Paradise Lost | War Of Angels & Building Of Pandemonium, HQ of Hell

Now Lucifer who is tied with some very  heavy chains was lying on his back with   the other rebellious angels in the Lake of  Fire they were tied there by the archangels   Michael and his colleagues as punishments for  their Insurrection against the almighty God  

They found themselves under such severe punishment  because Lucifer who was one of the top angels in   heaven and in fact the greatest and most glorious  angel in heaven fell out with God when he became   so powerful that he thought he could unseat God  and become the boss of Heaven you may well know  

The story of Lucifer and how he was expelled from  Heaven due to his pride and was cast down to the   Earth where he later transformed into Satan  the Devil with the other rebellious angels  

Well there are a lot of background stories that  you may not find in the Bible in this video I will   be using the book one of Paradise Lost which was  written by John Milton to give you the background   story of what really transpired in the spiritual  World during the transformation of Lucifer to  

Satan and the other evil angels well God did not  find such dissident attitude funny and directed   Michael and the other loyal archangels to deal  with the issue but Lucifer who was still not ready   to plead for forgiveness was still determined  to stand against God the result of the impasse  

Was the first recorded war in heaven which was  the war between the good and the evil angels   and of course Lucifer and his angels who were  the evil angels were defeated there were the   disadvantaged side apart from the fact that God  was with Michael and his angels Lucifer was also  

Outnumbered by two to one now John Milton said  that they were cast straight into hell first   this assertion is contrary to Revelation  12 verses 7 to 12 in the Bible which says   now War arose in heaven Michael and his angels  fighting against the Dragon and the dragon and  

His angels fought back but he was defeated and  there was no longer any place for them in heaven   and the Great Dragon was thrown down that ancient  serpent who is called the devil and Satan the  

Deceiver of the whole world he was thrown down to  the Earth and his angels were thrown down with him   and I heard a loud voice in heaven saying now  the salvation and the power and the kingdom of  

Our God and the authority of his Christ have  come for the accuser of our brothers has been   thrown down who accuses them Day and Night Before  Our God and they have conquered him by the blood  

Of the lamb and by the word of their testimony  for they loved not their lives even unto death   therefore Rejoice O heavens and you who  dwell in them but woe To You O Earth and  

Sea for the devil has come down to you in great  Wrath because he knows that his time is short   well the Paradise Lost also talked about  Lucifer ending up on the earth so it is kind   of still leading to same thing Paradise Lost  described Satan as a gigantic creature that  

Is compared to a Titan or the Leviathan who is  the Beast of the Seas himself lying on the lake   the next in command to Satan is  Beelzebub he is Satan right-hand man   the chains in which they were restricted  with has made them become more evil  

They were transformed for the worst through  the severe punishment God has meted on them   one will expect that such a punishment will  make Satan and his lieutenants remorseful so   that they will seek to change their ways but  alas it made them more hardened and challenged  

To still move against the interest of God on the  Earth in fact Satan declared that it is better to   reign in Hell than to serve in heaven so Satan  was so interested in power that he was ready to  

Forgo all the Privileges he had in heaven to  the expected Authority he will wield in hell   now Satan made effort to break free from  his restraints and emerge from the flames   he soars to a desolate plane where Beelzebub  follows then the other Fallen Angels respond  

To Satan’s call from the plane by rising from  the lake and flying to their leader one by one   the principal Devils that are currently in control  of hell are listed by Milton as they appear moloch   kimos Balaam asteroth astart asterath Dagon  rimin Osiris Isis auris Mammon and Belial  

A formal catalog of demons includes  an introduction to each monster   Milton makes it abundantly apparent that only  God has given these Fallen Angels the freedom   from their bonds that they believe they  have achieved on their own Satan was able  

To gather a large army of fallen angels that is  impressive but do their recent ignominious defeat   Satan knew he has a lot to do if he must be  successful in his second attempt at opposing God   the devil then addresses the fallen angels and  rallies them for the task ahead of them on the  

