Two Natures of Christ – Fulton Sheen Timeless Wisdom

Christ has two natures one human one divine they are both united in the person of God after we can make this clear if you will take a pencil in your hand now that pencil has a nature as is not in other words is the nature of the

Thing that right do you notice that there are before you two nature’s one the nature of the pencil the other the nature of your hand how are they unite in your one person so it is possible to have the union of two natures in one person returning now to our pencil the

Pencil oven by yourself cannot write you put it down on a chair or table before you that pencil cannot write Kenny a pensioners like man you cannot bear the daddy-o now put your hand in the air bring it down that pencil here you have a union

The nature of the hand which is united with your person and the nature of a pencil now the pencil can do something which by itself it could not do so the hand your personality coming down to that pencil represents the person of God and the divine nature coming down to

Human nature and when God comes down and takes upon himself a human nature United with his divine nature and divine person and now just as that pencil could do something which happened by itself it could not do so Yuma nature United with the person of God can now begin to do

Something which of and by itself it could not do before once God took upon himself our you you can act in our day every one of the actions of that human nature would have an infinitely notice I a word a tear a step that human nature was inseparable from the person that is

Why one breath of God made man would have been enough to obedient why then God suffer so much he took upon himself argument nature love knows no limits then the only way to prove perfect love is by the surrender of all open one hands and so God took upon

Himself our union nature and he said he loved the Sun to the end and if you were the only person in the world who ever did you would have come down the desert that just for you alone that is how much you have You

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