Devil’s Breath – World’s Scariest Drug?

Robberies. They’re a messy business. We’ve  all heard the gruesome tabloid stories of   tweakers with cheap handguns shooting up a liquor  store for twenty bucks and a fistful of change.   Or maybe the knock-out mugger, arrested  after a string of robberies and assaults,  

Going to jail for half a decade for money  a white collar criminal triples in an   hour. These things happen so often in the US  that they barely even make the news anymore,   and often end up ruining the lives of  both the victim and the perpetrator.

But let’s see how a Colombian pro does it  without even needing to carry a weapon.   A pro like Demencia Black, the street name of a  Bogota drug dealer interviewed by Vice in 2012.   Demencia doesn’t need to carry a gun or a knife,  because he’s packing something even more deadly:  

A fistful of Devil’s Breath, a chemical  compound dubbed the World’s Scariest Drug by   many. And today, you’re going to find out  why it’s earned such a terrifying reputation. Let’s say Demencia wants to rob a man for all  he’s worth. He’ll spot his target – perhaps a  

Businessman boozing at a local night club  without a care in the world. The kind of   guy with a Swiss watch and a Platinum American  Express Card, both of which he loves to flaunt. When nobody is looking, Demencia will  stroll towards his target with a smile,  

Wearing a casual t-shirt and shorts – hardly the  most intimidating outfit for a hardened criminal.   But you don’t need to look scary when you have the  Devil’s Breath on your side. It’s a fine, white   powder, similar to cocaine in appearance. But its  effects are an order of magnitude more potent.

Demencia taps his mark on the shoulder,  and when the yuppie turns to look at him,   Demencia raises his hand – a scoop  of Devil’s Breath nestled in his   palm – and blows it into his victim’s  face. By this point, it’s already over.

In Demencia’s own words, from the aforementioned  Vice documentary, “With just that flash the   person is totally drugged. You wait a minute  and when you see it kick in, then you know   that you own that person. You can guide them  wherever you want. It’s like they’re a child.”

And for Demencia, this robbery truly  is like taking candy from a baby.   He tells the drugged businessman  to get up and follow him,   and the businessman does exactly as  he is told without a single complaint. The two of them take an evening  stroll to a local ATM, and the  

Businessman happily empties his entire  bank account for Demencia. After all,   people high on the Devil’s Breath  aren’t exactly famous for saying “No.”   By the time the transaction is over, Demencia  has made the kind of score your average American   stick-up man can only dream of. And he  did it without even carrying a weapon.

A lot of stories about the Devil’s Breath – also  known by its scientific names Scopolamine and   Hyoscine – play out exactly like this. Whether  they’re true or scary urban legends, they often   follow the template of a manipulative criminal  using the drug to make someone do something  

They wouldn’t normally consent to. Because the  drug is synthesized from a number of plants,   including a type of nightshade common  in the upper region of South America,   it’s become a favorite among shady  characters in the Colombian underworld.

One famous and often repeated example is a man  meeting a beautiful woman in a club one evening,   and deciding to take her home to his Bogota  apartment. However, when he woke up the   next morning, he found that the woman was  gone and his apartment was totally empty.  

Furious, he went downstairs to ask the doorman  what had happened. The doorman told him that a   van had pulled up in front of the building in  the middle of the night, and he and the woman   had loaded all of his possessions into the van.  He asked the doorman why he didn’t say something,  

And the doorman said that he had. The man had just  said it was fine, and he knew what he was doing. He would later find that the Devil’s  Breath had been slipped into his drink   back at the bar, and he’d entered a state  so suggestible that he was willing to be  

An accomplice in the wholesale  burglary of his own apartment. And sadly, robbery is not the full extent  of the drug’s use in a criminal context.   There have been a disturbingly large  number of reports of the Devil’s Breath   being used to facilitate forced  consent in sexual assaults,  

In place of the perennial drug  rohypnol, commonly known as “roofies.” Some incredibly sensational reports  have even claimed that scopolamine is   being used to incapacitate victims for organ  harvesting operations. Though to be honest,   that last one is most likely about as true  as the hook handed man on lover’s lane,  

Or the killer hiding in the back seat. The same goes for stories of criminals  somehow soaking the drug into business   cards and passing them to unwilling victims.  As scary as the thought would be – or just the  

Thought of having to talk to any stranger for  long enough to get their business card – it’s   unlikely that there’s any truth to it. There  just isn’t much of a pharmacological basis   for dangerous quantities of the compound  being soaked into the skin through those  

Means. But of course, the truth has never  gotten in the way of a good horror story. It’s a global tradition to move between  eras of drug hysteria every few years,   with one fashionable drug at a time typically  being labeled the “world’s scariest drug.”  

Typically, these drugs are connected  to a huge number of horror stories,   and given supposed effects that sound  like something out of a scary movie. In the 1980s and 1990s, people across the US were  terrified that PCP or “Angel Dust” was turning  

Drug addicts into unstoppable, superpowered  killing machines. A few decades later, after the   high profile cannibalistic attack of Rudy Eugene  – the so-called “Miami Zombie” – on Ronald Poppo,   people were calling Bath Salts  the “Zombie Drug.” Despite the   fact Eugene was never actually shown to have  the drug in his system during the incident.

A wide variety of other drugs have  been given this same treatment,   from Flakka to Krokodil, and the  Devil’s Breath is no exception. However, even if some of the tales of Devil’s  Breath terror are exaggerated, or the product   of tall tales told by drug dealers  getting high off their own supply,  

Scopolamine is still a genuinely  dangerous drug when abused. In 2015, the US’s Overseas Security Advisory  Council gave an unofficial estimate that there   are 50,000 scopolamine related incidents  in South America every year. Naturally,   this has put the fear into potential vacationers  considering a Colombian getaway – and likely  

Caused a few sleepless nights for members  of the Bogota tourist board as a result. Scopolamine can have incredibly toxic  effects on the body in high enough doses.   Many scientists believe that scopolamine depresses  the central nervous system, and can lead to a bevy  

Of side effects from hallucinations, to severe  drowsiness, to dry mouth, cardiac arrhythmia, and   amnesia. If you overdose on this stuff and can’t  find treatment in time, it’s extremely likely you   won’t live to see tomorrow. And when the elderly  are given the drug, it massively increases the  

Risk of dementia. So even if it doesn’t turn  you into a zombie on the spot, the drug can   rob you of your mind and cognitive faculties  in even more terrifying ways in the long run. You’d much rather deal with Demencia  Black, the Colombian drug dealer,  

Than the kind of degenerative dementia that  turns your life into a living hell over time. However, there is another side to  scopolamine that will probably surprise you.   Namely, the fact that it has a wide  variety of medicinal uses, even today.

Despite mainly coming into fashion as the “scary  South American mind control drug” in the last   two decades, scopolamine actually has a long  and storied history. Early, unrefined forms of   scopolamine and Hyoscine have been in use by  various cultures for thousands of years. For  

Example, the Aboriginal people of Australia – the  oldest continuous culture on earth today – have   long used similar chemicals from the soft corkwood  tree in Bush Medicine. And because of the powerful   psychoactive properties of Hyoscine, it has  also been used for spiritual purposes across  

The globe for thousands of years, inducing states  of ritualistic religious hallucination in users. It entered popular Western medical use in  the late 1800s, pioneered first by German   scientist Albert Ladenburg and later suggested as  a medical anesthetic by surgeon Dr. Schneiderlin.  

Because of its wide array of effects, the drug  was tried out for various purposes throughout   the 19th and 20th Centuries. It came into  use as a popular anesthetic for childbirth,   an antidote to gastrointestinal spasms, and an  effective treatment for postoperative nausea  

And vomiting. That last one is actually  still one of its most common uses today. Scopolamine and similar chemical compounds  have been used to stave off nausea for over   a century now. From tribal chiefs to the Allies  in World War II storming the beaches of Normandy,  

These chemicals have proven to be the  most effective in staving off seasickness.   But it isn’t just the sea that a small dose of  scopolamine can make a world of difference in.   Most scientists agree that scopolamine is the  gold standard when it comes to preventing all  

Kinds of motion sickness, and wearing a  small, prescription scopolamine patch can   make your travels far smoother  than they’ve ever been before. But hey, this video is called “The World’s  Scariest Drug”, not “The Drug That’ll Stop   You Getting Seasick.” Are there any other  frightening uses of scopolamine? The answer  

To that question is “Absolutely.” It goes without  saying that Colombian drug cartels are unsavory   people – vicious, ruthless outlaws who’ll do  anything to turn a profit. And if that involves   pedaling and using drugs like scopolamine, so be  it. But imagine if the drug’s scary, mind-bending  

Properties were used by a violent gang in full  cooperation with its country’s government? This exact situation played out during the  mid-to-late 20th Century in the Czech Republic,   thanks to an extremely frightening group  called State Security, colloquially referred   to as the Czech Secret Police. Much like the  East-German Stasi, this group was a ruthless,  

Repressive arm of the Soviet puppet-state. They  would spy, intimidate, torture, and murder to   keep their masters in power. And like a lot of  thugs working for repressive government regimes,   a big part of their job was forcing confessions  out of perceived enemies of the state.  

And like a cheesy Bond villain, you better believe  that these guys had ways of making you talk. Of course, while State Security were more than  happy to grab the rubber batons and bolt cutters   for some good, old-fashioned torture, they also  liked to mix it up a little. In the early 1900s,  

Hyoscine had often been used as a kind  of truth serum, but was soon discontinued   due to some of the unpleasant side effects  we’ve already discussed. But State Security   weren’t all that into human rights for their  prisoners, so they had no problems with using  

A little of the Devil’s Breath on their political  prisoners to make them more open to suggestion. It’s extremely likely that the answers  produced by this method of questioning were   unreliable to incoherent, but again, it’s  not like they really cared either way.   As long as they got somebody, they were happy.

And that is the story of the Devil’s Breath,  a semi-legendary drug favored by eccentric   Colombian robbers, sufferers of motion sickness,  and shadowy agents of the Czech secret police.   Is it the scariest drug in the world?  We’ll leave that up for you to decide,  

Given that much of its most terrifying stories  exist somewhere in the murky space between fact   and fiction. But either way, if Demencia Black  is walking towards us with a handful of powder,   we’ll definitely be making a swift  exit before he gets too close.

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Satan’s Strategies Against You | How to Recognize and Respond | Satan’s 9 Secret Strategies

Foreign today it is easy to be caught up in the  materialistic things that we see and want it is   easy to be pulled away from God because of the  desires of the flesh Satan is always there waiting  

For us to fall into a strap he is constantly  seeking ways to destroy our relationship with God   here are some of Satan’s strategies that he uses  against us 1. Satan lies he is the original liar  

And is known as the father of Lies John chapter  8 verse 44 from the King James Bible tells us   when he speaketh a lie he speaketh of his  own for he is a liar and the father of it  

When Satan makes his first appearance in the  Bible it is in the Book of Genesis chapter 3.   and the first words that come out of his  mouth cast out on the truthfulness of   God’s words yea hath God said ye shall  not eat of every tree of the garden  

The second words that came out  of his mouth were yet another lie   you shall not surely die Jesus said that Satan  Abode not in the truth because there is no truth   in him when he speaketh a lie he speaketh of  his own for he is a liar and the father of it  

We are dealing with the true nature of lying and  deception during the confrontation that took place   in the wilderness Satan used the truth of God for  reasons that were not meant to bring glory to God  

Yes God can turn stones into bread in the same  way that Jesus would later turn water into wine   yes God is able to command the angels to catch  Jesus if he were falling just as when Jesus was   arrested Jesus claimed that he could summon  more than 12 Legions of angels if necessary  

And yes Jesus’s Destiny was to One Day become  a king Revelations chapter 19 verse 16 says   and he hath on his vesture an honest eye  a name Rin king of kings and Lord of lords   therefore everything the same used to tempt  Jesus was not only valid but also the truth  

But the truth was being  used in an incorrect context   the truth in the wrong hands is just  as harmful as error in the right hands   2. same disguises himself to us Paul claims  that there are people impersonating Apostles  

In second Corinthians chapter 11 verse 13 to  15. this is what Paul said for such are false   Apostles deceitful workers transforming  themselves into the Apostles of Christ   and no Marvel for seeing himself is transformed  into an angel of Light therefore it is no great  

Thing if his ministers also be transformed as  the Ministers of righteousness whose end shall   be according to their works Satan has followers  who seem sincere and even profess just enough   truth to be able to join the church and then  spread what Paul terms doctrines of devils  

Jesus tells us in Matthew chapter 7 verse  15. beware of false prophets which come to   you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly they are  ravening wolves Acts chapter 20 verse 30 says   also of your own self shall men arise speaking  perverse things to draw away disciples after them  

Three same tempts all of us to sin he attempted  to convince Jesus in the wilderness to turn away   from the way of suffering and obedience but he  was unsuccessful he was effective in doing this   to Judas during the final hours of Jesus’s life  Paul issues the following warning to all believers  

In second Corinthians chapter 11 verse 3. but I  fear lest by any means as the serpent beguiled   Eve through his subtlety so your mind should be  corrupted from the Simplicity that is in Christ   we as Believers must put on the armor of  God and read and study the Bible daily to  

Grow in strength so that we don’t allow  ourselves to fall for Satan’s tactics 4. Satan blinds the minds of all unbelievers  second Corinthians chapter 4 verse 4 tells us   in whom the God of this world hath blinded  the minds of them which believe not lest the  

Light of the Glorious gospel of Christ who  is the image of God should shine onto them   he therefore doesn’t only say false things  he conceals the truth he prevents us from   recognizing the gospel’s riches he allows us to  see the facts even the proofs but not the value  

That is why Believers have the holy spirit to  guide them and to provide them with discernment   5. another strategy of saints is to take away  God’s word from people’s hearts in Mark Chapter  

4 verses 3 to 8 Jesus tells the parable of the  four soils and it came to pass as he sowed some   fell by the wayside and the fowls of the air came  and devoured it up and some fell on Stony ground  

Where it had not much Earth and immediately  it sprang up because it had no depth of Earth   but when the sun was up it was scorched  and because it had no root it withered away   and some fell among thorns and the Thorns grew  up and choked it and they yielded no fruit  

And other fell on good ground and did yield  fruit that sprang up and increased and brought   forth some 30 and some 60 and some 100. Jesus  explained later that it is the word of God that  

Was sown and in verse 15 Jesus says and these  are by the wayside where the word is sown but   when they have heard Satan cometh immediately and  taketh away the word that was sown in their hearts   Satan steals the word because he hates the  faith that it produces Paul says in first  

Thessalonians chapter 3 verse 5. for this cause  when I could no longer forbear I sent to know   your faith lest by some means an attempt to  have tempted you and our labor be in vain   Paul clearly had a concern for the Thessalonians  Faith Paul was aware that Satan’s plan is to  

Destroy the faith of those who have heard God’s  word 6. scene sometimes causes disease in people   a woman who was hunched over and unable to strain  herself was once healed by Jesus Jesus knew that   Satan was the one who made her ill in Luke  chapter 13 verses 11 through 16 we are told  

And behold there was a woman which had a spirit  of infirmity 18 years and was bowed together and   could an all-wise lift up herself and when Jesus  saw her he called her to him and said unto her   woman downward loosed from thine infirmity  and he laid his hands on her and immediately  

She was made straight and glorified God and the  ruler of the synagogue answered with indignation   because that Jesus had healed on the Sabbath  day and said unto the people there are six days   in which men ought to work in them therefore  come and be healed and not on the Sabbath day  

The Lord then answered him and said though  hypocrite Dothan out each one of you on the   Sabbath loses ox or his ass from the stall and  lead him away to watering and ought not this   woman being a daughter of Abraham whom Satan hath  bound Lo these 18 years be loosed from the bond  

On the Sabbath day Satan can bring upon illness  sometimes but God has authority over Satan Satan   is on a leash and can only do what God allows  Peter refers to Jesus as the one who went about   doing good and healing all that were oppressed  of the devil in Acts chapter 10 verse 38.  

