The Truth Behind Modern Day Satanism

Oh the antichrist is coming hi it’s thomas we’re in cleveland outside the house of wills this is an old funeral home owned by one eric freeman who is cleveland’s leading proponent of satanic thought he is uh formally associated with anton lavey and some of his children from the church of satan

I’m curious about full term possession like wholly giving yourself over to dark forces and they think of no better format for doing so than satanism where the foundational right is selling your soul to the biggest dark force of all the government so tonight we will be conducting uh one of the satanic rituals

Is written by levay the ceremony of the nine angles and uh we will hopefully be summoning the goat of a thousand ages and maybe indoctrinating ourselves into the order of the nine angels which is a secret society of satanists perhaps the most secret society of satanists who advocate animal sacrifice human

Sacrifice and reshaping the world according to your will let’s see if it works Hail satan Well like what is satanism like really i mean to me it’s a logical format of exactly how to fundamentally get the most out of life without any kind of dogma superstition fear or anything else controlling you it’s you being completely in control of your universe

Okay and in satanism we have our own you know general structure of how we treat people oh can you describe that structure well i mean it’s pretty simple we absolutely do not turn the other cheek stupidity is the number one sin if you’re magic and you create something never doubt yourself

Because once you doubt yourself it’s gone and that’s the that’s the worst part about heaven or hell or any of that is that people fundamentally believe that after this existence they’re going to go to a better place so what you do here doesn’t matter and that that’s

Really sad i would say these things like the skulls the tombstones the coffins any of these various objects of our memento mori’s are just symbols of death these uh do not imply in any way that we’re the least bit eager to die or have any sort of freudian death wish on the

Contrary these are constant reminders that death is around the corner and death doesn’t present a better uh than what we have now world can you walk me through the roots of american satanism i would state that uh most ideas of western satanism was probably come from the fool society back in the

Uh in germany in the uh early 1900s after that you absolutely have crowley who is the most evil man you know alive i mean when you look at him his do without wilt turned into do your own thing which is absolutely instrumental in the structure of the 60s the 70s you know

Even today with let your freak flag like that’s all based on crowley who’s the most evil man in the world but then you have this hippie peace movement that spawns from this gentleman you can even go to charles manson who was instrumental in ottowa what is the air

Trees water earth i believe the green movement today is all based on charles manson this is a man that’s still in prison today who never killed anyone like if you want to talk about will and what you can create that man like that man knows what’s going on and that’s why

They have him in a cage and if you ask him like hey do you like jail he’ll just straight up he’ll be like what jail because he knows that he can do whatever he wants in his mind is he completely sane absolutely not but that doesn’t mean that he’s

Completely ignorant as to the way things work it’s the duality of nature that people don’t comprehend they only see one thing when they look at things the altar is a living slab of flesh in the personification or in the person of a nude young woman the altar stone or the

Mantle which holds the officer was made from cobblestones from the san francisco streets that were broken up in the 1906 earthquake satan is simply a word that means the adversary or the opposition or the accuser it doesn’t necessarily mean evil or brutality or cruelty it simply means the dissenter

This is evidently today’s ritual room in the basement i know and these are i presume the participants in uh the ceremony we’re about to conduct this looks about right the order of the nine angles is actually taken from michael aquino who is the co-founder of the church of satan with levay wrote the

Satanic rituals at least the mentality behind is you utilize different trappings to collect more power so that you have more power to alter reality as a thought great center of the cosmos let thy fluids sing unto us lulling us against the terrorists of thy domain whether it existed or didn’t exist it

Exists today that’s the mentality of you know crowley manson all of it it’s all a mental state where you restructure the entire universe through your thought process satanists don’t believe in the devil they don’t believe in heaven hell god anything we believe in us and we believe in our will

Altering reality that it’s your life it’s your reality and you have the ability to do whatever you want and either you can do it or you can’t do it you can either be a victim or you can be a winner and it’s up to you on which

Choice which path you want to take you can either be part of it or you can be it you

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