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[Elder Uzziah] Peace and blessings family this  is Uzziah and today we’re going to talk about   the virgin birth for centuries it’s been said that  Jesus Christ was born of a virgin and today we’re   going to talk about that in the scriptures  we’re going to go through the word of God  

And we’re going to see what the bible really says  about how Christ was born but before we begin   let’s begin with a word of prayer [Praying]  Father thank you so much for allowing us to   come together for another day of fellowship  edification wisdom knowledge and understanding  

We ask o lord that you continue to anoint  us with thy word father help us see   wonderful things out of thy precepts o lord  that have been closed for all of our lives   father we ask for your mercy for we know father  that we’ve committed many trespasses and sins  

In these last days and we ask for your forgiveness  we ask o lord that you allow this lesson   to go out with free course that brothers and  sisters can open up their hearts to receive  

Thy word and thy word alone father we ask that  you watch out for any brothers or sisters that are   going through any calamities we ask that you heal  them and comfort them as much as thy see fit in  

The name of thy son Jesus the Christ we pray and  we thank you lord amen![Elder Uzziah] All praises   to the most high welcome brothers and sisters  today we are going over a very important lesson  

Now I promised many of you that I would do this  class but I needed some time so thank you for   your patience today we’re going to talk about  the virgin birth was Christ born of a virgin  

And is the way that we’ve been taught about the  virgin birth aligned with what the scriptures say   I need all of you brothers and sisters to have  your bibles pens and papers ready because we’re   going to go over an extensive breakdown of the  scriptures today I need your time your patience  

And your prayers that we can get through this as  smoothly as possible now let’s go ahead and begin   with the book of John in order to understand how  Christ was born you must know three things first   you must know the promises pertaining to how  Christ was born according to the prophecies of God  

Secondly you have to know the  ceremonial customs of the Jews   finally you must understand the timeline of the  gospels if you don’t understand these three things   there is no way that you can understand the  virgin birth again in order to understand how  

Christ was born you must know three things  you must first know what are the promises   that are written in the bible about the life of  Christ what does the bible say about how Christ   would be born what are the prophecies pertaining  to him if you don’t understand the prophecies or  

Even know that the prophecies are in there then  you have no idea of knowing what’s right or wrong   secondly you must understand the  ceremonial customs of the Jews   Christ was known as the king of the Jews so if  you don’t understand all of the historical context  

On what was happening at that time there’s no  way to understand his birth third and finally   you must understand the timeline of the gospels  as we go into today’s lesson you’re going to see   that the different accounts that was given in the  gospels by our forefathers like saint Luke as well  

As saint Matthew occurred during different times  accounts are given of situations that occurred at   different time periods and if you’re not focused  on understanding the timeline it can be easy to   get confused but first we are going to begin with  the promises concerning the birth of Christ and  

Rightly divide the word all I ask for you brothers  and sisters to do is to take good notes and please   make sure that you smash the like button make sure  that you do that for me real quick before we begin  

Because that’ll go a very long way towards growing  our YouTube channel so now let’s begin this is   in the book of John chapter 7 and verse 38. it  reads [Reading Scripture] He that believeth on   me as the scripture hath said out of his belly  shall flow rivers of living water now brothers  

Sisters we have to begin with this verse  because this is a very controversial topic   some of you may revert back to whatever teachings  that you heard in the Baptist church some of you   may have been Jehovah’s witness regardless of  what walk of life you come from the thing that’s  

Supposed to align believers together is the word  of God the bible is the ultimate authority on God   so please as you tune into this lesson please  block out any preconceived notions that you have   and go to the scriptures to understand  God’s word this is not about your mama  

Your daddy your grandma and your granddaddy that  said that they know everything about the bible   let’s believe on Christ as the scripture  says if we want to receive the blessing   okay now we’re going to start off like I talked  about with the promises pertaining to Christ’s  

Birth we’re going to go to the book of Acts in  the new testament to understand what the promises   were remember brothers and sisters  the bible tells us in the book of John   that the scriptures cannot be broken so we  have to go to the scriptures to understand  

What happened and then we reconcile our  understanding from that we do not make up our own   understandings to talk about God we go directly  into the word and we know that if God said this   then it must be true this is in the book  of Acts the 13th chapter and the 22nd verse  

It reads and when he had removed him he  raised up unto them David to be their king   this is talking about our forefather king David  to whom also he gave their testimony and said I   have found David the son of Jesse a man after  mine own heart which shall fulfill all my will  

Of this man’s seed hath God according to  his promise raised unto Israel a savior   Jesus Jesus the Christ is our lord and savior in  order for us to know about our savior we have to  

Go into God’s word to learn what has been written  about him here God is promising us that the savior   would be raised unto Israel from a man’s seed of  this man’s seed hath god according to his promise  

So this is not something that is speculative  God is promising us that according to the loins   of David we would then see Jesus Christ on earth  now it’s our job to figure out how that happened  

We cannot discredit this verse and act like it’s  not in the bible it’s on us to figure out how this   aligns with the virgin birth a lot of us have been  taught that Christ was born through an immaculate  

Conception where his mother Mary was impregnated  by an angel and then from there Christ was born   we have to reconcile that through Acts chapter  13 and verse 23 because we’re reading right now   out of the new testament we know that Christ is  the word so surely everything that’s been written  

And document in documented in the word must stand  true we must remember the scriptures cannot be   broken so now let’s go to another new testament  scripture here we were reading in the book of   Acts now we’re going to read Paul’s epistle to the  romans this is the book of romans or the letter  

The epistle of Paul to the romans the first  chapter in the first verse Paul a servant of   Jesus Christ called to be an apostle separated  unto the gospel of god which he had promised for   by his prophets in the holy scriptures concerning  his son Jesus Christ our lord which was made  

Of the seed of David according to the flesh so  it’s clearly letting us know in this verse that   Christ was born from David’s seed if we’re  unclear on the seed that it’s talking about   its talking about the seed of man’s flesh when  it talks about the word flesh in the bible  

It’s making reference to your physical form and we  know usually when man is created um in this earth   most of the time it is done through sex  most of the time whenever a man or a woman   child is born it is done through the act  of sexual intercourse where a man’s seed  

Uh implants a woman’s egg and then from there a  conception is formed and after the process of nine   months lord’s will a child will be born so now  this understanding is contrary to what we’ve heard   in the mainstream Christian world all throughout  every Christian denomination we’ve been taught  

No it was not from the seed of a man that Christ  was born it was through a virgin birth but again   we’re going to another new testament scripture  to see when the prophets are talking they keep  

Talking about the seed of man creating Christ how  is this the case we must continue to go throughout   the scriptures we must search the scriptures  to see when was this promise given in the bible   hold that let’s go to 2nd Samuel’s the  seventh chapter if this was a promise  

When did we receive the promise  pertaining to the birth of Christ   we must understand even though we’ll read in the  bible about Christ being born of a virgin that is   not the only promise pertaining to him that is  not the only detail that highlights his birth  

That’s why Christ said I come in the volume of the  book we must go through all scripture because all   scripture is profitable for doctrine so as  we read in 2nd Samuel chapter 7 and verse 10   it reads moreover I will appoint a place  for my people Israel and will plant them  

That they may dwell in a place of their own  and move no more neither shall the children of   wickedness afflict them anymore as before time and  as since the time that I commanded judges to be  

Over my people Israel and have caused thee to rest  from all thine enemies also the lord telleth thee   that he will make thee in house and when thy days  be fulfilled and thou shall sleep with thy fathers  

I will set up thy seed after thee which shall  proceed out of thy bowels and I will establish   his kingdom so I want you to know we’ve gone  through three verses now and every verse that   we’re reading about talks about seed seed seed  in other words this is talking about sperm  

Every time we peel back the layers the bible  is giving us more explicit detail on what   this seed is talking about when we read in  Romans 1 it said seed according to thy flesh   here it goes as far as to say that the seed  which is after thee shall proceed out of thy  

Bowels now any brother and sister that  knows what bowels is talking about   knows that your bowels is referring  to your lower private section   this is where different things flow out of the  body some of you may be familiar with the term  

Bowel movement but when the bible is talking  here about the seed proceeding out of thy bowels   it is talking about a man’s sperm being released  from him in other words what this is saying   is that the prophecy is that through the  sperm of David there would be descendants  

In rule so as we read the promise again  it says and when thy days be fulfilled   this is talking to king David and thou shall  sleep with thy fathers I will set up thy seed   after thee this is talking about a future  lineage which shall proceed out of thy bowels  

And I will establish his kingdom now some of  you may be thinking oh okay well that may have   happened through Solomon but let’s look at the  next verse he shall build a house for my name   and I will establish the throne of his kingdom  forever we know Christ’s kingdom is a everlasting  

Kingdom that will reign forever this is why we  read in the new testament that Christ our king   descends from the seed of David I’m  just giving you guys all of the promises   as we begin now let’s go to first Chronicles  chapter 17 and verse 11. everything that we  

Read about in the new testament derives from old  testament writing when we go to first Chronicles   17 David is promised first Chronicles chapter  17 verse 11 and it shall come to pass when thy  

Days be expired that thou must go to be with thy  fathers that I will raise up thy seed after thee   which shall be of thy sons and I will establish  his kingdom now this is a very important verse  

It reads and it shall come to pass this is letting  us know that this is a future prophecy it’s not   something that’s happening right now but God  promises that this will happen at a later time   when thy days be expired meaning when our  forefather king David passes away that thou  

Must go to be with thy fathers meaning  deceased like the forefathers of old that I   will raise up thy seed after thee meaning there  would be future leaders from the line of David   the lineage would not be cut off at David but  rather through his sperm his name would live on  

Which shall be of thy sons this is very important  when talking about the virgin birth because many   will make the argument that Christ came from the  seed of David through Mary that is not a son that  

Is a daughter so in order for the prophecy  to be fulfilled Christ had to have been born   through the seed of man there had to be a son  from the line of David to produce the sperm that  

Then became Christ on earth we’re going to go into  all this brothers and sisters please be patient   with me I must go through much detail in order for  you to fully understand all we’re doing right now   is going through the promises and as we’ve  read from verse to verse the promise was that  

David would pass away leaving behind a royal  legacy to follow after him it reads in verse 12   he shall build me in house and I will establish  his throne forever even Christian laypersons know   that Christ our king he sits on a throne in the  everlasting kingdom forever the world to come  

Shall be under Christ so now we’re getting  all these different verses David seed David   seed through his bowels according to the flesh  why have we never been taught this well let’s   go to Numbers chapter 1 verse 18. we’re still  getting the understanding on how Christ was born  

Now when we read in the book of chronicles  it told us that Christ who would rule   forever would come through David’s sons and  the reason why it says that is because when   you read in Numbers chapter 1 and verse 18  it tells us that every man woman and child  

Is known by the seed of their fathers you are who  your father is and when we read in Numbers 1 and   18 it says and they assembled all the congregation  together on the first day of the second month and  

They declared their pedigrees after their families  by the house of their fathers according to the   number of the names from 20 years old and  upwards by their polls now brothers sisters   I know that we are living in Satan’s kingdom but  I want you to imagine a life of righteousness  

When a child is born you will tend  to notice that if that child was born   uh um with a mother and father in the household  and they were married the child is going to take   on the father’s name the reason why the child  is going to have the father’s surname is because  

The father imparts the seed of life the woman  uh develops the seed in the womb and nourishes   it until the child is born but the child itself  is a descendant from man we’re gonna go through  

All of this in the scriptures I know that a lot of  y’all are so used to the ways of the world where   you know a lot of children that have been born in  single parent households they take on their mom’s  

