil and with social media, it’s even  more prevalent. Even Miley Cyrus has been accused   of Satan worship. The pattern seems to be, look  for the artist that would be the most surprising   if they turned out to be a Satan worshiper,  then look for clues, then make a conspiracy  

Video. That’s what happened to JayZ and Beyonce.  They’ve been accused of being agents of Satan as   well. Also, they’re in the Illuminati. And the New  World Order. Hmmm. Could be all three. Evidently   when Jay-Z makes his public hand motion of  putting his Roc-A-Fella diamond up’ it’s  

A secret satanic symbol. Of course, it’s also  the symbol of pro wrestler Diamond Dallas Page,   who accused Jay of stealing the sign, and  as far as anyone knows DDP isn’t a satanist,   so who knows the symbol’s true meaning. One  man who may know the true meaning of those  

Hand symbols as well as all things satanic,  is Aliester Crowley’s most famous disciple,   rocket scientist Jack Parsons. Jack Parsons  said he tried to summon the devil when he   was just 13 years old because he planned to sell  his soul in exchange for a real-life rocket ship.  

Jack Parsons grew up to be a pioneering rocket  scientist, one of the principal founders of both   the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and the Aerojet  Engineering Corporation, and he invented the   jet fuel that is used by NASA. In his 20’s Parsons  converted his religion and began to study Thelema,  

The occult religion started by Aleister  Crowley. Parsons became friends with Crowley;   the two believed themselves and each other  to be powerful magicians. At one point,   Jack Parsons joined forces with another powerful  occultist magician, Scientology founder L. Ron   Hubbard and the two of them would work together  to complete an extremely difficult series of  

Rituals called “The Babylon Working” based on a  ceremony described in Aleister Crowley’s novel,   Moonchild. This was to bring forth a Goddess  called Babylon that would help man go to the   moon. Parson’s claimed the ritual was partially  successful. Parsons died in 1952 from a mysterious  

Accidental explosion in his home laboratory.  Parsons was working on explosives for a film   stunt and something went wrong, though there are  those that maintain it was an elaborate suicide.   Some in the Thelema society suggest that Parsons’  successful Babalon Working ritual opened up a  

Gateway and marked the start of the appearance of  flying saucers in the skies, leading to phenomena   such as the Roswell UFO incident. Spooky stuff.  The gateway could be a path to another dimension   where all supernatural phenomenon since the  ritual has come into our world. All thanks  

To one little boy that sold his soul to the  devil. For more devilishly delightful videos,   click that notification bell, subscribe to this  channel, and like this video. Thanks for watching!

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