Jesus’ divinity and humanity

Foreign I want to go through a little bit of my testimony just because I I don’t recognize a lot of you I mean I recognize some of you some of you might know me some of you might know me as the guy that plays the guitar right that’s

Not who I am I’m a child of God and I have a story and I also have a lesson for you today and I actually want to take you kind of deep in the word this is uh not the milk this would be the meat this is something that requires

Faith for you to understand there’s teachings in the Bible that are called Mysteries and I think the reason they’re called Mysteries is because they require faith for you to understand you can’t analyze them through science you can’t analyze them through human reason and your intellect will do you no good okay

So but before I get to there my name is Jim I did 10 10 years four months in federal prison for manufacturing methamphetamine that’s who I was in the world in the world I was a dope cook I ran around sold drugs and destroyed people’s lives and myself and my family

And everything that was around me um uh the law got me they threw me in prison I dedicated myself to the word you know I tried to make all sorts of deals with God as you do when you’re locked up and you have nothing and you’re stuck and you try to make a

Bargain with them and you know I said you give me 10 years or less and I’ll serve you with all my heart he gave me 12. so now but that one I said you’re going to serve me for the twelve and the reason why I had to do

Such a long sentence was number one that I had a really hard heart and I had a lot of Pride and I know that all of us struggle with those things it’s just a natural thing I think that we’re born with pride even small children when you

Give them toys and they haven’t learned much yet they’re still just little kids and then they got two toys you know that’s my toys you know they’re greedy by Nature they’re prideful and and so that’s one thing that only the Holy Spirit can overcome in us okay it’s only

By Divine appointment It’s Only Life divine inspiration and the Holy Spirit and we can overcome those things but as I’m sitting in prison and I’m going to the chapel I had a buddy that was there in prison with me and he was a Mormon and he said

We go to church with me and he said yeah I said I take what I’ll go to church with you if you’ll go to church with me and I said you bet you know I’ll do that so we went to my church and we’re having a good time and had great things they’re

Pretty good for you enough you got to come to mind so I went to the Mormon service and I sat down and I had kind of long hair back then this was about 2 000 and my hair was a little bit long in prison you know and the Mormon looked at

Me you know in his black pants and his white shirt because they all work pretty much the same thing I’ve never noticed that but yeah there’s two you know that’s what they wear just like the guys in the bicycle anyway he looks at me and he goes to

Obviously you’re not a Mormon right and I know it wasn’t because of the clothes it was because of the hair you know and I said you know you’re right sir and so he said well I’m going to explain to you what we’re all about and so in 15 minutes he explained to me

From pre-mortal existence to the end of time and what the Mormons believe okay and I was just amazed I was blown away you know they were so formulated when I go to church I get a small piece of a puzzle and I take that small piece of

The puzzle back to the sale and I try to fit it in with all the other pieces that I’ve gathered and so I began to ponder why is it that my denomination or my church whether it just be Protestant is more Christian can’t do that same thing

For me so I began to study that with a real passion okay and that study is called Systematic Theology and if you know you went to Theologian school that’s what you would say it’s very technical and all that great stuff but it really doesn’t have any meaning but

Doesn’t have Jesus and the Holy Spirit in it so yeah there’s a lot of things you can do with the Bible you can you can destroy a lot of things with the Bible if you don’t have the spirit of God and so uh so I prayed earnestly and

I studied and I read and I study and I came across this teaching that I want to share with you okay and I came across the answer that I discovered which is the reason why you don’t get a lot of that today in church the whole

Picture so to speak is because there’s a lot of controversy about a lot of the Peace and and pastors don’t want to add even more confusion to confusion so that’s why you don’t get the whole picture a lot of times you’ll get enough of the picture the most important picture that

You need is a picture of Jesus and salvation amen right amen that’s if as long as you get that right you’re good all the other theologians can squabble about all the other details all they want but the teaching that I want to share with you the name of the teaching is called the

Two majors of Christ and the reason why the Holy Spirit led me to this is because once I grasped this teaching it really opened God’s word up to me about Jesus if it made me understand Jesus in a way that I didn’t understand him before not for confusion okay so if if

This teaching confuses you at all okay don’t listen to it if you don’t grasp it if you’re not ready for it it’s okay just ponder it a little bit just focus on Christ that’s our main thing so the the teaching is the two Natures of Christ

