Wednesday Morning devotion

Praise God. If you notice that, even in Florida towards to God and other parts of the United States, another part of the world glory to God, men have been paid to go to the Doctor and remove their their genital areas and and to do transgender saying that they

Are female when they know in themselves that they are male. And so it is an attack upon the men and so we have to constantly praying for our men. The prisons are packed up with men. There is a shadow call it to God over the male figure, Pharaoh.

He was after us going to God, Herod is after us, never cut. Lisa is after us. and so much of the leaders attack upon the men. And so when a man rise up as a preacher or a servant of God or give them self to the Lord, to

Walk with Him in holiness and righteousness it is for one to encourage such a brother and to build him up in the most. Holy faith until to encourage them. Not to tear them though. Are prone to mistakes. We are prone. And we have vulnerable. Beings and based and sight. You

Know, because of how we have been wired. but that does not give us the right to activate to accom to act upon the lines of weakness. because I’m, we were not designed to be weak as this the woman of God said, Jelly back. We were not called to be jelly

Back. We are called to be the weights that the lines of the family forever to God. this trend. And, and this pasta chin would up through, you know, Emoji said, they can’t stand because they’re backs are need men with bones. who can face up to the challenges that life

Throws at us. And and it is sad to say that men are back sliding like crazy because of the pleasures of this world. I’m so over prayers for the men through the course of this week and forever. Is to have us being strengthened in the vineyard that God has placed us

To produce and to create a platform for our sisters. But today, Lord of mercy, the women are impacting the kingdom. They are so plenty. And, and it’s sad to say that most of the men are wasting their time, finding them on the streets, go over to God making another spliff

Asking for another dollar. father, walk one give me something. No you don’t find a woman on the streets doing those things. You always even at the bus stop, the sisters is with a book. reading at the bus, Stop the men building another split. If you go to a

Bus stop, whether in London Canada, America. Are we ever You go? Jamaica, You always notice that you don’t find a woman standing at the bus. Stop waiting on the bus smoking. What that you see five men in a group with us. Please behind their ears, another one

Building one, at the side of the mold, punching up, BIG fingers, ring in the mouth, knocking off this cursing. Bad words Pants. Don’t be a bottom shoes without lace. Hook up for James Raggedy here. Don’t see the barber in months and and shabby faiths. and, and yet these men want the

Best woman in society. Can’t work. We have to present ourselves to the public and and the sisters are very, I’m tactic. And I know what they want as to to that a woman would make a decision faster in accepting the Lord. Don’t waste no time and said men already

Yet. Go with a God, they know exactly what they want. Go over to God. And and the man would say, Oh my boss, you know, say I mean already it’s still in a coming up some hensitive. You can’t tie them up as long as you live. If you try to put

Things in place and your own, you are all together failing because you can’t do it on your own. We have to do it in accordance to God’s plan for our lives. And so, and this platform today, I’m sending us trunk call to our man, Men, There is a call Adam. Come out

Of your hiding. God, this calling you. There is a work in the vineyard for you to do. Go. It’s a God. I’m so today I want to drag your focus to what takes that is oftentimes being read clover to God. And I want to just your

Attention to the Psalms once again, as we look on Psalms 91, a text that we always been reading. Glory to God. And when we fall in love with and always choose to be apart of this, psalms, because of the message that it conveyed global to God. I love this, psalms

Dearly and one that I recite especially on the point of attack when you need God’s intervention. corporate a God Almighty. and so Psalms 91 my brothers and sisters. He that dwelled in the secret place of the Most High God Hallelujah. Shall abide under the shadow of

The Almighty. I will say of the Lord. he is my refuge and my fortress. My God in him. Will I trust glory to God? I want to look today and be assurance of God’s protection, the assurance of God’s protection. We are looking at these modes. The protection of

God, the comfort of God, and the cure of God, when you look through the Psalms there is so much to draw from. on the side of holiness. The psalmist is calling us to pursue holy lifestyle. Holiness is understood and learned by going directly to the Source. We’re holiness

Comes from the Holy One of Israel. Search the Scriptures to learn the truth of God. Right here. He wants us to understand that we must search the Scriptures to the pathway of holiness in God, and to spend time worshiping God. So to it, that we can be

