The Virgin Birth | Christmas Sunday School lesson for kids!

It’s kind of difficult to  explain, but super important. Hey guys it’s me again, Douglas. And I’m pretty sure  that around Christmas time you’ve probably heard   a lot that Jesus Christ was born to the virgin  Mary. You know, it talks about it in the Bible and  

It talks about that in Christmas songs  and it’s kind of all over the place. But   if you’ve ever wondered what that means, I want to  try to explain it to you in a way that is easy for  

Us kids to understand. Because when Jesus was born  they call that the virgin birth. And that’s   something that is a little bit easier to explain  to adults, but it’s still something important for   us kids to know. So I’m going to try to explain  it in a way that we can understand and makes  

Sense and is appropriate for kids. A long time  ago there was a man and a woman named Joseph   and Mary. And they were betrothed to be married.  Now betrothed means, like, engaged. Nowadays, when   people are engaged it means that they are planning  on getting married. So you say so-and-so is engaged  

To so-and-so and they’re going to get married.  And betrothed, it’s the same thing but it’s like   bigger and more important. Like, if you’re engaged,  but you break up before you get married, that’s not,  

Like, against the law. You know, it’s still super sad,  but it’s not it’s not as big a deal — quite as big a   deal — as being betrothed and and having to break  that off. And before Mary and Joseph got married  

Mary was visited by an angel. An angel told her  that she was very special and that she was going   to be pregnant and have a son, and that she should  name him Jesus, and He would be called Son of the  

Most High. And Mary said, “Well how is that going  to happen ’cause I haven’t married Joseph yet.”  Now, in order for a woman to be pregnant, in order  for a mommy to have a baby, she needs a man. And  

Mary was betrothed to Joseph. She promised  that Joseph would be her man. But he wasn’t yet.   She had no man. And without a man it’s impossible  for her to have a baby. But the angel said that  

The baby would be God’s son. God was going to make  the impossible possible. And this was a big deal   because in the Old Testament in the book of Isaiah,  it said that the coming Messiah would be born to  

A virgin — would be born to a woman without a man.  But this was also super hard because, you know, Mary   knew that this baby was going to be God’s son. But  for everybody else, they probably just assumed that  

Mary had broken her promise to Joseph to  marry him and have Joseph be her man — her husband.   They probably thought that she had gone off  and gone with some other man and broken her  

Promises. ‘Cause again, you need both a man and a  woman to have a baby. Except for Jesus. This was the   only ever virgin birth. And so everybody probably  thought that she had broken her promises including   Joseph who was planning on just sending her away  quietly so that people wouldn’t hate her so much.  

She might have even been in danger. ‘Cause again,  it was a big deal to break your betrothal promises.   But as he was thinking about how he was going to  send her away quietly without, you know, causing  

Too much of a fuss, an angel appeared to him too.  And the angel told him, “Do not be afraid to take   Mary as your wife. The baby growing inside her  is God’s Son.” And so eventually Joseph and Mary  

Became husband and wife, and Joseph helped to raise  Jesus, but Jesus was always God’s Son. Jesus wasn’t   Joseph’s son. Jesus is the Christ. He’s the Messiah.  He’s the Son of God. And so when you hear someone  

Talking about the virgin birth or the virgin Mary  or something like that, I just want you to remember   that God did a miracle when Jesus was born — a big  one! A miracle that’s never ever been done before  

Or since then. And it was all to prove that Jesus  is the Christ. Jesus is the Messiah. Jesus is God’s   Son. And that’s what we celebrate on Christmas!  We’re celebrating that Jesus Christ was born  

To the virgin Mary. And God sent Him to the  world to save us from our sins, so that whoever   believes in Him will not perish, but have eternal  life. And that’s the best Christmas gift ever!  

Hey guys,Ii hope you liked this video. And yeah, you  know, the virgin birth is kind of a tricky subject,   but it doesn’t have to be too hard. Basically  it’s just that Mary became pregnant and she  

Had no husband or any other man, and a woman  needs a man to become pregnant. Except for the   one instance of Jesus coming into the world and on  Christmas. We celebrate that God sent his Son Jesus  

To the earth. And He proved that Jesus was his  Son through the virgin birth. Merry Christmas guys!

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