And we want to start in Isaiah chapter nine and you ask the people that like to read or the readers read my podcast what verse uh Isaiah chapter 9 verse 6. for to us a child is born to us the son is given and the government shall be

Upon his shoulder and his name Shall be Called wonderful counselor Mighty God Everlasting father Prince of Peace now obviously you can see from the scripture they’re talking about Jesus unto us a son is born and it shows the titles that Jesus carries and you either said Mighty

God is in there okay so what I want to really stress here is that Jesus is God nobody’s ever told you that if nobody’s ever said hey that Jesus is God that’s one of the first things that you’ve got to come to realize Jesus Is God he’s one

Of the three persons of the Trinity right another really deep teaching Trinity is a really really deep teaching but Jesus Is God okay he is divine some religious bodies uh say for example the Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t accept that Jesus is God they accept Jesus as a human being without a problem but they

Can’t accept them as God okay but the the scriptural proof that Jesus is God is undeniable I’ve only got like three scriptures to prove it but there’s I’ve got a list in here that’s like it’s huge it’s huge okay by the same token you can make the same mistake and not have Jesus

As a human okay and it’s very important that Jesus be divine and it’s very important that Jesus be human for many reasons number one he needs to be divine in order for his atonement to hold infinite power okay did you grasp that in other words ask God whatever he does because

Everything that God does is infinite he’s an infinite being hell is infinite Heaven is infinite he lives infinitely his knowledge is infinite everything about God is infant and so as as Jesus has gone when he does his atonement the power of that atonement is infinite you understand it’s not limited it’s not

Limited by anyone or anything okay so let’s look at one more scripture for Jesus’s Divinity uh Jeremiah 23 and 6 and then if we want we can read John 1 1 you know which is a New Testament scripture that and with 14 of course and then we’ll look at this Humanity

Someone got Jeremiah 23 and 60. in this days Judah will be saved and Israel will dwell safely now this is his name by which we be called the Lord our righteousness all right there’s Jesus Jesus came from the tribe of Judah right and he was the Savior right and he

Was also God okay there’s several texts here I’ll read John 1 1 and 114 in the beginning was the word and the Word was with God and the word loves God so the question is well who’s the word right and I’m just saying well that’s that sounds great but that really confused me

I don’t know how many times I read that scripture in prison I read that John 1 1. I for a year I read that before God revealed what that meant to me right so let me join 14 with it in 14 it says and the Word was made flesh so the word is

Obviously Jesus and dwelt amongst us and we behold his glory the glory of the only begotten of the father will embraced and full of Truth so what I want to really emphasize here is the Divinity of Jesus that Jesus is holy God okay is he the father no there’s the

Father the Son and the Holy Spirit all of them are equal in power in essence okay I know that our human Minds when we think about that when we think about three persons in one being we’re like it’s too much for me so much you know the Jehovah’s Witnesses say it’s too

Much the unitarians say it’s too much I can’t handle that but there are many things that you’re going to discover about God if you can think about that you can try to rationalize and they’re not going to make sense why does God do Miracles why do I exist and stand here

Why do these millions of cells that are in my body choose to live together just the Miracle of Life that your body functions the way it is is a miracle beyond belief the way A Tree Grows is baffled Sciences for years okay they’re still looking at that so there’s a great

Many things that God does that require okay as a matter of fact everything that God does requires Faith every time you read in the scripture where there’s a miracle then Jesus says and your faith has made you whole wow you got any faith faith is that is

The substance from which we grasp God okay and so for us to truly understand that Jesus is divine that he is actually God requires Faith okay so let’s look at Jesus’s Humanity the first question is why is Jesus have to be a human why can’t he just be a spirit that looks

Like a human right and then when he suffers it don’t hurt and when they do all those things it doesn’t really affect him because there are religious denominations that believe that Jesus appeared that he was just an angel that appeared as a human being but it’s incorrect we know that Jesus was

Actually a human being he even refers to himself as the son of man right he cares the title Son of God which emphasizes his divinity and he also carries the title of the son of man which is his humility or Humanity John 8 40. let’s

Take a look at that one and then we have Matthew 26 28 I’ll grab that one Matthew is 26 28 and but now you seek to kill me a man who has told you the truth that I heard from God this is not what Abraham did now if you

