2 Peter, part 2 – Our Part in Participating in the Divine Nature

Thank you those who Worship the Lord Worship in spirit and true Those who Worship the Lord worship and spirit and Truth Obey his word and we walk in the light the way yeah If we obey is then we walk in the line You say that but we don’t keep his word then we walk in the darkness and the truth And the blood of Jesus will cleanse us from sins away in the truth Obey babe Foreign Well good morning friends I gotta get my finger there we go I’ve got that where it needs to go now trying to do too many things here at one little moment but hey um I am glad to be with you here we we’ve begun the migration over to the Daily discipleship podcast

Facebook page and buy next week Monday we will have transitioned completely over to uh to that channel uh I may be allowing it to and Dot and I may be allowing it to stay on the veracity side but friends the chat the the chat will be the comments will be will want them

To be on the daily discipleship podcast page uh I get to see where all the chats are from you know uh so I I see the chats from a couple different YouTube channels I see the chats from a couple different Facebook pages and there Don has put it in there for us

You can see it uh they’ll link into it uh stay where you are for this morning I think uh or comment which which page are you on are you on resty Chapel or are you on um are you on uh The daily discipleship podcast or anybody that’s jumping in we’re transitioning over uh to uh a dedicated page for this broadcast that way it isn’t uh mucking up if you will the and that was an m just want to clarify uh mucking up the page uh muddying the page for

Veracity Chapel uh especially is as I’m going into um uh some different directions with my life and veracity Chapel still our family I mean I had my last elders meeting last night and was uh you know I got to the end I got up clocked out and

Started to walk out and go this just feels weird and uh in fact went up into the sanctuary to pick something up there and uh I thought man for you know almost 14 years they’ve been coming up here and really since the media box has been

Built which is more like five years been coming up to here and my my preaching Bible sits in a particular place and whatnot and it’s like that’s all coming to an end and uh but I’m not and the ministry is not the ministry is expanding the ministry is growing

And uh and you can continue to be a part of that you can continue your partner to think of it as think of it as participation in expanding ministry that’s what it is and our our elders feeling the same way it’s a participation expanding the ministry and

You get to participate in that now having said that I I do want to uh I do want to let you know uh uh I’m looking for something that I can’t quite find um there it is okay yeah I I’ve got it here I don’t

Know if I can copy it or paint and paste it I’m going to try it uh uh sorry folks I do this to myself and no I can’t but but anyway you get to participate let me let me keep let me keep on Focus here so you can participate uh

With with what’s going on uh in the expansion of ministry and it’s my prayer and I want you to hear this that uh veracity you that are part of the Rhapsody Chapel family we’ll say that this is an expansion of our ministry and uh what Jim does i i my

Prayer and hope would be that you would see New England Bible College and seminaries an extension of the ministry of veracity Chapel that’s my prayer my prayer is that uh you would see what I’m doing with concentric Global uh in all the places that I go is an extension of

The ministry of veracity chapel and that in a good way you could take some pride in that you could take pride in expanding the work of the Kingdom all over the state of Maine in New England through New England Bible College and Seminary that you also can take pride

In participating in what’s happening globally and uh in the participation of various things that I’m doing I’ve got a pretty robust travel schedule uh coming up this year trying to balance the two uh between the college and and concentric uh but friends I mean you’re part of that you

You’re a part those of you that are participated in the the trips this last uh um last spring you were a part of touching South Sudan uh you were a part of impacting the lives of people uh from uh All Over America who were part of especially our Israel trip but then also

All the way down into Costa Rica a Honduras Brazil you’re a part of that by extension and your participation uh helps so very very very much and I’m going to put in the comments uh I’m going to invite you because not everybody that listens here is a part of

The veracity family but if you want to become a part a partner I’m praying that God will give me at least a hundred Partners who will be faithful prayer warriors uh I’m praying that God will give me at least 100 Partners who who would say hey we will participate uh uh in in

Supporting the work whether it’s supporting projects uh and when I from time to time say hey I’m raising money for and some of you already do that I’m still raising money for South Sudan haven’t quite reached my goal and some of you have given toward that thank you

Very much this is to train leaders who will help uh expand and multiply the sustainability efforts and the disciple making efforts in the church planting efforts there in South Sudan and so you might say I want to participate only in special projects and I’ll let you know