Transformed by the holiness of the Almighty, God, and the Bible is calling us. Also to ask the Holy Spirit. To enable us to walk in the holiness of God. people of God, as you look at the Scriptures here. You are seen where the psalmist is also calling us to the place to get

To know the Holy One of Israel and to give worship to Him in the beauty of holiness. As you do this experience, develop personal holiness. And to remember that He is holy and is calling us to be holy. So He’s saying them. Here He dwelling if you notice that David as

Many others say, then that this is the section of the Bible and we call it. What? What they look to it Then, as I think it’s book book, four. Praise God. The fourth section because the Bible the 150 Psalms have been divided into five different sections. And

This is the fourth section of the division of the Psalms. the poetic book Psalm 90 to 106 is seen as they the fourth section of the five division of the Psalms. And, and as you look at this Fort division, it is calling us too a place. A time is short. Hallelujah. It

Is well with you and it must be well. So there is a protection. I wonder if the people of God understand how how God goal to all the way to the utmost to make sure that he secure a protection for his people. I always admire how God is

Precise and oh God is direct and oh God is always standing by no matter what and if the believer even the unbelievers are protected by God’s mercy and we cannot to understand the protective care of God, the presence of God, the assurance of His protection that He

Exhibits. God is saying to us, then I give my angels charge over you. and at the same time, we admire that angels have been employed to watch over my life. but on the other hand, Jesus gives the disciples. At the post resurrected command, which we call the Great Commission in

Matthew’s Gospel Chapter 28 that a no. I am with you. I will be with you always even to the ends of the earth. That’s number two, protection. number three protection. God said, nothing by any means, will pluck you out of my hands. Hallelujah. And so, we recognize that God Himself is

Protecting loss and Jesus. give us His word of His protection and then God is still on the other hand employing angels to watch over us and a daily basis. So we are comprehensively protected and my people I want you to understand that as the right to said in I am blessed in

My going old. I mean, my coming in and the other hand is saying this steps of a rightful. Man are all that by the Lord, the devil can’t miss with you because you are Corporate by the blood you are protected by God. you are accompanied by Jesus. And

Angels have been employed to carry us in their arms or I feel like shouting Allelujah. if the devil ever put his hand on any one of you today, you have enough power inside of you to put a bullet to his head. And destroy his work. Totally

People of God, the time has come when we have to recognize that the protective care of God is immeasurably. It is beyond the norm. It is not just like somebody say, I will follow you. When we were young, we were afraid of the dark. Until now, some people are afraid of

The dark. So if you are going outside, Hallelujah they would say come with me. Follow me. Accompany me and in the olden days we used to be afraid of what is called Dopey now. So your parents would say, child if you’re throwing anything outside, say move before your

Choice. Now, if they never ever stuck, if I feel like I want Dash something, I’ve take it. and does it? And it don’t be King them, bad. Tell them to come stand up my door because I’m showing something out there and You, excuse me. Come on, man, of God.

But if I don’t be man, think him him have any any rights to my door when angels watching over me. No sir. Tell that duppy to stand a dash. Hot water honey. A dash cold water >> Enid Moncrieffe: Burning >> Gregory Mitchell: It must be

People of God. Don’t let no me put a fear on you that you you have right to ask demon to excuse. No man. That’s the blood from the left to the right, to the east, to the west, to the south because he gels are protecting. you, you are

Covered by the blood of Jesus. You are watched over every. even when I am asleep, go into God, there is a watch over me. There is a covering for me. There is a protection over me. I know which doctor no spirits from the under, Not easy. No

Schism. No satanist. No no I don’t trust. Demonics forces. No weapon. Oh Lord, I must farm against you shall prosper. People of God called. the writer is sent to us today. That we need to know that God is protecting you. and wherever you go, you are covered your

Guided. You are shield. No problem. You have a right to say he that toilet in the secret place have the Most High God shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty or call it. There is a secret place that we must abide and it is in the

Pavilion of God all the right I said in Psalms 27 by 24 He that the Lord is my light and and His my salvation boom. Shall I fear. When the Lord is this trend of my life, a whom shall I be afraid? David was automatically speaking prophetically into the

Time when Jesus would have been met in the garden of gets enemy. Go to God. if you notice, then there is a reflection of the get semi saga to Psalm 24 that when when the wicked and the enemies even his toes. Upon him to heat up his flesh and they hacks. Him Are

You The Christ and Judith kissed him? Go to God to identify him among our code of God. His is forever’s and the soldier said, Are you the Christ? And the open is more than said, Yes, I am. The Bible said this tumbled up his word called this because of the

Power that ensues from his mouth. My God, Almighty People of God, what you’re carrying is power, what you’re carrying is fire? What you’re carrying can cause the enemy to stumble, when the weakest sands, get down to pray. one word from your mouth and said, Lord have mercy demon back up because of

What comes from your mouth. It’s like a sharp short man called it to God. That’s why when things are matters and and situations and circumstances, no, it’s back to school and so you, we are we are all parents. We sometimes the pressure turn up. leave me Frank with me.

