The Atonement of Jesus Christ

At this season of the year we particularly rejoice and reflect upon the Savior’s atonement it is indeed the most supernal mind-expanding passionate doctrine this world or universe has ever known it is what gives hope and purpose to our lives then what then is the atonement of Jesus

Christ in one sense it is a series of divine events that commenced in the Garden of Gethsemane continued on the cross and culminated with the Savior’s resurrection from the tomb it was motivated by an incomprehensible love for each of us it required a being who was sinless who had infinite power over

The elements even death who possessed a boundless capacity to suffer the consequences of all our sins and ailments and who in fact descended beneath it all this was the mission of Jesus Christ this was his atonement what then is its purpose

It was to make it possible for us to return to God’s presence become more like him and have a fullness of joy this was done by overcoming four obstacles first physical death second spiritual death caused by Adam and by our sins third our afflictions and infirmities and fourth our weaknesses and

Imperfections but how can the Savior accomplish this without violating the laws of justice suppose for a moment a man contemplating an exhilarating free fall makes a rash decision and spontaneously jumps from a small plane after doing so he quickly realizes the foolishness of his actions he wants to

Land safely but there is an obstacle the law of gravity he moves his arms with astounding speed hoping to fly but to no avail he positions his body to glide or float so to slow the descent but the law of

Gravity is unrelenting and unmerciful he tries to reason with this basic law of nature it was a mistake I will never do it again but his pleas fall on deaf ears the law of gravity knows no compassion it makes no exceptions fortuitously though the man suddenly

Feels something on his back his friend in the plane sensing the moment of foolishness had placed a parachute there just before the jump he finds the ripcord and pulls it relieved he floats safely to the ground we might ask was

The law of gravity violated or did that parachute work within that law to provide a safe landing when we sin we are like the foolish man who jumped from the plane no matter what we do on our own

Only a crash landing awaits us we are subject to the law of justice which like the law of gravity is exacting and unforgiving we can be saved only because the Savior through his atonement mercifully provides us with a spiritual

Parachute of sorts if we have faith in Jesus Christ and repent meaning we do our part and pull the ripcord then the protective powers of the Saviour are unleashed on our behalf and we can land spiritually unharmed this is only possible however because the Savior overcame the four obstacles that can

Prevent our spiritual progress first death he overcame death through his glorious resurrection the Apostle Paul taught as in Adam all die even so in Christ shall all be made alive second sin the Savior overcame sin and guilt for all those who repent so deep an expansive hisses cleansing power that

Isaiah promised up promised though your sins be as scarlet they shall be as white as snow on occasion I have met with good Saints who have trouble forgiving themselves who have innocently but incorrectly placed limits on the Savior’s redemptive powers unwittingly they have converted an infinite

Atonement to a finite one that somehow falls short of their particular sin or weakness but it is an infinite atonement because it encompasses and circumscribes every sin and weakness as well as every abuse or pain caused by others Truman Madson made this comforting observation if there are some of you

Have been tricked into the conviction that you have gone too far the you have had the poison of sin which makes it impossible ever again to be what you could have been then hear me I bear testimony that you cannot sink farther than the sweeping the light and sweeping intelligence of Jesus Christ

Can reach I bear testimony that as long as there is one spark of the will to repent and reach he is there he did not just descend to your condition he descended below it that he might be in all and through all things the light of

Truth and quote one reason is so essential to understand the Savior’s atonement and it’s infinite implications is that with increased understanding comes an increased desire to forgive ourselves and others even though we may believe in Christ cleansing powers the question often arises how do I know if

I’ve been forgiven of my sins if we feel the spirit then that is our witness that we have been forgiven or that the cleansing process is taking place press in here newbie Irene taught if you have felt the influence of the Holy Ghost you

May take it as evidence that the atonement is working in your life some of us but if I have been forgiven why do I still feel guilt perhaps in God’s and mercy the memory of that guilt is a warning a spiritual stop sign of sorts

That at least for time cries out when additional temptations confront us don’t go down that road you know the pain it can bring in this sense it serves as a protection not a punishment is it possible then to remember our sins and

Still be free of guilt Alma remembered his sins even years after he repented but when he cried into Jesus for mercy he said I could remember my pains no more yay I was Herald up by the memory of my sins no how could he remember his sins but have

No pain or guilt because when we repent we are born of God we become as the scriptures say new creatures in Christ with perfect honesty we can now say I am NOT the man or woman who committed those past sins I am a new and transformed

Being third afflictions and infirmities Alma prophesied that Christ shall go forth suffering pains and afflictions and temptations of every kind why that his bowels may be filled with mercy that he may know according to the flesh how to succor his people according to their infirmities

How does he accomplish this sometimes he removes the affliction sometimes he strengthens us to endure and sometimes he gives us an eternal perspective to better understand their temporary nature after Joseph Smith had languished in Liberty jail for about two months he finally cried out o God where art thou

Instead of providing instant relief God responded my son peace be unto thy soul that adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment and then if thou endure it well God shall exalt thee on high Joseph now understood that this

Bitter experience was but a dot on the eternal spectrum with this enhanced vision he wrote the Saints from that same prison cell dearly beloved brethren let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power and then may we stand still

With the utmost assurance to see the salvation of God because of the Savior’s atonement we can have an eternal perspective that gives meaning to our trials and hope for a relief and forth weaknesses and imperfections because of his atonement the Savior has enabling power sometimes referred to as grace

That can help us overcome our weaknesses and imperfections and thus assist us in our pursuit to become more like him Moroni so taught yeh come into Christ and be perfected in him that by His grace he may be perfect in Christ

There seems at least two channels or means of availing ourselves of those enabling powers that can refine even perfect us first the saving ordinances the Scriptures tell us in the ordinances thereof the power of godliness is manifest sometimes when we think of ordinances as a checklist necessary for

Exaltation but in truth each unleashes a godly power that helps us become more like Christ for example when we are baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost we are made clean thus becoming more holy like God in addition

Through the Holy Ghost our minds may be enlightened in our hearts often so we can think and feel more like him and when we are sealed as spouses we inherit the rights of Thrones kingdoms principalities and powers if you get as

Gifts from God a second channel for these enabling powers is the gifts of the Spirit because of Christ’s atonement we are eligible to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and its accompanying spiritual gifts these gifts are attributes of godliness therefore every time we acquire a gift to the spirit we

Become more like God no doubt that is why the Scriptures in join us on multiple occasions to seek these gifts President George Q cannon taught no man ought to say oh I cannot help this it is my nature he is not justified in it for

The reason that God has promised to give gifts that will eradicate our weaknesses if any of us are imperfect it is our duty to pray for the gift that will make us perfect in summary the Savior’s atonement gives us life for death beauty

For Ashes healing for hurt and perfection for weakness it is heaven’s antidote to the obstacles and struggles of this world in the Savior’s final week of mortality he said in the world ye shall have tribulation but be of good cheer I have overcome the world because the Savior performed his atonement there

Is no external force or event or person no sin or death or divorce that can prevent from achieving exaltation provided we keep God’s commandments without knowledge we can press forward with good sheer and absolute assurance that God is with us in this heavenly quest I bear my

Witness that the Seavers atonement is not only infinite in scope but individual and reach that it cannot only return us to God’s presence but enable us to become like him the crowning goal of Christ’s atonement of that I bear my grateful and certain witness in the name of Jesus Christ amen you

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