Last name the father’s not even thought of here  we’re going back to the days of old we’re going   back to the historical context that set the stage  for Christ’s birth so here we’ve gone through all   these scriptures seed of David seed of David is  going to happen through sperm that’s why when  

You read in the new testament in the book of Luke  the second chapter it tells us in the fourth verse   and Joseph also went up from Galilee out of the  city of Nazareth into Judea unto the city of David   which is called Bethlehem because he  was of the house and lineage of David  

This is how the prophecy was fulfilled  Joseph was ordained as the husband of Mary   because he was of the lineage of David all of  the prophecy came to pass through him but now you   might be asking okay well if that’s true Uzziah  why does it say that Christ was born of a virgin  

Why does it seem like there was some immaculate  conception that had nothing to do with Joseph at   all we’re going to go to this let’s go to Matthew  chapter 1 verse 1. again the three things that you  

Need to understand when it comes to Christ’s birth  is the promises pertaining to how Christ is born   you then need to understand the ceremonial  customs of the people lastly you need to   understand the chronological order of the gospels  so that you don’t misunderstand what is written  

We’re still going through the promises and now  I’m showing you how the promises was fulfilled   with joseph as being from the lineage of  David this is in Matthew chapter 1 verse 1.   this is the beginning of the new testament the  book of the generation of Jesus Christ the son  

Of David the son of Abraham Abraham begat Isaac  and Isaac beget Jacob and Jacob begat Judah and   his brethren and Judah begat fares and Zara of  Thamar and Phares beget Esrom and Esrom begat Aram   why does it keep saying one man’s name after  another when talking about be getting a child  

Because the child is the  descendant of the father’s seed yes   the woman may house the seed as it  is nurtured and developed in the womb   but we understand from Numbers 118 Acts 13  Romans 1 and 3 that all of these children  

Are born through their father’s sperm that’s  why it says the book of the generation of Jesus   Christ because it’s telling you Christ’s  genetic pool it’s telling you Christ’s DNA   he’s the son of David the son of Abraham Abraham  begat Isaac and Isaac begat Jacob these are men  

Who had sex with their wives and from the act of  sexual intercourse they brought forth children   for example Abraham and his wife Sarah through  the act of sex they had Isaac and then from   Isaac Jacob Jacob begat Judas and his brethren  and I want us to look right here at the second  

Verse when it says Jacob begat Judas and his  brethren because what we know through history   is that Jacob is the forefather of the  12 lost tribes of the nation of Israel   let’s go to the book of Genesis chapter 49 verse  10. please brothers and sisters take good notes  

Genesis chapter 49 verse 10 reads the scepter  shall not depart from Judah this is the same Judah   that we read about in Matthew chapter one this  is the beginning of the genealogy of Jesus Christ   Abraham had Isaac Isaac had Jacob Jacob had  Judah and in Genesis 49 and 10 were reading  

About the prophecies concerning Judah the  scepter meaning power shall not depart from   Judah meaning it’s always going to stay there nor  a lawgiver from between his feet until Shiloh come   and unto him shall the gathering of the people  be now the primary part I want us to focus on is  

A law giver from between his feet what’s  between the feet of a man is his reproductive   organs that’s what it’s saying the prophecy all  the way back from genesis 49 is that there would   always be men in positions of power from the loins  of Judah hold that let’s go to the first verse  

Genesis 49 and 1 and Jacob called unto his sons  and said gather yourselves together that I may   tell you that which shall befall you in the  last days so when we’re reading about the   prophecies pertaining to Judah this is about  prophecies that would happen at a later time  

These will be prophecies that would carry  over all the way until the last days   brothers sisters I need y’all to see this  for yourself what tribe did David come from   David came from the tribe of Judah the prophecy  about him being in rulership and his descendants  

Ruling is consistent about what was said through  his forefather Judah God is still establishing   the same order all the way from Genesis 49 through  the book of Samuel into the new testament nothing   has changed this is the reason why the bible  tells us Christ came in the volume of the book  

Because we cannot understand Christ’s birth  if we don’t understand what was written about   in the first book of the bible a lawgiver is  coming from between the feet of Judah in between   the feet of a man is his reproductive organs  his reproductive organs brings forth the seed  

The seed then procreates into future descendants  these are all things that we must got to know   and understand brothers and sisters this  is not rocket science now we’re going to   go to Deuteronomy the 28th chapter because I know  some of y’all out there even though we’ve already  

Gone through almost 10 scriptures where it’s told  you seed seed seed Christ is coming through a man   Christ is coming through sperm I know it’s so  hard to grasp because you’re having cognitive   dissonance based upon all of the programming  that’s been put into you up until this point I’m  

Being patient with us all brothers and sisters  because all of us at one point in our lives   had to learn when you read in Deuteronomy  the 28th chapter it reaffirms the meaning   of in between his feet that we read about in  Genesis 49. Deuteronomy 28 this is verse 56  

The tender and delicate woman among you which  would not adventure to set the soul of her foot   upon the ground for delicateness and tenderness  her eyes shall be evil toward the husband   of her bosom and toward her son and toward her  daughter and toward her young one that cometh out  

From between her feet how does the young one come  out from between a woman’s feet because that is   where her reproductive organs can be found a man’s  reproductive organs hold sperm that’s in between   his feet a woman’s reproductive organs will  then push out the baby this is all fundamental  

Child birthing 101. there are so many brothers and  sisters that don’t know much about the bible at   all but one thing they do know is that if they’re  going to create life on this earth it has to come  

From a man putting his reproductive organs into  a woman’s reproductive organs and from there a   child will be born if it’s of the lord’s will so  we’re getting precept upon precept that’s showing   that the rulers that descended out of the line  of Judah would come from a man’s seed sperm and  

Reproductive loins I know this might be a little  hard for y’all but this is why the bible says   this this is Hebrews chapter 7 and verse 14. for  it is evident that our lord spring out of Judah  

How did he spring out of Judah because he comes  from the descendants of Jacob’s fourth-born son   Judah then begat sons as we read about in Matthew  1 and then over the course of many generations   Christ is born so now let’s bring this back okay  we’re going to go back to Matthew chapter one  

Now I hope that all of this is clear thus far we  read in Matthew chapter one and verse one it reads   the book of the generation of Jesus Christ the  son of David the son of Abraham Abraham beget  

Isaac and Isaac begat Jacob and Jacob begat Judah  and his brethren and Judas begat Phares and Zara   of Thamar and Phares begat as ram and as ram begat  Aram this is an entire lineage of men procreating  

Other men as you read from verse to verse now  we’re going to jump down to the sixth verse   of this generation and Jesse begat David the king  and David the king begat Solomon of her that had   been the wife of Uriah brothers and sisters one  thing that you’ll notice when it talks about  

Uriah and Judas they put an s on these letters  because in the time of the new testament these   are now writings that came from Greek scrolls  I want you to understand this the same Uriah   that you’re reading in verse 6 is talking about  Uriah the Hittite that you read about in the old  

Testament the same judas that you’re reading about  in Matthew 1 and 2 is talking about our forefather   Judah Jacob’s son it’s the same name just a  different transliteration of words okay so now   we understand this is the genealogy of Jesus  Christ this is one man lying down with a woman  

And procreating another son and procreating  another son and procreating another son all the   way up until Jesus the Christ but before we get to  Jesus the Christ and we focus on uh David the son   of Jesse when you jump down to verse 16 it  reads and Jacob begat Joseph the husband of Mary  

Of whom was born Jesus who is called Christ  Christ is a Greek word it means anointed   so now we’re going to go to the book of Luke the  first chapter so that way we can start reading the  

History of Christ’s birth we need to understand  everything that led up to the birth of Christ   right here we’re given the promises now we’re  going to go into the account of how Christ   was born in the gospels from saint Luke we’re  now going to go to Luke chapter 1 and verse 26  

And in the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent  from God unto a city of Galilee named Nazareth   to a virgin espoused to a man whose name was  Joseph of the house of David and the virgin’s name  

Was Mary and the angel came in unto her and said  hail thou that art highly favored the Lord is with   thee blessed art thou among women and when  she saw him she was troubled at his saying  

And cast in her mind what manner of salutation  this should be and the angel said unto her   fear not Mary for thou has found favor with God  now the reason why marriage is troubled is because   whenever you read about our four parents being  confronted by angels the angels took on a very  

Bold appearance very intimidating it wasn’t  what you see on all of these different   Christian churches where hallelujah hallelujah  hallelujah you got to get that out your mind   you have to look at what the scriptures say if  the angels were so soft and so warm and friendly  

Why would Mary and the other  descendants of god’s people   had been afraid of them surely had they been so  warm and so rosy everyone would have been excited   everybody would have been singing kumbaya the  class about the angels that’s for another time  

It reads here and the angel said unto her fear  not Mary for thou has found favor with God and   behold thou shalt conceive in thy womb the reason  why you need to hold at this point is because it’s  

Giving you an indication of the chronology of the  gospel when the angel is telling Mary thou shalt   conceive it lets us know she is not pregnant  yet this is important because when you go into   saint Matthew Matthew is giving an account based  upon a woman that is already pregnant so please  

Don’t merge the two together because that’s where  confusion comes in the book of Luke 1 she’s not   pregnant in Matthew 1 she’s impregnated and now  Joseph decides how to move forward but here we   are for now Luke chapter 1 verse 31 and behold  thou shalt conceive in thy womb and bring forth  

A son and shalt call his name Jesus he shall be  great and shall be called the son of the highest   and the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of  his father David and he shall reign over the house  

Of Jacob forever and of his kingdom there shall  be no end now where do we read about that we read   about that in the book of second Samuel we read  about that in first Chronicles this is prophecy  

At play so then when we read in verse 34 it reads  then said Mary unto the angel how shall this be   seeing I know not a man this is where many people  get confused when people read this verse alone  

They think oh well the reason why Mary is asking  this is because there’s no man in her life at all   hold that let’s go back to where we were  in verse 27. let me start at verse 26  

And in the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent  from god unto a city of galilee named Nazareth to   a virgin espoused to a man whose name was Joseph  of the house of David so when we read here  

Mary is already promised to Joseph in marriage  when Mary is asking how shall this be seeing I   know not a man it doesn’t mean that Mary never  foresees a day where she’s going to be uh with  

A man or be intimate she’s asking this because she  had not had sex the sex had not taken place as of   yet that’s the reason why the angel says thou  shall conceive all of those prophecies that we  

Read about through a man’s seed from between his  knees that part hadn’t happened yet we’re about to   get there in the prophecy this is the  reason why angel the angel is now coming   Mary doesn’t know how all of this is going  down but the angel has been sent from God  

To guide her then said Mary unto the angel how  shall this be seeing I know not a man why is   she asking see not I know not a man because Mary  understands a woman has a child through sex is not  

Going to be anything mythical God’s not going  to drop a baby from the heavens above it’s not   going to happen like that a man has to put his  sperm in her but because she hadn’t had sex yet  

She’s wondering from the angel how are you able  to expound on all of these characteristics about   my so-called child when I haven’t even uh uh uh  conceived yet let alone went through the process   of labor Mary’s confused and the angel answered  and said unto her the holy ghost shall come upon  

Thee see this is where everybody falls off the  horse brothers and sisters we’re going to go   through multiple verses on this but what you’re  going to learn after going through this class   is when the holy ghost anointing comes upon a  woman god plays a part in guiding her through  