Sometime the pressure tough time and go and get hard and it gets tough and you are still wondering. I know you’re okay this morning. and your brain that God will just show up because I am praying the same prior to. So guess what? You’re not alone in this one? A

Preacher but I have challenges. I am a preacher of the Gospel but yet, they’re tough times that confront me. I am a preacher but yet there are times when they are lacking financially there. You have have transportation issues. you are financially issues. you have marital issues. you have

Health issues yet, you’re a servant of God, that doesn’t mean that you not gonna have physical challenges and And you remember that >> renado rose: someone, oh, >> Gregory Mitchell: Dwelling. And you can testify that God is still your refuge and your fortress, your God, my God in him.

Will I trust his true shall be my shield and my butler? Call it a god. Hallelujah. He’s forever lasting to everlasting. Let’s let’s look on this. my friend. Hallelujah. The centers and the beauty this and centers and the protection of God here. Not Hallelujah. to the Lamb of God. They are mighty, God,

Powerful God when it appears as El Shaddai or call it a card, the name Almighty, which means Sadie are Shaddai, but we call it here with me all powerful. God. Hallelujah. But every boy, man, mightier than the mightier when it happened as a shadow. It is God Almighty.

The name occurs about 50 times. In the Old Testament. It was a name by which God was known to the patriarchs in Genesis chapter 17 and verse 1. And in in Exodus chapter 6, and verse number three, some scholars. then they trace Hallelujah. The origin of the verb shattered,

Which means mighty And come and conquerable go into God. you see the God that you’re serving. nobody can conquer him, nobody can go around him. Even when people in church, which I use them. brain and pastor and I try to undermine the righteousness of Christianity to God then. Yeah.

Undermine God, they can’t go wrong. God. They can’t overthrow God. See it. And if you think you can overthrow God hacks, Lucifer, I ask that devil before you try because he tried it that one point and he gets a high and play boot hook of heaven. Jesus Christ. Jesus

Said I be healed the devil coming down as of like mean oh God be heavens. And and war be to the inhabitants of the land because Satan have gone about like a roaring. Lion seeking who me may be forever. People of God. We are Word, we are preserved. We are protected.

We are sealed. We are guided by the hand of God. by the angels of God. And you have a right to say no weapon found against me. shall never prosper. You have a right to testify of the goodness of God. Hallelujah. So trace the origin shattered, which means mighty and

Conquerable Other relates it origin. Praise God too. The idea the Acadian Word. glory to God for mountain, the Acadian word for mountain cored to God. Indicating God’s greatness indicate in the strength of God or He’s everlasting nature Corby to God, another explanation in that Sadie or Shaddai, El Shaddai, anytime you

See the el? it is telling you then that he is and a plural term if you understand the Greek terminology. It’s a plural. I’m terminology. They call it up. The genetic Chloe to God because God is a spirit and be showing you the function of the God,

The the Eli yawn, the El Gibbi. God. It’s speaking on the plural term coret of God. And so, we understand here that the next terminology make mention of Shaddai. No, it’s a god means strength, Hallelujah. in the kids in the greatness of the Almighty. God. who is like unto him, who can

Do, who can Robin? You know what I love with God. Even when my physical man will note and get weary and get tired and get Josie, and get frustrated and feel like a hunger, this one and I can’t bother. I can get strength from God. Hallelujah. because God never grow weak. He

Never get shot tired. He never sleep. He never slumber. David said, The son shall not smite be my day. Lord moon by night. He shall preserve me. He shall preserve thy. Soul. People of God. I love God with everything. No, the right is saying then that is strength.