Can’t accept somebody else’s testimony right which you know when I go to talk to people and they start to explain something to me and I start to listen to what they’re saying and I start to analyze what they’re telling me right the first thing that I have to consider

Is that they’re a human being right and that as a human being their ability to be honest sometimes is not what it should be right my ability to be honest with myself is sometimes hammering sometimes I tell lies I don’t even know why I told the LIE until I’m caught anything the

Guy’s just look hey check oh yeah well you’re right man I didn’t even realize I was like well this is the words of Jesus Jesus refers to himself as a man okay Jesus who is God is saying that he’s a man okay if we can’t take the testimony

Of man we can take the testimony of God Amen Matthew 26 26. 26-28 this is my blood of the New Covenant which ratifies the agreement and is being poured out for many for the Forgiveness of sins amen so okay if he’s just a spirit and he’s not made of flesh and blood

Right and how is he there’s no blood if he’s just a spirit there’s no blood okay and the reason that Jesus Christ must be human is because he’s making an atonement for the sins of the human race okay it talks about Jesus being the second Adam okay

What we mean is that as Adam was made perfect in the garden and sinned and brought a curse of sin upon all human beings so the second Adam which is Jesus Christ was also born of the flesh okay and brought atonement for us okay it’s by our faith in Jesus Christ in his

Shedding of the blood that we have the remission of sins so if he wasn’t really a human being how could he atone for the sins of human beings right how can a spirit atone for Humanity that wouldn’t make sense it wouldn’t equate in God’s justice right we serve a just God and if

A human being commits a sin or Humanity in general then by Humanity will that have to be justified so it was very important that Jesus be divine in his atonement and be human in his atonement otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to atone for our sins okay so so we see

That Jesus is both Divine and that he’s human but he’s not half human right and he’s not half divine he’s a man and he’s God all in one being here this is the mystery that’s hard for us to comprehend it comes back to the like the

Trinity we’re like man how can that be but we’re going to look at some scriptures where Jesus is going to speak from his human mind and where he’s going to speak from his Divine mind and you’re going to see that there’s times where Jesus Christ will speak and you’ll say he’s not God

And this is where a lot of Errors come in religious denominations but they say we can’t how could God say that right how could God make that statement because that statement is made by a human being and the answer is because Jesus is a human being and he does speak

Just like a man just like you just like me and sometimes he does say things right that would make you think well he can’t be God to say that and so let’s look at a few examples of Jesus speaking in humanity and speaking in his divinity

Okay and there’s even times and I didn’t go that far in his teachings I didn’t think he would have times time to do it where the human part of Jesus speaks of the Divine and the Divine speaks of the human but I don’t think we have time to go that far so

Um let’s go to mark 11. and there’s you know when I first grasp this teaching it was like wow that makes sense you know I mean I can make sense of why Jesus says this sometimes and this other times and there is no contradiction there’s no contradiction

In the word of God amen amen it’s invaluable it’s the book that has withstood the test of time and the scrutiny of every intellectual of every century without blemish okay Mark chapter 11 and we’ll start in verse 12 and we’re going to compare verse 12 with 11 20.

Okay so here’s Jesus right on the morrow then they were coming from Bethany Jesus was hungry so here’s Jesus he’s walking back from preaching and doing you know doing God’s work and he’s hungry obviously he’s a human right he’s hungry like we were before we had breakfast this morning

And seeing a fig tree afar off and it having leaves he came if happily now this is the King James version so yeah with you the terminology kind of is the first most we have an NIV right I started with the Contemporary English version yeah the sacred box of God you

Know the Ark of the Covenant the sacred walks of God very plain terms that’s what I needed at first having leaves he came if happy he might find anything there on and when he came to it he found nothing but leaves for the time of figs was not yet now

Here’s Jesus who’s hungry he sees a fig tree just like I would I’m gonna go grab me a fig a fig tree got leaves looks like I might have some tasty fruit okay now you’ll see that he gets to the tree and there’s no fruit now we know that God

Knows all things so why didn’t Jesus just you know tap into the Divinity you know I can check it out before he wasted all the energy to go over there and get mad at it right okay and and there’s some controversy as to why Jesus does this some people

Believe that Jesus chooses right to not use his Divine mind in certain instances to relate to our experiences okay he says that Jesus has uh not only bore infirmities but it was tempted in every way that we were tempted okay and so there’s certain times where and and I