In other words the devil frequently torments  those who were ill don’t however make the error   of claiming that the devil is to blame for all  illnesses there are also cases when the disease   is exclusively attributed to God’s design without  involving Satan for example in John chapter 9  

Verse 1 to 3 we are told and as Jesus passed  by he saw a man which was blind from his birth   and his disciples asked him saying master who did  Sin this man or his parents that he was born blind  

Jesus answered neither hath dismant sinned nor  his parents but that the works of God should be   made manifest in him seven is also a murderer  Jesus told the people who were against them ye   are of your father the devil and the lusts of  your father ye will do he was a murderer from  

The beginning and Abode not in the truth because  there is no truth in him when he speaketh a lie   he speaketh of his own for he is a liar and the  father of it John chapter read verse 44. John said  

In first John chapter 3 verse 12 notice Cain who  was of that Wicked one and slew his brother and   wherefore slew he him because his own Works were  evil and his brothers righteous Jesus told John to  

Write to the church in Smyrna fear none of those  things which thou shall suffer behold the devil   shall cast some of you into prison and ye may  be tried and ye shall have tribulation 10 days  

Be thou faithful unto death and I will give thee  a Crown of Life Revelations chapter 2 verse 10.   Satan hates all of us and is bloodthirsty  Jesus tells us in John chapter 10 verse 10.  

The thief cometh not but forth to steal and to  kill and to destroy I am come that they might   have life and that they might have it more  abundantly Satan only wants to destroy us   eight does everything he can to stop missionaries  and believers in first Thessalonians chapter 2  

Verse 17 to 18 Paul describes how his plans were  blocked but we Brethren being taken from you for a   short time in presence not in heart endeavored the  more abundantly to see your face with great desire  

Wherefore we would have come on to you even  I Paul once and again but Satan hindered us   9. Satan is the accuser of all Christians before  God in Revelation chapter 12 verse 10 it says  

And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven now has  come salvation and strength in the Kingdom of our   God and the power of His Christ for the accuser  of our Brethren is cast down which accused them  

Before our God day and night Satan will definitely  lose but he hasn’t stopped making accusations we   must remember that God is Sovereign and Satan is  on a leash he cannot do any more than God allows  

These are a few of seeing strategies against us  we must resist seeing and he will flee from us   we are told in James chapter 4 verse 7 submit  yourselves therefore to God resist the devil   and he will flee from you please remember this  one thing we as followers of Christ must prepare  

Ourselves for the battles ahead because there will  be many we must arm ourselves with the word of God   we must read and study the Bible daily and put the  word of God in our hearts by memorizing scriptures  

It is God who gives us strength and His holy  word is our armor if you found this video   helpful or have any questions please leave  me a comment below and may God bless you all

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Who is Satan? – The Devil Explained

The devil the bane of human existence. The personification of evil, appearing in some from in almost every human religion and thought. The problem of evil is a touchstone of any religion. From our direct confrontation with evil results suffering, and thus endless questions about the meaning of life.

That is why all religions have to give a proper answer regarding the origin, nature and end of evil. The general pattern in Eastern religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism is to consider evil as the effect of spiritual ignorance. But in many ancient religions, pantheistic religions and Judaeo-Christian religions evil has a face.

Anthropologists say that the story of religion starts with animism – the concept that all people, animals, plants, water, air, the world and the heaviness are all spiritual beings. Anthropologists state that this was a means for man to interpret and understand the meaning of life and the world around them.

These Ancients also often believed in evil spirts, often people who could not find rest in the afterlife spirit and that disturbing the natural order of things brought pain and was the cause of evil and pain in the world.

This system of belief still exists in some parts of the world, notably Africa, and it led naturally to the pantheism found in ancient societies like Greece and Rome. And it also led naturally to the eastern spiritualist religions as well. In eastern religions the concepts of animism lead naturally to the concept that physical

Matter was bad and the spiritual was good. In these religions pain is caused by attachment to the harsh physical world and to truly gain power and perfection is to escape physical existence. Meanwhile this animistic thought lead to the concept that beings were the cause for all the pain and destruction in the world.

In many ancient religions such as the religions of the Aztecs, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans evil was explained through the imperfections of the gods and by gods of chaos and destruction who manifested evil. In many of these ancient religions good and evil were at war with each other and this

Led to dualistic religions such as Zoroastrianism where good (Ahura Mazda) and Evil (Angra Mainyu) oppose each other. Angra Mainyu – meaning evil spirit attempts to undermine god’s creation by creating death and tempting mankind to sin. Anthropologists often state that these religions owe Zoroastrianism for the concepts of heaven

And hell and Satan, but naturally Christians, Jews and Muslims would not accept this view. This brings us to the Judeo- Christian religions Jews, Chrisitans and Muslims explain evil entering the world through the creation account but all of them view the devil very differently.

Devil comes from the Greek word diabolos, “slanderer,” or “accuser” which is a translation of the Hebrew word Satan. Judism has an unclear view of the devil and view in judism vary from just being a metaphor to being an opposer to God.

Some Jews even think of satan as being an agent of Gods or even someone who acts as a courtroom prosecutor. The word satan appears numerous times in the Hebrew bible, but often it is unclear whether it is an evil spirit or an agent of god.

Forinstance in 2 Samuel 24:1 god tells David to have a census and 1 Chronicles 21:1 says that god did it. In the book of Job Satan speaks to god concerning Job and seems to be acting as ‘devils advocate’ no pun intended.

But it is clear that satan is an evil force in other passages like 1 king 22 and in the book of samual in the from of a evil spirt harassing saul. In Christianity satan is more clearly a fallen angel and an opposer to God.

The new testament interprets passages of the old and identifies the snake in the garden as being the devil. Romans (16:20) and revelation (Rev. 12:9; 20:2). Satan acts as an antagonist to Jesus, attempting to tempt him in the wilderness and unlimitly leading to Jesus death by insiting Judis to betray him.

But in this instance satan is acting according to Gods plan possibly without knowing it. The Devil in the end times will attempt one last rebellion but will usimitly fail. The devil is sometimes called Lucifer, particularly when describing him as an angel before his

Fall, although the reference in Isaiah 14:12 to Lucifer, or the Son of the Morning, is a reference to a Babylonian king. The new testament allows for this though, as it often adds second meanings to passages outside of their original context forinstace Psalm 22 which is originally about king David,

Is interpreted to be about Jesus in the new testament. In Islam the devil is often known as Iblis. Iblis also likely comes from the same root as the word devil, but Muslim scholars often link it to an Arabic word meaning ‘without hope’.

Iblis is mentioned in the Quranic narrative about the creation of humanity. When God created Adam, he ordered the angels to prostrate themselves before him. All did, but Iblis refused and claimed to be superior to Adam out of pride.[Quran 7:12] Therefore, pride but also envy became a sign of “unbelief” in Islam.

Thereafter Iblis was condemned to hell, but God granted him a request to lead humanity astray, knowing the righteous will resist Iblis’ attempts to misguide them. To summrise devils appear in many religions in the from of evil spirits or evil in general Some religions use the devil as a metaphor for evil

Some religions believe evil is caused by the physical world and our attachment to it Judaism has varied ideas about the devil, but usually identify him as an evil spirit or a metaphor Christianity and Islam both believe that Satan is a fallen angel or angelic creature who was guilty of pride.

In Christianity the angel wanted to be as great as God In Islam the angelic Jinn wanted to be greater than man What are your thinking on the topic of satan?

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Why did Satan quote Psalm 91 to Jesus?

If you read your whole Old Testament, you never see a demon being cast out of anyone. Ever. How in the world when Jesus shows up and he starts doing that? Did people automatically in their heads think: “Well, this is what the Messiah is supposed to do! This is a sign of Messiahship.”

Where does that come from? Psalm 91. Which, you know, in recent days, you’ve heard this quoted a lot: “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty… he will deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the deadly pestilence.

He will cover you with his pinions, and under his wings you will find refuge… You will not fear the terror of the night, nor the arrow that flies by day,    nor the pestilence that stalks in darkness.” In the corona environment, this passage gets quoted a lot.  

And unfortunately, in some cases deeply out of context to suggest that well, you know, Christians can do whatever they want here because God will protect us and we won’t get sick and. Okay, that is not what the passage is about. The passage is much cooler than that. It’s more sinister too.  

Psalm 91 is a psalm that was discovered among the Dead Sea Scrolls in a jar with four other Psalms that are not in the Hebrew Bible. There are extra Psalms among the dead sea scrolls, we have 150 in the Hebrew Bible,   

But this one that is in the Hebrew Bible, obviously, was put in this jar with four other ones. All four of those other ones are exorcism Psalm. So well, why would they lump Psalm 91 in there? That doesn’t look like an exorcism to me,

I’m, you read the whole thing and there’s no like casting devils out or anything like that. Well, if you read it in Hebrew, and you were a literate Israelite, you would know that words like pestilence (Deber). Okay,  there’s pestilence there. Deber down here, Qeteb (destruction), “the arrow that flies by day.” Okay, right here.

This whole motif of the arrow flying by day and the tear of the night. Right here; Pahad. These are names and titles and epithets of Canaanite deities, all of them.   To an Israelite, a Canaanite deity was a demonic, a sinister and evil spirit,  you know, a power of darkness. That’s why Psalm 91 was lumped into that

Because this is a prayer of protection and thwarting of powers of darkness   in ancient Jewish thought. What else is interesting is this psalm in the Hebrew Bible,   you notice there’s no superscription. There’s a psalm of whoever. In the Septuagint, it’s a psalm of David. Okay, also in the Septuagint, there are certain different wordings,

The Septuagint would have been based on a Hebrew text. Is a translation of Hebrew, that don’t always align with a traditional Hebrew text. But in the Septuagint, where it’s a psalm of David, there are a couple of psalms that use specific words for the Psalms, and the hymns and the,  

I want to use the word spell, because that’s what it means, or can mean, of David and Solomon. Okay, that in the poetry, the literature, they produced,   some of that stuff uses vocabulary that you will find in exorcistic material   in the Second Temple period. And so this answers an important question.   

And here’s the question. And maybe you’ve wondered this. If you read your whole Old Testament, you never see a demon being cast out of anyone. Ever. There’s actually only two references in English Bibles to demons;   Shedim is usually translated demon, which isn’t the greatest translation,  

But we’ll run with it for the sake of the illustration, Deuteronomy 32. And then there’s a Psalm.   Okay, but you never see a demon or a hostile evil spirit cast out of anyone.   How in the world, when Jesus shows up, and he starts doing that, did people

Automatically in their heads think: “well, this is what the Messiah is supposed to do! This is a sign of Messiahship.” Where does that come from? It comes from what I just described. It comes from certain Psalms   being associated with David, and a few with Solomon. In the Second Temple Period  

There was the belief that David and Solomon had power over evil spirits. And so if the Messiah is a descendant, he is The David, The Son of David, he should be able to do that too.   So this is something that we wouldn’t get because we’re not living in the culture.  

And we’re not familiar with how Psalm 91 in particular was viewed.   But when Jesus shows up and starts doing this, the bells and whistles are going off in people’s heads. This is an important thing he does to convince them that he’s the Messiah. And Isn’t it odd that Satan would choose Psalm 91  

To quote to Jesus, in a temptation, and he quotes the part, down here, “he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. On their hands they will bear you up, lest you strike your foot against a stone.” So what’s really going on here is Satan is fishing for information.

He’s got Jesus in front of him, he knows who he is, he knows why he’s there.  His silly Kingdom of God stuff, okay. But he doesn’t know what the plan is. So he’s there to tempt Jesus. Try to shortcut the thing. And you know, the last one is the worst because it’s idolatry.

It’s just kind of a terrible attempt. But this one’s interesting because let’s say that Jesus looks at Satan and says, “Yeah, that’s a good quotation. Yep. Yep,  you know, that’s a, that’s an exorcistic psalm. And I’m the son of David,    and I’m supposed to be able to cast out demons.

And if that’s true, then the rest of the stuff in the song must be true too. So go ahead, it’ll take me up to the top here, I’m going to throw myself off.”   What happens? Okay, let’s say the angels catch him. What is Satan learned? He can’t kill him,  

So we’ll take killing the Messiah off the strategy plan.   But Jesus knows, that’s exactly what needs to happen. “So I’m not going to demonstrate   anything for you. You’re not going to learn anything in this conversation.”   He just tells him that you hit the road, “you shall not put the Lord your God to the test.”

And that could be a reference to himself. But it could also be another way of saying;   “You shall not try to convince me to let God show you the hand that he’s going to play.”   He has to die. He must die. Again, it’s an interesting tit for tat conversation

between these two. And again, my take on it is that Satan actually was fishing for information. It’s not a worthless conversation. And the fact that he quotes Psalm 91 I find really interesting because of its nature. You know, the servant (Israel) out in the wilderness. I mean, let’s think of Jesus

Now as the representative of the corporate nation.   Did Israel in the Old Testament pass the test of being God’s servant? Well, yes, and no.   You know, they get to the promised land? Sure, after they fail, and then they wander   around for 40 years. So there’s that checkered past. They don’t really complete the conquest.  

They ask for a king to replace God as the one who fights for them.   And then three kings later they go off and start worshipping other gods and end up in exile. So probably no, they really don’t pass the test of being God’s representative son and his servant, but Jesus does.  

He passes the test. And now it’s Game on. His ministry begins.

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Between God & The Devil: Mexico’s Land of Sorcerers

Oh Seigneur ! Oh Satan ! Laisse-moi entrer dans le plus profond de ton être. Je sais que tu es là. Je te sens. Et je te remercie encore une fois d’être là avec moi. Qu’il en soit ainsi… et ainsi il en sera. Je suis Alejandro Mendoza, rédacteur en chef de VICE au Mexique.

On va entrer dans la ville de Catemaco, dans l’État de Veracruz. Catemaco est connue pour ses grandes réserves naturelles, sa sainte patronne, Notre Dame du Carmel, et parce que Mel Gibson a tourné Apocalypto ici. Mais la ville est surtout connue pour ses shamans et ses magiciens qui pratiquent la magie noire et blanche.

On est venus démêler le vrai du faux dans une ville qui vit grâce à la magie. [LA TERRE DES SORCIERS] Il a fallu 3 heures 30 pour relier Veracruz à Catemaco. Sur place, on a trouvé une voiture pour pouvoir se balader en ville,

Et il se trouve qu’elle appartient à l’entreprise de pompes funèbres, Funeraria Velazco. Catemaco se situe dans la Sierra de Los Tuxtlas, dans le golfe du Mexique. Les Olmèques ont été ses premiers habitants, suivis par les Mexicas. Puis les colons espagnols sont arrivés et ont ramené des esclaves afro-cubains et afro-haïtiens dans la région.

Chacun avait son propre système de croyance, ce qui a conduit à un syncrétisme très particulier qui mélangeait les fois indigènes au catholicisme, à la “santeria” cubaine et au vaudou haïtien. Cela, après quelques siècles de capitalisme et de mondialisation, a fait de Catemaco ce qu’on voit

Aujourd’hui : une espèce de parc à thème plein de sorciers, où des rituels qui sont même sponsorisés par le gouvernement de l’État attirent des gens de tout le pays, venus en quête de santé, d’argent, d’amour et de pouvoir. On va faire un tour sur le lac de Catemaco, qui est vraiment spectaculaire.

Ils nous emmènent à la grotte où ils disent que Notre Dame du Carmel leur est apparue. “Clarita” est prête. C’est notre moyen de transport. Tu crois qu’un foutu croco pourrait sortir de là ? Non ? Le lac de Catemaco abrite une grande réserve naturelle, Nanciyaga, et quelques îles habitées par des singes.

La légende dit que Notre Dame du Carmel serait apparue à un pêcheur dans une grotte, et depuis, les gens viennent lui demander des miracles. Voici la grotte où la Vierge est apparue. Ce qui est étrange au sujet de cet endroit, c’est que les gens laissent des mèches de cheveux

Et des photos de personnes qui semblent souffrir d’une maladie. Bien que la grotte de la Vierge soit un site catholique, on a commencé à voir des trucs qui ressemblaient à de la sorcellerie. Les gens viennent demander la santé, le bien-être et offrent quelque chose à la Vierge en échange.

On a vu la partie religieuse. Maintenant, on va voir l’autre partie, le côté obscur, le mysticisme. Après la grotte de la Vierge, on a rendu visite à Don Reyes Alvarez, un vieux sorcier parmi les plus respectés de Catemaco. Bonjour, Alejandro. Reyes Alvarez Montes, je peux vous aider ?