A childbirth a childbirth it does not mean  that God himself is having sex with her or his   angels it means that he is bringing forth a hedge  of comfort and protection hold that gonna go to   the book of uh Proverbs real quick we’re  coming back to this proverbs chapter 20  

And verse 24. man’s goings are of the Lord how  can a man then understand his own way what greater   example do we have of this verse in the story  of our forefather mayor of foremother Mary who  

Did not know exactly how all of this was going to  go down and the Lord is going to guide her through   the angel that’s the reason why Mary said unto  the angel how shall this be in verse 35 it reads  

And the angel answered and said unto  her the holy ghost shall come upon thee   and the power of the highest shall overshadow  thee there okay when something is shadowing you   it’s a long side it’s a figment  what the angel is telling Mary is  

Mary in your doings the Lord is going to guide  you along the way it’s not going to be the Lord   himself that’s just putting his  seed into the woman no that’s what   man is for the first commandment that was given  to man in the bible was be fruitful and multiply  

God uses man as an instrument to deliver  sperm in order to bring forth children   the angel answered and said unto her  the holy ghost shall come upon thee   and the power of the highest shall overshadow thee  therefore also that holy thing which shall be born  

Of thee shall be called the son of God and behold  thy cousin Elizabeth she have also conceived a son   in her old age and this is the sixth month with  her who was called barren for with God nothing  

Shall be impossible often times when people read  this they will use that as the basis to say see   this is how we know that Mary had this child from  out of thin air because god is saying nothing   shall be impossible that’s how we know  that God was the one that impregnated Mary  

Not Joseph brothers sisters this is the reason  why Christ said I come in the volume of the book   if we isolate these verses without a full picture  of God’s word in its totality you could walk away   thinking that but as we go from precept to  precept you’re going to see the explanation  

Of what all of this is saying that’s the reason  why I just ask y’all to sit patient take notes   and smash the like button and Mary  said behold the handmaid of the Lord   be it unto me according to thy word and the  angel departed from her so when Mary says  

Behold the handmaid of the Lord she’s  acknowledging herself as a servant   she’s not acknowledging  that she’s God’s side chick   she’s acknowledging that she’s going to  do the will of God as is commanded to her  

Be it unto me according to thy word well what’s  the word from the seed of David of his sons   you’re going to have a son that’s how this whole  thing goes down everybody’s got their part to play  

Joseph got his part to play Mary got his part to  play her part to play the angel is just coming   and bringing all of the prophecy to pass because  this is what you got to ask yourself what woman  

In her right mind would truly believe that of all  women on earth she’s going to be the one chosen   to deliver the only begotten of the father  how many of you guys would really think that   y’all gotta understand these are these  are real people I know a lot of times  

When we read the bible you tend to think about  it like a fairy tale but this is a real woman   on earth out of all the different women on earth  that could have been chosen for such a high honor  

The Lord chose Mary and that’s the  reason why the angel told her in verse 28   thou art highly favored the Lord  is with thee blessed art thou among   women now where the confusion comes into play is  what we’ve been taught through Roman Catholicism  

We’ve been taught that Rome that  um Mary is almost a deified figure   even though the scripture says blessed art thou  among women not blessed art thou above women   Mary was a woman just like everyone else but  the difference is out of all women on the earth  

At that time the Lord favored Mary and chose her  among women to receive the seed of David to bring   forth Christ I pray that this is very clear just  in case it’s not we still got a lot of scriptures  

To go okay THE MOST HIGH is going to put the  power of the spirit of Christ into the seed of   Joseph one thing that we got to understand  brothers and sisters this is where the second part   of this kicks in if you’re going to understand  how Christ was born you have to understand  

The ceremonial customs of the Jews historically  child birth it was always a collaborative process   what do I mean by that you know a lot of times  in this modern day women can have children   just being a single parent but in the  ancient world there was a mother a father  

A midwife now we’ll talk about doulas there  was an entire team of people who supported   bringing a child into this world and this is no  different when it comes to the birth of Christ  

Real quick I want to show you the definition of  the word midwife just so that way we are all on   the same page okay this is what the word midwife  reads when you look at the definition midwife   noun a person typically a woman  trained to assist women in childbirth  

The midwife does not impregnate the woman to  have a child but she’s on the roster of helpers   in the support system necessary to get a child  out of the womb this is a part of the Jew custom  

This is a part of the Israelite way we would  always have a team surrounding righteous sisters   to bring a child into this world now when it comes  to the man’s role the man delivers the sperm which  

Then helps to build the body the Lord is the  one that determines the spirit that will be   implanted into the body hold that we’re gonna go  to Jeremiah chapter one Jeremiah chapter 1 verse 4  

Then the word of the Lord came unto me saying  before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee   and before thou camest forth out of the womb  I sanctified thee is this God telling Jeremiah   that he was the one that impregnated Jeremiah’s  mother no this is the Lord telling Jeremiah that  

He’s responsible for the spirit that came on  the child the man that procreates the child   he cannot dictate what spirit is going to be upon  this boy the father ultimately decides what spirit   is going to be upon man man creates the body the  father imparts the spirit before I formed thee  

In the belly I knew thee the spirit dwelled among  the heavens before it was imparted into the sperm   and before thou camest forth out of the womb I  sanctified thee and I ordained thee a prophet unto  

The nations so the same way that the Lord ordained  Jeremiah to be a prophet before his parents ever   lie together that was the exact same thing that  happened with the Messiah before joseph and Mary   it was always known throughout bible  history a Messiah is coming on the earth  

But there has to be a certain way to do it there  has to be a royal lineage there has to be a woman   chosen and the woman would receive direction  from the angel on how all of this would take  

Place okay and even as we can see in the writings  of Jeremiah Jeremiah himself didn’t know what God   had in store but that didn’t mean that the  God of uh this bible our God did not have   wonderful works ordained for him now we’re  going to go to Job chapter 31 verse 14. I  

Just want y’all to see this God ordains things  before life begins job chapter 31 verse 14 what then shall I do when God riseth up and when  he visiteth what shall I answer him did not he  

That made me in the womb make him and did not one  fashion us in the womb so see there’s only but so   far that a mortal man can go and  bring forth life on this earth   the man delivers the seed God is the one  that fashions that child in the womb he’s  

The one that decides okay this spirit is going  to go in this womb this spirit is going to go   in this womb this man and this woman is going to  come together God is not the author of confusion  

But we’ve got to know every role that’s at play  in the process of childbirth otherwise we don’t   understand how all this comes together the same  way that God ordains a midwife to physically be   there and help a woman through childbirth God’s  spirit is also there guiding the process and this  

Is something that we must see all of us were  spirits before we were brought on this earth   when we read in Genesis the bible says let  us make man in our image there was already  

An hour in the heavens before man was created on  earth so God already has a divine will in place   he’s just using people like pawns to bring a  greater story about I pray that you understand   this this is Ecclesiastes chapter 12 verse 7.  man delivers the seed God anoints the spirit  

Ecclesiastes 12 7. then shall the dust return  to the earth as it was and the spirit shall   return unto God who gave it so that dust which  represents the body that’s temporary given of men  

The spirit which is separate from the body because  the body is just a shell that belongs to the Lord   the Lord is the one who harbors these spirits  and appoints them into the womb at will so when  

We read now in Genesis chapter 25 I’m going to  give you real examples of this at play right now   you might be thinking this is just hocus pocus oh  man Uzziah it’s a whole working crew for the baby  

That’s a stretch you’re going to see it right here  we’re gonna read right now about a man who lied   down with a woman and God assisted the process  along the way this is Genesis chapter 25 verse 21  

And Isaac entreated the Lord for his wife because  she was barren and the Lord was entreated of him   and Rebecca his wife conceived this does not  mean that the Lord had intercourse with Rebecca   this means that god allowed the blessing of  conception to take place once Isaac lied with her  

And the children struggled together within her  and she said if it be so why am I thus and she   went to inquire of the Lord now wait a minute  Isaac was the one that put his seed in Rebecca  

Why is she not going to him because it’s the man  that implants the sperm it’s God that is the judge   of the spirits see what I’m trying to point out  to you brothers and sisters this is something  

That our fore parents knew from the beginning of  time it’s only foreign to us because we’ve never   been taught the word we’ve never learned  hey a man and a woman could come together   and it could seem carnal but God might have been  a part of it the whole time that’s the reason why  

The scriptures tell us that wisdom will walk with  us by crooked ways even in the world they’ll say   God works in mysterious ways so we don’t know  how God has his hand in things as servants   and the children struggled together within  her and she said if it be so why am I thus  

And she went to inquire of the Lord and the  Lord said unto her two nations are in thy womb   Isaac couldn’t have told her this this is way over  Isaac’s head now just like it was over the head of  

Joseph and Mary they could not fathom  this is what’s going down right here same   miracles are happening right now right now  we’re reading a miracle about a man having   sex with a woman and then from that conception two  nations and superpowers on the earth would create  

And the lord said unto her two nations are  in thy womb and two manner of people shall   be separated from thy bowels and the one people  shall be stronger than the other people and the   elder shall serve the younger this is something  that only God can do y’all man can’t control that  

All matters of life and death is the power of the  Lord we just have a small role to play this is in   Genesis chapter 4 and verse 1 again many  stories tell us this Genesis 4 and 1 and  

Adam knew eve his wife and she conceived  and bear Cain and said I have gotten a man   from the Lord why come people don’t say eve had  a virgin birth this was an immaculate conception   everybody knows Adam lied down with eve because  the commandment was be fruitful and multiply  

When did that commandment change I have gotten a  man from the lord that does not mean that the Lord   was in bed with Adam’s wife it means that God  facilitated the process God was the one that gave  

The commandment to be fruitful and multiply just  like Mary was given a commandment from the angel   go do this this and this and this is how the child  is coming same thing let’s go to another scripture  

This is Genesis chapter 21. verse 1 because  I know a lot of y’all are still thinking but   why did when it came to Mary the angel  said with God nothing is impossible   did not the Lord say the same to this  woman that we’re about to read right here  

Genesis 21-1 and the lord visited Sarah as he  had said and the lord did unto Sarah as he had   spoken now why does it say as unto the Lord has  spoken because Sarah thought it was impossible  

How can I be of old age and still have  a child Sarah laughed at it but with God   nothing is impossible if God says that this  is what he’s going to do he’s going to do it  

And all we have to do is follow suit that’s the  reason why Mary told the angel I’m going to be a   handmaiden what you’ve told me in thy word that’s  what I’m going to do this is no different with eve  

No different with uh Sarah no different  with Hannah no different with roof we read   scripture after scripture after scripture where  God is allowing a man and woman to come together   but he’s producing something that is bigger than  them genesis 21-1 and the Lord visited Sarah  

As he had said and the lord did unto Sarah as he  had spoken for Sarah conceived and bear Abraham   a son in his old age at the set time of which God  spoken to him so everything is on God’s clock yo  

God operates on a schedule God knows this is going  to be the window of time where you go without   this is the time that you’re going to be unmarried  you’re going to come together at this time  

You’re going to lie together here God puts  that in us when you read in the book of Job   it tells us that when we are in deep sleep God  will seal our instructions on what we’re to do in  

The days to come this is everything that we learn  about when it comes to Mary for Sarah conceived   and bear Abraham a son in his old age at the set  time of which God had spoken to him this is God  

Showing Sarah that all things are possible with  him now let’s go to the book of Ruth this is Ruth   chapter 4 verse 13. I want  you to notice the pattern   so Boaz took ruth and she was his wife and when  he went in unto her the Lord gave her conception  