Think that it’s pretty accurate to believe that that he actually shuts off his Divine mind and just operates in the human just goes with it right just like me and you in this case it gets to the tree and guess what there’s no figs so what does he do that’s right

And Jesus answered uh there was no fruit and Jesus answered and said unto it no man eat fruit of thee henceforth and his disciples heard it so Jesus curses the fig tree okay we read in chapter 20 right where the tree is withered so here we see Jesus demonstrating his divinity in that

He has the power and authority over nature that he tells a tree to die and it dies right he tells a man to rise up and live the man rises up and live whether it be spiritually dead or physically dead it doesn’t matter so we

See that in his Humanity Jesus goes to a fig tree and in his divinity he curses the tree that will produce the fruit for his Humanity amen amen kind of deep too deep for you guys all right let’s go to the next one Luke 22 42 22-42

Okay here’s Jesus in the garden right in this scripture right here baffled me for a long time when I first read this but the first uh I’ve been a Christian since uh 2000 so you know I it’s I’ve studied a lot that’s really really studied a lot

That and not that that makes me any better than anybody else sometimes after all this study I wish that I wish the Christian I was on the very second day was the day that I got saved man you know what I mean sometimes I wish I

Could just go back and just make it like that sometimes I think that the more I know the worse off I am but that’s not the case it actually brings us closer to Christ but there’s something that that childlike love when you have across from the very beginning it’s a very very

Special time amen and it was for me anyway on my face uh so here we go we got Luke 22 42. and this is the words of Jesus and he’s in the garden and he’s praying he’s about to be crucified and he knows what’s coming right and he says father

If thou be willing remove this cup from me nonetheless not my will but die will be done okay we can see where Jesus speaking in his Humanity right and in his prayer and in his Union with the father is asking just like we do some days right I’ve had days like that you

Had days like that where you say God man just don’t let me go through this I can’t handle it you know don’t let me get divorced don’t let you know me lose my job uh my finances are a mess or anything physical that we experience whether it be an ailment or pain you

Know your back is thrown out whatever I don’t know how many times in my life especially being in prison I say God and can you just let this cup pass just let it slide by just let me sneak through you know and I didn’t put the put as your will on

The end though most of us don’t most of us just pray for what we want but let your will done let your will be done part doesn’t come till way later when we’ve matured as a Christian and we really trust God you know when we really really have faith in

Him and we’re walking in that Faith right and that’s a growing that’s a growing thing but that in my Humanity I’m asked just like Jesus you know what God just take this away from you just don’t let me experience this right and God says you know what my will stands

You will pass through the fire and you will pass unscathed or you’ll pass through the fire and you’ll experience what I wanted you to experience then you’ll learn what I want you to learn that that’s my job as their father is to teach you all things okay so here we see Jesus

As a human he’s down on his knees and he’s praying to God just like we do and he’s asking God to prevent the tragic things that happen in life from happening to him if it’s possible so let’s look at 11 20 now same oh I’m sorry I’m sorry

Let’s look at John 18 36 sorry about that John 18 36. Jesus answers now this is where Jesus is being questioned by Pontius Pilate and and I think that this particular scriptures only found in John but for sure anyway so Jesus is giving an answer as to who he is okay conscious

Mind says well who are you you know and he says my kingdom is not of this world if my kingdom were of this world then would not my servants fight that I should not be delivered to the Jews but now is my kingdom not from hence in

Other words what Jesus is saying is I’m not from this world I’m from heaven right that’s where I came from if if my people were here right now they would smash you like it’s done in heaven but I’m not from this Kingdom so we see Jesus saying in his divinity I’m Divine

I’m a Divine being that was sent here right and as my mission is not to fight you there’s another scripture and I think that it’s also in John where he says that no Authority was given unto you unless it was given by my father right Pontius Pilate tells him hey don’t you

Know that I have the power to have you killed or let you live and Jesus says you know what you don’t have anything on me you don’t have anything that wasn’t given by my father who my trust completely right so we see that Jesus speaks in the humanity just like you and

Me and he speaks in his divinity okay so one more I got one more for you Matthew chapter 4 verse 1. I think okay so here we are and Jesus is being tempted by the devil okay I I don’t know about you guys but when you first read

The Bible right and you said okay Jesus is gone right well then what’s the devil doing there right what does God and the devil have to do with each other and Jesus is really God why is the devil there tempting and that’s just not possible everybody knows that the