Naturellement, on vous attendait pour voir ce qu’on pouvait faire pour vous. Don Reyes, aussi appelé Juan Francisco de la Peau Rouge, se qualifie de maître en botanique, en sciences occultes, et shaman. Il dit être un expert en chiromancie, en occultisme, en télépathie et en transmission de pensées.

La maison de Don Reyes a des autels dédiés aux esprits, bons et mauvais. On pourrait penser qu’un sorcier choisit son camp, satanisme ou catholicisme. Mais ici, il semblerait que tout se vaut. Entrez, mes frères. Entrez. Je suis né au Mexique, dans le centre spirituel El Peñon.

Celui qui travaille avec la Mort, c’est monsieur Reyes Alvarez Montes. Le spirituel, c’est Juan Francisco de la Peau Rouge. Je suis un shaman, et l’esprit de l’indien apache entre en moi. C’est lui qui travaille et qui soigne. Reyes Alvarez n’existe plus. Ici, on soigne des vésicules biliaires jusqu’à tout type de cancer –

De la prostate, du sein ou tout autre cancer de stade 1 ou 2. Les cancers de stade 3, non. Mais c’est Juan Francisco de la Peau Rouge qui fait tout. Après avoir expliqué comment il travaillait, Don Reyes nous a montré ses autels. La deuxième salle, là, est celle de la Très Sainte Mort,

Compagne inséparable du monde souterrain. Il se dit que, quand c’était une femme, elle a souffert d’un amour non réciproque, et qu’elle s’est suicidée. Naturellement, elle n’a pas été acceptée au Paradis. Mais on lui a donné le pouvoir de collecter les morts, leurs âmes et leurs esprits,

Et les emmener en Enfer, ou à Dieu. La blanche représente la pureté et la noire est du monde souterrain. C’est l’amie et la compagne de Satan. Il y a aussi celle aux 7 couleurs qui représente tout. Jaune pour l’envie, bleu le travail, vert pour surmonter les défis,

Rouge l’amour, blanc la pureté, et noir pour le monde souterrain. C’est la personne, la femme qui a descendu Jésus de la croix après sa crucifixion et qui l’a emmené. Voici une table de sacrifice. Je prends mon idole qui est satanique et je la place là-bas. J’attache les pattes de la chèvre ici.

C’est le moment du sacrifice. C’est la table de sacrifice. Quels autres sacrifices peut-on faire ici ? Tout, du moment que c’est du sang animal, et non humain. Voici le sanctuaire où je garde leurs images. Satan, Lucifer, Jéhovah et Adonaï. On travaille toujours avec Satan. Tu viens, tu me ramènes une photo

De la personne, je fais une poupée de cire. Ici, c’est une femme. Je plante ma dague, je fais une boîte noire, je mets la poupée dedans et je vais enterrer la boîte au cimetière. Là-dedans, il y a des photos de gens, pour le vice, naturellement.

Ils souffrent. Au lieu de les tuer, ils les font tomber dans le vice. Donc ils sont là, dedans. On lui offre aussi du tabac et de la marijuana. On peut aussi faire avec de la meth ou de la cocaïne. C’est ce que je brûle pour eux.

Vous avez déjà ressenti un malaise en provoquant la mort ? Non, bien sûr que non. Quand quelqu’un vient me voir, je lui demande s’il est sûr de sa demande. Parce que celui qui paye pourrait recevoir, demain, la monnaie de sa pièce.

Un tel va me dire : “Je veux un ranch. Tu m’as donné de l’argent, mais j’en veux plus.” Mais après, sa mère meurt, ses enfants meurent… Bien sûr, quelqu’un doit encaisser, pour ce qu’elle donne. Il faut adorer, mais pas se compromettre.

À la fin de ma visite, Don Reyes m’a baigné dans l’alcool pour me laver des mauvaises vibrations qui auraient pu venir de l’autel du monde souterrain. Catemaco est une ville d’environ 50 000 habitants. Ils disent qu’il y a un sorcier ou un shaman dans chaque rue.

Des milliers de personnes viennent chaque année s’offrir leurs services, et la sorcellerie est devenue un business lucratif pour la ville. Ici, on pratique le mysticisme depuis très longtemps, mais c’est devenu très populaire dans les années 1970 grâce aux émissions de télé de Gonzalo Aguirre, dit “le Grand Sorcier de la ville”.

Gonzalo est mort en 1982, mais nombre de ses disciples continuent de pratiquer la magie. Parmi eux, le Grand Sorcier actuel, Enrique Marthen, aussi appelé, le filleul du Diable. Enrique vient d’une longue lignée de personnes qui se consacraient à la magie. Il s’est fait connaître en exorcisant des esprits diaboliques,

Et en procédant à des purifications. Dans son immense maison, on a vu des autels pour tous types de saints et d’êtres magiques. Depuis les statues de Jesus Malverde, saint patron des narcos, aux animaux disséqués, la Sainte Mort, des masques aztèques et même une fresque d’un type qui ressemblait à Gandalf.

Au cours des 40 dernières années, il n’y a eu que 5 ou 6 Grands Sorciers. Ce titre est généralement donné à des gens de 70 ans ou plus. Pour moi, c’est un honneur. Surtout parce que je ne suis pas si vieux. J’ai 52 ans. Enrique était accompagné d’une horde d’adeptes.

L’une d’eux, Lupita, a insisté pour nous raconter son histoire. Mes racines sont ici à San Andres, Tuxtla. Et on m’a inculqué l’amour de la Sainte Mort, et l’amour à mon père, Luzbel. J’ai 2 filles, elles sont chrétiennes. Je vis loin d’elles, seule. OK. Mais je ne suis pas seule.

Ils étaient tous rassemblés pour une messe noire, dans un sanctuaire satanique qu’Enrique a construit à l’arrière de sa maison. Aujourd’hui, pour la 2ème fois, je m’abaisse devant toi, inclinant mon front, pour demander la permission de pénétrer ta maison. Encore une fois, on est en présence de cet homme prénommé Alex.

Aujourd’hui, avec cet être vivant, il va être purifié. Cet être vivant va extraire ce qui a pu… rester dans ou autour de son corps de négativité. En présence de cette petite communauté, on va éradiquer ce dont il n’a pas besoin, ce qui ne lui apporte pas le bonheur.

Nous détruisons, nous éradiquons tout ce qui ne sert pas au progrès, tout ce qui empêche cet homme prénommé Alex d’avancer, afin qu’il soit totalement libre de corps, de tête, d’âme et d’esprit. Je conjure et j’ordonne à tout être malfaisant de disparaître. Seigneur, je t’offre ce corps. Qu’il en soit ainsi…

Et ainsi il en sera pour toujours. Le Grand Sorcier a déchiré la poule face à la statue de Satan. Ils m’ont fait boire un peu de son sang et ont allumé un cercle de feu pour me protéger. Enrique nous a demandé de quitter le sanctuaire en arrière

Pour ne pas manquer de respect à Satan. Pour conclure la cérémonie, Enrique a allumé un pentagramme géant pour sceller les portes du monde souterrain qu’on aurait pu ouvrir, renvoyant les esprits invoqués là d’où ils viennent. Oh Satan ! Que le bruit des flammes soit

Le bruit de la joie qui inondera nos cœurs et nos corps. Qu’il en soit ainsi. La messe noire d’hier, avec Enrique, était un peu inquiétante. Aujourd’hui, on a été invités à une autre messe noire qui s’annonce plus tendue, parce qu’elle se tient dans la Grotte du Diable.

Là, on va à une messe blanche qui nous servira de protection pour ce qui va arriver ce soir. À l’opposé de la magie noire, la magie blanche sert à soigner et à protéger. Martin Villegas travaille avec les deux magies.

Il travaille aussi avec “Plume dorée”, une médium qui serait possédée par l’esprit d’un enfant aztèque. Lumière et force je te donne, sœur spirituelle, pour que tu sois possédée par l’esprit qui arrive. Lumière et force je te donne, sœur spirituelle. Lumière et force. Je m’appelle Plume dorée. Bienvenue. Je ne suis pas seule.

On est un groupe d’êtres de lumière au service de notre sœur, l’humanité. Que veut-il savoir ? On doit aller à une messe dans la Grotte du Diable. Je veux savoir si tout ira bien. Vous reviendrez bien. Vous devez vous protéger. Je vous demande de porter vos sous-vêtements à l’envers. OK.

Ça a été capté. Ils ont entendu, et on va le leur rappeler. Où est le tabouret ? Juste là. C’est tout pour la session avec la médium. Vous avez entendu ce qu’elle avait à dire. Maintenant, pour vous protéger, vous allez tous porter vos sous-vêtements à l’envers. Tout ce qui s’écoule emporte l’énergie négative.

Maintenant, on va demander la permission pour pouvoir commencer. Je vais commencer par souffler dans la conque. Nous ouvrons la porte depuis le seuil pour que nous soit permis de prendre l’énergie des 4 éléments. Et que cette porte ne laisse sortir que les esprits de paix. Que les démons restent dehors.

Qu’ils ne puissent pénétrer ce lieu qui est blanc, propre et pur. Je te protège. Du bout de tes cheveux jusqu’aux doigts de pieds. L’énergie positive de l’eau va pénétrer en toi. OK, tu peux ouvrir les yeux. Maintenant, on peut tranquillement aller à la messe noire ? Vous êtes tranquilles.

Porter mes sous-vêtements à l’envers et me faire cracher dessus ne m’a pas rendu plus serein. Mais il était temps d’affronter la Grotte du Diable. La Grotte du Diable est à 40 minutes de Catemaco. En chemin, on a discuté avec Felix Oseguera, un autre sorcier très respecté

Qui a travaillé avec des politiciens tels que l’actuel gouverneur de Veracruz, Javier Duarte, l’ancien président Vicente Fox, et l’ancien sénateur Diego Fernandez de Ceballos. Au Mexique, les liens entre politique et sorcellerie viennent de loin. D’après le livre “Les sorciers du pouvoir” de José Gil Olmos,

De nombreux présidents mexicains comme Miguel de Madrid, Carlos Salinas de Gortari et Enrique Peña Nieto ont demandé de l’aide pour leurs carrières politiques. Quel genre de services les gens demandent-ils au Diable ? Beaucoup demandent vengeance ou la mort d’un tel, d’autres veulent qu’on ouvre un portail de lumière, une porte spirituelle

Pour que leurs affaires avancent et prospèrent. Les gens viennent invoquer les êtres du monde souterrain pour demander ce genre de services. On a quitté le van pour s’enfoncer dans la jungle, vers un lac. Bien que Martin soit un sorcier brillant qui a travaillé pour des clients puissants,

Il s’inquiète que beaucoup de ses collègues profitent des besoins et du désespoir des gens pour abuser d’eux. Le problème avec ces pratiques irresponsables, c’est qu’elles sont devenues commerciales et non plus spirituelles. Tout le monde peut s’établir et devenir guérisseur du jour au lendemain. Combien demandent-ils pour une purification ?

Ces personnes peuvent demander jusqu’à 500 pesos [25 €]. Et si un client est vraiment dans la merde, ils peuvent lui soutirer 5 000 pesos [250 €]. Jusqu’à 50 000 pesos [2 500 €], et ils promettent de résoudre ses problèmes. Et s’il arrête de payer, ils vont l’extorquer.

Ils disent que quelqu’un leur a jeté un sort. Putain. Que Satan demande une offrande. Qu’il faut leur donner de l’or ou des trucs comme ça. Donc les gens payent. On va arriver à la porte. C’est vraiment raide. Un faux pas et tu peux mal finir. On y est. Je suis fatigué.

Voici l’entrée de la Grotte du Diable. Ils demandent la permission pour qu’on puisse entrer. Oh Seigneur ! Oh Satan ! Laisse-moi entrer dans le plus profond de ton être. Je sais que tu es là. Je te sens. Et je te remercie encore une fois d’être là avec moi.

Je crois que je marche dans de la merde de chauve-souris. Ma chaussure s’enfonce dedans. J’en ai vu quelques-unes qui volaient par là. Nous sommes venus jusqu’à ce sanctuaire pour demander que nos souhaits se réalisent. Qu’il en soit ainsi… et ainsi il en sera. Oh Satan !

Voici les prières à la mort qui sont réalisées. Ces prières ont été laissées par des gens. Celle-ci dit que telle femme devrait revenir immédiatement vers son mari. C’est ce que les gens demandent, ici. Visiter la Grotte du Diable n’était que le début du rituel.

Quand on a quitté la grotte, ils ont construit un autre pentagramme pour célébrer la messe noire. La cérémonie de clôture de la visite à la Grotte du Diable va commencer. Ils pensent qu’en brûlant le pentagramme, ils ferment la porte et remercient les esprits du monde souterrain pour leur protection.

Satan, en cette obscure journée, je viens t’offrir le modeste sacrifice de ce coq. Comme tu l’aimes. Nous demandons qu’en ce jour et cette nuit, culminant à cet instant, tu le reçoives avec approbation. Viens, Satan ! Voici ton festin. Viens en ce lieu. Reçois cette modeste offrande que j’ai pour toi.

Que son sang soit versé pour ton plaisir, et pour le mien. Reçois-le car c’est ta nourriture. C’est ce que tu aimes. Qu’il en soit ainsi… et ainsi il en sera… Toi et moi mangeons la même chose. Nous en connaissons le goût. C’est ton repas, et c’est aussi le mien.

Pour que tu continues de nous en donner. Qu’il en soit ainsi. À la fin du rituel, l’étoile a été allumée et le coq placé au milieu, en guise d’offrande. Ceux qui viennent à Catemaco recherchent l’aide de sorciers afin d’avoir la santé ou l’argent

Que les docteurs et le travail n’ont pas pu leur apporter. Ils cherchent l’amour, le pouvoir, la vengeance ou la mort qu’ils ne peuvent demander à Dieu, mais à la Santa Muerte ou à Satan. La sorcellerie répond au besoin des gens de croire en quelque chose et de trouver

Des issues à des situations difficiles. De nombreux sorciers ont une bonne réputation, et ils ont consacré leur vie aux arts occultes. Peut-être que certains d’entre eux canalisent des esprits ou parlent avec le Diable. Ou peut-être que la foi seule suffit à guérir des gens.

La plupart veulent sans doute aider ceux qui font appel à leurs services. Mais la popularité de la sorcellerie dans la région a aussi ramené pas mal d’escrocs et d’imposteurs qui veulent profiter du désespoir des gens qui viennent demander leur aide.

Ce qui est vrai, c’est que la pratique de la sorcellerie et la croyance des saints et des esprits extérieurs au catholicisme sont de plus en plus populaires au Mexique. Mais nulle part on ne le prend aussi au sérieux et de façon aussi spectaculaire qu’à Catemaco. Allez, on se casse. [TRADUCTION : STEPHEN SANCHEZ]

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How to Destroy Fear & Become Satan’s WORST Nightmare…

My guest has declared war on the spirit of fear that battles against you fulfilling your destiny. Tables turned. You become the devil’s greatest nightmare, next. [Applause] SR: Welcome, Holy Spirit. I surrender this platform totally to You. Have Your way. Jeremy Johnson pastors multiple churches in the LA area. Jeremy, I love the name of your church, Fearless. How did that come into being? JJ: Yeah, you know what, Sid?

I’m going to have to blame that one on my wife. She read a quote as we were coming up with the name of our church that said, “A scared world needs a fearless church,” and somehow that quote stuck out to her, from Oswald Chambers,

And that’s exactly why we’re getting a group of people to declare war on fear, and what better place to do it than the darkness of Hollywood and the darkness of LA? [Applause] SR: I agree. JJ: So the story of Fearless is my story, and that perfect love came

And found me at an early age, 17 years old. I made Jesus not only Savior but Lord. It actually happened through two of my classmates getting hit by a drunk driver, head-on car collision. Both died. I was at the funeral, and the mom of one of the kids who passed away

Knew that I was a believer and asked me to pray. And when I got up to that mic, I could have shared the gospel with my whole class, and I didn’t, Sid. I heard – SR: Why? JJ: I heard that spirit of fear yelling at me, and I just sat back down.

I said a nice little prayer, and that night one, of my best friends went out and got drunk and high and ended up taking his life at a train because he had no hope, and I remember every day in high school just that voice of fear saying, “You’ve failed.”