What those are or you might say hey I want to participate in supporting what you’re doing it costs money to travel these places and uh so I’m going to type into the comments a link that if if you’re not a part yet this is triggered there are people beginning to become

Those types of Partners and I’m going to put that in the comments and give you a little bit a little bit of instruction and then we’re going to get into the Bible because that is really why we’re here and there you go that that is a place um that you can go

Concentricglobal.org backslash give and then down below it’s gonna it’s if you get there it’s going to say choose your designation in fact let me put that I can I can share this with you uh like this there we go there now you can see what it looks like

Here you can see the web address up on the top you can choose a designation a an amount you can choose one time I really am in need of having at least a hundred Partners at a hundred dollars a month um is the goal the ultimate goal here

Within the next couple of years to be at least at that level because it is quite expensive to travel the places we travel but we also do a lot to support people locally so you can see you can choose the amount uh and then down below there’s a place that says choose your

Designation you click on a little drop down menu you will see a list of just a few names uh Steve Hudson who was my predecessor Mike harder who is my partner uh my boss we’re Partners really uh projects and forums so those are are things that we’re doing uh and then

Um Israel study tour Ministry opportunities and uh uh and then down here the ministry of Jim Culbertson with concentric so I would love I would welcome you becoming a part of that with me and I need to have those partners and it’s something that you can do to uh to touch the world

Just from your own perch your own place so enough on that I will probably put a little thing up on the screen that you’ll be able to look at each day so you will know where you could give and participate and anyway you’re getting the point and Friends sing over here in the

Comments you know I got thinking about it the change uh yeah it is uh it is I thought about that last night what what Fran’s talking about I thought about uh just the feeling of the change and I get it I I feel it too and I thought

You know I need to as well uh take the time to to feel uh the change uh to embrace it to think about there’s a lot of good memories so Fran don’t get me started I’m gonna be an emotional mess so hey anyway let’s get into the text of scripture today and uh

Second Peter chapter one and versus we did verses one uh we did verses three and four well actually one through four his divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his glory and goodness

Through these he has given us his great and precious promises so that through them you may participate in the divine nature and escape the corruption in the world caused by evil desires so we looked at that yesterday we are invited to be participants uh in the divine nature we are invited to be

Participants in becoming like Christ that is what that means some people would say well is it saying that we become God no we don’t become God we don’t even become part of God we become like Christ and in that way we’re participants in the divine nature we are

To become like Christ and we know that when either we are called home through death or called home through through Rapture um or called home through um invited into the millennial Kingdom how whatever however your theology rolls that out or whoever your life’s experience rolls that out then we will

Be like him because we will we will see him as he really is and we will be made like him in the twinkling of an eye in that moment in that time we will be fully like Jesus but until then as it says in verse 4 through these he has

Given us his very great and precious promises so that through them you may participate in the divine nature and escape the corruption in the world caused by evil desires that’s God’s part God has given us everything that we need for life in godliness in Christ it’s all there he’s

Given us everything we need to escape the corruption in the world caused by evil desires it’s our own evil desires I mean there’s the world system that lines itself up against Christ but then there are our own evil desires that get in the way and they do they trip us up and you

Know sometimes they’re they’re uncontrollable things like outbursts of anger uh but sometimes they’re also lingering less that we may have and those types of things that that are a part of uh that are a part of living in this flesh things over which we must overcome uh and I I think of a

Verse I’m going to go to that verse and show you that verse and and I’ll be honest sometimes it’s a verse I don’t like because sometimes I don’t want to overcome my Temptations here it is First Corinthians 10 13 no temptation to seized you except what is common to man

And God is faithful he’ll not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear but when you’re tempted he will also provide a way out so you can stand up under it God is faithful it will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear but when you’re tempted he’ll also

Provide a way out God provides a way out uh now would anybody else be honest enough to say sometimes I’m not interested in taking the way out because I want my Temptation that’s what makes it Temptation what makes it tempting is that it is um salted caramel cheesecake with whipped

Cream and a cherry on top that’s what makes it tempting Temptation isn’t because it’s something nasty like you know you ever have some vegetables in your fridge that you’re not sure if they’re still good you know is the Slime the butter from when they were cooked or the Slime that they’re

Going you know so you understand what I’m saying that’s not so tempted it’s like should I eat that should I not eat that but when it’s salted caramel cheesecake with whipped cream and a cherry on top and it’s fresh and you know you shouldn’t have it because you’re like me you’re trying to