Picking order in Heaven Is God angels and demons humans so this provides logic but the reason is because Jesus must be tempted because he’s in his Humanity now whether the devil knows that Jesus is being a God or not I don’t know I’ve never really answered that question I’ve never really

Pursued that question in the Bible to find out but I’ve always thought that he didn’t or I don’t think the devil would be there I don’t think the devil would waste his time he would have died before Dr cross yeah yeah so um so here’s Jesus and let’s read

Starting one then when Jesus was left in the spirit Into the Wilderness to be tempted by the devil and he had fasted 40 days and 40 nights and the temperature came to him and said that if you’re the Son of God command these stones to be made bread so here we see

That just like you and me right Jesus and his humanity is being tempted by the devil and you’re going to experience this if you don’t know this or I know you know this already but you have an enemy the word declares that there is opposition

Stand for to what you believe in to all that you’re about and that enemy is the devil okay and he’s come to kill steal and destroy I know that you guys have heard that okay but just as Jesus was tempted so you’re tempted in your Humanity okay and in your Divinity in

Other words if you truly possess the Holy Spirit don’t we also share in Christ in the fact that not that we’re God I would never claim that but that we have a peace of God in us and that we are clothed in humanity and that we share more with Jesus than we thought

That yes sometimes we speak like a man sometimes we speak the word of God huh amen and sometimes in our infirmities we cry out and let this cup pass and sometimes in our divine strength we say we’re not from this Kingdom right that we’re from the kingdom of God okay okay

I want to read one more scripture dear I can’t see the clock so I didn’t bring my watch all right you got 20 minutes 20 minutes uh let’s go to John 18 and 4. you know all those 10 years in prison I got stuck on the gospels I literally was

In the gospel for like 10 years I just couldn’t get out of the gospels I couldn’t get to the Epistles I couldn’t I mean I did a lot of Correspondence courses through the mail and uh so like they sent me the uh Old Testament you know two-year old

Testament study so I did the two year old testament study and I did the two-year New Testament study and I just kept getting drawn back to the gospels especially John I don’t know what it is about the Gospel of John but when I was a man it’s all that

All right eighteen and four Jesus therefore knowing all things that should come upon him went forth and said unto them whom seek ye okay so here’s Jesus in his human form right Jesus is a man using his divinity to know all things okay so so this is where we differ with

Jesus okay there there’s a lot of things that you’re going to read in the word of God and you’re going to say you know what I’m just like Jesus right and it’s Humanity I’m just like Jesus and and his divinity sometimes I’m just like Jesus sometimes I can be super

Spiritual sometimes I can be filled with the Holy Spirit and I’ll get pumped up and I’ll pray and I’ll share I’ll get the word in me and I’ll go out and God will send someone to me and they’ll say something and I’ll know exactly what to

Say I’ll know that God wants to speak through me wants to speak life into this person right then and there I don’t know how many times it I went to the Walmart right by my house right around 40th and Thomas and there’s a Walmart right there

And there right this big this guy from our church and he’s sick I mean he’s sick sick he’s and he’s trying to work in the Walmart is the greatest they say him not to be the greeter in the sick but it’s okay it was in my appointment

Amen that’s where he was supposed to stand or I wouldn’t have found him in the Walmart so he’s standing there now remember what’s up I’ve been sick for two weeks I spent all my money on the doctor you know I said man let me pray with you so

I prayed with him I went into Walmart I did my shopping and God said you know what you need to give him some money the prayer was great fantastic idea however that’s not what he needs right he needs money he just spent all his money on the doctors he

Told you that hello wake up McFly you know me and my wife blessed him with some money right and so there’s there’s times where those Divine appointments we share with Jesus and we have to recognize those and we have to recognize our Humanity right just like Jesus okay uh

So we got one more that joins with that scripture okay Jesus whom do you seek and they answered him Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus said unto them I am he okay this this particular passage in scripture but let me finish the reading and then I’ll uh and Judas

Also which betrayed him stood with them as soon as he had said unto them I am he then all the people around fell backwards to the ground okay this particular piece of scripture is where Jesus is talking about his divinity a matter of fact he is emphasizing his divinity in a way that

Is causing a physical reaction that the people that are around him because of the command when he’s saying I am God I am he I am who I am I am the I am I am Yahweh that the people fell down so here we see Jesus using his authority right to not

Only demonstrate that his humanity is ineffective he’s a human being but that he’s also a Divine it is also Divine uh everybody fell down this particular passage of scripture is all and it’s only in John when you read it you’re like wow you know Jesus they come up to

Arrest Jesus and you Jesus I am and everybody falls down what a great passage I think this has an authority you know I keep trying but it doesn’t work for me I know nobody Falls can you repeat that passage please okay I’ll read it the address uh 18 uh John 18.