And the protection that he exhibit, and the nature of God that he is that there is a compound of the particular shame, which means the shape, which is our witch are who the God that you are dealing with the God that you’re talking about. The who, how Corey the

Card? who shall ascend in the hills of the Lord. our who shall stand in his holy place? He who have a clean hand and a pure heart, call it to God. I wish I have some, He who have not lifted up his soul and to vanity now soon the seat fully

He shall receive the blessed blessings of the Lord and the righteousness from the God of Jacob. Praise God. >> renado rose: Blessed in Jesus. >> Gregory Mitchell: Hallelujah, we need to know and Christ. the solid rock with hand. You must know >> renado rose: This, I know.

>> Gregory Mitchell: where you belong. To no. >> renado rose: Yes. >> Gregory Mitchell: magnolical. Jelly that Cameron. Use the term. like, like Pastor David. No, make not jelly back, dopamine demon. Come run. You after you inheritance? >> renado rose: Come on. >> Gregory Mitchell: Know, it’s a God.

>> renado rose: Not >> Gregory Mitchell: No make >> renado rose: Blessed Jesus. Hallelujah. >> Gregory Mitchell: them Jenny. But frustration from weaken your feet in God, you need to know that. and Christ the solid rock I stand and >> renado rose: Yeah, this thing.

>> Gregory Mitchell: there is a kitchen higher labrako shut up. That is around me. See a time realize that God have a protection around job, you know, and you have to ask permission for it to be removed because He want to miss with the man because God is saying Hey, you

Don’t know what it means like to be covered by God. Do you know what it means to be covered to be fenced in to be protected. Job had a fence around him and I’m wondering if Job was conscious of the sense that was a rolling until that

Day. And Lucifer I’ve gone to God about it. Can I tell somebody today? That’s it to us. God, God about you. Is asking questions about you, have you not been a fence around past? The Letts? have you not been offensive? won’t pass the chin Have you not been a fence around

Apostle Have you not be offends around Dr. Rose. have you not been offends our own camelo? Have you not been a friends around? Tasha who call it a card. Have you not been a fails around the people and see what salmon against the wall? Defense. Bartley one with a

Headache. a buck up in a ten times, not the chuck and leaked blood vessels. I’m coming up, veins. can you defend? But God is in prior and prior His mouth worship is offense. These are But he’s offense. Forgiveness is up being offenses, that. that means the angels are

Carried in you. Go with your card. Hallelujah. People of God is therefore that the God is therefore the self is sufficient Godhead. Hallelujah. God, He hold your mind to know Ring. You’re not forgot. No way to go get no shield. I know Haley rub up but don’t be a bother you.

How you need is one to us. >> Valrie Welsh: Lonely. >> Gregory Mitchell: Assames 91 Under the Devil’s. >> Valrie Welsh: Lord. >> Gregory Mitchell: Teal glory to >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> Gregory Mitchell: God, Man you need. No, you don’t. >> renado rose: Go ahead.

>> Gregory Mitchell: No, no, no >> renado rose: Go ahead. Create what was blessed in Jesus? >> Gregory Mitchell: no. I know what to get some. money if in Ohio, you know >> Ann Marie James: More money. >> Gregory Mitchell: Texan I said, You know, the style was

Consecrated and Church. When? When he got From Devon. Welcome. dream because they hand of God. Is upon your life. Come on. people of God, you need to You’re gonna die. Tell him that the Bible said, I shall not die. But live on declare the works of the Lord. So God

Is self-sufficient. He is eternally graceful. he’s capable of being all in all for you and to cover his people. And so. The writer said I will. Go with your God. >> Valrie Welsh: If the Lord, some praise >> Gregory Mitchell: See that tree glue people of God exceed

At tree glue and glue cardboard and wrap it with tip and give her. So keep it in your back. charger, fart, a thousand dollars. Jesus Christ until our, that is our protection. and what the witchcraft man did went to a house in the night

And sure a heap of ice coret of God and a rooftop. So she gets fearful, I said, Duppy has stolen our host, large, Jesus Christ. When she wake up in the morning she was more convinced that his duppy because, you know, rock stone, after all them rock. Stone, the man broke

Up the ice and short and the woman rooftop and put fear on our forever. run back to him. The next deal I said, I’m still actually me and I miss sleep last night coming here this to under my drop and the rooftop. And we see a man at your high