Lose weight and be healthy but it’s good Don says in the comments he says my blood sugar just skyrocketed good one Don I I like it but see that’s what makes it Temptation Temptation isn’t something that’s nasty temptation is something that you want you get what I’m talking about you know

It can be the temptation of food uh it can be the temptation of the eye gate it can be the temptation to say something that you really shouldn’t say you know it’s the temptation to give someone a piece of your mind that actually you yourself cannot afford to lose

But there’s that Temptation that temptation to I deserve to be mad and angry you know the temptation to um be coarse in in a joke or some language uh in a setting that that shouldn’t happen you know you name it you list it there’s all kinds of Temptations God’s word says right here

Second Corinthians 10 13 no temptation to seize you except what is common to man God is faithful he will not let you be tempted Beyond you can bear but when you’re tempted he’ll provide a way out so you can stand up under it so yeah and here’s another one uh

Nell putting it uh in the comments here and we agree with what she’s saying and temptation to tell someone off or to hold my words and show Grace I mean the Temptation the Temptation is want to tell somebody off I just want to let them have it you know that’s a temptation

God’s word promises that he’ll give us wet if we’ll look for the way out if we’ll look to God we’ll see the way out we’ll take the way out sometimes we do sometimes we don’t would you agree with me on that point sometimes we take the way out that God

Gives us and sometimes we don’t take the way out he has given us everything that we need for life and godliness in Christ now let me get us back into second Peter because second Peter chapter one it speaks of what we have just looked at the part that God gives us uh

Really says he’s given us everything we need but we need to be active we need to do our part so we pick up in verse 5 and we probably won’t get through all this this morning maybe we will it says for this very reason because God has given

Us all these things make every effort to add to your faith goodness to goodness knowledge to knowledge self-control to self-control perseverance and to perseverance godliness to Godliness brotherly kindness to brotherly kindness love love is like the bow that wraps them all together says for if you possess these qualities

An increasing measure they’ll keep you from being ineffective and unproductive in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ but if anyone does not have them his niece nearsighted and blind has forgotten he’s been cleansed from his past sins therefore my brothers be all the more eager to make your calling and election sure

For if you do these things you will never fall and you’ll receive a rich welcome into the Eternal Kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and he says so I will always remind you of these things even though you know them and are firmly established in the truth

That you now have I think it’s right to reflect to refresh right no it’s not right to refresh it is right to refresh your memory as long as I live in the tent of this body because I know that I will soon put it aside as our lord Jesus

Has made clear to me and I will make every effort to see that after my departure you will always be able to remember these things Peter even speaks about his own part he’s doing everything he can to stimulate them he’s doing everything he can to stir them up he’s

Doing everything he can to inspire them to encourage them to challenge them to show them that they’ve been given what they need to show them what steps they need to take to show them what they need to work at Peter is saying I am making every effort before my departure

So that you will remember these things now he’s talking about Departures departure of death as he said there in verse 14 down here at the bottom uh I will soon put it aside as our lord Jesus has made clear to me you you can see it

Down here he knew his death the time of his death his martyrdom was coming now back up to the top we see this list of all these various uh qualities that we are to develop in our lives it begins with faith friends it all starts with faith we we

Need to have the faith to believe that God has given us what we uh what we need to do he’s given us every step he’s given us now the things to go after but it’s activated by faith we’re going to trust God that God has provided a way

Out from the Temptation we’re going to trust God that God has has given us his strength we’re going to trust God that in his word and the knowledge of him and his precious promises that we have what we need that is the faith and then Peter

Goes on and then begins to to delineate the various qualities to develop so make every effort to add to your faith goodness I mean goodness we’ll probably go over and look at some other translations here but but to be a good person it’s morally good I I think there’s the

Moral aspect of goodness but I also think there’s an aspect of goodness of the type of goodness that you like to be around it let me give you an example another example um you ever buy a little packet of blackberries you’re going to Hannaford’s you get some blackberries and they all

Look just really good and they open up they taste good but then you know after a day or two you start looking around the edges and those on the edge or on the bottom begin to get that white Mossy stuff growing that’s not goodness goodness flavorfulness that our lies

Would would be demonstrative of a pleasant good flavorfulness of Christ that people would get the sense of Christ around us that there’d be an aroma of Christ in our lives so there’s the moral goodness yes but then there is also the goodness of of freshness like good baked bread uh with