And starting in four okay so it’s four fives and six seven four five and six the reason that I share this particular teaching right is because you’re going to encounter people that have a different view okay and they’re going to come to you and I used to debate

Um with the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Mormons in prison just because they were lost souls you know and they were like the hardest ones to get so I went after the hardest one I said God sent me after the hardest ones and God said go to the Jehovah’s Witness for a little while

Right okay and that’s an experience let me tell you because you know what no religious body equips their people to defend against you than any other denomination most people that aren’t experienced will go with them and they’ll get chewed up you’ll come out of there and you’ll be

Feeling raggling it’s like man I gotta go study some more this guy just ate me up right but what you need to understand for yourself not the ear do after the Jehovah’s Witnesses and I found out later that really wasn’t the way to go I mean I did it very softly you know

Because these were my friends I told them look let’s have a Bible study together I said okay so we all brought our Bibles you know they brought their New World Translation and I brought my Bible and we came to an agreement that we were using the same book but we

Didn’t come to the same conclusion right and so I got to the point I said okay well okay well we’re using the same book but we don’t have the same conclusion so we need to come to a conclusion about who Jesus is that’s the only thing that

I really focused on because I figured if they just got the Jesus was God then everything else would fall into play and so I said okay I tell you what uh this week you bring the scriptures that you tell me that Jesus isn’t God and then

Next week I’ll bring the lunch so they brought theirs and I listened to it I said very interesting it’s very interesting and you know I’ll have mine actually they never showed up again but anyway the reason that I share this is so that number one you’ll have a

Deeper relationship with Jesus knew his word that when you read his word and when he says something right it doesn’t sound Divine don’t be surprised okay because Jesus is a man right he’s a man just like you just like me the one exception that you might find to that is

That you know the Holy Spirit on his conception it says that the Holy Spirit hovered around his conception so whether he had a sin nature or not is kind of debatable you know if in order for him to be the first Adam I would think that

He would have to have been like Adam without that sin nature you know that it would be like that but that he’s a human being just like you and me and there’s going to be times where he speaks in his humanity and then there’s going to be

Times where he speaks in his divinity and if you don’t have a good balance of that right if you don’t have a good balance of that then you’re going to fall into one of these calls and that’s where these Cults are going to come at

You from they’re going to come at you I had a guy in prison I don’t remember what denomination but he come to me and he says hey you clean the train I suggest I do he said can you explain it to me I said well certainly I

Can so I began to expound on the Trinity for him and he started hackling me and I said you know hold up did you really want to understand this or are you just trying to bash me you know and he said and he wasn’t the same sky in the world

But he said uh well he said you know at the Jordan River when Jesus is baptized if Jesus Is God what is he Evangelical sin because who’s that voice in heaven I said I said no that that’s the Trinity that they’re all three there there’s Jesus in the water the holy spirit’s

Coming down to the father’s and what better example do you need of this tell me that you know but he was quite a character so you should have a good balance of of Jesus as humanity and a good balance of Jesus Divinity there’s even other scriptures where it talks

About the blood of God all right we’ll come across that wow how can God have blood God can’t but Jesus did and Jesus was God Amen and so when when you read your word and and I assume that all of us read some of the gospels right are we all official people

I’m gonna have still stuck in the gospel it’s like I’m here later it’s good news it’s all there when you’re in the gospels and you’re reading about Jesus and Jesus is speaking when you hit those red letters right you get those red letters okay think to

Yourself okay Jesus is a man and Jesus Is God and he’s both people and one being and that he can speak from his human human mind and he can speak from his Divine mind that he can speak from his human consciousness and that he can speak from his Divine Consciousness and

That he can even speak from his Divine towards his humanity and his Humanity towards his new Divine and at that point it gets a little crazy you know but in us and likewise we also are human being and as born-again Christians we are also Divine we’re not