Standing woman rooftop and said Guess what? Carry 50 toes will come and I will make you get rid of it once and forever on him. Give us thinking Buckler Isle when she use it loud. God, when she going to talk to, you can tell which craft is

Close by. have you ever smelled some dopey? Some fragrance. some people in your work, please. when them walk past, you call it to God. Sister. >> Enid Moncrieffe: I’ll turn up. >> Gregory Mitchell: Mercella when some people >> Enid Moncrieffe: Come on. >> Gregory Mitchell: pass you,

Lord God. you said I know and a polo that that you you know, said that not even couscous Colonel Smith surpassing Yeah, couscous smell better than that. All the Chinese store colon smell better. You can’t smell your witchcraft fragrance. Where them use a high? Look them self and believe them a holiday

Coming to work. I try to look position, handle them, hold your Heil. But when you go in the name of the Lord, and the smell of glory, He’s up and you and when them try to take you down, you step in your work, please. and in your devotion.

You said that he that Burnett in the secret place of the Most High God. shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty, when all of your workout, try take you out. How are you lose your job? You just hands Man. Said the Lord is my shield. the Lord

Is my helper. The Lord is my Source, the Lord is my guide. Some people heart in a sorrow when you talk about your God, you know, have you ever looked on somebody just them face? Know why you use them time to keep devotion. so your figure work a little bit earlier

Because you want to have a little moment with God that you can usher the people into a realm to give a little praise to God before them start work because somebody machines or call it a card, they are dangerous. Some of the things that you have to do me. God’s

Intervention some of the people that you communicate with somebody people, who you work with, you need God. Sometimes you leave. Work. Cheer and your desk, how your computer, then my poor isle over your desk and I put higher by your computer. Somers you go work. Lord. God man. Not just sit

Down wrong. You Dexter. start working up. You better put some blood, my God to counteract me which doctor then sit down in your chair when you’re gone yesterday and I do all them kinds of have been money and signs. and King trying to tranquilize you. But when you’re sitting the chair, you

Feel bad and you, you start saying It’s because I don’t drink no tea. No, I know, because you’re not tea. It’s not the first day. No teeth. Sometimes you, I’m fasting. You know, I’m looking, but but feeling as you don’t need in the workplace. Mighty God that

Daniel you have to turn your cheer man. Put some blood by your cheer. Oh, come on teachers. Don’t just go sit down in your classroom. There is another teacher who need the position that you have. You better cover yourself under the blood? Praise the name of Jesus, not just go sit down in

A classroom because you are a well-trained teacher. You know, I go to teach us college. I go to Edna Manly. All right. Go to here and beer. Lord God, man, then situation. I need a sister Carol Prior You know my God, to blast that devil. I’m back like

A dog. Call me to God and not only back but Right. The demon spirit that have been released to destroy you and your picnic, come on. you have a blocked them out. I’m rip them down. Lift up your hand? I said no weapon found against me shall

Prosper when the wicked them. See you my God, a match to your class. Some people head start bubble head. you take them same time because, you know, normal account. Oh Sister lets a progress. host Sister faster, progress, my God, Almighty. Turn your rule before you see

Down in the Chair. The Holy Ghost. It’s your to sit holy ghosts. It’s your to upper to work. Holy Spirit. It, is you to preside whatever have been done to my office, whatever I’ve been done to be spot. whatever I’ve been done to my work area. I called the rocket by the blood

Have desired men. When you go in that place, come on, You’re sending your children. Cover them under the block. My card darkness times over them. Here called Ibrakassata. I remember when I was young, I was going to do my common entrance exam, my mother called me man. Lord,

God blessed him, you know them all time. Holy ghosts woman. no matter call me how when we leave Jesus Christ have mercy and the Mother. remember Because this morning is, is the examining and my mother believe in me. Going to God, she believe in our boy. And she

Know say a boy and he’s up to do well, but there is an evil. My mother saw something and she said Pick up the Bible when they look open >> renado rose: That’s similar. >> Gregory Mitchell: the Bible already my mother’s tactical element, Jesus Christ of mercy.