Every time I would drive over that tracks, it was just a hopeless time in my life at 17 years old. SR: But every time you would drive over those train tracks where your – one of your best friends got killed – JJ: Yeah. Yeah. SR: – you would be reminded.

JJ: Then about 30 days in, I heard a voice, and it was the Voice of the Lord. It was an audible voice, and I didn’t know who it was at the time, but I just knew something was calling me down those tracks, and so when I’d drive over them, 30 days later,

I got out of my car, and I walked down the tracks what was probably for miles, and I ended up, I believe, where he took his life because his mom had set up a rosary cross with his name, and I just fell at that cross, Sid.

I – It wasn’t in a church. It’s wasn’t with a pastor. It was that voice that called me down the tracks, and I remember that voice as I wept what felt like for hours because I felt like I had failed God,

This God that was my Savior but who was about to become my Lord. And He said, “I am the God of the second chance.” And, see, today I’m a pastor of a church not because I woke up one day and said, “Wow, it sounds nice to be a pastor,”

But I just that day made a choice for the rest of my life. I’m going to take my second chance, and that’s led me to win souls all over the world and to set people free from fear. SR: That – let me – [Applause]

SR: Let me ask you, what was the difference from before you heard the Voice of God and after in you? JJ: Mm. The difference in me is that I realized that God actually saw me. He cared about me, and He was okay that I was broken,

And He was okay that I didn’t have all the answers, and that perfect love is the thing that kicked fear out. See, it says in the Bible, I John 4:18, I found out since then that, “There is no fear in love.” So when love shows up, fear has to leave.

In fact, the Bible, God commands, “Fear not.” It’s a command. He commands us, “Do not be anxious for anything.” So He only commands it because fear is not just an emotion. It’s a spirit, and He kicks fear out. It’s not us that kick fear out,

Because what happens if you keep facing your fears, and you find a fear you can’t face? Your child is sick or your marriage falling apart, those are fears that are difficult to face, but when perfect love – When you follow perfect love, perfect love over your shoulder kicks fear out –

SR: I hear the words, follow perfect love. What does that mean? JJ: Perfect love isn’t a feeling. It’s a person, and His Name is Jesus. He came near, and He met me right there. SR: Many of you watching right now are saying, “I wish I heard a voice.”

Well, Jeremy needed to hear God’s voice. Each of us has different needs. Jeremy, real quickly, you speak about a man named Cardboard. What do you mean? JJ: I met Cardboard on the streets of LA before I would ever pastor in LA. When I was a college student in Bible college,

We had a traveling ministry, and we ended up at this event that a church was pulling off in Hollywood, of all places. They blocked off the streets, and they chose us to be the final drama for the night, and then I was going to give a salvation message.

Well, when I finally got up there to give the message, over 5,000 people are gathered in the streets of Hollywood. This is wild, and when I get up there, my mic doesn’t work. We did all this work, all the – And so you think it’s going to come on. You’re waiting. You’re waiting.

The sound guy is freaking out. Nothing happens. Over 30 minutes go by, 40 minutes, an hour, and as you know, people are leaving. They’re there for the hot dog, and when it’s over – SR: Of course. JJ: – they’re gone. And so I sat on the end of the stage,

And I thought God missed it. I thought God made a mistake. “God, You couldn’t get the sound on?” And no sound would come on. So I saw McDonald’s across the street, and I said, “I don’t want one of these lousy hot dogs. I want a Big Mac, large fry and a Coke.”

And so I went across the street, and when I went over there, I tripped on something that I thought was trash, but it was a person. I tripped on this guy, and he popped out of a blanket, and he said, “Hello, my name is Cardboard.” And I thought, “Well, that’s a weird name,”

And I kind of scurried out of there. I wasn’t used to LA yet, and I went and got my fry, Coke and drink, and I came out, and I for the first time heard the Lord. And He said just as clear as day,

“Give Cardboard your Big Mac, your large fry and your Coke.” SR: Oh, that’s a toughie! JJ: And I told God – I said, “Get behind me, Satan, in the Name of Jesus.” That couldn’t be from You, Lord, as these – This conviction got stronger, and I finally gave it to Cardboard.

When I did, I woke him up, and as I was walking away, I could just hear him weeping, and I turned around to see what happened, and he began to explain to me. He said, “Who told you to give this to me?” And I said, “Cardboard, you’re never going to believe me.

Jesus told me to give that to you.” And he just wept uncontrollably at – It seemed like for minutes I held him, and eventually he said, “I used to go to that church that puts on that outreach, but I lost my job. I ended up out here, and every year they come out

And tell us how much Jesus loves us.” He said, “But I don’t feel very loved by God, and know what? God is not real. And today I heard a voice, as they were setting up, ‘in the middle of the message today, climb to the top of that building

And, at the middle of the message, jump.'” So he said, “I climbed up there. I had the hot dog in my hands,” and he said, “When I got up there, I came out to the balcony, and you were about to speak.” And he said, “Right when you started to speak,

Your mic cut off. So,” he said, “I climbed back in the window because I didn’t have the instructions after that.” And he said, “I heard another voice that said, ‘Cardboard, ask Me for anything.’ And I said, ‘Okay. If this is You, God, I’m going to be under my blanket,

And I want that speaker to bring me a Big Mac, a large fry'” – SR: Oh, my goodness! JJ: – “‘and a Coke.'” [Applause] JJ: See, that day Cardboard gave his life to Jesus, but, Sid, that day I learned something, that the God that I serve, He always sees the one.

He doesn’t see crowds. I saw 5,000 people, and I thought God missed it, but God didn’t miss it. He didn’t have us cook hot dogs for the 5,000. He didn’t even have me get a sermon ready that I would preach. In fact, I would speak my message without a mic to one guy

That had forgotten his name. His real name was Samuel. So funny that he was hearing the voice of the Lord. SR: And by the way, that’s what Samuel means, hearing God’s voice. Now Jeremy’s ministry – JJ: Wow. SR: – even after this, hit a wall. He was actually ready to give up.

Many of you watching us right now, you’re ready to give up. Then God said, “Are you done yet?” God showed Jeremy something opposite all his logic and opposite all of your logic, too. Be right back. [Music] [Applause] >> We will be right back to “It’s Supernatural!” >> When you submit a prayer request at, we print it out and place it inside of this basket. The basket is then taken to our prayer room where, every morning, each team member selects a stack of prayer requests, reads through them carefully and prays for each one individually.

So if you or someone you know needs prayer, please submit your prayer request to us at or by calling or texting to 704-943-6503. >> We now return to “It’s Supernatural!” [Applause] SR: What did God show Jeremy that made the next time he spoke the most supernatural night of his life? Tell me about that. JJ: Sid, it was so wild. I had this passion to ignite a generation on fire for Jesus,

To know the God that I had met, and I couldn’t seem to do that. I tried everything that I could think of, and every time I would come to youth ministry as a youth pastor, the youth group would shrink. It was like I was the incredible shrinking church.

SR: You had what’s known as a membership drive. He was driving away the members. JJ: There you go. And I remember walking out, and the crowd was smaller. There were so many empty seats, and I just walked right back into my office, and I just remember beating on the wall

As if I was beating on God’s chest, saying, “God, You know my heart.” And I heard the Voice of God say, “Are you done yet? Are you done with all your ideas, all your clever sermons?” And I said, “God, I’m so done.

I didn’t sign up for this. I just want to help people.” And God said, “Okay, then let Me take over.” So He said, “Rip up your sermon. It’s not that good.” So I ripped it up, and He said, “When I –

When you go out there, I’m going to tell you what to say.” And I got the microphone, and when I got the microphone, the Lord said, “Call every sick person on the stage.” So I said, “Okay, God, these are teenagers. Not many of them are sick.”

That night over 30 kids filled the stage in wheelchairs and with sicknesses I had never seen, growths and broken legs, and God said, “Now pray for them.” And so that night, instead of a sermon I prayed for 30 kids on a stage. Sid, I can’t tell you, but it was wild.

Every kid, it’s like as I started praying, I didn’t even believe what I started. And as I started praying, one kid began to yell that, “Your hand is hot! Your hand it hot!” And I said, “God, it’s working. It’s working!” So I prayed, and one kid after another,

Kids were getting out of wheelchairs, throwing – And I’m telling you what, Sid, every kid in the room got saved that night. Every kid got filled with the Holy Spirit. It was – And I remember walking off the stage, and I heard the voice of God say, “Did you like that?”

I said, “God, I could do that with two kids. I loved that!” And so God told me, He said, “Okay, if you like that, instead of working this week, I want you to pray. So 8 hours a day, Jeremy, I want you” –

And I said, “God, I can’t. I’m a youth pastor here. I got a lot of jobs to do,” and God said – SR: A lot of work. JJ: “So you’re telling Me your church will let you go if you pray?” So I said, “Okay, God.”

So He said, “Okay, if anyone wants a meeting, have them come pray with you for an hour, and if they still need a meeting, then meet with them.” Well, guess what? No one really lasted the hour, and 8 hours a day I would pray. That next week, I came to youth service,

And that next week as I was preaching, a young man filled with a demon answered the altar call, and he was – He came to the front, and he then went to the middle of the crowd, and he started dragging a girl out of the crowd.

And I didn’t know what to do, so I just started praying, started praying the Spirit. Within seconds the kid with the demon was at my feet begging me to stop. Well, there’s one thing I didn’t do, Sid. I didn’t stop. I put my head on his head. He flipped backwards and started squirming

All over the front of the aisle, filled with the demon. I said, “Lord, what do I do?” He said, “Well, send him in the back room and have your associate cast it out.” So I was so thankful. “Thank You, Jesus.” My associate went in the back room.

He said instantly, the demon came out of the kid, and I said, “God, why did You have me do that?” He said, “Because he was trying to take over the service where I was going to set people free.” And so that night I told all the teenagers, “See? I told you, it’s real.”

Every teenager got saved again that night, and as I was walking back, God said, “Did you like that?” I said, “No, God, I didn’t like that, but I’m so glad You’re with me.” And He said, “Then pray another week.” So I said, “God, another week?” So for another week, 8 hours a day,

By the second day I noticed the lights were on in my – off on my secretary’s office, and I looked out, and she was praying, too. And then the next day, 10 teenagers showed up, and they began to pray with me, too.

By the end of the week, Sid, we had over 100 teenagers gathered in that room, crying out to Jesus. I’ll tell you what, Sid, we didn’t need flyers anymore. I didn’t need cool, catchy things anymore. We didn’t even have to have the free pizza anymore. Kids were coming to Jesus

Because they met a Jesus who sets free, who heals, who is alive and well and supernatural. [Applause] JJ: That’s when God took over our youth ministry. SR: Boy, I’ll tell you something on what you just said, especially towards the end, it was like the level of the presence of God started rising.

He’s up to something important. It’s time to silence fear. Whether you’re a student, have a secular job or a housewife or in ministry, you have an amazingly good destiny. When we return, Jeremy will teach revelation knowledge about the spirit of fear and pray for you to be fear-free, fearless. Be right back.

[Music] [Applause] >> We will be right back to “It’s Supernatural!” >> Call or go online at, and you can start walking in the fullness of your God-given destiny with Jeremy Johnson’s brand-new book, “Declare War on Fear: Dethrone the Spirit of Fear That Wars Against Your Destiny,” plus receive his brand-new and exclusive three-part audio CD teaching series, “Become the Devil’s Greatest Fear,”

Yours for a donation of $35. Shipping and handling is included. Ask for offer number 9898. JJ: Fear is not going to go away by leaving it alone. You must dethrone the spirit of fear. You must declare war on fear. God told me this. He said, “David didn’t just fight Goliath. He killed Goliath.”

You’re going to become a giant-killer. It’s time to stand up and get some new ammunition. >> Kick fear out of your life for good with Jeremy’s new book and exclusive audio CD series that will show you how to overcome the taunts of fear and silence the intimidation that keeps you

From having more abundance in your life; confront fear with the Heavenly power of perfect love; be delivered from the shackles of fear and instead walk in confidence and joy; be healed from wounds received in church, within families and at work and be set free from the hurt of rejection by others;

Move quickly from feelings of suffering as a victim and stand victorious; neutralize fear’s greatest weapons of anxiety, depression and worry; defeat fear, so you can move in the miraculous and fully release your destiny; dethrone the spirit of fear that has attacked you and tries to take over your life;

Make the devil run, the demons flee and make hell nervous as you live a fearless life. JJ: Fear has been the greatest battle in my life. I really believe that through my story, you will find your fearless self. I encourage you today, if you’re tired of it,

Why not make a new decision and declare war on fear yourself? >> Call or go online at and receive the brand-new book by Jeremy Johnson “Declare War on Fear: Dethrone the Spirit of Fear That Wars Against Your Destiny,” plus receive his brand-new and exclusive three-part audio CD teaching series

“Become the Devil’s Greatest Fear,” yours for a donation of $35. Shipping and handling is included. Ask for offer number 9898, or send your check to Sid Roth “It’s Supernatural!” P.O. Box 39222, Charlotte, North Carolina 28278. Please specify offer number 9898. >> We now return to “It’s Supernatural!” [Applause] SR: Okay, Jeremy. JJ: Yes? SR: What would you say is the devil’s greatest fear? JJ: I believe the devil’s greatest fear is a fearless you. The devil is more afraid of you than you are of fear, and really the devil is afraid

Of you finding out your identity in Christ. The Bible is very clear that, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” Well, fear is just awe. It’s just worship. When we worship God, we have to worship nothing else. When we fear the Lord, we have to fear nothing else.

Here’s how I say it. Both your worry and your worship enthrone a spirit, and for far too long, I’ve enthroned the spirit of fear in my worry. But God is saying, “If you’ll declare war on fear, and you’ll become a son or daughter, and you’ll worship

Me, then you can dethrone fear and put Me back on the throne.” Sid, for a long time, I looked at the brokenness of my life and thought, “How could God see anything great in me?” I brought something on the show that I didn’t tell you about, but –

SR: No. JJ: – the Lord told me to bring a puzzle on the show. See, I believe that life is kind of like a 1,000-piece puzzle, and at first it’s clean and nice, but after a while, life has a way of dumping out on us,

And it’s a little bit here and a little bit there, and I’ve found that many times, I’m trying to go God with my piece. I don’t know if you can see that in the camera, but many times, I try to go to God with my piece,

And I say, “God, what do You see in this? How could this ever be used? God, I was cut here. I was wounded here. I was abused here. I was walked out on here, and for many years, I’ve been trying to put the puzzle together

And find greatness in it, and it causes fear, fear and anxiety and depression and worry.” And the Bible says this, if you give your life to Him, you’ll find it, but if you keep it, you’ll lose it because I’ve found that only the master of the piece

Has the ability to see the picture – SR: The whole picture. JJ: – at the end – [Applause] JJ: – while you hold the brokenness. And, Sid, I just feel like for someone out there that is watching this, and you’ve lost the top of the box.

You’ve lost sight, or maybe you’ve never even seen – SR: The picture. JJ: – the picture of what – see, God – Vision gives purpose to pain, and when God begins to show you the vision of what He has from the pieces – See, when you look at a puzzle finished,

You never are you really awed by the picture. It’s really that you’re awed by – that someone would take the time to put 1,000 pieces together, that they had the masterful eye to see wholeness in the brokenness, and that’s our God. That’s our Jesus. [Applause] JJ: Can I say something to them?

If you’re watching right now, I just felt like this was for you. This wasn’t a part of this – the moment, but I felt the Lord said, “Bring a puzzle and dump it out on Sid’s new table.” And maybe you’re watching and you feel like this,

And you don’t know how God could ever use you, and fear keeps lying and lying and lying. Well, I dare you today to declare war on fear and to pursue Jesus – [Applause] JJ: – and to say, “Jesus, I give You not just the good parts of me, but I give

You all of me. I give You the brokenness. I give You the addiction. I give You that pain when I was 5. I give You that death that I went through in my family. I give You my broken marriage,” and you watch what the master of the piece is going to do.

I just prophesy right now. I prophesy over that person that, at a young age, you went through a trauma. You went through tragedy. I see you out playing with your friends, and someone got hurt, or someone got hit by a car even, and there’s trauma that’s there.

There’s triggers that come with simple things. You purposely lock yourself away. The gifts of God in you have been stopped because of you stopping them and allowing the enemy to rule through the throne of your ear, and you speak out what he tells you.