And she bear a son that’s not saying that  the Lord was the one sexing Boaz’s wife   it’s saying that the Lord was the one that  guided the process the Lord was the one   who facilitated this to happen that’s why it  says the Lord gave her a conception if the Lord  

Wants something to happen it’ll happen if the Lord  doesn’t want something to happen it’s not going to   happen but what the Lord doesn’t have to do is be  all things to all people he does not need to be a  

Woman’s husband because he’s already appointed man  to procreate he already gave man commandment to be   fruitful and multiply god is the great puppet  master in the heavens above saying I want this man   to get with this woman they’re going to have this  child he’s going to grow up and operate like this  

All of this is of the Lord God is the  screenwriter we’re just the actors in the film   now let’s go to the next verse this is the book  of Judges chapter 13. and this is eerily similar   to what we read about in the  book of Luke Judges chapter 13  

Verse 1. and the children of Israel did evil  again in the sight of the lord and the lord   delivered them into the hand of the philistines  forty years and there was a certain man of Zorah  

Of the family of the Danites whose name was Manoah  and his wife was barren and bear not and the angel   of the Lord appeared unto the woman and said unto  her behold now thou art barren and bearest not but  

Thou shall conceive and bear a son now is anybody  popping up out of the woodworks at this point and   saying oh how’s that going to happen Lord you’re  going to come and get in the bed chamber with me   nobody is thinking that we’re reading  about an angel coming to a woman and saying  

You’re going to conceive you’re going to bear a  son it hasn’t happened yet but I’m going to tell   you how it will take place now therefore beware  I pray thee and drink not wine nor strong drink  

And eat not any unclean thing for lo thou shall  conceive and bear a son and no razor shall come   on his head for the child shall be a Nazarite unto  god from the womb and he shall begin to deliver  

Israel out of the hand of the philistine here  we’re reading about a man not conceived yet   prophesied to give Israel deliverance out of  the hand of their enemies so if this could   happen during the time of Judges why don’t you  think it would happen during the time of Luke  

There’s no new thing under the sun the  problem is 99.9% of the people have never been   taught the fullness of the bible so all  they do is open a book in the middle of  

All its writings and say oh look at that an angel  came to a woman and then from there a child was   born if you knew this history you would know this  happened you would know the angel would come to  

The woman and give her clear instructions on  how she would lie with a man we’re reading about   it right here for lo thou shall conceive and  bear a son and no razor shall come on his head  

For the child shall be a Nazarite unto God from  the womb and he shall begin to deliver Israel   out of the hand of the philistines we’re  going to read down all the way to verse 13.   then the woman came and told her husband hold  that then the woman came and told her husband  

The angel is going to put something in the ear  of the wife the wife’s going to go to the man   and then from there the child is going to be born  this is common sense then the woman came and told  

Her husband saying a man of God came unto me and  his countenance was like the countenance of an   angel of God very terrible this goes into what  I was saying earlier not kumbaya kisses and hugs  

When our four parents saw angels they described  them as terrible but I asked him not whence he was   neither told he me his name but he said unto  me behold thou shalt conceive and bear a son  

And now drink no wine nor strong drink this is the  angel telling the woman what to do neither eat any   unclean thing for the child shall be a Nazarite to  God from the womb to the day of his death so the  

Same way that a woman might have a midwife and  a doula she may also receive godly instruction   on how to successfully bring forth a child this is  the entire team process of childbirth then Manoah  

Entreated the lord and said o my Lord let the man  of God which thou didst sinned come again unto us   and teach us what we shall do unto the child that  shall be born and God hearkened to the voice of  

Manoah and the angel of God came again unto the  woman as she said in the field but Manoah her   husband was not with her and the woman made haste  and ran and showed her husband and said unto him  

Behold the man hath appeared unto me that came  unto me the other day and Manoah arose and went   after his wife and came to the man and said unto  him art thou the man that spaketh unto the woman  

And he said I am and Manoah said now let thy words  come to pass how shall we order the child and how   shall we do unto him notice this notice how you  read nowhere in these verses about Manoah saying  

How dare you say something to my woman  I’m the man I’m running all of this   our forefathers understood you may be the one to  hold the sperm but God may use angels in order to  

Give instructions on how the child is born this  is not a one-man show I mean every time you read   in the bible it’s always God utilizing multiple  people to accomplish a goal the beginning creation   multiple people using a goal Christ coming on the  earth having up to 12 disciples setting up 70 more  

After them multiple people to accomplish a common  goal so why do we then think all it’s going to be   in the procreation the birth of a righteous child  why do you think that’s just oldest just a woman  

She’s just going to you know something’s just  going to pop into her and everything is good   from there no there’s going to be multiple  parties at play and Manoah said now let thy   words come to pass how shall we order the child  and how shall we do unto him see true godly people  

They understand it might be them that’s doing  things physically but they’re physical beings   in a spiritual world they understand that they  could do nothing without the Lord helping to guide   the process along the way but the Lord’s part is  not sexing the woman the Lord’s part is to give  

The blueprint as he’s always done  the entire essence of the bible   is God laying down a formula for us to follow  it’s no different when it came to joseph   and Mary and the angel of the Lord said unto  Manoah of all that I said unto the woman  

Let her beware meaning everything that was told to  Manoah’s wife she needed to follow it in order to   bring forth a righteous seed that’s no different  than what we read about in Luke chapter one   as it pertained to Mary that’s the reason why Mary  told the angel everything according to thy word  

That will I do and that’s the reason why we saw in  the word it was promised from God that the Messiah   would be born through the seed of David  now it’s Mary’s job to live that out so now  

We’re going to go to Matthew 1. Matthew 1 also  gives an account on the birth of Jesus the Christ   but remember now in order for us to  understand how Christ was born we gotta know   what were the promises concerning Christ’s birth  that we read about earlier what were the customs  

Of the Jews and what is the chronological timeline  of the gospels when we read in Luke chapter one   Mary had not conceived when we start to read  here this woman Mary is already pregnant   Matthew chapter 1 and verse 18 now the  birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise  

When as his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph  before they came together she was found with   child of the holy ghost again where laypersons  get slipped up is they read the words before   they came together and they presume that the bible  is talking about sex when you read all throughout  

The new testament it mentions nothing of sexual  activity when the term came together is used   hold that let’s go to Matthew 27. this is  another chapter in the same book of Matthew   where coming together is revealed  Matthew chapter 27 and verse 62.  

Now the next day that followed the day of the  preparation the chief priests and pharisees   came together unto pilate when they came  together is this talking about an orgy no   this is talking about a gathering  when people would commune together  

The new testament would regard it as coming  together being one with another not sexually   but in fellowship now we’re going to go back to  Matthew 1 and 18. so I can prove what this is   saying now the birth of Jesus Christ was  on this wise when as his mother Mary was  

Espoused to Joseph before they came together  if coming together is about a group gathering   this is talking about the wedding typically when  a woman is promised to a man there’s going to be   a wedding ceremony to commemorate the marriage but  again we’re so estranged from all this history not  

Even knowing the customs that we don’t understand  this word before they came together before the   wedding feast she was found with child of the  holy ghost the reason why this was a problem   is because this is not customary when that’s why  in the next verse it reads then Joseph her husband  

Being a just man when the scripture says  that Joseph is a just man it means it’s a   man that keeps god’s laws remember this is a  man from the lineage of David he comes from   a royal stock he was very learned on the  commandments of God the reason why it says  

Joseph her husband being a just man and  not willing to make her a public example   was minded to put her away privately is because  of the fact that they had sex before the wedding   feast that is a typical custom among Israelite  marriages hold that we’re going to go to

Genesis chapter 29 verse 20. now when you read in  the law this doesn’t always happen whenever a man   uh entices a maid and lies with her some in some  cases there’s sex prior to the wedding feast  

However I’m going to this verse because I’m trying  to show you what the customs were of the Jews from   the beginning of time this is Genesis chapter  29 and verse 20 and Jacob served seven years  

For Rachel and they seemed unto him but a few days  for the love he had to her and Jacob said to Laban   give me my wife for my days are fulfilled that  I may go unto her now when you read the history  

Jacob is the forefather of the 12 tribes Labon  is his father-in-law Jacob had to work for Labon   for seven years in order to get one  wife when you read through the history   you read first about our foremother Leah okay but  that’s for another time Jacob served seven years  

For Rachel and they seemed unto him but a few days  for the love he had to her and Jacob said unto   Laban give me my wife for my days are fulfilled  that I may go in unto her okay Jacob loved this  

Woman so much that he was willing to work seven  years to get her in marriage he says man pops it’s   time man I’ve been working for you for seven years  it’s time for me to do what I need to do I’m a man  

And Labon gathered together all the men of the  place this is they came together before they came   together the same thing that you read about in  the book of Matthew the coming together represents   a group gathering Labon gathered together  all the men of the place and made a feast  

This was customary according to our  customs if you took a woman as a wife uh   the ideal way to go about doing that in most  cases is you speak with the father you then   understand what the needs of the father is whose  daughter you want in marriage the father will then  

Give instruction on how to receive his blessing  and then once it is time for the wedding the men   and people of the city will be gathered together  in one place and a wedding feast will take place   there’s going to be a marriage certificate behold  this brother Jacob is married to my wife Leah  

May they have many wonderful years together may  their marriage be blessed and then there’s going   to be a feast along with a bed chamber I’m going  get into that in a second but I just want you to  

See the customs of the feast when Jacob said unto  Laban give me my wife for my days are fulfilled   that I may go on going unto her he didn’t just  hand uh his daughter over to Jacob and said okay  

Go handle your business no there first had to be  a gathering from there it was a feast verse 23 and   it came to pass in the evening of that feast that  he took Leah his daughter and brought her to him  

And he went in unto her the bed chamber  followed the commemoration of the wedding   this was a joyous occasion and see this is the  reason why we need to bring this back in these   last days because we are so disconnected from how  righteous marriages go you can’t wrap your mind  

Around this when it comes to the scriptures you  can’t understand how there was this controversy   during Joseph and Mary’s time because you don’t  understand how things go in a traditional sense   but that’s Genesis 29 we’re going to go back  now to Matthew 1 again Matthew chapter 1  

Verse 18. now the birth of Jesus Christ was on  this wise meaning this is how Christ was born   when as his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph  before they had a wedding before they had the   marriage feast she was found with child of the  holy ghost why would this have been a problem  

Because if the woman was pregnant prior to the  wedding feast people would have looked at the   woman prior to the wedding and spoke ill of  her oh this woman is already pregnant who’s   she getting sex by this woman is a whore this  is the reason why when you go into verse 19  

It says Joseph her husband being a just man  and not willing to make her a public example   was minded to put her away privately the reason  why he was minded to put her away privately  

Is because he was in fear that if she showed up to  this wedding feast pregnant they would talk about   her like a dog she would get dogged out and there  are laws in the bible about a woman who has lost  

Her virginity prior to the wedding feast this is  why we must know the customs of the Jews before we   talk about the birth of the king of the Jews this  is Deuteronomy chapter 22 verse 13. Deuteronomy  

Chapter 22 verse 13 reads the following if any  man take a wife and go in unto her and hate her   and give occasions of speech against her and bring  up an evil name upon her and say I took this woman  

And when I came to her I found her not a maid  then shall the father of the damsel and her mother   take and bring forth the tokens of the damsel’s  virginity unto the elders of the city in the gate  

And the damsel’s father shall say unto the  elders I gave my daughter unto this man to wife   and he hateth her and lo he hath given  occasions of speech against her saying I   found not thy daughter a maid and yet these are  the tokens of my daughter’s virginity and they  

