Why Suffering/evil poses a Problem for Atheists

Because I think there’s a real problem  here and the problem isn’t what you’ve said   it’s can suffering and evil pose a problem to the  atheist as well? Because I think this is the real   problem, the problem is for the atheist. Can you  perhaps explain why it’s a problem, the problem  

Of evil and suffering. I think so too and  I think it’s very important to turn the tables   when we’re speaking about this issue too  because thinking about suffering like I said   I think it’s something that all people all  around the world throughout history have been  

Thinking about, theists, polytheists, monotheists,  deists, these people are thinking about suffering,   suffering is a part of this world so but i  really think that it’s a big problem for the   atheists from for three specific reasons. The first  thing is when you speak about the problem of evil  

You’re actually speaking about an objective  standard for what is good and bad and evil   and not even and i will speak about that the  second thing is that when people are suffering   uh it’s really something that goes through their  nervous system that you can feel pain is something  

That goes through your nervous system and  the nervous system is incredibly designed   and it really points to a designer. So it’s  really an evidence for for God’s existence   and the last thing is how to cope with  suffering and evil in the world as an atheist. So  

Let us speak about the first thing when we speak  about the problem of evil let me say because   this is … I’ve seen Stephen Fry he’s a  very famous British comedian and and so on he’s an  

Atheist he says he’s an atheist and he was going  on about how evil suffering was he used the word   evil repeatedly and many people found this  very very ironic and contradictory just   this is a real problem so real atheists are  really saying it’s evil and you can see Stephen  

Fry going on and on about this on youtube so why  is that a problem for atheism i think that most   most general atheists they have a sense inside of  themselves it’s a part of the Fitrah, the natural   instinct that there are some objective moral  goods and evils that they think that this and  

This and that are objectively good it’s not just  my opinion and the opinion in my culture this is   good to help children that are starving it is a  good thing to do it’s not just my opinion that  

It’s good it’s a good thing to do and holocaust  and so on they are evil things it’s not just   my opinion that it’s evil it’s evil but if  you’re an atheist you don’t you can’t have these   objective moral standards because everything just  goes down to personal beliefs or feelings  

And we can see that atheists that really take the  atheism to this extent like you can see Alexander   Rosenberg he’s a professor of philosophy as a  book that is called Atheist Guide to Reality   and when he speaks about these issues he  said there are no such thing as good, bad,  

Evil, and so on it’s just you should do  good things because it makes you feel good   but there are no objective moral standards for  good and evil in ethics atheistic worldview you  

Can even see like i don’t know if you read the  books of Noah Harari: Sapiens A Brief History of Humankind, and Homo Deus, deals   they’re quite interesting books when he’s  speaking about these things because he’s a  

Real darwinistic atheist and he takes all these  things to it’s he’s a real nihilist so when he   speaking about human rights he said there is  no such thing as human rights because human   rights are based on the belief that humans  are created equal from a creator this is the  

Declaration of the Independence of the United  States people are not created in his view there   have evolved evolved and they are not equal  they are different people are different so   how can you speak about human rights this is a  metaphysical concept it’s like we don’t have any  

Rights we’re animals we’re evolved animals so  when atheists usually speak about these things   i think they kind of go back to their Fitrah,  their natural instinct, that there are some   objective moral good and evil they’re using  religious language yeah they’re illegitimately   borrowing some religious language of good  and evil as metaphysical objective concepts  

Whereas in fact truly as their own philosophers  have said there is no good or evil for atheists so   actually it’s it’s a bit of a um a tricky argument  because they’re borrowing religious language and   saying oh but we’re not we don’t believe in  religion they can’t really do that consistently  

Yeah and the the second thing is the nervous  system uh why do people suffer why do you feel   pain when i do like this because i have a nervous  system if i would not have a nervous system  

I will not feel pain when i do this and this and  that and i’m not a doctor so i can’t speak about   how the whole nervous system is built up and so on  but you can just go into youtube and write a human  

Nervous system and you can when you see these  things it’s just Allahu Akbar like Subhanallah   how just in a microsecond when you do like this  you can feel straight away in a microsecond pain  

And if we would not feel pain we can lose our legs  so we don’t know which is that someone cuts off   our legs and we don’t know what’s happening with  us so it’s really a signal for us that there’s  

Something wrong here there’s something wrong in  your body here you can feel pain here okay you   should go to the doctor you should look it up  and so on and this is pure design and the sign  

Points to a designer so the whole thing the whole  concept of suffering goes back to an incredibly   designed nervous system and the third thing that  i think it does not really disprove atheism but   it’s if you really think  about the atheist worldview  

And you can see that they are suffering  or people around them are suffering   how can they find like uh consolidation  or how can they find some kind of comfort   i used to have a neighbor in sweden who was an  atheist on a countryside when he was feeling pain  

He was old and he had chronic pains or something  like that and he used to find comfort in saying   well it would all go away in the crematorium when  i die and will cover that all of my pains will go  

Away this was his way to find the hope that he  will lose pain and he’s yeah in his worldview   it’s right how can they find something if we look  at the hadith that i mentioned the ayat of Allah  

And hadith of the prophet upon whom be peace and you suffer you  can really feel like ok okay i can take this   because it will take away my sins and i’ll have a  reward in the next life and so on and so on so you  

Can feel comfort that God will reward us for all  of these things but as an atheist what if you have   chronic so you feel chronic pain chronic diseases  suffering the only thing that will take it away   is death and it’s like okay after death  what’s there it’s nothing so i think that  

This is really it’s really depressing if you  really think about what atheism means it’s   depressing because okay you strive today you study  and you work you gain money and you gain fame but   at the moment that you die everything inc in  accordance to your worldview finish nothing there  

And how can you you can see that people are  suffering people oppressing others you could see   that Hitler it took over like almost the whole  of Europe he killed people by the millions and   when the Russians came close killed himself  and he’s finished we as muslims believe that  

He will be responsible allah azzawajal will have  him responsible for his needs and his actions   at the same time all of these people that died  and so on and people that die and wars and so on   uh Allah azza will make justice in  the next life so when you believe  

In that it really gives you comfort  and it makes you cope with the hard   hardships of life and the sufferings of life but  i can’t really see how an atheist can feel that   it’s very hard for me so i think that the problem  of suffering is really a problem for the atheist  

Yeah and yeah this is the great great irony  actually that this problem actually uh rebounds   back on them with incredible force uh for the  three reasons uh that you mentioned they can’t   complain about evil evil doesn’t exist  for them and then and in their and their  

Exquisitely designed nervous system bears  testimony to a designer anyway and anyway   atheism is his hopeless nihilistic literally god  forsaken ideology which offers no consolation or   hope to humanity so it really rebounds back  on atheism very painfully for them I think.

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