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Hello and welcome to Interprepedia! My name is Rosa. I’m an interpreter. In this video I’ll be sharing a free practice exam for the state court interpreter certification. Practice exercises prepared by the NCSC for the Judicial Council of California. They can be used to prepare for the court interpreting exam

Or to study to improve your skills. Find the link to the practice material in the description box. Before you review them please watch for a moment. This mock exam covers three modes of interpretation:  Sight translation, consecutive, and simultaneous interpretation. However, there are two caveats.

The practice exam is a PDF document. It doesn’t include any recordings.   If you want the “real test” experience follow this video I’ll read the oral portions for you. The practice exam is only in English.   To make it language-specific, you’ll need to translate some parts.

I’ll read the oral portions of the exam in English. This will allow for more  colleagues to benefit from it. 60% of the actual oral exam requires you to interpret  EN> L2 You’ll still be able to practice and test your skills. Read the instructions in the practice material. pg. 1 – pg. 27

If you want to mimic the real test experience with this video stop reading on pg. 27. Review the rest after this video. Recommended setup: Computer Open this video in one tab. Open the PDF in a second tab. These are the tools you’ll need: Device to play video and open PDF file. A bigger screen is best for the sight translation texts. You’ll need something to record yourself: A phone, tablet, computer, voice recorder, etc. This is crucial to review your performance.  You’ll need headphones, at least for the simultaneous part. You’ll need note-taking tools. You’ll need bilingual dictionaries for terminology.

Let me explain how we’ll do this. We’ll start with two sight translations. You’ll need to open the  PDF on a separate tab. I’ll tell you the page number where you need to be. I’ll keep track of time. To mimic the real exam You’ll have 6 minutes to complete each sight translation.

Then, we’ll start the consecutive interpretation. I’ll read the questions and answers. No need to worry about pausing. You’ll have enough time to render your interpretation. If you need repetition, use the timestamps to skip back/forward Allow yourself only two repetitions. The last part will be the simultaneous interpretation.

It’s always an opening/closing argument by an attorney at 120 wpm Each exercise has a script with scoring units in bold letters. You can use it as a reference to get an objective score. They also give you valuable instructions to evaluate yourself, how to create glossaries and more.

Please, read the instructions from pg. 1 to pg. 27. If you’re ready to do the mock exam right now, keep watching. If you are not ready yet, stop watching before we start. You’re welcome back anytime 🙂 Use the timestamps to skip segments. Let’s get started! Good luck! You did it!

Congratulations on putting in time and effort to improve and test your skills! If you’re preparing for a certification test, I wish you the very best As always, thank you so much for watching! ¡Adiós!

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