Shall spread the cloth before the elders of the  city what is this talking about when you go back   to Deuteronomy chapter 22 and verse 13 it says if  a man take a wife and go in unto her and hate her  

Meaning a man has sex with a woman but he decides  he no longer wants her hand in marriage verse 14   and give occasions of speech against her meaning  the man who now wants to be loosed from the woman  

He will now rail against the woman and  make the accusation that she is uh not   pure because she’s already been with a man I’m  not using the term virgin here for a reason   and give occasions of speech against her and  bring up an evil name upon her why would the woman  

Have had an evil name because up until the wedding  ceremony when you’re in the bed chamber the custom   is that the woman would have been chased  and pure she would have not been out here   having sex this is the reason why the father  mentions the tokens of virginity but we’re still  

At verse 14 and give occasions of speech against  her and bring up an evil name upon her and say I   took this woman and when I came to her meaning I  lied with her I found her not a maid then shall  

The father of the damsel and her mother take and  bring forth the tokens of the damsel’s virginity   unto the elders of the city in the gate the  token of the damsel’s virginity represents blood   on the bed sheets of the woman’s  hymen being penetrated to let it  

Be known this woman was a uh which what we  would call virgin prior to us having sex   when you had the bed chamber in the wedding  you would have a bed chamber with a light sheet  

Upon the bed so that way when the man lies down  with the woman the blood can go into the sheet   and then after intercourse it can be delivered  unto the father and then the father will then  

Show that unto the city as a badge of honor that  his daughter is a pure woman rather than a harlot   out in the street our forefathers needed some way  of signifying that they raised righteous children  

So when we read in verse 14 it says and give  occasions of speech against her and bring up   an evil name upon her and say I took this woman  and when I came to her I found her not a maid  

Then shall the father of the damsel and  her mother take and bring forth the tokens   of the damsel’s virginity unto the elders of  the city in the gate now why would they have   brought that before the elders of the city in the  gate because it was on the father now to prove  

That his daughter did not in fact have sex prior  to dealing with this man the man is making an   accusation this woman has already had intercourse  the father says nope here’s the sheets right here   you’re the one that penetrated her she’s now with  blood as the token of a virgin I’m bringing this  

Forth before the elders of the city to prove  that my daughter was chased this all had to be   done because in the ancient world our forefathers  would act like the devil and some men to get out   of their marriage commitment would potentially  lie on their spouses and say that the woman uh  

Already lost her virginity when in fact she  did not before him this is the reason why when   you read in Matthew uh 19 it talks about the  men how men divorce their wives for any cause  

Verse 17. uh let me go back to verse 15. then  shall the father of the damsel and her mother   take and bring forth the tokens of the damsel’s  virginity unto the elders of the city in the gate  

And the damsel’s father shall say unto the elders  I gave my daughter unto this man to wife and he   hated her and lo he have given occasions of speech  against her saying I found not thy daughter a maid   and yet these are the tokens of my daughter’s  virginity so in a marriage ceremony  

The father is supposed to be able to get the bed  sheets after intercourse to prove my daughter had   virginity and they shall spread the cloth before  the elders of the city so this was public notice   Joseph knew prior to the wedding  ceremony well how are we going to do that  

I’m there’s not going to be no way I’m gonna be  in this bed chamber with you during the feast   you’re already gonna be with child and it’s going  to come across a certain way you’re gonna be evil  

Spoken of that’s the reason why Joseph wanted to  put her away privately because you all know how   we do as a people y’all know how we talk y’all  see again you gotta go back to the ancient world  

In the modern day it’s cool in the masses of the  people in the world to have sex without marriage   that was a shameful thing it’s cool in the  modern day you know oh I had this child on my  

Own I’m the mother and the father I do it all it  didn’t roll like that in the bible in the ancient   world if you were impregnated that better had been  from your husband after the wedding ceremony but  

Not every marriage happened that way and just  because it didn’t happen that way it didn’t mean   that the husband and wife weren’t righteous or  that they were not to deliver a righteous seed   there are different laws in the bible that give  stipulations about what would happen in certain  

Situations and lo he had given occasions of speech  against her saying I found not thy daughter a maid   and yet these are the tokens of my daughter’s  virginity and they shall spread the cloth before   the elders of the city and the elders of that  city shall take that man and chastise him this  

Is if this man was lying on the woman and they  shall immerse him in a hundred shekels of silver   and give them unto the father of the damsel  because he hath brought up an evil name upon  

The upon a virgin of Israel and she shall be his  wife he may not put her away all his days but if   this thing be true and the tokens of virginity be  not found for the damsel meaning she did have sex  

Prior to all of this then they shall bring out  the damsel to the door of her father’s house   and the men of her city shall stone her with  stones that she die because she had wrought  

Folly in Israel to play the whore in her father’s  house so shall thou put away evil from among you   it was a shameful thing for a woman  to be with child prior to marriage   and those were the intricacies of what Joseph  was dealing with before the marriage ceremony  

When you read in Matthew 1 Joseph and Mary are  already regarded as husband and wife but they   had not gone through the formality of a wedding  ceremony this was the customs of the Israelite   way you cannot understand how Christ was born  if you don’t understand the customs of the Jews  

So now we go back to Matthew 1 18 it says now the  birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise when as his   mother Mary was espoused to Joseph before they  came together she was found with child of the  

Holy ghost then Joseph her husband being a just  man and not willing to make her a public example   was minded to put her away privately now from here  comes the contradiction let’s say that you believe   in your mind Mary is the virgin Mary  immaculate she’s not lied down with man

How could this have been the case if Joseph  her husband being a just man was not willing   to make her a public example if Mary was  impregnated by anyone but her husband   surely that would have been grounds to make her a  public example according to the law if we already  

Know that Joseph was a just man according to the  law of course his recourse out of the marriage   would have been a public example look city this  woman says she’s a a virgin but look at these bed  

Sheets ain’t nothing there I didn’t do it I wasn’t  the one that had sex whether somebody else did it   surely there is no way in hell that Joseph  would have been a just man from the line of   David and tolerated entering into a  marriage dealing with another man’s son  

That’s out of order but y’all know in  this modern day we are so busy used to scent behavior it’s hard for men and women to  wrap their mind around the fact that if you   entered into a marriage uh with a woman and she  got pregnant during a time where you’re courting  

Her now go remember what we read in Luke 1 when  we read in Luke 1 Mary had not conceived yet   and she was regarded as promised to Joseph so in  between that time that your promise to this man  

You go out and have a child by another man  what man in his right mind being a just man   would not have brought her to shame  Joseph her husband being a just man and   not willing to make her a public example  was minded to put her away privately  

Why was he minded to put her away privately  because he knows the shame that would have come   from people’s judgments with her having  already been pregnant at the wedding feast   it’s an acknowledgment we didn’t already lie  together this is something that a lot of times  

Is best happened after the feast just like we  read about with Jacob Jacob worked seven years   after that the father said okay cool let me gather  the people of the city together there’s a father’s   honor in that he’s going to gather the city  together he’s going to give away his daughter’s  

Hand in marriage a feast is going to be declared  and then from there you lie in the wedding chamber   and because it did not go down like this in this  case this is why Joseph was daunted with fear  

But verse 20 but while he thought on these  things behold the angel of the Lord appeared   unto him in a dream saying Joseph thou son of  David fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife   for that which is conceived in her is of  the holy ghost meaning Joseph don’t worry  

Just because this is unconventional it doesn’t  mean that you’re going to be up against   shame the Lord is working with you because he’s  chosen you to be the father of the Messiah Mary   is now going to conceive from your sperm this is  what is already going down you got to put yourself  

In the situation if you come into the truth  we haven’t seen this happen so many years   time and time and time again brother  and sister are interested in each other   they go through a courtship process they say with  their mouths oh yeah you know we’re just gonna  

Hold out we’re gonna wait until the wedding we  know how to control ourselves month or two later   uh yeah um I’m sorry brother um see what had  happened was me and brother uh Gedaliah we already   kind of did what we did this happens all the  time and when it happens there’s a recourse  

That needs to be taken to make sure that  that marriage is godly at the wedding feast   you’re getting the papers the people know about  it when two people are just sexing behind closed   doors it’s a secret marriage is not supposed to  be that way marriage overall is supposed to be  

Something that everybody knows this is the reason  why there is a marriage certificate to acknowledge   who this woman belongs to in marriage and this  is the reason why there is a bill of divorce   all of this down low stuff that makes you subject  to shame this is why the scripture says marriage  

Is honorable and all it’s supposed to be a great  celebration that the community would rejoice   fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife for that  which is conceived in her is of the holy ghost   the angel is telling Joseph don’t worry Joseph  I’m behind this and she shall bring forth a son  

And thou shall call his name Jesus for he shall  save his people from their sins his people makes   reference to his lineage his generation him being  from the children of Israel that ha your lineage   is given to you through sex through your loins  then offspring from one generation to the next  

But here we go here’s where the problem comes in  now all this was done that it might be fulfilled   which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet  saying behold a virgin shall be with child   and shall bring forth a son and they shall call  his name Emmanuel which being interpreted is God  

With us when everyone reads this word virgin  that’s what makes them think that Mary never   had sex but let’s look at what the scholars say  behind the use of the word virgin in the text   see this is where you have to apply scholarship  to your learning when we read in verse 22  

Now all this was done that it might be  fulfilled which was spoken of by the Lord   uh by the prophet saying this is  talking about the book of Isaiah   during the time of Isaiah it was prophesied  a virgin shall be with child and shall bring  

Forth a son and they shall call his name Emmanuel  which being interpreted is God with us to find   the proper reference all you need to  do is go to Isaiah chapter 7 verse 14.   here’s where we fall off the horse the scholars  know the word virgin does not guarantee  

That a woman has had sex or not that’s why we’re  going to look at this put it on the screen so you   can see it with your own two eyes I’m not making  none of this up I’m sharing this so that way you  

Could see it with your own eyes let’s go now  to the word alma okay alma notice Hebrew text   is a Hebrew word for a young woman of child  bearing age this was the case regarding   Mary despite its importance to the account of the  virgin birth of Jesus in the gospel of Matthew  

Scholars agree that it has nothing to do with  virginity but is taken by many to refer rather to   a woman who has not yet borne a child it’s telling  you right there in plain English from the scholars   is telling you right there when everybody  reads the word virgin they presume  

The woman hadn’t had sex they’re  focused on their western world view   of the word virgin which to them has been taught a  woman who has not been penetrated but when you go   off of biblical definitions rather than the  world you will come to find that the word  

Virgin does not only mean a woman who has not  met had sex one of the definitions of the word   virgin is a young woman of marriageable  age regardless of if she had sex or not  

Go and look this up for yourself I’m putting the  receipts on here right here for you to see it   this is what the scholars are pointing out  it says alma which was the word going back to  

Virgin in the text in which this was written is a  Hebrew word for a young woman of childbearing age   despite its importance to the account of the  virgin birth of Jesus in the gospel of Matthew   scholars agree that it has nothing to do with  virginity but it is taken by many to refer  

Rather to a woman who has not yet borne a child  do you know the reason why it’s taken by many   because the world imposes on us its understanding  and then we take that and run with it and think  

It’s coming out of the bible this is the reason  why many of you don’t understand the different   meanings of the word world this is the reason  why many of you don’t understand what John 3   16 is truly saying this is the reason why many  people don’t understand the meaning of the word  

Love in its totality because what the world does  is they tell you what to think not knowing there   are multiple definitions of all these things  there’s multiple definitions of the word virgin   multiple definitions of the word world multiple  definitions of the word love but yet we will be so  