The woman. open. The Bible already waiting for me to put on the clothes because they close have already been prayed over. >> renado rose: Yes. >> Gregory Mitchell: Examining. I should know. >> renado rose: Come on now. >> Gregory Mitchell: say you have some evil will come out here

>> renado rose: Yes. >> Gregory Mitchell: working against your memory that whatever >> renado rose: In the name Mitchell? Yes. >> Gregory Mitchell: you are study. Most most values on your head >> renado rose: Most >> Gregory Mitchell: and his only certain people with me only

>> renado rose: Come >> Gregory Mitchell: certain people children most progress >> renado rose: Come on now. >> Gregory Mitchell: in this one >> renado rose: Yes. >> Gregory Mitchell: because you must fear down, you must not wear, certainly uniform, certain high >> renado rose: Yes,

>> Gregory Mitchell: school was not Carboxatta feel like I would kill a demon right now. >> renado rose: Come on now. >> Gregory Mitchell: My God, I might, >> renado rose: Come on now. >> Gregory Mitchell: school. You are children must not be seen in the community.

>> renado rose: Yes. >> Gregory Mitchell: We are in Knox, College uniform and we are in every >> renado rose: Come on now. Yeah. >> Gregory Mitchell: now in you and we’re in heavenly >> renado rose: Come on. >> Gregory Mitchell: uniform. I

Know I feel me. Pick me up. must you certain kind of textbook. Must be qualify for certain school, so that God the woman went to Clarendon with a big long here. You Scandal bag. I went to reach Thompsontown Square. >> renado rose: My. >> Gregory Mitchell: Should let

Go the buncha here. In a street. >> renado rose: God. Okay. >> Gregory Mitchell: Lord Jesus Christ. The woman. God barbershop go pick up here. She said to the barber, I will sweep the shop for you. How caught with a God. and where the children were cut in there here.

My God. You know what? My Father start to start trimming me here himself. >> renado rose: Yeah. >> Gregory Mitchell: Hallelujah, and the mother say opened The Bible and pick it up when I pick it up. It was Psalm 24. Remember I said why I read Psalm

24? I mean like Crazy. Calder, boss was coming. but remember I said, Leah, Tyrone Lee it. You’re now leave out here and don’t read Psalms 24. So, when I open the >> renado rose: Come on, no. >> Gregory Mitchell: Bible, he said, He hurt is the Lord and the fullness of

>> renado rose: And the fullness thereof. And say that, when you >> Gregory Mitchell: the world, that will be everywhere to see. And as establish it up, Wonderful, Father, my God, Almighty, and people of God, I start to read and I start to cry because I know that the

Boss was coming, but Mama said, Oh no boss. >> renado rose: Yes. >> Gregory Mitchell: You need us some for the journey. You need >> renado rose: And he blood coverage. Yes. >> Gregory Mitchell: a psalms for the journey people You’ll need a thumbs for the journeys.

My God Almighty. Come on. somebody, send God with them. >> renado rose: Yes. >> Gregory Mitchell: God with them. send God with them. And when I was true, my mother hug me. I said, Go with God, do your best, my God Almighty. But in

The midst of that, I fail my common entrance exam, and the teacher said You are a hopeless kiss, you’re going to push and cat until you’re dead by God. because fear not to them. My >> renado rose: Definitely >> Gregory Mitchell: God, I speak one knocks but the devil

Is a liar. >> renado rose: Selfless, a lion. >> Gregory Mitchell: somebody better card, sister parallel. What’s the current for me? >> renado rose: Then please a lion. >> Gregory Mitchell: Somebody my God and my mind, we need call me to God, somebody show to

Praise as a go with >> renado rose: Hallelujah. >> Gregory Mitchell: All back a satellite. >> Tyrone “divine” Chin: Come on. >> renado rose: The deathless a lion. >> Tyrone “divine” Chin: preach. At the devil is a liar. >> Gregory Mitchell: ready? >> renado rose: Oh yes.

>> Ann Marie James: Forever. >> Gregory Mitchell: No. Witchcraft and block you this time. >> renado rose: Come on now. >> Gregory Mitchell: No hope you >> Ann Marie James: You might. One. >> Gregory Mitchell: can block you this time. Cover my picnic, >> Ann Marie James: One.

>> renado rose: Blessed servant this morning. Cover him. >> Gregory Mitchell: Some of the family cover, the school cover, >> renado rose: Cover. >> Gregory Mitchell: the teachers cover, the classroom cover the >> Ann Marie James: Okay. >> renado rose: God blessed. >> Gregory Mitchell: benches

Marcus. We have a fight this season. >> renado rose: What about Santa Barbara? >> Gregory Mitchell: You demon. Not going to come and attack the class. >> renado rose: Come on, no. >> Gregory Mitchell: We send in the blood in the name of Jesus. >> renado rose: Blessed. Yeah.

