Interfaith Education

The purpose of a, of a special focus day is where we actually stop teaching the IB, but it’s an opportunity to focus on the actual mission of of this UWC college. So, why interfaith? Identity and especially religious identity has been used and abused throughout history for political ends.

And to understand why the situation is like this in the current modern society it is really important to learn about religion. It´s really an interesting way to learn more about the people around you and the environment I am muslim and I am connected to foreign country and not a good time for

My religion itself because we have a lot of like, conflict areas now in foreign countries about the Islam and about terrorism by relating them together but like, I thought it may be a good thing that I come and maybe I can change something in people. People´s perspective of Islam

I think our work is to help people reclaim the voice of their religion and represent it in the way that it’s meant to be represented. As a force for love, as a force for harmony, as a force for bridge building in the world.

And looking at this kind of issue, the inclusivity of it If you are a member of that faith what do you believe in so to speak, they unite you with other members but, it excludes others and it’s that exclusion which can be exploited With two seminars to try and increase the

Amount of exposure that students could get to face speakers. My religion or my religious life it’s between me and between god, but, the social life and the rest of our life it´s for all of us together. If you believe or not believe, we are together. To built, the whole and the future.

I think Interfaith is so interesting because you learn more about like, the core part of how people perceive the world and how people think. So it’s not just the superficial culture exchange of oh, this is pretty; but, you learn about the meaning behind the objects and I think it really helps to

Understand other people. People who, maybe doesn’t believe in God, and doesn’t believe in any other religion and they just really listen and they have good questions and they really respect the religion and they respect each other and, they were really happy after it. So, this really surprised me.

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