Locked into one train of thought that we say nope  I’m gonna just stick to whatever definition I got   out of Esau school system and surely I can  make that square peg fit into a round hole   you have to use the bible to understand bible  context bible definitions and as we can see  

Despite its importance to the account of  the virgin birth of Jesus in the gospel of   Matthew scholars agreed that it has nothing to do  with virginity but it is taken by many to refer   rather to a woman who has not yet borne a child so  with all thy getting let’s get understanding now  

Let’s move back to where we were we’re still in  Matthew chapter one do me a favor brothers and   sisters please make sure that you smash that like  button please make sure that you continue to share  

This class Matthew chapter 1 and now we’re going  back to verse 21 and she shall bring forth a son   and thou shall call his name Jesus for he shall  save his people from their sins and let me say  

Something else I truly thank all of you brothers  and sisters for taking the time to go through this   you’ll notice what a lot of people will do  is they won’t dedicate the amount of time   to actually go through this lesson read the verses  for themselves and then come to the conclusion  

That Joseph is the biological father of Mary  instead what they’ll do is they’ll cut this video   on for two seconds say up this goes contrary  to what I was taught in the Christian church   and they would just go off of what a man told  them rather than studying to show themselves  

Approved this happens all the time it takes time  in order to go through these sayings this is not   basic understanding brothers and sisters like  I said at the very beginning in order for you   to even understand how Christ was born you’ve got  to know the promises that were written in prophecy  

You’ve got to know the customs of the Jews and  you’ve got to know the timeline of the gospels   here it says in verse 21 and she shall bring forth  a son and shall call his name Jesus for he shall  

Save his people from their sins now all this was  done that it might be fulfilled which was spoken   of the Lord by the prophet saying behold a virgin  shall be with child and shall bring forth a son  

And they shall call his name Emmanuel which being  interpreted is God with us now if you’re applying   critical thinking to what you’re learning the  question that should be popping up in your mind   is if I want to stay on the understanding  that Mary had not had sex in virginity  

How do I reconcile that with all of the  different precepts I read about Christ   being the son of David according to the  flesh how do I justify the word talking about   he shall come from between the man’s feet how do  I justify Samuel saying it’s going to come to the  

Seed in thy bowels how do I explain the multitude  of verses that I read beyond Isaiah 7 and 14   which says that Christ will come from the seed of  David if you are using logic and reason it will  

Dawn on you the only way that those scriptures  can all work together in harmony is if virgin   applies as a young woman of marriageable age  not a woman who never had sex a woman who was  

Guided by the angel to have sex with a man and  that’s how she was able to receive the seed of   David through Joseph of David’s lineage that’s  the only way that those two things can coincide   if you want to say okay Mary no no no  no I’m sticking to what I’ve been taught  

Out of TD Jake’s church then that  means you got to omit the book of acts   the book of Romans the book of Samuel the book of  Chronicles the book of Genesis all of those books   now are a lie just so that way you can stand  on the misinterpretation of one verse amongst  

A multitude of scriptures this is the reason  why the bible commands us to rightly divide   the word if it’s saying two different things  seemingly the bible is not contradicting itself   it’s for you to see how it comes together yes Mary  was a virgin in the sense of being a young woman  

Of marriageable age and that’s the reason why God  had favor upon her among women who had different   ages to say okay now you’re going to get with  Joseph Joseph’s going to lie with you y’all are  

Going to have this child and there you will have  Jesus the Christ that is how it all comes together   behold a virgin shall be with child and  shall bring forth a son and they shall   call his name Emmanuel which being interpreted  is God is with us and you want to know something  

We can prove this because if we understand  the definition of the word virgin as a young   woman of marriageable age we can get through  this verse based upon everything else that   we’ve read in the bible and the prophecies are  still true behold a young woman of marriageable  

Age shall be with child and shall bring forth  a son and they shall call his name Emmanuel   which being interpreted is God is with us that’s  true this falls in harmony with the scriptures  

But we’ll read on then Joseph being raised from  sleep did as the angel of the Lord had been in him   and took unto him his wife and knew her not till  she had brought forth her firstborn son and he  

Called his name Jesus this is yet another landmine  where people will look and say got you here Uzziah   how are you going to get around this one I’m  telling you see brothers and sisters this is   the reason why we were warned in the book of  Peter that they that are unlearned and unstable  

Would wrestle with Paul’s writings as they would  the other scriptures a lot of us we hang our   entire understanding on Paul’s epistles but yet we  will reject what Paul said in Romans 1 and 3 about   Christ coming according to the seed of David  according to the flesh we’ll blot that out  

And then we’ll air on the other scriptures of the  new testament when saint Matthew says and knew   her not till she had brought forth her firstborn  son this does not denote that they never had sex   this is simply giving you a chronological timeline  on what happened after this point this is the  

Reason why I stress the importance of the timeline  if you’re going to be a bible scholar you have to   acknowledge the context you have to acknowledge  the timeline you got to look at things and be  

Like okay when this was going on who was in rule  who was the king were the Israelites under the   Egyptians were they under the Assyrian’s were they  under the Babylonians what was the customs you   know the Israelites had all these different types  of laws civil moral dietary ceremonial sacrificial  

How did these laws manifest itself in day-to-day  life if you don’t know any of these things but   then but then you get raised up in a church  that’s just like oh you know Mary just out of  

Thin air here come a baby out you’re gonna be lost  and that’s the reason why the scripture says ye   shall know the truth and the truth shall make you  free I’m gonna go now to um this is in a book of

Y’all bear with me first Samuel chapter one first  Samuel chapter one I’m I’m I’m getting this all   back we’re getting it all together now y’all  know we going through a lot and we almost done   but just bear with me as I’ve stated before when  we’re reading in this account of the gospels from  

Saint Matthew this is not speaking about what’s  happening prior to this in verse 25 this is   talking about what would happen subsequently after  Joseph being raised up from sleep did as the angel   of the Lord had bitten him we’re learning about  what happened after that point but the child the  

Woman is already pregnant the child is coming so  we need to see okay what is this really saying   for any of you that think okay and knew her not  till she had brought forth her born son means  

He this tells us he never lied with her come  look at this this is first Samuel chapter one   and we’re going to start at verse uh first Samuel chapter one I wanna see where I wanna start on this this is

Verse 19 and they rose up in the morning  early and worshiped before the Lord   and returned and came to their house to Ramah  and Elkanah knew Hannah his wife and the Lord   remembered her wherefore it came to pass when the  time was come about after Hannah had conceived  

That she bear a son and called his name Samuel  saying because I have asked him of the Lord   so if we use the argument that a man knowing his  wife means this is the first time that they had  

Sex surely we would have to plug this into what  we’re reading right here Elkanah knew his wife   and the Lord remembered her was this the  first time that Elkanah and Hannah had sex   no when you read in the history of  okay night and Hannah Elkanah had two  

Wives he had Hannah as one wife and Peninnah  as the other Peninnah had Elkanah’s children   but Hannah did not have children throughout  k9 up to this point because she was barren   when you read in verse 5 it reads  but unto Hannah he gave a worthy  

Portion for he loved Hannah but the Lord had shut  up her womb Hannah and Elkanah had sex before   but the thing about it is she did not  yet have child just because a child   is conceived doesn’t mean that that’s the first  time a woman had sex come on let’s get real now  

You might not know how many times a woman had sex  prior to a woman being conceived with child so I’m   just wanting to show you brothers and sisters  this you may read Matthew opening up the bible   right in the middle having never read none of  the history that predates this and you could  

Come to these assumptions as a layperson but every  time we’re going into a scripture I’m showing you   no it’s not talking about that it’s  talking about this here’s the scripture   here’s the verse go and look at it on your  own these scriptures said Christ would be  

Made through the seed of David the  question is how is that going to happen   you tell me how it happened I’m going to read  Galatians chapter 4 verse 4 Galatians chapter 4   verse 4 but when the fullness of the time was  come God sent forth his son made of a woman  

Made under the law now I got a question for you  say the father actually did this miraculous virgin   birth where Mary never had sex and just through a  puff of smoke here it is she’s wrought with child   how would Christ have been made under the law

Questions you got to ask yourself but  when the fullness of the time was come   meaning that the lord had a timetable on when  Christ was coming into the earth he had a plan   this Joseph and Mary thing this was all a part  of a divine plan that God orchestrated he told  

Uh the prophets the Messiah is coming on the earth  through the seed of David we read this all the way   back in Genesis 49 the scepter’s not going to  depart from Judah nor a law given from between  

His feet through the loins of Judah there’s  going to be a king there’s going to be a ruler   and through David’s seed this particular king is  going to reign forever so y’all tell me who it   was talking about if it’s not talking about  Jesus Christ who’s sitting on the throne of  

David forever if it’s not Jesus Christ who has  an everlasting kingdom that cannot be destroyed   you have to acknowledge the Messiah on  that if we’re going to honor the bible   if we’re going to say that this man is the king of  kings we must acknowledge this is the son of David  

Not because it was David himself that light with  a woman and then from there Christ was born it   was a line of sons as we read about in Chronicles  that then ended up down to Christ in the lineage  

The same way that it outlines in Matthew chapter  one but when the fullness of the time was come   God sent forth his son how did  he do that he sent the spirit   Christ was already here before he came in physical  form he dwelt amongst the father in the spirit  

World he was already in the third heaven so  God sends forth his son how does he do it   the same way that he sends every other spirit on  the earth he has a man and a woman come together  

Through the acts of sex the man gives the sperm  God gives the spirit and then from there the child   is born the child is created God sent forth  the son made of a woman made under the law  

Y’all tell me what law you get out of this  bible where women are just born or uh women are   just uh procreating all these kids pumping out all  these kids through hocus pocus show me what law  

I’ll stand corrected show me what law God sent  forth his son made of a woman made under the law   to redeem them that were under the law that’s us  that we might receive the adoption of sons this is  

Crystal clear anywhere you go old testament or new  testament is all saying the same thing that’s the   beauty of the bible this is why Christ told us I  come in the volume of the book this is the reason  

Why in the same chapter where that’s referenced  Christ says sacrifice and burnt offering thou what   is not but a body thou has prepared how was the  body prepared by Joseph lying with Mary creating   the shell which comes through a conception from  sperm and then from there the spirit was imparted  

Christ was already a spiritual presence but  he needed a physical body to be made manifest   on this earth to die for our sins and it’s  crystal clear in the bible if you take the time  

To read this is in Hebrews chapter 2 verse 9. I  got more scriptures just in case these ain’t clear   enough I got more scriptures and more scriptures  all praises to the Lord Hebrews chapter 2 verse 9  

But when we see Jesus who was made a little lower  than the angels for the suffering of death crowned   with glory and honor that he by the grace of  god should taste death for every man who is this  

Talking about Jesus the Christ king of kings  Lord of Lords now we jump down to verse 16.   for verily he took not on him the nature of angels  but he took on him the seed of Abraham how did he  

Take on the seed of Abraham because from Abraham  Isaac to Jacob Jacob begat Judah Judah begat   his sons and then you go over and over into the  lineage of David all the way down through Joseph   it tell it says right here guys how many  scriptures do we really gotta pull for  

Verily he took not on him the nature of angels  telling you right here wasn’t no angel that was   lying down with Mary this wasn’t no angel sperm  it was the sperm of a man the man was Joseph  

For verily he took not on him the nature  of angels but he took on him the seed   the seed the sperm the loins of Abraham why  is this why was it that it wasn’t just this   miraculous thing where up you snap your  fingers and oh look there’s a baby no man  