God and we can never throw the thrill of God obviously but we have the Holy Spirit in us and so there’s times in your life and in my life where we’ll come to a situation and no matter how spiritual we’ve been the week before no matter how much we’ve prayed and you

Know done all the stuff that we come up and something snaps in us and we speak in our humanity and you know what all we can do in those instances is repent and say you know what God I don’t want to be like that I want to

Be more like Jesus give me more of the Divine Right give me more of the Divine all right and there’s going to be times where you have a Divine appointment and you’ll roll up somewhere and God will speak nice and clear to you and tell you

What to do right and then you’ll find that you’re also human and that you’re also a divine sometimes you’ll speak from your human mind sometimes from your Divine sometimes you’ll speak from your Humanity about your Divinity and sometimes from your Divinity about your experience but that you’re just like Jesus amen

Amen any questions too deep okay that was awesome yes brother and when I was in federal prison I had to be a threatened too long sometimes when they’re running around saying alive yeah I mean not everybody was supposed to have guidance but these guys were trying to teach that we were little guys

That was like you know yeah I mean yeah um basically the way that they get away from that scripture in John 1 1 right is that they don’t capitalize the G okay and and the and and how that came about was when they when they translated the New World Translation the scholars that

Did that were not authorized to do that and that’s why it is printed by the Jehovah’s Witnesses people you know the Watchtower publication company and all that because they don’t have they wouldn’t have any other sponsors but basically you can change one letter in one of the Greek

Words and give it a totally different meaning totally different meaning from meaning of the same Essence to meaning a mix of something right and if you’re curious about that particular word I’ll pull it I I got that it’s in my study I have a big old thing if you want the whole

Thing of it I’ve got a huge bigger one it’s called a summary of Christian doctrine it’ll kind of give you a little overview of some of the the names of Christ and of what you know what his titles hold and what they mean and about some errors about that particular what

You’re talking about whether the word god should have a capital letter or a small letter and it all revolves off of one letter the letter i that they insert in the Greek word okay very crazy the biggest problem I had as a Christian in prison was this this they had this they

Have this saying in prison I don’t know if they got a mistake or if they had it in the beds basically a couple places I were at if you’re weak or if you’re scared go to church yeah so I had to deal with that the whole time you know I

Mean you know it’s like hey you know I’m just trying to and then once somebody’s family member was sick guess what they’d come and ask me to pray for them it’s okay though yeah yeah this was a just awesome teaching by the way um I read I think every time I read it

I go man that doesn’t really sound like Jesus is when the syrup Phoenician woman yes um wakes him up and he says why would I give right what’s meant to be at the king’s table the dogs and I’m like you know you know Jesus is Love man you know he just loves

Everybody you know we you know and so for me to read that with my mind I was like dick you know so I I’m trying to find it I can’t find it for the life of me but um at any anyways my knee says that and she says

Even the dogs eat from the scratch on the table yeah she just fires right back and I’m just saying hey even the even the little dogs eat the eat the scraps from the King stable kind of thing but I think that’s the one thing because I can

Say okay well he cursed the Fig Tree yeah he was hungry and he didn’t get what he wanted and he said you’re not getting no one will look from you and then um he uh had righteous indignation um which is Justified anger when he went and cleansed the temple right of the

Money changers and everything like that but but I mean you just straight up called this lady what he was calling there was a a gentile there you go so that you know I don’t know received any Revelation on that particular message no but you know what there’s a book lightness

You got a response yeah I actually do okay the significance seems to be for one thing that God’s a covenant God and um it’s a big deal because in this situation This Woman’s got no rights we’re talking about rights and privileges right we’re we’re seated at

The right hand of Christ right now we have rights and privileges we may not take advantage of them we may not realize them but you know the spiritual credit card in your wallet that’s Limitless it’s Limitless on getting everything you want to need if it’s in

Line with God’s word right we may not take advantage of it we may not use it we may not think about it in this case she had she didn’t have the credit card she didn’t have the perk she didn’t have the plan she couldn’t and she couldn’t sign herself up

She was outside of the will of God at that moment and and God for whatever reason allowed her to kind of like still humiliate herself or humble herself and still press in by faith and she’s one of the she’s like one of the first examples of someone who crossed as they say she

Crossed the line by the grace of God the God said I’m sorry but little dogs don’t get what my children get yeah and she’s like yeah the little dog still get to eat from the crumbs of that counter drop and he’s like you know what woman and you are stubborn you trust you