>> Gregory Mitchell: Come on somebody >> renado rose: Yeah. >> Gregory Mitchell: we send some blood woman not college, Send some bloated, >> renado rose: The Blood of Jesus. >> Gregory Mitchell: over the karate and some blood. >> renado rose: The >> Gregory Mitchell: What the

Manchester High and some blood. What? >> renado rose: Blood of Jesus. The Blessed Jesus. >> Gregory Mitchell: Marlin high >> renado rose: He belong of Jesus. Yes. >> Gregory Mitchell: in the Name of Jesus, send some blood. Don’t ahead with Haley, >> renado rose: Set the blood of Jesus.

>> Gregory Mitchell: It people of God. >> renado rose: The Blood of Jesus. >> Gregory Mitchell: Sadly of people shut up. >> renado rose: The Blood of >> Gregory Mitchell: Somebody open your mic. I help me plead the blood. We the blood you. >> renado rose: With the blood

Of Jesus. >> Ann Marie James: What about Judith? >> Mercella Salmon: More problems. you know. >> Sadie Burnett: The Blood >> renado rose: did blood of Jesus. >> Yonicke Williams Salmon: Community >> Valrie Welsh: Of Jesus. >> Naomi Smith: A blood of >> Yonicke Williams Salmon: Sleep sounds.

>> Naomi Smith: dreams. Well, >> Sadie Burnett: of Jesus, the blood of Jesus, >> renado rose: The Blood of Jesus. >> Valrie Welsh: The Blood of Jesus. >> Michael Calder: Name. >> Barbara Spencer: Done. >> Naomi Smith: the blood of Jesus over holy treats. >> renado rose: Yes, the

>> Jenifer Somers: Are. >> Naomi Smith: it’s >> Yonicke Williams Salmon: You said? >> Sadie Burnett: the blood of Jesus, Hallelujah >> Valrie Welsh: The Blood of >> Sadie Burnett: or the blood of Jesus, the >> Naomi Smith: called the Blood of Jesus over money. >> fumy Reid: Which he?

>> renado rose: Or Hallelujah. >> Enid Moncrieffe: The >> Valrie Welsh: Jesus. I mean blood of >> renado rose: The Blood of Jesus. >> Ann Marie James: But our magnificent. >> Michael Calder: over my >> Sadie Burnett: Blood of Jesus and every high >> Naomi Smith: Over.

>> Enid Moncrieffe: the blood of people. >> Michael Calder: oh, >> Enid Moncrieffe: The Blood of Jesus. >> renado rose: Mighty God. Mighty God. >> Androlene Watt: But a lot of cheese. >> Naomi Smith: It will >> Sadie Burnett: school. Every college of a university, the blood of Jesus

>> Valrie Welsh: The >> Enid Moncrieffe: Lord of Jesus. >> Naomi Smith: work His eyes, the blood >> Jenifer Somers: The product. >> Androlene Watt: The Blood of Jesus >> Sadie Burnett: over our children. God nobody, Amanda >> Ann Marie James: that I, >> Androlene Watt: That looks

>> Gregory Mitchell: Yeah. >> Enid Moncrieffe: It’s bloody >> Naomi Smith: of Jesus over Brazil. Hi fool >> Gregory Mitchell: Yeah. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Jesus. The glorious. >> Androlene Watt: us. >> Sadie Burnett: your blood, Jesus, the Blood of Jesus. >> Naomi Smith: Brother Jesus, the >> Michael Calder: Yeah.

>> Androlene Watt: US. >> Michael Calder: oh, >> Enid Moncrieffe: The >> Naomi Smith: Blood of Jesus already schools in Jesus >> Enid Moncrieffe: The prayer that blood. >> Sadie Burnett: and Mighty God, but hey, Jesus >> Ann Marie James: He? >> Sadie Burnett: and Lord help them Jesus.

>> Michael Calder: Here, we >> Androlene Watt: Not. >> Sadie Burnett: Oh, the blood >> Enid Moncrieffe: Y horizon. is that the >> Androlene Watt: A lot of cheese, the >> Valrie Welsh: Yes, Jesus. It’s your blog. >> Sadie Burnett: of Jesus >> Aesha Gardner: He?

