Jesus is always human and divine

Hi I’m father Jim Martin I’m a Jesuit priest and author of Jesus a pilgrimage and I’m here with 10 things to know about Jesus Jesus is always fully human and fully divine now I know you probably know that the humanity and divinity of Jesus is an article of our Catholic

Faith but it’s an important to remember that Jesus wasn’t divine at some times and human and others in other words it’s not as if Jesus puts his divine hat on one day and his human hat on the next day it’s not as if he’s human when he’s working in the carpentry workshop in

Nazareth and divine when he is performing miracles no he is fully human and fully divine at all times sometimes I like to challenge people and say that Jesus is divine when he is sawing a piece of wood and he is human when he is stilling a storm healing the sick or

Raising someone from the dead it was hard for the disciples to understand this and it’s hard for us to understand it too it’s a real mystery but it’s essential for our faith to remember that Jesus is fully human and fully divine at all times I’m father Jim Martin author of Jesus a

Pilgrimage god bless you

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