Acknowledge who I am you’re in and that was a big deal so that’s that seems to be was you as a gentile yeah and so was the Centurion he’s the Roman yeah and it was just too totally different reactions from Jesus yeah one was I’ve been seeing

Faith like this in all of Israel and Jesus marveled at him which and it’s a good thing when Jesus Marvels at you right yeah amen and then the other one was like broad get out of here you know what are you thinking yeah Jesus sees the heart of it yeah but he still

Humbled herself there’s a really good book uh it’s by a guy named FF Bruce it’s called the hard Saints of Jesus and it hits all of those you ever read that Tom man that’s a hard book right there it’s a really good book If you ever you could probably even PDF

It online but you know when he’s talking it’s a spirit though so you know when whenever you talk harshly or turn over tables and as simple because the people were you know selling some and all that people they love the principality that they right you know so that’s why when

You see it’s harsh words and my brothers there’s a time and place for everything yeah there’s nothing wrong with being angry uh the principality and as long as you as long as you you get it out but you know again it’s a word you choose

And as long as they’re uh out of love and it’s biblically directing us where you know there is something wrong with the Rage of course but yeah there’s again there’s there’s a time for that and that’s what’s so interesting we picture Jesus as a loving awesome you know kind of just just

Walking along and not in Beauty and Grace where she was but there’s also the that’s that lion and lamb too yeah that lion needs to come out once in a while so there was a time when the Bible was being formulated right and this is an iniquity and there’s a guy called

Marciano Marcel and marcion didn’t like the god of the Old Testament right but he liked the Jesus guy so he just kind of cut out all the mean stuff about Jesus and just left all the good fluffy stuff and made his own Bible and started

His own set yeah I mean and uh that’s what led to them formulating what’s in the Cannons or the Bible what it is today to prevent people from doing that from cutting out God’s justice in God’s commandment against sin and his demand for righteousness and just holding on to

His love and all the easy fluffy stuff you know so there’s definitely you know Jesus not that he ever sinned but there are times where Jesus had to draw a hard line too and then there’s times where his compassion is overwhelming you know where where he’ll say why don’t uh the

One without sin till the first time the great thing about it is he always will give us an escape yes so uh whenever you tip it don’t feel guilty or shameful just just listen to our god that tells you to go to yeah brother in the back did you have

Something you wanted to add I seen your hand up well I was gonna say uh Paul Paul always said you know the gospel is for the Jew first and then to the gym you know so Christ came to Israel first and uh and then it was after that that you know it was

It was given to us you know uh and the woman as well you know she wasn’t part of Israel and and actually when the disciples came back and saw Jesus sitting under well and talking to this woman they were like what are you doing talking to him you know what or

What what are you doing talking to her right you know what and because her people in Israel didn’t have anything to do with each other you know so there’s a lot there that you can find that would explain that you know it was like he’s staying at home

You know you call him a lady a dog well that’s you know it’s a Humanity in Christ and Christ being Jew talked to this woman but it actually it actually brings about the documents to the Gentiles it’s like um I forget where it was but Jesus called it too PR you name

Two people that were saved in the Old Testament and and the Pharisees were offended that he brought up these two names with us because they were gentile people back in the Old Testament you know what I’m talking about the right now Jesus was talking and he was saying how

Look back in this day the woman was visited by the prophet that had nothing to eat Elisha visited this one the name of the leopard was field and these were the only two that God had named last year that’s you know he just brings the gospel full round to not only until he’s

Used within 10 towels as well and he does that yeah his Humanity speaks any other questions uh I want to thank you Brothers for letting me share I’m sorry I’m not here every Saturday I work on Saturday mornings I work from seven to noon at a busy little Garage in Tempe

Uh working on cars and getting drinks and all that fun stuff these days yeah hey man but I’ll try to get here as much as I can you know I’d love to spend time and get to know some of you guys better I know most of you

But not all of you some kind of new basis and uh you know thanks for letting me share with you and I hope that that opens up God’s word a little bit to you that when you read the red red lettering in the Bible if you have read that

Arrival then you’ll hear Jesus speaking you know and with a little more depth and I hope that you’re a little more confident to stand behind the truth that Jesus is God and that Jesus is a human being amen amen that’s great thanks Jim thank you

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