Wherefore in all things it behooved  him to be made like unto his brethren   that he might be a merciful and faithful  high priest in things pertaining to god   to make reconciliation for the sins of the  people for in that he himself have suffered  

Being tempted he is able to support them that  are tempted now I want you all to look at this   when it says wherefore in all things we already  understand what that’s talking about all things   it behooved him the word behooved mean it’s  necessary it is necessary that he be made like  

Unto his brethren how how were his brethren made  through sex through a man and a woman lying down   with each other and then from there a child is  born wherefore in all things okay this would have   contradicted if Christ was made totally different  from how all of his other brothers was made  

If it was this miraculous conception  wherefore in all things it behooved him to be   made like unto his brethren see this is what  we got to understand brothers and sisters   the miracle of the matter is that among all the  women in the world the Lord chose Mary to deliver  

Christ that’s a great honor but it wasn’t anything  beyond God having the angel to give instruction   we all know that when it comes to the time of  Manoah in the book of judges but then we get to  

The new testament for some reason and then just  lose our wits wherefore in all things it behooved   him to be made like unto his brethren that he  might be a merciful and faithful high priest  

In things pertaining to God you all know what this  is saying the reason why Christ had to be made   just like everybody else is so that way he  could understand the things that we go through  

If he was the seed of an angel he would not  resonate with the challenges of man I’m not   born of an angel I’m come from my father’s seed  because I come from a mortal man I have certain  

Um thoughts I’m fallible I’m a human being  so Christ had to be created as a human being   so that way he could understand what human  beings go through listen if this was just   all about some angel hocus pocus stuff why didn’t  the father just leave Christ in the spirit world  

Why was it necessary to send that man down unto  this earth so that way he could posture himself   in a physical body wherefore in all things it  behooved him to be made like unto his brethren   through the act of sex that he might be a merciful  and faithful high priest in things pertaining  

To God to make reconciliation for the sins of  the people for in that he himself had suffered   being tempted he is able to secure them that are  tempted in order for you to show mercy to me you  

Got to know what I’m going through you’ve got to  be able to live this out you’ve got to be able to   come on this earth and understand what lust feels  like you got to understand what anger feels like  

Not because you’re some angel that’s holier than  thou but because you’re a man like I am a man and   you know what it’s like to go through this worldly  state that was the entire reason why God said no  

No no you ain’t gonna spend all this time just up  in the heavens you want to get out here with the   rest of these people and see what this world is  really about and then if you endure through that  

And die for the sins of the people then I’m going  to sit you at my right hand that’s how the father   orchestrated it but he couldn’t have orchestrated  it if Christ was so disconnected from us   that’s why in all things it behooved  him to be made like unto his brethren  

So now we’re gonna go to the Wisdom of Solomon  some of y’all already know about this verse some   of y’all don’t I just wanted to go through a whole  series of scriptures before we even brought this   out if y’all didn’t believe nothing else that the  bible says you better believe this now remember

The prophecy from the book of Samuel in Chronicles  is that through David’s loins there would reign a   king to rule forever from a physical presence  we know that David brought forth his son   Solomon we’re going to go into the Wisdom of  Solomon to see what Solomon from the seed of David  

David’s biological son said about the virgin birth  this is the Wisdom of Solomon the seventh chapter   and the first verse in the apocrypha I myself also  am a mortal man like to all and the offspring of  

Him that was first made of the earth and in my  mother’s womb was fashioned to be flesh in the   time of ten months being compacted in blood of the  seed of man and the pleasure that came with sleep  

And when I was born I drew in the common air  and fell upon the earth which is of like nature   and the first voice which I uttered was crying as  all others do I was nursed in swaddling clothes  

And that with cares for there is no king  that had any other beginning of birth now you might look at this and of course in the  spirit of gain saying say well didn’t Solomon   physically come before Jesus the Christ  on earth you keep talking about this  

Timeline and the chronology why aren’t you  talking about how Solomon came before Christ   and if Solomon came before Christ then maybe it  would make sense that he didn’t see any other   king be born through any other way because Jesus  the Christ the king of kings he came after Solomon  

I hear your thought let’s jump down into the  chapter verse 17 this is still Solomon speaking   for he have given me certain knowledge of the  things that are namely to know how the world   was made and the operation of the elements  the beginning ending and midst of times  

The alterations of the turning of the sun and the  change of seasons so I want you all to see this   and you know what I’m also get verse 21 and all  such things as are either secret or manifest them  

I know now look at this Moses knew about the  coming of Christ scripture says a prophet   shall be raised like unto me to thy brethren uh  Isaiah knew it said the diversion would be in   child that was Isaiah 7 and 14. all these  different old testament prophets knew it  

But Solomon who was shown the beginning middle  and in the times he didn’t know about the Messiah   Solomon the same descendant who actually lived  immediately after David who was groomed by David   and David told him directly show  himself a man Solomon didn’t know  

That there was going to be another king  to come on this earth after he was gone   Solomon saw all of this for he had given  me certain knowledge of the things that   are namely to know how the world was made  and you know what’s so heavy about that  

Solomon could not know how the world was made had  he not known Christ because Christ made the world   Christ was there from the beginning when the world  was made so he knows Christ better than we do   in this mortal form there’s so many wonderful  things that was shown to Solomon and Paul that  

We cannot even understand is too wonderful for  us so if Solomon is going on record and saying   I have knowledge of the things that are mainly  to know how the world was made Christ created it   and the operation of the elements the  beginning ending in midst of the times  

How could God show the end of time if he can’t  show Christ that represents the end of time   how can you have knowledge about the times  but you don’t know the story of a man’s   life who literally altered time we’re living in  2022 a.d the a.d is after the death of Christ  

So Solomon had to know all of this and what did  Solomon say after being shown all of that for   there is no king that had any other beginning of  birth he outlines it all the way from verse one  

Down to verse 4 letting you know how men  come into this earth I myself also am a   mortal man like to all and the offspring of  him that was made first of the earth okay   Adam then down and in my mother’s womb was  fashioned to be flesh in the time of ten months  

Being compacted in blood of the seed of man and  the pleasure that came with sleep and when I   was born I drew in the common air and fell upon  the earth which is of like nature and the first  

Voice which I uttered was crying as all others do  this goes back to what we read about in Hebrews   wherefore in all things it behooved him to be  made like unto his brethren Christ had to come  

From seed he had to be compacted in blood there  had to be time that he was in his mother’s womb   and then from there he would take in the common  air and the first voice in which he uttered was  

Crying as all others do this is the reason why  even when you look at the life of Christ you see   that he began his ministry at 30. you don’t see  Christ coming right out the mother’s womb okay   watch me walk on water watch me you know  come and declare all these wonderful things  

It didn’t happen that way why because it had to be  documented that Christ came out just like everyone   else did through the act of sex and Christ  himself had to be groomed by parents as that of us  

It was behooved that it was done that  way in all things now let me show you   guys where all this stems from let me show  you where the modern day uh programming   of the immaculate conception and the virgin  birth all stems from this all stems from  

The Roman catholic church what many of us don’t  realize is that there’s a difference between the bible referring to Christians that followed  Christ versus the the creation of the religion   of Christianity that was established in Rome  bible Christian Rome Christianity we’re not  

The descendants of Rome we’re the descendants  of the children of Israel so we got to go to the   bible rather than man-made religions to understand  what the bible is saying this is the reason why   we never impose any uh man-made denominations or  man-made traditions but rather if we say something  

We have to be justified from the word of God God  did not give us religions he gave us commandments   so now when we deal with this virgin birth right  as we understand it this is what you have to see  

You have to see that the interpretation of mother  Mary it all comes from the roman catholic church   look at this the four marian dogmas this is  from catholic school learning the first dogma   now what does the word dogma mean this means that  these are accepted beliefs throughout the entire  

Umbrella of Christianity whether you are  catholic whether you are seven day adventist   whether you are baptist whether you are kogic  when the roman catholic church establishes a   dogma it is a belief that is imposed to every  denomination in the Christian world the Christian  

Theology this is the reason why they have  something called the world council of churches   when all of these various denominational  leaders will come together to learn   what things they are mandated to teach as per  Roman catholic order the four marian dogmas  

One her divine motherhood early church  upheld by the council of Ephesus in 431 a.d   this is coming out 431 years after Christ perished  wow a lot of things could change from from then   a lot of things and that takes us to  a whole other class that we got to do  

About Paul’s letters about a great falling  away we’ll deal with that another time Mary   is properly called the mother of God because her  son Jesus Christ is both true God and true man   never did Christ give up his two natures  since his incarnation her perpetual virginity  

Early church upheld by the church fathers the  incarnation of Jesus did not spoil the virginity   of Mary God preserved her virginity before  during and after the birth of Christ she remained   a virgin for life so here it is we go through  scripture after scripture where the scriptures say  

Joseph is the husband of Mary Roman catholic  church says nope this is just a virgin that just   did her own thing now again brothers and  sisters what are getting good understanding   for someone to be husband and wife how do they  consummate the marriage how is there a shift from  

We’re promised together I’m espoused to you we’re  betrothed to now okay I’m your husband now there   has to be a consummation and even when you read in  the scriptures this is not even Mary’s only child  

But this is the reason why the bible says we ought  to obey God rather than men but the roman catholic   church created a dogma to say she remained  a virgin for life her immaculate conception   early church formerly defined by pope  Pius the ninth in 1850 come on y’all  

See y’all gotta y’all gotta want this to be  the doctrine and let some of this stuff fly   okay all of this is of the Lord but  this is not defined until 1854 almost 2  

000 years after the man is gone I mean it’s almost  2 000 years from the time that the man was born   why do you need to 2000 years if it was  evident to everybody that this was the case  

Why would it need to be formally defined  in any way outside the bible I thought I   thought God has already given the definition  he’s this is the reason why the bible says   add not unto thy word except he reproved thee and  thou be found a liar her immaculate conception  

Early church formally defined by pope we  now read about no pope pius in the bible   uh 9 in 1854 in Mary God prepared a dwelling place  for the incarnation of Jesus at the first moment   of her conception in the womb of her mother saint  anne Mary was preserved free from all staying  

Of original sin wow that’s heavy her assumption  body and soul early church formally defined by   pope pius the 12th in 1950 some of y’all got  parents that’s older than these doctrines coming   out but you hold on to them as though they  were gospel Mary being the immaculate ever  

Virgin mother of God after finishing the  course of her life on earth was taken up   body and soul to heaven free from the stain of  original sin her body was not subject to decay   okay and also by the way before we get off  this I just want you to happen to notice  

The images that you see on the screen how  convenient and see there’s the reason why   when all of you say color doesn’t matter you  don’t realize that the iconoclasm is camouflaged   under the changing of doctrines it’s not just  the images that were changed of the prophets  

It was also the traditions and the customs  this is the reason why so many people celebrate   holidays that they cannot reference out of the  bible all of this comes from the traditions   of men but when Christ was on the earth  he spoke against the traditions of men  

Knowing the evils they could bring about  this is the reason why Christ warned us   false Christ shall arise in so much that they will  deceive the very elect and we’ve been deceived my   brothers and sisters and the only way that  we can come back to truth is if we believe  

On Christ as the scriptures say so as we  close this out we’re going to go to Luke   this is Luke chapter 6 verse 38 before all  this stuff got changed back in 1800 a.d 1950   how did the people who actually walked  the earth with Christ know Christ to be  

In terms of how he was born this is the book  of Luke the sixth chapter and the 38th verse it’s uh uh give me one quick second  y’all give me one quick second   do me a favor y’all while we’re doing this please  make sure that y’all smash that like button  