And I just declare right now, in Jesus’ Name, over your life, I declare every stronghold broken. I declare every chain broken. I declare trauma be healed. God, even use the pain. God, use the scars, use the wounds. See, the thing I want to tell you is that my Jesus,

He does not come to make bad people good, but to make dead people live. When I met Him – [Applause] JJ: – at 17 on those railroad tracks, I didn’t go from being bad to good. I went from being dead to being alive, and God wants to give you that same life today.

If you’re there watching this, and you are riddled with fear, God wants to remove the death and the fear and the anxiety and the depression, and He wants to replace it with joy, life to the abundance, freedom, and all you have to do right there is receive that gift.

If you’re watching, if you’d pray this prayer with me – Dear Jesus. SR: Dear Jesus. JJ: Today. >> Today. JJ: Come into my life. >> Come into my life. JJ: Remove all the death. >> Remove all the death. JJ: Remove all the fear. >> Remove all the fear. JJ: Remove the shame.

>> Remove the shame. JJ: Be my Lord. >> Be my Lord. JJ: And my Savior. >> And my Savior. JJ: Here’s my life. >> Here’s my life. JJ: I hand it to You. >> I hand it to You. JJ: Use it. >> Use it. JJ: For Your Glory. >> For Your Glory.

JJ: I want to be fearless. >> I want to be fearless. JJ: Amen. SR: Amen. [Applause]

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An Interview with Satan

Interviewer: Where’s our guest? Guess we’re ready. We’re here to interview the one that God calls, “Satan,” “the devil,” or “the evil one,” and this interview is based on what God has told us in His word about Satan. Satan, let’s begin our interview.

Satan: Well, so much for an introduction. Welcome to me, the great spirit. Interviewer: Okay, with that said… The True and Living God has told mankind that He wanted the world created for His Son and that it was His Son who made all things for His Father.

That’s when you, Satan, came to Earth to destroy His Son’s creation. Satan: Oh, yes. I was there from the beginning, and I have caused every human to disobey their Creator, and by the way, I’m very good at it. Interviewer: Satan, God has told us that you are the father of lies.

Satan: And sooner or later, they will all believe me. Interviewer: God has also said that you’ve been lying and deceiving since the beginning, starting with the first two humans He created. Satan: Oh, yes. As soon as He finsihed His creation, I was there,

And ever since, not one of His humans has escaped me. Well, maybe there was One. Interviewer: Wow, and Jesus said you brought envy, anger, and murder into the world. Satan: Perhaps I did show them how to be envious and to want what their neighbor has

And that it is acceptable to hate their neighbor, but murder? Oh no. They did that all by themselves, but maybe I did kind of plant the seed. Interviewer: Uh, maybe? Hmm. Now, God’s word tells us that there had been war between good and evil in Heaven

And that you lost and were forced out. Satan: There was a great war in Heaven. I started it, and I won. Interviewer: Satan, isn’t that just another lie? God said you were driven out of Heaven by Michael His archangel. Doesn’t that mean you lost?

Satan: Yeah, I left, but I don’t feel I lost. Interviewer: Of course, you don’t. Even here on Earth, God said you almost destroyed the human race. Satan: (Laughing) I got all of mankind on Earth to disobey Him because I knew that God would punish them for their disobedience.

But it wasn’t me, it was God Who destroyed them all by flooding the world with water. Interviewer: Now, Satan, tell the truth; not all men were destroyed as you said. Satan: Alright, so there was one man left that had not disobeyed God.

Interviewer: So, then you admit that God did save that one man and all his family from the flood. Satan: Yes, but when the flood was over and they were back on dry land, I was right there to meet them and to deceive them once again. Interviewer: Ah, yes, the great deceiver!

So, ever since the flood, you have been tempting men to sin, and because of that, every man has sinned against the Heavenly Father and His Son. Satan: Oh, yes. They–God and Christ– want all humans to live that good life, and when they die,

Their spirits will be with Them where They are, where they will live forever in a place of peace. But I tell you this; everyone wants the fun life. You know, they want what feels good to them, and they can and will enjoy all pleasures, but only for a while,

And I am here to make them think that they have that good life, but they will all end up following me because I’m their king. Interviewer: Well, you sound pretty sure of yourself, Satan. However, Jesus has provided His armor of protection for all of His followers,

And by using this armor, they will be able to withstand your temptations of sinful pleasures. Satan: (Laughing) Well, I know about this protection He provides for your souls, but when I work at it, I get the ones in His Kingdom who are weak and don’t want the armor that God provided for them.

It gives me great pleasure to take away one of His, just like I did in Heaven when I led many of God’s angels away. Interviewer: I see. Interestingly, our Heavenly Father has told us that you are the devil, an evil spirit, and all your angels and those deceived by you

Will go into everlasting punishment, to the place that God calls, “Hell,” where there will be outer darkness, where you and all those with you will be tormented forever and ever. Satan: I am the great deceiver, and I understand God and His Son tell you only the Truth,

But only a few of you will believe the truth, and even fewer of you will do what Jesus wants for you. Because of me, they will get a different story, and I work hard at keeping them from His Kingdom, you know, His Church.

Even the Bible you’re holding in your hands tells you that only a few will go to Heaven. Interviewer: But if they listen to you, they’ll be separated forever from the One True and Living God, and instead, go with you to a place of everlasting punishment. Satan: Everlasting punishment; they don’t need to know.

Interviewer: I hear you, but it was important enough for Jesus, the Son of God, to give His life as a sacrifice for mankind so that every man can choose to follow Him and receive their reward in Heaven, a place where there will be no sadness, but only everlasting peace and joy with God.

Satan: Well, let me tell you, it isn’t over yet, and I am winning because I am going to take most all of mankind that Jesus created with me. As for their punishment, as I have said, they don’t need to know. Interviewer: Well, let’s just move on.

Jesus said that His followers can speak to His Father in Heaven, and He will hear and help them in their need and forgive them when they repent of their sins. Satan: I know, but let me tell you; God will only hear those who are really the ones that belong to His Son,

And they are the only ones He’s going to have in Heaven. Just know this; every human that dies outside of Jesus’ Kingdom will be in my kingdom with me, forever. I will help them with wars, disease, and abortion, and they are really good at killing each other.

Interviewer: And with that said, the Word of God tells us that you can change yourself to appear as an angel of light. You’re teaching them that good is evil and evil is good. Satan: Yes, I could be an angel of light because it helps me to hide my lies;

Things like false worship, or “you can attend the church of your choice.” Most will not ever go to this Church because they want to worship their own way, or they want to worship their own gods and not the One True and Living God.

See, the gods that I have made for them, breed false worship. Interviewer: And you’re actually teaching them that there is no Hell or punishment, despite what the Bible teaches about it, even though you know Hell is real and that there is a great reward in Heaven for those who do God’s will.

Satan: Oh, that’s my big one. When I get them to believe there is really no Heaven or no Hell, they will then do nothing to find out the truth about God and His Son. When they believe there is no reward for how they live and obey God or believe

There is no punishment for their evil, they will only do what they want to do. Interviewer: So, Satan, your evil is destroying the good that is in man, causing them to believe there is no God, Who actually wants to save them. Satan: Well, now, if I can get them

To believe there is no God that created them, and there is no Son of God that came to this earth to save them from their sins, then I’ve got them all. For these will do nothing to find God. Interviewer: Satan, you truly are the enemy of all human spirits as the Bible says,

And you want to destroy them by tempting them to seek out false gods and false religions that you very well know the True and Living God will not accept. Satan: I have billions of people believing there is no God. For those who do believe in a god,

It is the god that they’ve invented in their hearts and minds, and most of them do not worship the True and Living God, nor honor His Son. Interviewer: God said that He will protect the ones who are in His Son’s Kingdom

And that He wants all men to be saved in Heaven for His Son, Jesus, but it will be up to each human to decide who they’ll follow, Jesus or you. And God has told us that, one day, His Son will return from Heaven with His mighty angels in flaming fire

And that He will take vengeance on those who do not know God and on those who do not obey the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that they will be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord. In the same everlasting fire prepared for you and your angels.

Satan: So what, you trust that book too much. Believe what you want to believe, this interview is over, but I’m always around. Interviewer: What about you? If you were to die tonight, where would your soul go; to be with God in Heaven or to be in Hell with Satan?

Maybe you don’t know. Would you like to know for sure? I invite you to watch the next 16 minute program, Man’s Purpose: How and Why We Are Here. Then, I would encourage you to watch the 53 minute program, Video Bible Study,

That will tell you all that God desires you to know about the destination of your soul.

#Interview #Satan

WW2 Serial Killer Even the Nazis Wanted Dead – Dr. Satan

In the early 1940s the Nazis controlled Paris- but even they were terrified of a depraved maniac whose body count might have been as much as 150. The cops wanted him, the Nazis really wanted him, but this highly educated psychopath wasn’t so easy to catch.

This is the story of the man who became known as Dr. Satan, and it’s arguably one of the most messed up tales we’ve ever told. Let’s start at the beginning. 1940 was a bad time for most Parisians. Before those German tanks made their way into the city, around two million residents of

Paris had already moved out. For those left behind and who understood the perils of Nazism, it was a despairing time. Their bones chilled as they watched the swastika fly above the Arc de Triomphe. Some of these were the people who’d be spied on by the Gestapo, and worse, interrogated and possibly killed.

It was a time of great fear and paranoia. So, the last thing anyone needed was a serial killer to add to their woes, a man that left decapitated heads and other body parts for the cops to find. Nonetheless, Dr. Satan was a hero to many, albeit folks who were continually fooled by him.

As for the Nazis, it would be reasonable to say that the evil doctor was always one step ahead of them. His real name was Mr. Marcel Petiot. How he ever became a doctor boggles the mind, which is something we’ll think you’ll

Agree with after you hear about his strange life from childhood to adulthood. He was born in the French city of Auxerre on January 17, 1897, and he was a delinquent at a young age. At age 11 he brought a gun to school and used it to threaten a girl.

He got involved with theft, smashed up public property, and he did terrible things to small animals. It’s said he also put on a kind of circus act one time in school, standing against a locked door in class and throwing knives at the other students.

It’s not surprising then that he was deemed mentally ill by child psychiatrists. According to the book “Death in the City of Light: The Serial Killer of Nazi-Occupied Paris”, he got expelled from school a few times as a teenager and so was evaluated by professionals,

Who said this kid is just not right in his head. His parents, of course, were very concerned, telling doctors that he wet the bed, and had the occasional convulsive fit. They were also a bit worried about his constant sleepwalking.

If you were to ask an expert now, they might assume this kid at some point had had a serious head injury and that’s what caused all the problems. A psychiatrist in 1914 seemed to suggest his frontal lobes weren’t working right, stating

That he was “an abnormal youth” who didn’t take “responsibility for his acts.” As you’ll see, nothing really changed when he became an adult. Still, he ended up at a special Paris academy, and later in 1916 when he was 19 years old,

He went to fight for the French Army in the trenches of World War I. What could possibly go wrong, a kid with mental health problems and a proclivity for violence being hired to murder people? Physicians among the French forces said what others had said before- Petiot had some serious mental health issues.

The kid wasn’t fit to fight. He was already walking close to the edges of his sanity when he was gassed and wounded in battle, after which it’s said he had a complete breakdown. At first, he was sent to homes where he could be looked after properly, but then he took

Up the bad habit of stealing morphine and other supplies, including people’s personal stuff and their letters and photos from loved ones. For that, he got some jail time, but after being professionally diagnosed with more than one mental illness, he was sent to a psychiatric hospital.

It was those diagnoses that kept him out of prison, with doctors saying he wasn’t a criminal, but mentally ill. One psychiatrist wrote in a report that he suffered from “mental disequilibrium, neurasthenia, mental depression, melancholia, obsessions, and phobias.” If you’re wondering what neurasthenia means, it’s basically a term for being persistently mentally disturbed.

After three weeks’ leave, he went back to the army. During this stint, he complained of headaches and blackouts, memory loss, and sleepwalking. At first, he was let go from the forces and given a 40% disability pension, but then after a review, he got a 100% pension.

He was still sent to the asylum, a place he’d one day say he was a doctor, not a patient. In 1919, he was finally released from that institution. The war was over. He was 22 years old.

You could say it was time for a new beginning, although the doctors that had seen this young man and studied his temperament said it was important that he was kept under “continuous surveillance.” That didn’t happen. Being mentally ill or having a personality disorder doesn’t necessarily mean a person can’t do well in life.

Just look at the lives of many serial killers you all know well, some of them excelled in certain areas, and while they were busy cutting up victims, they held down decent jobs, and some had a wife and children at home who dearly loved them.

So it was that Monsieur Petiot joined an accelerated medical education program for war veterans and he absolutely nailed the exams. He landed an internship at a hospital and by the time December 1921 rolled around he could proudly say he was the owner of a medical degree.

He then set up a practice in his town of Villeneuve sur Yonne, a lovely little place in the Burgundy region, and a place that would feel the wrath of Petiot’s violence. Now he was a professional, but his mental health issues were still there.

He even got arrested for stealing at one point, but he kept his job. Petiot very likely had a touch of the psychopath in him, and we say that for various reasons, with one being that he was very cunning and absolutely without a conscience.

He needed more patients, so he went about saying he was one of the best doctors in town. He printed fliers that said so. One of them said: “Dr. Petiot is young, and only a young doctor can keep up to date on the latest methods born of a progress which marches with giant strides.

This is why intelligent patients have confidence in him. Dr. Petiot treats but does not exploit his patients.” That could not have been further from the truth. He charmed his way into getting a long list of patients, who he enrolled in a government

Program, thereby ensuring he got paid once by them and once by the government. It’s said someone would come into his practice with a regular kind of illness, and he’d say, “Here’s some morphine. That should fix it.” No doubt it helped, but opiates are generally not the first line of treatment for a bad

Cold or a bout of tonsillitis. One time the recipient of his morphine was just a kid, and the kid almost died from an overdose. When a pharmacist told Petiot that no way should he be giving strong opiates to children for minor problems, he replied, “What difference does it make to you, anyway?

Isn’t it better to do away with this kid who’s not doing anything in the world but pestering its mother?” We should just say here that when Bayer first started marketing heroin in the late 19th century, one of its uses was to give it to kids to help with their coughs.

Heroin is basically strong morphine. It worked, because the drug tends to work in many ways, but it was also highly addictive and dangerous as hell. So, while Petiot might have had a point about morphine being an excellent product to shut up talkative kids, he shouldn’t have been doing what he was doing.

Those frontal lobes it seems were still not doing their job and helping this man think about the consequences of his actions. He spent most of his time alone, only coming out to drive his sports car and occasionally smashing it into other cars.

It was at this time in his life that he stole from his brother Marcel, and was kicked out of his rented accommodation for theft. In 1922, the Commission de Réforme told him that he had to undergo a new examination regarding his disability pension.

A doctor later said his tongue was badly injured because he was always biting it during his convulsions. He added that Petiot had a “total indifference” about his life and the way it was going. How he kept his job as a doctor beggars belief, and more so because he was even allowed to

Claim 50 percent of his disability pension. We guess it was the 1920s. You could get away with such things back then. He began an affair with the daughter of one of his patients, a young woman named Louise Delaveau. After a few months, she disappeared.

Neighbors of Petiot told the cops that they’d seen him putting what looked like a really heavy package into the back of his car. The police looked into this but concluded that Delaveau had probably just skipped town. It was certainly a strange case, though, seeing that at the time Delavea’s parents’ home

Was broken into and burned to the ground. Later, something that looked like the trunk Petiot had stuffed into the back of his car that day was pulled out of the river in the town. Inside it was the badly decomposed remains of a young woman, but this being the 1920s,

The cops didn’t have ways of properly identifying the body. Undoubtedly, this was his first murder, although it was never proven. If this story couldn’t get any crazier – and we promise you it’s going to go off the rails – Petiot decided that he wanted to be the town mayor.

Being the trusted town doctor, he actually won the mayorship, but only after he’d paid some guy to spoil his opponent’s speech when the two were debating. At one point, just after he finished his own speech, the town lights all went out and a bunch of fires were started.

That was the work of Petiot’s man and when the votes were counted it was revealed he’d won by a landslide. During his time as mayor, he got busy stealing again, and among other things, he took a drum from the town band, and a stone cross he didn’t much like.