Warm with butter on it and blueberry jam they are done did I Skyrocket your sugar again yes so goodness then it says add to your goodness the next thing he adds is knowledge now what knowledge we can spend our time looking up lots of things

And I do I I’m one of those as a philosopher I have my philosophers ask questions that’s what they do and then they seek answers there’s all kinds of things that I want to know about but but ultimately the best knowledge is the knowledge of God Don sitting there going like this not

Listening as uh as I talk about these foods but the knowledge of God so to read Christian books to listen to Christian broadcasts to read scripture those types of things so we we add knowledge and then on top of knowledge he says to add self-control again personal responsibility this is

Where theological camps break down those who believe totally and I will have some people who say what about the sovereignty of God uh okay because they’ll want to argue a point so is God’s sovereignty allowing you know making that person sin over there there is human culpability there is

Human responsibility and we need to demonstrate responsibility in demonstrating self-control eating less not eating the sugar uh having half the slice of the bread instead of the whole slice or having one slice instead of two or three and that’s tough when it’s warm and the butter is melted but to exercise self-control

To add to self-control he says perseverance to persevere and being self-control so we know we’ve gotten the knowledge uh and so now we try to apply self-control to that knowledge and then we continue to persevere in applying the self-control you get the point then it says to perseverance godliness to Godliness brotherly kindness

And then to brotherly kindness love we have all this kindness uh that we should possess that if we’re living in the Holy Spirit the holy spirit’s living in us friends that is a theological fact that when you become a genuine converted regenerative regenerated born-again Christian the Holy Spirit takes up

Residence in your life permanently it’s taught we’ve looked at it in Ephesians before and as we allow him to have control of Our Lives one of the fruits of the spirit when we’re living in the spirit when we’re walking the spirit is kindness brotherly kindness and so we we

Demonstrate brotherly kindness all these qualities that we would add to our lives and and Peter goes on and says look if if you possess these things in growing and increasing measure you won’t be ineffective and you won’t be unproductive in your knowledge and the idea of the knowledge is now the applied

Knowledge of Life In Christ um so grow in these things verse 10 he says this he says if you he says be all the more eager to make your calling and election sure for if you do these things you’ll never fail I mean these things are

Indicators of the fact that we have a legitimate faith that we are in fact called that we are in fact elect of God and if we don’t do these things if we don’t see these things in a person’s life if we don’t see spiritual fruit in

A person’s life that reality may be that they in fact may not be saved they may say well I’m a Christian but if you don’t demonstrate fruit how do you know buy your fruit by their fruit you will know them there’s fruitfulness that should be demonstrative in the life of an elect believer

These things should be there so so work them out work out your salvation Paul says in Philippians chapter 2 verse 12 to work out your salvation with fear and trembling does it say work for it but work it out live it out in your life now let me just

Finish out with a few verses here and it’s time to get off the broadcast it says verse 11 you will receive when you do these things you receive a rich welcome into the Eternal Kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I think those trying

To live it out are going to be the ones that really get the hey I’m so glad you’re home I’m so glad you’re here I think that the people who just have Jesus you know maybe just enough of Jesus in their life to get them saved and Paul talks about

This in First Corinthians 3 uh that they may make it as one escaping through the Flames by faith in Christ but it’s like oh okay I’m glad you’re here but for those of us who are really trying to live out the life Peter says that there will be a rich welcome into

The Eternal Kingdom uh I want that to be me I want that to be you and so as we read this we see things that we’re to work out we claim God’s promises the first few verses of second Peter chapter one and then we see our work we see our part

But ultimately it all comes down to living life in the Holy Spirit Well friends I’d encourage you go back and read and reread this passage again tomorrow we might make a brush up against it as we move forward in the passage and look at it through another

Paraphrase but for day for for today we’ve gotten our encouragement we’ve gotten our inspiration we’ve gotten our marching orders that we would live for Christ in ever increasing fullness Lord hear our prayer to become more like Jesus hear our prayer to become participants in the divine nature

And to escape the corruption in this world caused by our evil desires Lord hear our prayer for the holy spirit’s helped to make application of what we’ve looked at today that we might not only be better Christians but might glorify Christ along the way in an ever-increasing fashion Lord hear

Our prayer in Jesus name amen friends we’ll see you tomorrow have a great day

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