If you have not yet done so please make sure that  you uh subscribe and turn on the notification bell   so that way you can tune in to more classes  from our church okay notice this this is   in the book of John John chapter 6  verse 38 for I came down from heaven  

Not to do mine own will but the will of him  that sent me and this is the father’s will   which hath sent me that of all which he hath given  me I should lose nothing but should raise it up  

Again at the last day and this is the will of him  that sent me that everyone which seeth the son   and believeth on him may have everlasting  life and I will raise him up at the last day  

The Jews then murmured at him because he said  I am the bread which came down from heaven   and they said is not this Jesus the son  of Joseph whose father and mother we know   how is it then that he saith I came down from  heaven when Christ spoke he spoke in parables  

It was not for everyone to understand here the  people murmured because they’re like what is this   guy saying I came down from heaven I know who his  father is you gotta understand this is community   okay imagine now you don’t think at any point  Joseph would have said well you know what guys  

Ah I’m sorry I’m not really the father because  an angel he was the one that put that seed in   my wife and from there the child was born don’t  call me the father I’m just this random guy that’s  

Somewhere in the midst of this how was Joseph the  father Joseph is the father because he imparted   his seed in Mary his wife and they said is not  this Jesus the son of Joseph see a lot of y’all  

Think my people part of the reason why it was so  hard for the Jews to receive Christ as the Messiah   is because he came from humble beginnings  it wasn’t like there was this larger than  

Life oh my God look at the sky is cracked open  here comes Christ now on a silver platter no   he came from Nazareth and people said the Messiah  is born and he came out of Nazareth can any good  

Thing come from out of there we got to understand  familiarity breeds contempt this is the reason why   Christ said a prophet is not without honor except  amongst his own people everybody is astonished at  

Him talking about he’s come from heaven we’re like  yo I know who your father is I know who your mama   is I know you daddy is you’re just like the rest  of us that’s why it behooved him to be made like  

Unto his brethren in all things that was a part  of the miracle and real quick I almost forgot   which would have been more impressive  Christ being conceived of an angel sperm   and then coming on this earth and walking without  sin or him being created just like the rest of us  

And overcoming all trials in temptation  what would have been more miraculous   a man just like us growing up in the same  cities dealing with the same challenges   enduring all of the temptations that we  received from our youth up and overcoming them  

Or this story about this angelic child who was  just made out of a pillar of smoke and then   from there he looked at all of the servants among  him and said oh you little peasants you deal with  

Lust but I don’t know what that is I’m without  sin no the reason why Christ was born this way   is because God had to show forth the amazing  wonders of a man coming on this earth in the flesh   and then overcoming all of the trials of  

Man this is the reason why Christ is called  the son of man because he was born from a man and they said is not this Jesus the son  of Joseph whose father and mother we know  

Okay how could they have said they knew this  father if it was some angel for far off they   knew the man that impregnated Mary how is it then  that he saith I came down from heaven see these  

Were all things that a lot of our people they  couldn’t wrap their mind around like remember   whenever Christ was talking to Nicodemus  and he was talking about being born again   Nicodemus thought okay well is he a man going to  go into his mother’s womb for a second time how  

Is all this going to happen Christ is speaking uh  uh symbolically while living in a physical state   and it was up to us to learn it that’s the reason  why it was given unto the disciples to understand  

Speaking of the disciples what did they think  when they saw Jesus the Christ they walk with   the man surely they know more about him than we do  John chapter 1 verse 45 Philip findeth Nathaniel  

And sayeth unto him we have found him of whom  Moses in the law and the prophets did right Jesus   of Nazareth the son of Joseph and Nathaniel  said unto him can there any good thing   come out of Nazareth Philip said unto him  come and see that was a part of the miracle  

The miracle was the Messiah who brings  deliverance to the people is going to   come from one of the most wretched of plays  from a place you would not expect everybody’s   thinking oh man surely the Messiah he’s going to  come in on this high horse in this angelic robe  

All of us are going to see him and behold his  great wonders no Christ didn’t come like that   he came out of Nazareth because it was a stumbling  block for people to truly see wow good things do   come from humble beginnings that’s the reason  why Zachariah tells you not to despise it don’t  

Despise humble beginning because you don’t know  what could come out of this you think okay this   is just Joseph yeah we know him that’s our guy but  you don’t realize the Lord is going to move joseph  

To then procreate the Messiah it’s God’s spirit  that’s coming into this womb but God is going to   use men on earth to fulfill his will okay  now we’re going to go to Luke chapter 2   verse 48 Luke chapter 2 verse 48 please  watch this class over and take good notes  

It reads and when they saw him they were amazed   um let me let me bring this back let me bring  this back I’m not even gonna do it like that   I’m gonna bring it up a little bit earlier  just so y’all can walk with me into this point

Luke chapter 2 verse 41 now his parents went to  Jerusalem every year at the feast of the Passover   and when he was 12 years old they went up to  Jerusalem after the custom of the feast and   when they had fulfilled the days as they returned  the child Jesus tarried behind in Jerusalem and  

Joseph and his mother knew not of it but they  supposing him to have been in the company went   a day’s journey and they sought him among their  kins folk and acquaintance and when they found him  

Not they turned back again to Jerusalem seeking  him and it came to pass that after three days they   found him in the temple sitting in the midst of  the doctors both hearing them and asking questions   and all that heard him were astonished  at his understanding and answers  

And when they saw him they were amazed  and his mother said unto him son   why has thou dealt with us behold thy father  and I have sought thee sorrowing so Mary now she   regards this man Joseph as the father if anybody  would know who the father is Mary would be it  

Mary then says thy father and I have sought  thee sorrowing why joseph don’t pop out of   thin air I ain’t the father do you I never  had sex with you what are you talking about this is what everyone understood when  Christ was on the earth long before  

Pope pius long before Christianity  under the roman catholic church   the true believers of the word  that actually followed Christ   this was the understanding they had the disciples  had it the Jews had it Mary who had the boy had it  

But you know what they all got it wrong us here in  2022 who’ve been following after the pope who said   that Jesus Christ is a white man with blond hair  and blue eyes they’ve got the right understanding   everybody else in the bible who actually saw  this they they’re all wrong they’re all off  

And how crazy for scripture after scripture to  go out and nobody correct none of this heresy and when they saw him they were amazed and his  mother said unto him son why hast thou dealt   with us behold thy father and I have sought thee  sorrowing she’s giving Joseph the the president  

She’s deferring to Joseph your father and I  if this was if Joseph was a nobody it would   have been all on Mary hey me and this  dude that I’m with we was looking for   you know thy father and I have sought thee  sorrowing were your parents we birthed you  

And he said unto them how is it that ye  sought me wist ye not that I must be about my   father’s business and they understood  not the saying which he spake unto them   now why wouldn’t they understand that  guys could it be they didn’t understand it  

Because Christ was referencing somebody outside of  his biological father could it be that they didn’t   understand it if Joseph who Mary is regarding as  the father right here is right in front of the   child confronting him and then he says I got to  be about my father’s business what business son  

I didn’t give you this business to stay up here  in Jerusalem we came up here for the Passover   now it’s time to go back he’s speaking  about somebody else that they don’t know I mean this is so clear once the spirit really  kicks in this is the reason why when you read in  

The 48th verse of this chapter the word father has  a lowercase f then when you read in the 49th verse   it’s referring to an uppercase F the  lowercase f from verse 48 is referring   to the biological father the man who gave the  seed the 49th verse is giving an uppercase F  

Acknowledging the spiritual Father in  heaven who’s the heavenly Father to us all   that’s making reference to the man that put the  spirit in the womb these are making reference to   two different things there is a biological father  and then there is a heavenly Father that we are  

All subject to maybe you don’t see it we’re  gonna go to another verse in the new testament   this is in uh Hebrews Paul’s epistle to the  Hebrews Hebrews chapter 12 verse 9. I want   y’all to notice this furthermore we have had  fathers of our flesh which corrected us and we  

Gave them reverence shall we not much rather be  in subjection unto the Father of spirits and live   now when Paul is writing here and using the word  Father is he talking about two different people or   is he talking about the same person there’s the  fathers of our flesh which correct us as Joseph  

Did and then there’s the Father of spirits  that gives eternal life there’s a distinction   one from the other these were all beliefs that  our forefathers understood but us being estranged   from the bible in the modern day there is no  way that we could ever wrap our mind around  

You’re going to have a biological father and  you’re going to have a Father of spirits Jesus   had a biological father the same way that David  did Jesus also had a Father of spirits just like  

We do we are all accountable to that man the head  of every man is Christ the head of Christ is THE   MOST HIGH this is a common understanding y’all but  I’m telling you we’re so warped we think knowing   that you’re Israel is a big deal you don’t  realize throughout this entire bible nobody  

Was really that geeked up and knowing that there  the Israelites the bible speaks of it was common   knowledge but we’ve been destroyed for a lack of  knowledge so much this is like trigonometry to us  

And this is the reason why we must repent this is  the reason why we must endure to the end because   the Lord is going to show us all things we know  important prophesy in part now but in that day  

When the Messiah returns he’s going to bring  all things to our remembrance as well as our   understanding and a lot is being brought to us  right now and it’s in the prophecy but some will  

See it and some won’t this is Matthew chapter 13  verse 53 we’re going to close it out right here   Matthew chapter 13 verse 53 now some of you may  be watching this from the roman catholic church  

Um and you might be saying to yourself wow this is  one of the biggest abominations I have ever seen   how dare this man get on here and say that Mary  wasn’t you know in her virginity and she had  

Never had sex let’s look at this verse right here  Matthew chapter 13 verse 53 and it came to pass   that when Jesus had finished these parables he  departed thence and when he was coming to his   own country he taught them in their synagogue  in so much that they were astonished and said  

Whence have this man wisdom and these mighty  works is not this the carpenter’s son who is the   carpenter y’all the angel is the is the carpenter  some somebody floating in the sky somewhere with a   halo on their head no this is talking about Joseph  Christ learned how to be a carpenter from his  

Biological father the biological father he’s going  to train the child is not this the carpenter’s son   is not his mother called Mary now how do  you think that all these different Jews   are able to link Joseph and Mary together because  when marriages took place it was common knowledge  

For everybody to know it was it was not commonly  understood among the Jews oh okay Mary’s are far   off over here and she just had a baby on her own  y’all we don’t know who the daddy is it’s somebody  

From outer space that wasn’t the understanding  is not this the carpenter’s son is not his mother   called Mary and his brethren the the the siblings  that they had more children with and his brethren   James and Joseph and Simon and Judas and his  sisters and had plenty kids are they not all  

With us so now this puts us even more through a  whirlwind because okay was it the virgin birth   just for Jesus or was it the virgin birth for all  of these children that married and had every last  

One of these children married and had here it is  Joseph he’s just sitting up watching somebody else   baby after baby after baby after baby I’m  righteous though I’m a just man come on man   with all thy getting get understanding wisdom is  the principal thing and it is high time for us to  

Come back to this bible I pray that you brothers  and sisters uh learned something were edified and   you will use this class as inspiration to get  closer to Christ according to the scriptures   and with that brothers and sisters we say shalom  okay thank you so much for all of you tuning in  

If you have yet to do so please  make sure you smash that like button   uh make sure that you turn on the notification  bell so you can receive an alert every time   that we do another class there’s still a lot to go  over brothers and sisters but we need your support  

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Feel free to leave a comment and Lord’s will we  will see you guys on the next lesson until next   time we wish you peace and blessings may  you and your households be blessed shalom

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