When he was accused of this, he said he was the best mayor the town had ever had and those accusations were just his political enemies reeling with envy and trying to taint his good name. In 1927, aged 30, he married a 23-year-old woman named Georgette Lablais.

You probably won’t be too surprised to hear that she was the daughter of a wealthy landowner in the region. They had a kid together, Gerhardt, and things were looking up. Even so, Petiot was accused of stealing oil from the town’s railroad depot.

He was fined 200 Francs and sentenced to three months in prison, but he managed to get that decision reversed. In 1930, there was a huge fire at the house of a dairy unionist named Armand Debauve. When the flames were finally out, his wife was found inside having been beaten to death

With what the cops said was a blunt instrument. 20,000 Francs was missing, too, and police found footprints leading from the house back to the nearby town of Villeneuve-sur-Yonne. On top of that, there were rumors going around that the dead woman had been the mistress of none other than Monsieur Petiot.

He’d even been seen near her home on the night of the fire. The witness who’d seen Petiot was Monsieur Fiscot. He’d told the police that he would testify to that in court, but with not many doctors around, he had no choice but to visit Petiot’s practice when his rheumatism was acting up.

Fiscot was given an injection and three hours later he was dead. Petiot said the man had had an aneurysm. You’re probably now seeing why he was nicknamed Dr. Satan, but we’re just getting going in this story.

A few years later, all those complaints about him came to the fore and he was forced to resign as mayor. People were so fooled by this guy that the council resigned with him, saying what had happened was just unfair.

In 1932, he got a job on the council himself, but a year later he lost the seat because it had been found out he was stealing electricity. The case went to court, with the judge saying that Petiot’s defense was nothing but a “fantasy.”

He was subsequently sentenced to 15 days in jail and handed a 300 Franc fine. As usual, Petiot appealed the decision, and later his jail time was suspended. In the end, he stayed out of jail and was only fined 100 Francs.

Still, that meant the end of his council seat and a bad reputation that was becoming harder to shake off. With his character now tarnished, he made the move to Paris, the city where his cruelty and criminality would soar to new heights.

Petiot started what became a very popular practice on the Rue de Caumartin, using fake documents at times so that people thought he was the best doctor around for miles. handing out morphine for just about any condition or illness, which, as tends to happen with

Highly-addictive drugs, had people queuing up every day to see him. He even had the audacity to counterfeit a document that claimed part of his work experience had been as an intern working at a certain mental health institution, although the truth was that he’d been a patient there, not part of the medical staff.

He’d just changed the word “interned” to “intern.” As crazy as it sounds, he kept his job after being sent to a mental health facility for his stealing. Later, when he got out and was working again, he was given the “médecin d’état-civil” so he could write death certificates.

Now he could more easily knock people off. One of his victims was a 30-year-old woman named Raymonde Hanss. She went to see Petiot about some painful abscesses in her mouth, and it was decided that he’d surgically remove them. After the operation, she never again regained consciousness.

He drove her home in that state, and she was pronounced dead a few hours later. Her mother, Madame Anna Coquille, said something just wasn’t right here. Her daughter had been in good health despite the abscesses. She ordered an autopsy, and it was found that her daughter had been given a very high dose

Of morphine. This should have rung alarm bells, but after an investigation, it was ruled that the woman had died of natural causes. Not long after in 1936, Petiot was caught shoplifting, and then when a cop tried to arrest him, Petiot beat him up.

It was after this event that the authorities started looking at him more seriously. He ended up in court again, this time crying his eyes out saying he’d had one of his funny attacks. He told the court to look at his army record and the fact that at times he’d been mentally

Ill, and the court didn’t charge him in the end, saying instead he’d been hit with temporary insanity. Still, it pleased the court when they heard that Petiot’s wife had arranged for him to spend some time in a sanitorium.

But not long after he arrived there, he told the doctors that he was actually in good shape mentally and he asked to be released. He said this lapse of madness was due to stress. He lied and said he’d been working on a machine for constipation, a device that literally

Sucked the poop out of people, and he said the stress of finishing the device had negatively affected his mental well-being. The main psychiatrist for the court wrote that Petiot was “chronically unbalanced”, but the judge concluded that Petiot was sane enough to go back into society. How very wrong he was.

After his release at the beginning of 1937, he actually seemed to start adhering to the law, including taking a break from stealing. Still, his one big transgression was tax evasion, with him claiming he earned only about 10 percent of what he actually made.

He went to court again for that, and again he turned on the waterworks, claiming he’d been driven to crime because of poverty. Yet again, the psychopath walked out of court with a great big grin on his face. As you know, in 1939 war broke out, and in 1940 German tanks arrived in Paris.

Marshal Philippe Pétain became head of the Vichy government and French life was about to change in many ways. For a lot of people, this was a distressing time, but for a psychopath, it afforded many new opportunities. One of Petiot’s first moves was making fake medical certificates.

You see, many French folks were told by the Nazis that they’d now be working for them, and that meant a kind of slave labor. It seems they could get out of this with a medical certificate, and Petiot was the man to go to for one of them.

On face value, it looked as though he was on the side of the French Resistance. He treated French people who’d been wounded or fallen ill in Germany, and through those people, he learned a lot about the movements of the Nazis and the Gestapo that was busy trying to hunt Resistance fighters.

He helped spy on the Gestapo through something he called the Fly-Tox network, and then he gave information to Resistance fighters so they could assassinate members of the Gestapo. This is what he told people, anyway. Maybe it sounds quite heroic to you given what would have happened to Petiot had he been found out.

The Nazis would very likely have tortured him and killed him. But remember he was a psycho, and because of this, he made up stories all the time to make it look like he was helping the Resistance.

He even told them he had some kind of superweapon that when used, could kill a Nazi and make it look like death by natural causes. He told a big tale about working with some anti-fascist Spaniards in Paris and he spun

All kinds of lies about making bombs and booby traps with which he killed plenty of Nazis. All these stories only ever really happened inside his own head, but they were about to help him make lots of money. He started telling people, mainly Jews and Resistance fighters, but even criminals, that

He could get them safe passage out of France and to somewhere safe on another continent. All they had to do was hand him 25,000 Francs. In 1941, he bought a house on Rue le Sueur and used it to hide these people before they

Were sent on one of his so-called Underground Railways to someplace like South America. Two of his customers were Joseph Réocreux and Adriene Estébétéguy. These guys had been pimps, but what really irked the Nazis is that they’d committed an armed robbery while wearing Nazi uniforms.

That was definitely a death sentence if they were caught. Petiot, now calling himself “Dr. Eugène”, told them no sweat, he could easily get them out of France. These two guys went to that house on Rue le Sueur, followed by their lovers and also another

Couple who were said to be a pimp and his prostitute. And hey presto, all these six people did in fact just disappear, but rather than spend the time and money on getting them to South America, Petiot took their money and killed them.

They weren’t the only ones to go to that house and not get where they wanted. In fact, so many people heard about this place where you could visit and then vanish, that Petiot got quite the name.

We don’t need to tell you that he killed them all, but to others, it looked as though they’d safely escaped France. Even the Gestapo heard these rumors, with the commanders saying this mysterious man had to be caught immediately.

Gestapo documents that were later found noted that there was “a great deal of talk in public about an organization which arranges clandestine crossings of the Spanish border by means of falsified Argentine passports.” There was talk, but no one ever left Paris. Then the Nazis put a plan together to get this man.

One of their agents named Robert Jodkum blackmailed a French Jew named Yvan Dreyfus. Dreyfus was told he had to find this guy and tell him he had the cash to pay for a quick exit out of France. The plan might have worked, had Dreyfus ever been seen again after he talked with Petiot.

He was certainly making hay while the sun didn’t shine on Paris. He then killed a pregnant woman, and soon after he murdered a man named Dr. Paul-Léon Braunberger, a Jew who’d paid Petiot for safe passage out of France. He also murdered Braunberger’s wife.

Petiot did the same with three German Jews, all members of the Kneller family. Soon after, the entire Wolff family just disappeared as did a pimp and his mistress, Joseph Piereschi and Joséphine-Aimée Grippay. More and more people went missing. These disappearances were investigated by the French, but for the Nazis, their beef

Was with a guy who was getting people out of France. They had no idea he was killing them and had they known, they might not have been that bothered. He was saving them a job. Not knowing, they were still intent on catching him out, and so they devised a plan.

In 1942, the French police started making a bunch of ugly discoveries. Body parts kept washing up from the River Seine: heads, hands, arms, legs, and other body parts. That, of course, is because Petiot would have struggled to dump an entire body at once.

It worked out well for him because it was hard to identify the bodies and not possible to link them to any murderer. Still, things were about to get quite difficult for Mr. Petiot. In 1943, his fake network was infiltered by a Nazi collaborator named Charles Beretta.

Beretta told the Nazis names of people who had applied to escape, but it seems he didn’t have enough information to lead them directly to Petiot. Some names were enough, though. Three of them were Raoul Fourrier, Edmond Pintard and René-Gustave Nézondet. Each was arrested and taken back to the Gestapo HQ to be tortured.

It didn’t take long for them to spill the beans, each saying they’d paid a guy named Dr. Eugène 25,000 Fancs for safe passage out of France. Petiot was soon arrested by the Gestapo and tortured, although it’s not certain if he let the Nazis know much about what he knew about the Resistance.

He was then sent to prison, although it seems they only ever found his home and not his storing and killing house on Rue le Sueur. If they had, they’d have had quite the surprise. The question is, and it did come up later, was Petiot being heroic by not speaking to the Nazis?

After what you’ve heard today, you’d likely say no, and you’d be correct. It’s assumed that the only reason why he didn’t talk is the fact he didn’t really know anything, and anyway if he told the Nazis about what his real line of business was they’d

Have probably given him a pat on the back. So, he did eight months in prison and was released when it became obvious he had nothing to tell. Now he had the best story of all, and one which made him seem very trustworthy among enemies of the Nazis.

He now had torture scars and stories of prison. Business, he thought while smiling, was about to boom. He was wrong, very wrong. That’s because, on March 11, 1944, the neighbors of Petiot on the Rue le Sueur had finally

Had enough and had gone to the police saying they could no longer put up with the terrible stink coming from next door. That smell was unbearable, as if bodies were rotting in that house. They also complained about the smoke that was always billowing from the chimney.

Police told the local firemen to check it out, and when they did, they found a large stove in the basement from which flames were in full flow. On inspection, they also saw that body parts were burning in the fire.

They found bits and pieces of humans stored in bags and some other body parts in a quicklime pit. This was a real-life house of horrors, with enough parts to make up around ten people. Not only that but there were also suitcases everywhere containing the clothes of many different people.

Even though this was wartime, it was still big news. France had a new mad man on its hands. Petiot was now a wanted man, but let’s remember that many of his friends and patients thought he was a French hero.

They kind of ignored the news reports about bodies and hid Petiot, thinking he was still a great doctor and a devout enemy of the evil Nazis. Petiot moved around between these people, adopting new identities and doing all he could to change his appearance.

If anyone asked, he told them the only people he’d killed were informers and Nazis. This seemed true enough when he joined the French Forces of the Interior (FFI) while calling himself Henri Valéri. The FFI was basically the Resistance in its later stage, for which Petiot played a part as captain leading interrogations.

His stint didn’t last long, since Paris was soon liberated. But again, he saw an opportunity. He was captain after all. One day some of his men went to the house of a wealthy mayor. There, they threatened the man and called him all sorts of names, including a Nazi collaborator.

They took from him 2.5 million Francs and then they murdered him in cold blood. Some young folks had seen this, and they went to Captain Valeri (Petiot) to complain. They explained about the murder and all that cash.

Valeri said he’d take care of the matter, although the men only spent a very short time behind bars, and it seems the sequestered money just went missing. Only a few days later, the Résistance newspaper came out with a leading story about some killer and Nazi collaborator named Petiot.

The story said he was a “soldier of the Reich”. At the same time, police in Paris were still looking for him. Valeria was even hired to look for him, so Petiot was in fact looking for himself. He knew he had to get away, but he fell at the last hurdle.

At precisely 10.15 am on October 31 he was recognized and arrested at a metro station in Paris. He was carrying a gun, a large amount of money, and at least 50 different documents covering a bunch of identities. In court, the defense argued that Petiot had killed only “enemies of France” and that

Those bodies at the house were not his doing. Petiot told the court that he’d only found out about them after his release from prison, but that they were likely the remains of collaborators killed by members of his patriotic network.

He told them he was indeed a great patriot, one of the best there was, but when his stories of bombing campaigns and killing Nazis with superweapons were investigated, it was revealed this was pure fantasy. Meanwhile, many members of the Resistance said they’d never seen him, and those that

Had said he’d done nothing to help them. Petiot was charged with killing 27 people and raking in the realm of 200 million Francs in cash, gold, and jewelry. None of this bounty was ever found. Some of the experts involved believed that Petiot had murdered as many as 150 people.

In the end, he admitted to 63 enemies of France, and as for all the missing people he hadn’t killed, he said, “South America was a big place” and that’s why those people were never found, adding that some of his victims were alive and well and just “getting ready for the next war.”

In his psychopath way, at one point the judge got angry with him because he wasn’t paying attention and was instead doodling on some paper. He then looked up at the judge and said, “I am listening, but it doesn’t really interest me very much.”

When he was told he was to be executed, he didn’t seem the least bit bothered. On the big day, May 25, 1946, he was said to have been very calm. He was asked if he wanted to see a priest, which he declined, stating that he wanted to “take his baggage with him.”

A portable guillotine was then brought to the prison around 3.30 am. When offered a glass of rum, which was protocol, he said no thanks, but he took a last cigarette. His neck was shaved, his collar was cut, and his hands were tied.

A witness to the execution later said he “moved with ease, as though he were walking into his office for a routine appointment.” His head was then placed in the machine and he uttered his last words, “Gentlemen, I ask you not to look. This will not be very pretty.”

At 5.05 am, the blade dropped, and as it did, Petiot smiled for the very last time. Some people later said there was still a smile on his face as his head fell into the basket. Now you need to watch “ How Nazi Angel of Death Finally Got Caught.”

Or, have a look at some of the most awful things that happened in those Nazi prisons, with “The Sea Water Torture – Nazi Camp Experiments.”