Earth since Satan also had the ability  for motivation talks he told them that   they should not be cast down in their hearts  because they still have power and that their   purpose will be to oppose God on the Earth this  is their time for war they are at war with the  

Creatures of God here on the Earth the devil  host of Angels were motivated by his speech and   they started building the capital city of their  hellish Dominion right away at mammon’s command   they located mineral deposits in the highlands of  hell and swiftly began to establish a metropolis  

They construct a massive tower that ultimately  comes to represent Pandemonium the capital of Hell   under the guidance of their architect molsaber  the demon Army’s erratic movements are likened   to a massive swarm of bees they all gather for  the first Grand parade once the construction  

Was completed and the capital is finished Milton  underlines in the prologue of his book that his   subject will be man’s Rebellion to God’s will  meaning that not only Adam but all of humanity   from the beginning to the end has disobeyed God he  does say that the bigger man who rescued everyone  

From the initial Disobedience will be a part  of his subject additionally he intends to use   eternal Providence to justify the ways of God to  men Milton uses the word justify to indicate more   than merely an explanation he also intends  to show that God’s treatment of man is just  

Milton’s declaration that he will compose and  pursue a purpose that has never been attempted   before supports the assumption that he was not  troubled by any illusion of modesty in order to   achieve this goal Milton’s prayer to the Muse  What In Me Is dark or illumin is the only truly  

Moving passage in this prologue Milton will  later address his blindness more explicitly   in the prologue that opens book three Milton  makes no reference of Satan in this prologue   or indication even though he is the poem’s  principal character but not its true subject  

Satan is initially seen in the beginning  of the book sleeping in the bottom of hell   the great theological epic puts Satan in the  Forefront introduces him first and in numerous   ways makes him the story’s protagonist this is so  because despite the fact that Satan is a likable  

Figure who faces overwhelming odds Milton does  not desire his audience to have sympathy for him   a fact Milton’s original audience would have  been more aware of the ironies inherent in   Satan’s conflicts and his remarks about power  than his present audiences The Authority that  

Satan claims and believes he has is fictitious  only God can give him the ability to act and his   battle with god is already over the audience  of old are aware as Milton’s lines confirms   that Satan’s conflict with God had already  been decisively lost before the book begins  

To the current audience Satan may appear heroic  as he struggles to create a heaven out of hell   the authority to act on God’s behalf not their  own is given to Satan and the other Demons by God   additionally Satan is at his most  alluring at this point in the story  

He recently descended from heaven where he  held the position of closest Angel to God   the celestial Radiance he had in  heaven has not yet disappeared   the reader will see that Satan’s personality  and appearance deteriorate as the poem goes on   Milton’s writing is thoughtfully organized  to highlight the effects of Satan’s Deeds  

Following Satan’s departure from the Flaming  Lake the list of demons follows an epic pattern   of identifying Heroes however in this case  the list is of antagonists this particular   list appears to be a deliberate parody of book  two of the iliad’s listing of Greek vessels  

And heroes by Homer of order to explain why so  many of the Gods in paganism exist today Milton   uses the catalog to enumerate a large number of  Fallen Angels these beings were formerly among   the Angels who revolted against God as a result  the reader may not immediately link Christianity  

With names like Isis Osiris ball and others  but rather with a pre-christian pagan belief   the two most significant Devils on the list are  Beelzebub and Belial the building of pandemonium   the seed of hell is the last chapter of book once  in book two both contain a considerable amount of  

Accidental humor both times the Devils appear to  be seized by a sense of civic pride and act on the   principle that hell is horrible but with a few  modifications we can make it a lot better even   attractive the mindset of the mayor of a tiny  town that was overlooked by the interstate is  

Revealed in both Mammon and the Demonic architect  malsaber both of them appear to believe that hell   could become so nice with changes that people  would desire to leave the main objective of   Milton here however is to make pandemonium  a term he invented from the Latin pan all  

In demonium the capital of hell for the demons  overall Milton paints a picture of hell that at   least in the first few volumes appears to have  more than one essence thank you for your support

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