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Angelic Battle: The Fall of Satan Movie // War in Heaven

In the last episode we discussed many things regarding satan’s location we’ve looked at his tactics and how he is still currently deceiving the world we saw how unlike popular opinion Satan is not underground no he’s still out there and still actively trying to deceive the world and when you realize that Satan is

Not locked up underground but he’s still around actively trying to mislead the masses he began to realize why the only truth that you can trust is biblical truth now the last video inevitably brought up more insights to discuss so today we are going to address many questions

Regarding the fall of Satan the origin of Nephilim and the angelic wars in heaven stay tuned so one thing that we’ve looked at in the past video was how in Revelation chapter 12 it speaks of how there will be an angelic battle in the heavens when Satan and his fallen

Angels are thrown down into the earth realm in essence after this battle takes place Satan and his fallen angels will no longer be able to roam the heavens and we see that in revelation 12 verse 8 as it says and they lost their place in heaven so after this battle Satan and

His fallen angels will no longer have a place in the heavens to roam now automatically when you hear the word heaven we often think of the throne room of God right we only think of the high high heaven however in this verse we see that the Greek word for heavens here can

Often refer to the sky as well it can refer to the atmosphere and even the universe and so this is why many interpret this passage as referring to when Satan will ultimately lose his ability to roam and traverse the universe apparently this is what will happen after this battle he will lose or

Be dethroned from that ability now this is interesting because many of us either believe that the angelic battle in Revelation 12 happened before the world began or that it refers to something that will happen in the future and so those are usually the two sides either

It was a past thing or it’s a future thing so how can we investigate that well one thing we can do to have more clarity on this is to see if there is anything in the Bible that indicate it’s that Satan is currently roaming the universe then we will know if this

Battle took place in the past or if it is a future event now of course in the previous video we did see how Paul writes in Ephesians 6:12 that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against the rulers against the authorities against the cosmic powers over this present darkness and against

These spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places so this verse clearly shows that the forces of evil are currently in the heavenly places now this right here is a translation from the ESV version um however if you are looking at the King James Version you

Would see that it reads that the Satanic forces are aware in high places so to get down to the bottom of this we really need to look at the original Greek words that were used and you know one thing that we have to remember is that the

Bible was not written in the English translation as that we have today or even the English translations that we have had for centuries the Old Testament was originally written in Hebrew and the New Testament was originally written in Greek and the amazing thing is God has so graciously allowed our generation to

Have Bible tools that allow us to investigate their original Hebrew and Greek words scholars have recovered many ancient manuscripts some of the earliest existing copies and placed the original words that were used in these Bible tools that we can all access and so this is this is huge

You see many who are against God and the Bible will say things like this they will say how can you trust the Bible you know there are so many different translations it’s not accurate and some verses have been changed you know I’m sure you’ve heard that argument they

Will say how can you trust this thing where there’s so many different variances but now you can respond to them how that argument doesn’t really hold up anymore because today we can ourselves see the original Hebrew and Greek words we can do the research and see what the original words were and so

In our generation that argument is outdated so if we want to see you know what does it mean when it says that the satanic forces are ruling up in the heavenly places all we have to do here is see what the original Greek word for heavenly places is so here I’m on the

Blue letter Bible site we’re looking at the King James Version and as it says in verse 12 you know that we war against the satanic forces the spiritual wickedness we’re in high places and so what we want to do is see what is the original Greek word that was used for

High places well let’s go to tools here and we see that when we scroll down the word that was translated into the word high is the word there protineus and that bar Aeneas refers to what existing in the heavens things that take place in heaven the celestial regions

And the interesting thing is in the King James Version this same greek word was used for the word heavenly many times in the scripture we see that it was used for heavenly here it was used for heavenly anjaan in the 1st Corinthians and Ephesians so this word usually

Refers to things heavenly in fact the only time it’s ever used for high is just in that one passage and so this is why it is still accurate to say domain of where these spiritual forces of darkness are are in high or you can say heavenly places because that same

Word there is used to translate the word heavily and so in this instance because the Greek word refers to the heavenly realm it is more accurate to have a perspective of the domain of darkness of the domain of Satan as not some place underground where his ruling but ruling

Or roaming around in heavenly or high places so if Satan and his forces are currently roaming around in the heavenly realm has revelation 12 verse 8 happened yet because it clearly says that when he and his forces are thrown down they will lose their place in the heavens hmm so

You see why this this is causing some now to wonder if the battle in Revelation 12 has happened and you know that’s something that we looked at in the previous episode and I mentioned how I can understand why some would say that the fall of Satan is a future event

Because clearly we see that he’s roaming the heavens we end still deceiving the world I mean you can look at the world and see how there’s so much satanic activity it’s obvious that he is still active he’s not completely locked away however I can also see the other

Perspective that says that he already fell from heaven as we know Jesus said that he saw Satan fall as lightning correct and we know that Satan roams throughout the earth seeking who he can devour so what do we say in response to this well I want to first say that we greatly

Appreciate your comments because your comments have been so insightful and we love how the Holy Spirit is working through you to reveal things and insight to you as well because with this last video there were a few comments that I thought were so interesting regarding

This and I’m a few of you commented and mentioned something very interesting you said what if the angelic battle in Revelation 12 what if it’s not just a singular one-time event what if the angelic battle in Revelation 12 is a prophetic summary of the angelic wars that have been taking place over the

Ages and so I thought about that and you know after some pondering I I think that is another good perspective actually some of you mentioned how yes you know initially Satan was kicked out of the heavens with his fallen angels for having pride and having evil intentions

And ever since then he has been in numerous battles with the Archangel Michael and the other Angels of Light some of you even quoted the Book of Daniel chapter 10 which speaks of how the Archangel Michael was in an angelic battle with the forces of darkness even

Back then and also we saw in the book of Job how Satan was not completely cast out of the heavens because he was able to worm his way into the high heaven so that he could approach God for the purpose of trying to accuse a job and so

It does seem as if there has been an ongoing conflict between the angels of darkness and angels of light for thousands of years and if that is the case it would make sense if the angelic battle depicted in Revelation 12 is perhaps a summary of when Satan is first

Kicked out of heaven and then it tells of these frequent angelic battles that he has as he tries to accuse the people of God and finally in the passage we see that there will come a moment when Satan is ultimately kicked out of the heavenly realms and is only

Allowed around the earth realm so yeah I would say that that position is a worthy argument to add into the equation of perspectives and so again we’re opening up the floor you know what do you think about that point of view please share in the comments how you consider this and

How you interpret revelation 12 now I do think that there is more evidence within the text that indicates that this angelic battle in Revelation 12 likely did not completely take place before creation and I think if you look at revelation 12 verse 9 there’s an indicator of that look at what it reads

And the Great Dragon was thrown down that ancient serpent who has caught the devil and Satan the deceiver of the whole world he was thrown down to the earth and his angels were thrown down with him verse 10 and I heard a loud voice in heaven saying now the salvation

And the power and the Kingdom of our God and the authority of his Christ have come for the accuser of our brothers has been thrown down who accuses them day and night before our God so here we see that it says that he was thrown down as

One who accuses the people of God and that he was accusing believers before God day and night so if this event here happened before humanity was even created who would he have been accusing right so you see why some scholars are saying that this is not

Just a past event because we clearly see here that he has been accusing us the brothers and sisters before God and then he has thrown down and this is similar to how as we saw in the previous episode Satan was trying to accuse job even though job was a righteous man Satan

Approached God to try to call out job and to say that job would curse God if he was inflicted with pain and so it seems that even since the days of Job Satan has had this ability to not only wander the earth but also to wander

The heavens as the accuser and so this is very interesting look at what it says in verse 11 as it explains how he was dislodged from the heavens and they the Saints have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony for they loved not their lives

Even unto death therefore rejoice o heavens and you who dwelled in them but woe to you o earth and sea for the devil has come down to you in great wrath because he knows his time is short so here it seems that one of the reasons

That Satan will be thrown down is not just because of an angelic battle but also because of what the blood of the Lamb and by the word of the people of God’s testimony so we again see that this must not refer to what happened before creation because you are involved

With the dislodging of Satan now of course before creations Satan obviously has some type of falling out with God we know that but here we see that he has ultimately expelled by the blood of the Lamb and by the testimony of God’s people and that is big because

That would mean that your proclamation of the gospel is a part of the ultimate dislodging of Satan you see why he doesn’t want the gospel to spread you see why he doesn’t want videos like this to get out because the more he is exposed the closer he is to being

Expelled so I believe the puzzle is starting to fit together because if the Battle of revelation 12 climatically will conclude when Satan is dislodged completely from the heavenly realms and then comes into the earth realm we can see why right after he is thrown to the

Earth he’s furious and as it says in revelation 12 wrote to the earth the devil has come down to you in great wrath because he knows that his time is short and then after that what does he do he empowers the Antichrist to rise

And this is why we see that in the very next chapter in Revelation 13 the Antichrist comes onto the scene now something else that I briefly want to mention here is right after it says that Satan was thrown down to the earth look what it reads in revelation 12 verse 9

He was thrown down to the earth and his angels were thrown down with him and I heard a loud voice in heaven saying now the salvation and the power and the Kingdom of our God and the authority of his Christ have come for the accuser of our brothers has been thrown down who

Accuses them day and night before our God and so if we look at the Greek words behind this passage it says the so today era has come the Dunamis this is power so today that refers to salvation and the word salvation there can mean salvation which we know salvation we

Have in Christ and salvation refers to what deliverance safety deliverance from the molestation of enemies this is how that word is often used in scripture to refer to really being rescued anyway so when it says that now that Satan has been dislodged from his position he’s basically saying now the people of God

Can experience deliverance and they can experience power and the what the authority of his Messiah interesting and of course you know there are many ways that you can interpret this but I think one perspective to consider is that after Satan is thrown out and loses all of his level of authority in the

Heavenly realms that likely will be the beginning of what the tribulation because he will be thrown down to the earth the Antichrist will rise and what happens towards the beginning of the tribulation the rising of the two witnesses when the power of God as it was shown in the book of Acts

And the days of Moses and Elijah once again comes into the world to war against evil so it is possible that the deliverance and the power and authority that will come after Satan is dislodged and completely thrown down is a reference to the power and authority

That the witnesses of God will walk in thereafter and so we actually did a documentary on the two witnesses and I recommend watching that especially part two and Fatt you could just start with part two because I feel that that is in far more detailed it looks at not just

The olive trees of the house of Judah and the house of Israel but also it looks at the two lampstands in detail and that is critical and so please check that out if you would like to know more about the two witnesses so yes it is interesting how after Satan is

Ultimately removed from his position that there is this empowerment that comes to God’s people and that seems to line up with what we know will happen during the time of the two witnesses now we still have more things to walk through here in the text because if the

Ultimate fall of Satan happens right prior to the time of the tribulation well what about Isaiah 14 some of you mentioned I was there 14 which speaks of how Satan will be thrown into hell will that happen has it already happened when will it happen let’s look at it so

Isaiah 14 some people interpret Isaiah 14 as being something that possibly happened in the past but I think in light of what we have just looked at here that it is so possible that Isaiah 14 is a prophecy of what will happen in the future so

Let’s look at Isaiah 14 verse 13 here is what the prophet Isaiah says concerning Satan you said in your heart I will ascend to heaven above the stars of God I will set my throne on high I will sit on the Mount of Assembly in the far

Reaches of the North you said that I will ascend above the heights of the crowds I will make myself like the Most High so here Isaiah’s really forecasting the doom of Satan and he explains how at one point Satan became very prideful and God pretty much calls him out on that and

Says no no yes you want it to be like the Most High and ascend above the angelic host but no you are brought down to Sheol to the far reaches of the pit so if this is a prophecy about the doom of Satan what is Sheol welcoming look at the

Original Hebrew word for Sheol and of course I believe in the King James Version that would have been translated as either the grave or hell or even the pit but the actual Hebrew word used there’s shiho and that is often referred to as the underworld sometimes it is

Translated as a grave the pit I’m usually it’s used as the Old Testament designation for the abode of the Dead the Greek equivalent of it is Hades or the world of the Dead so it says that Satan will be thrown into Sheol is he referring to just a grave

Well or is he referring to some underworld the abode of the Dead well let’s look at the context of how it is used so it says he’ll be thrown down to Sheol to the far reaches of the pit those who see you will stare at you and ponder

Over you it says he will be thrown down to Sheol and there are there individuals or spirits or souls who will stare and ponder for Satan and we’ll say is this the man who made the earth tremble who shook the kingdoms is this the one who made the

World like a desert and overthrew its cities and who did not let the prisoners go home this is the guy now it says that he was thrown down to a shield right and he was thrown down to the far reaches of the pit where is that where is that

Located well in the last episode we looked at how the fallen angels who sinned back in Noah’s day were sent where to Tartar oh and to taro in the Greek refers to the deepest abyss of Hades which again often is often referred to as the underworld and we saw

How the Apostle Peter wrote that some of the fallen angels who were locked up in the deepest abyss of the underworld and so that same language is used here as isaiah prophesized that satan will ultimately be thrown into the far reaches of Sheol which many interpret as the underworld so the ultimate question

Is when does that happen when will he be thrown into the abyss of Sheol well again we see that in the isaiah 14 through 16 he is thrown down and when he is thrown into this pit there are individuals there who see him and ponder

Over him like his is this this is the satan the great deceiver and so this seems to indicate that when he is thrown into Sheol or the poor the underworld that this is not something that happened before creation because when he is thrown there there are individuals there

Questioning and pondering over him that has to indicate that this is a prophecy of a future event it’s a prophecy summarizing why he was cast out of heaven and it then prophesizes his ultimate doom were one day he will be thrown into the abyss the hid the

Deepest abode of Sheol so when will that happen if it hasn’t happened in the past when will it be well let’s look at Satan’s timeline so at one point Satan he was in heaven he was a beautiful angelic being and then at some point he began to realize

That and pride and jealousy possessed him jealousy of God and so he had a falling out with God and after that he and the fallen angels that he convinced to take his side were kicked out of the highest heaven and were allowed to roam the earth and the heavens now just as

We’ve seen before even after he was kicked out sometimes he would visit heaven to try and accuse the people of God like he tried to do with Jobe but we know the day will come when he is completely banned from the heavenly realms when Michael the Archangel defeats him

And then Satan will be thrown to the earth Satan will empower the Antichrist and after the Antichrist rises and creates chaos we know that then Jesus will return And once Jesus returns look at what revelation says will happen to Satan bin revelation 20 verse 1 and I saw an angel coming down out of heaven having the key to the abyss and holding in his hand a great chain verse 3 and he threw him

Into the abyss and locked and sealed it over him to keep him from deceiving the nation’s anymore until the thousand years were ended after that he must be set free for a short time so basically we see here that at this point when Jesus returns then Satan will be thrown

Where into the abyss Now if you’re reading along the King James Version it may read that he was cast into the bottomless pit but again you know if you look at the original Greek word there the bottomless pit there is translated from the Greek word abyssal which is where we get the word

Abyss and so even in the King James Version really all versions the root word there is abyss and what does that refer to refers to of course the obamas pit and it is used in the Bible to refer to often the lowest parts and the earth were the realm of the Dead especially

The boat of demons there are some who would argue that this is actually within the core of the earth or in the center of it so we actually do have a video that explores where Sheol or Hades and the abyss might be in our earth so

Please check that out it is call hell explain part 2 so I wanted to show that yes the word from boundless pit here is abyss and so we see that in Revelation he will be thrown into the abyss or the lowest parts of shield and that aligns

Perfectly with the prophecy in Isaiah 14 which says he will be brought down to the far reaches of the pit and then it says that those who see him will almost be in shock they will almost mock him like this is the guy who deceived the world so there you have it very

Interesting and of course if you have researched this please share your insights as well now it’s time to go into depth on a few things because after the recent video there were a few questions and a few comments which led of course to more Bible study and more

Prayer and more research and so we have something that we need to look at here and it regards the Nephilim now in the previous video we looked at a few theological perspectives on the Nephilim demons and fallen angels and we started by examining Genesis 6 Genesis 6

Tells the story of how the sons of God had children with human women and that led to the women giving birth to Nephilim and whenever you do research on Genesis 6 and you look into theological commentaries when it begins to interpret the Nephilim most theologians will often

Mention how this is similar to the language that is found in the Book of Enoch well the Book of Enoch as we know is an ancient Israelite document that speaks of how long ago angelic beings who were referred to as the sons of God mated with humans which produced these

Nephilim and so I think at this point we all are familiar with what the Book of Enoch says but how would you interpret Genesis 6 if you stick solely to the Bible what would it mean by sons of God here well one thing that you can do is

Cross-reference so all you have to do here is type in sons of God and let’s see what that pulls up and so of course in the Old Testament sons of God in Genesis 6 verse 2 this is referring to the sons of God saw the daughters of

Humans let’s see we see the sons of God also in job 1 6 look what it reads it says now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord and Satan also came among with him so in this context the sons of God

Refers to angelic beings and then Satan tried to worm his way among them also we see in job 2 1 it says and there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves to the Lord and Satan also try to come among with him so again this

Sons of God refers to the end jug beings and job 30 seven it says where were you when the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy so of course we know this is referring to angelic beings as well now one day we’re gonna

Get into the New Testament and it’s usage of the sons of God because it flips things around and says basically how we as the children of God can also be included in this but in the Old Testament the sons of God here primarily is used to refer to as we see in the

Context angelic beings and so even if you’re not looking at extra biblical ancient texts you can reasonably come to the conclusion that the sons of God here are also likely referring to the same thing as sons of God usually refers to angels and this is why many theologians

Interpret this sons have got here as referring to angels and so let’s read verse 1 when human beings began to increase a number on the earth and daughters were born to them the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful and they married any of

Them as they chose then the Lord said my spirit will not contain him with humans forever for they are mortal and their days would be 120 years and in verse 4 it says the Nephilim were on the earth in those days and also afterward when

The sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children they were the heroes of old men of renown the King James Version actually interprets is very well to say mighty they were creatures of strength

So this is where people have questions and concerns and it causes a lot of rift and confusion and hard contemplations because you have to wonder how is it possible for angels to have children with humans right like clearly it seems to indicate that the sons of God which we see in the Old

Testament usually the first angels saw the daughters of humans and then had children by them which produced Nephilim why did that happen and how did it happen do angelic bodies have the ability to reproduce and if so why right we know if they weren’t supposed

To do that why would they even have to be given that type of a body that’s one of the big questions that many ask and I think it’s a great question you know why would Angela given that ability of they were not purposed for it

And I I guess you know my best shot at thinking through that is we we do have to remember that angels are not like ghosts right they’re not just disembodied spirits they are spiritual beings you know you are a spiritual being we all have a spirit but we just

Happen to live in a human body angels are also spirits but they live in a angelic spiritual body a ghost or a spirit is something that is just spirit but no physical no body at all and so angels aren’t like that they do have bodies but a spiritual body and a

Spiritual body is a type of body that is very unique we looked at in the last video how often it can be invisible sometimes it can even go through objects but it can also take on physical form if it wants to and we see this numerous times in Scripture in Sodom and Gomorrah

There were angels who took on physical form and once they did some of the men in that region started to lust after them If you also see how angels often take on some type of physical form whenever they are trying to deliver a message to the people of God and one of the biggest i opening accounts is what is written in the book of hebrews chapter 13 look at

What it reads do not forget to show hospitality to strangers for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without even knowing it Wow so here the writer of Hebrews says that basically you better be careful how you treat people Because angels have the ability to take on human form and you may actually be interacting with an angel so this is what the angelic body can do spirits don’t have a body they can’t just morph into human form demons cannot do that they have to try to possess a

Human body they can’t just create their own body and start showing up places but a spiritual body can do that and so if angels can take on human form at will we see why their body could possibly take on human form if it wanted to and perhaps even produce a child with it

Because apparently with the angelic body there’s not really any limitation as far as what their physical body could do however as we see here if a human and an angel were to interact in that way a Nephilim would be produced and they are described as people that are mortal

Absolutely but a bit different and larger in size now if you were to look at the King James Version in Genesis 6:4 instead of the word Nephilim it will read Giants so if you were reading the King James Version how would you have known that this is actually referring to

Nephilim well again you know we can easily investigate that all we have to do is just go to where it says tools here and we see that the original hebrew word there for giants was what nafeel which is where we get the word Nephilim and this is one of the reasons why these

Bible tools are so great if you were to type in to see the word Giants here you will see that it says Giants in Genesis 6:4 we know that refers to Nephilim but if you were to go to Deuteronomy 2:11 it says Giants but to go a little bit

Deeper you would have seen that in that instance of the word Giants is actually the Hebrew word Rafa II which is completely different from what a Nephilim is and we are truly blessed that we live in a generation where we conceived the original Hebrew and Greek words because

Now we can see what the original author meant when he wrote the word Giants we know here it refers to Nephilim here it refers to Rafa which is really about just large beings but here it gets more specific as to what was the makeup of these beings so

Again this is a great resource it’s free and this is the blue letter Bible site so definitely make use of these and so now that we have looked at the sons of God and the Nephilim we can tackle a very troubling fault ok so some have asked this question and I have pondered

It myself if the Nephilim who were produced in Noah’s day were killed in the flood why is it that they seemingly show up again at other parts of the Bible big question because we know that these creatures they were killed in the flood right and certainly none of them were on Noah’s

Ark to survive that so how did they come back well this investigators So again we’re in the kingdom version here we know that the Giants here in Genesis 6:4 that refers to the Hebrew word the net field which is where we get Nephilim we know that in deuteronomy 2:11 that instance of the word Giants refers to a rough ie which is a different context

Also Deuteronomy 2:20 that refers to the Giants Rafa eat this is also different so what we want to do is find out are there any instances of the word Nephilim other than just what is shown here in Genesis 6:4 well when we go to numbers 1333 we see that there are giants

Mentioned here let’s see what the original hebrew word for there was ah so this instant of the word Giants is again where we’re looking for the Nephilim we want to see what the context of this is so we know that now here is referring to the Nephilim so here in the book of

Numbers the people of Israel were on the verge of entering the promised land and before they could enter Moses commanded some of them to go and spy the land to make sure that it was safe for entry and when these spies went out to view the land there they saw Nephilim and they

Were frightened and they were scared they returned to Moses and look at what they said they returned to Moses and said and there we saw the Giants which we know are Nephilim the sons of anak which come from the Giants and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers and so

Worried in their sight so this is interesting you know they reported that they saw the Nephilim the Giants and whether or not they actually saw the original Nephilim or not we see that these here the sons of anak were the descendants of the Nephilim and so if

That is the case it must indicate that at some point after the flood the Nephilim must have returned if they ended up having descendants and children who were living in the promised land so how is that possible how is that possible well there are a couple of

Theories about this one is that possibly the Nephilim survived the flood not sure how that might have happened some theories or that perhaps the Fallen Angels took some of the Nephilim z– away before the flood came and then brought them back that’s one theory the second theory is that perhaps the

Nephilim were reproduced after the flood hmm so which is it yeah I had to do some research on this but thankfully some of you provided insight in the comments and a few of you pointed out something that was pretty evident right there in the text so let’s look at it

Genesis 6 verse 4 the Nephilim were on the earth in those days and also afterward when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them so right here it says in Genesis that yes the Nephilim were around the days of Noah but then even after the

Days of Noah they were still around and also afterward how did that happen how did that happen it says it and also afterwards when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them the ordering of the text is so critical

It says that they were here in Noah’s day and afterwards how when the sons of God had children with human women that is huge because what that means is that even after the flood even after apparently some of the Fallen Angels had been locked away for sinning with women

Apparently it happened again and I assume it wasn’t on a massive scale but we do see that after the flood some of those fallen angels were likely up to the same thing making appearances on the earth interfering with humanity and even producing Nephilim which is why we see

Them again around the time of Moses and so this is not an insignificant thing because this would mean that it is possible that even after the flood as long as fallen angels are around they still could interact with people you see how that would drastically change things because the question becomes if fallen

Angels were able to produce Nephilim even after the flood are they able to do it again even now that is the question and I will say this I will say you know if you look at the very last scene of the previous episode there is a message

There and that is why I always say that when you watch these episodes you know it’s not something that you can just have in your ear you got a visually tuned in because the imagery there is very purposeful and there is a quote at the end of the last episode from Christ

About what will take place on earth right before his return look at what it says Matthew 24:37 as it was in the days of Noah so would it be at the coming of the Son of Man so what does that mean some people interpret this to refer to

How in the days of Noah there was fallen angel activity and so possibly even in the end times leading up to Christ returns there will be more fallen angel activity that’s one view i personally am not sure what could happen but i do lean towards this verse

Certainly hinting that just as it was wicked and noah’s day and in lots day it will be very wicked on the earth prior to his coming absolutely will fallen angels have some part in that we will see you will see Many of them who sent back in Noah’s they were locked up in Tartarus we explored that in the last video but we know that Satan and his fallen angels some of them are still deceived in the world that we have pretty much clarified with these past couple of presentations

Here looking at the text can they return into what capacity we will see but it is something to think about it is something to discuss and would love your insights on this and what you feel the Holy Spirit is speaking to you this is a ministry where you are involved people

Are reading your comments and that is critical that is very critical and so now that we have gone over these things we can now begin full production on the next episode which will cover the Holy Spirit activity of the first century church it will be a very important

Presentation and if you would like to have some input with it please consider joining us on patreon with patreon you are not only able to give and contribute to these projects but you are also able to be a part of the process you’re able to provide feedback and even raise

Awareness of issues that we can discuss in upcoming episodes and so it’s a great opportunity for involvement and so thank you for watching and the next episode is coming soon god bless You

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How did this happen A man is inferior to a snake When are we gonna stop listening to him He is nothing but a liar Liar. Yeah. Yeah. cheater cheater Liar, liar, liar Don’t you give me any more nonsense I’ll put a bullet in your great-aunt’s head and get out of here

Let’s all take it easy It’s too dangerous out there right now You guys go back. Dad, take them home All right, all right. Hey, go back, go back. Go back Go back, go back, go back Go back to the gang Let’s go. Let’s go Go back. Go back

These soldiers bully the weak and fear the hard Do you think so You keep an eye on the baby I’ll tell you he’s a liar You don’t believe me Watch the baby Every time you see a moment this big It’s not like what we’re hiding It’s too late for you to run

Ah ah Run, run, run Go, go, get in there. A fast horse is big and fast Come on, come on Open the door Heavenly master Heavenly master ah Open the door for us to go in and hide Get out of here and open the door dad Open the door Open the door

No, no, no Take it quickly. Take it quickly Move out of the way Come on up Young Master seems to be quiet Run fast Run, run, run Ah ah, run away, daughter-in-law What’s the matter? Who’s coming What? Let’s let’s run for our lives, but There’s so much stuff we haven’t packed yet

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah Hurry up, hurry up, third mother ah Come on. It’s him. Go It’s him. Go ah ah Dad and dad Dad and dad go Daddy walked and walked Ah ah daughter-in-law daughters-in-law fast Somebody get up here and help me out Come up to the dorm ah

Aah, let’s go, let’s go ah Ah ah Oh, are you all right Come on, daughter, Dad You go first Why is your girl so crooked There are too many people you can’t control. Uh-huh Big sister Miss Miss go Go, go, go why There’s no going back to this village Home is gone, too

Mother this is the home of the snake I’m afraid Xiaoping is not afraid. Mother’s cloth Mother is here How could this be so good Don’t get mad. Don’t get mad Don’t move my breath In my opinion The serpent must have been brought here by the fake priest Son of a bitch

Look for me. Look for me. Look for me My brother was shot Dad caught him I mean, I’m a real bully It’s just a guy trying to mess with me angel You’re the fucking worst Heavenly Master Oh heavenly master Oh heavenly master It’s so nice to meet you You have to save us

Ah, the basilisk is dead in our village Basilisk is a piece of crap Where does this old world come from in the middle of the day Oh, go, go, go. I’m telling the truth Have you seen Shaoxing Cheng See? Maybe he went back Let’s go back and look for it We see

And people died, too Heavenly master Help us with the recipe ah Well, it can’t hurt to check it out Oh, thank you so much Thank you. Thank you. Tell me about it Why did Dre leave What about the mines and the snake bombs I think you know better than anyone

I-i don’t know. I don’t know Sacrifice children Split hole Intentional homicide Find at random Enough to shoot you 100 times You’re a dead duck When the troops arrive, they’ll grab you all I’ll see if you can tell me I said everybody calm down It’s no use talking about it now

Why don’t you find a place to hide Yeah, I know. Well, where can we go now My house is gone You can’t hide out here Yeah, it’s not safe in these woods Folks, let’s go wherever we can Go cave cave Caves are pretty safe, aren’t they? Yeah

So where do you want to go Come on, everybody. Come on, come on fast ah Ah ah Ah ah Come on, come on Run fast Big brother follow I wrong I am guilty. Ah ah You have to go, young lady Be careful, Li Feng Come on, come on. Come on. Guys, slow down.

Ah ah ah Go, go, go, go, go, go, go Go, go, go, go fast Go, go, go, go, go Go, go, go fast Come on, hold on tight Hold on tight, everybody Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up Ah ah Ah ah Wife, give me a hand I am so touched, aunt

Don’t give birth to your daughter-in-law Aunt is coming Just go away and leave me alone Just leave me alone and go Your fucking hands Their hands! Get in there Ah, their hands Come on Come on, wife. ah Ah ah Daughter-in-law daughter-in-law must not be a big fat boy Uh-oh, no. Come back Don’t

Monster animal ah Enchanting come on Eat me Ah ah Ah ah ah ah Get in there. Get in there Go, go, go, go, go, go Hurry up Go, go, go fast Go, go, go Go, go, go fast fast Jump, jump, jump ah Ah ah ah Ah ah You come in first, young master

Ah ah ah Ah ah Ah ah ah Ah ah Ah ah Oh, do it, Sir The second Artillery Corps Prime minister The second Artillery Corps ah The Great Wall The second Artillery Corps Naive hate Hate is you Ah ah Two fat Ah, the village head Yeah, the head of the village Ah ah

The village chief was killed by this hypocrite He is nothing but a liar He was the one who brought the Basilisk He’s also responsible for the death of my brother You are nothing but a liar Liar, liar, liar, liar, liar, liar, liar cheater I wonder if you could have a conscience

Changzhou to save us Snakes have eaten his hands. Can’t you see He didn’t attract the snake Will you all wake up Moon girl Stop talking I admit I am a liar. I’m not even a priest, okay I shot the snake on the day of the sacrifice What’s your hatred Come at me

You heard what he said I see who dares Who dare bully my aunt Cheng Zhou And I destroyed his whole family mubai Cheng Zhou Do you hate me that much I’d rather hide out here and be a priest I have nothing to do with your marriage I am Mubai identified you

Only you will not marry Hey, I said calm down. Calm down Now is not the time to talk about it We have to do something fast Or we’re all gonna die here What do you suggest we do I think I have an idea

The village chief left some explosives when he blew up the mine Fried The medicine ah We can blow up the beast with these explosives Hey, it’s not Boss Liu I thought you knew there was explosives in there Yeah, yeah You can rest assured How do you know? is

I can’t help it if you misunderstand me Well, we didn’t misunderstand Boss Liu you want to blow up that one here I can’t do that You need to use this bomb here This thing is going to collapse Yeah, what do you do when it freezes If it blows up, I

I fear I shall never see my humble child again It’s okay. Okay, then I’ll find a way to draw the snake out It’s not like you said it would be easy You lead or I lead Whoever is with whom is going to die Who dares? Yeah, who dares I’ll go ah

Girl, you’re crazy One of us has to go I know the mines here I’ll go What are you doing? dad what Now is not the time to do what Dad says I’m not trying to be brave I know about the mines here I’ll go with you Among these people

I have the best skill Chengzhou you can’t go These people are not worth the risk I don’t want to see so many people It’s all the same as the ear Zhengzhou is too dangerous I’m worried about you. Just stay here Protect yourself Come on, I’m right here Come on, fuck me

The snake seems to be gone Really want to Let’s go. Let’s go ah Come on, come on Is it good? Is it good and Come on, come on This is paternal retribution It’s a hell of a fairy The gods must not come to me I didn’t do it. I didn’t do it

It was all your fault What the fuck are you doing We did it all What were you doing when we smashed it We’re in this together now No one can run away It’s none of my business. I’m going to tell the village chief I can’t dig. I can’t dig

You tell the fucking village chief Why don’t you tell the fucking village chief how we got rich Chief, I told you to snitch Oh, I fucking pissed me off Make you snitch Make you snitch ah ah Fengfeng Ge I’m not gonna say anything I’m not gonna say anything

You leave me alone, Brother Feng Why are you still staring Let’s put them both in their coffins Hey, all right, all right. Maybe the mine should just stop What does this have to do with mines It was the basilisk But now people are dying What if someone just tracked it down

Just sit on the wizard Find a heavenly master to sacrifice and get rid of the basilisk It has happened The serpent will be destroyed Still remember When you were little you I play with my dad Peek-a-boo ah I I’m going to hide I’m going to hide in a you

Where you won’t find it Finally Finally Ah ah dad ah dad ah We played peekaboo together Oh dad, wake up Move on the rate Hit me with a python that big Where is the rabbit? Don’t come to your rescue I got a fucking pussy Keep up Grow up Grow up Young man’s cloth

Young master look for young master look for young master Go, Sir. Young, young, young, young, young Young, young, young, young, young, young, young Son of a bitch Bear Get the hell out of here bear ah longevity longevity longevity longevity longevity You’re not going to die longevity Son of a bitch less

Handsome young handsome Young marshal Young master Come on, get the young man out of here Cheng Cheng Cheng Cheng It’s good to be alive. It’s good to be alive You little son of a bitch You dare run around me again I’m gonna break your fucking legs if you can believe it ah

Look how anxious the wooden girl is Ah dad This is the girl of the Moon Grand marshal Cheng Zhou is all right Nothing happens to me mother ah Ah ah You mustn’t hurt him Ha ha Ha ha Xiaoping Ha hahaha Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha ha ha Ha ha Ah ah ah ah

Ah ah ah ah The opponents are all gone Get out of here, snake Come and go Let’s go to dinner good Let’s eat and drink. All right, all right Chen Da Tianshi Come and help the baby get a name Mubai, give me the baby Then you have a heavenly master

I don’t have a name yet You know what? Let’s make a wish together May the world No harm May all the creatures of the world Can find a home May there be no more harm in this world May all creatures find their own home Feng Ping our baby is one month old

He’s a big fat kid Did you see that

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