>> Sadie Burnett: Lord God, I love You! Jesus, >> Enid Moncrieffe: Jesus, >> Sadie Burnett: the Blood Things as the Blood >> Valrie Welsh: Never lose its power >> Gregory Mitchell: Abduction, there is >> Sadie Burnett: of Jesus. >> Gregory Mitchell: sasory >> Enid Moncrieffe: Jesus, Jesus.

>> Valrie Welsh: Hollywood. The >> Sadie Burnett: Jesus. >> Gregory Mitchell: my garden heaven blockages every other one, >> Michael Calder: but, >> Valrie Welsh: blood will never lose its power only. >> Enid Moncrieffe: so, >> Valrie Welsh: Yeah. >> renado rose: Might not have done

>> Valrie Welsh: Glory to God Hallelujah. >> Juliet Powell: Are. >> Ann Marie James: Know about you. >> renado rose: you what the blood of Jesus. >> Yonicke Williams Salmon: He said that, >> Valrie Welsh: But Lord of >> Gregory Mitchell: Oh, cool about. Shut up. My God. Only

My God >> renado rose: Yes, the blood of Jesus, the blood >> Gregory Mitchell: Almighty man, my God alike. Come on people and we >> renado rose: in here, we’re not about Sandra the >> Gregory Mitchell: a liar. All this Holy Spirit. >> renado rose: blood of Jesus.

>> Gregory Mitchell: Well yeah. >> renado rose: All the blood of Jesus. >> Ann Marie James: I, I >> Michael Calder: But >> renado rose: the beat of our Internet service blood of >> Gregory Mitchell: Jesus in the name of Jesus >> renado rose: Jesus, the blood

Of Jesus, in the name of >> Gregory Mitchell: in the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus, >> renado rose: Jesus, in the name of Jesus. >> Gregory Mitchell: Not change >> renado rose: Is the mighty name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Jesus.

>> Valrie Welsh: Jesus. Jesus. >> Gregory Mitchell: it, in the name of Jesus name. Oh. >> Enid Moncrieffe: the blood of Jesus implement. >> renado rose: in the mighty name of Jesus. >> Ann Marie James: Achieve. >> Enid Moncrieffe: And bloody Jesus. efficacious, >> Gregory Mitchell: Yeah.

>> Ann Marie James: oh, >> renado rose: Jesus. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Bloody God? Yes. >> renado rose: Jesus. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Lord, Hallelujah. >> renado rose: The Blood of Jesus. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Glory oh, >> renado rose: In the name of Jesus. >> Sadie Burnett: Jennifer Over Jesus.

>> Gregory Mitchell: Please. Oh, it’s a good. >> Sadie Burnett: no worry to God, >> Enid Moncrieffe: Lord God Patri. >> renado rose: Hallelujah. >> Sadie Burnett: Alleluia Halleluia. >> Gregory Mitchell: Mmm, welcome. >> Sadie Burnett: Trevor’s >> Gregory Mitchell: I want you. >> renado rose: Mighty God.

>> Enid Moncrieffe: Yes, >> Gregory Mitchell: I want. >> renado rose: Mighty God. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Jesus. >> Sadie Burnett: of spring straight like the model sent like >> Gregory Mitchell: oh, Nicole’s >> Sadie Burnett: no other Jesus straight. Like >> renado rose: Mighty God. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Yes.

>> renado rose: She hopes are Rafa. >> Gregory Mitchell: Jesus, >> Sadie Burnett: Since like no idea. >> renado rose: Mighty God, concurring Ryan. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Right. >> renado rose: mighty God >> Enid Moncrieffe: He? >> Gregory Mitchell: some children. My God, That this

>> Sadie Burnett: That mighty God. Mighty God >> renado rose: God win in the middle of >> Valrie Welsh: Yes, yes. >> Sadie Burnett: walia Trevor. But mighty God mighty God. >> renado rose: a. Will I >> Enid Moncrieffe: Jesus. >> Gregory Mitchell: will see

Them and fire never describe >> renado rose: Almighty? He have it. >> Sadie Burnett: Jesus >> Valrie Welsh: Hello. >> Gregory Mitchell: Lego the fire. Let me try. >> renado rose: God >> Valrie Welsh: Oh >> renado rose: Morris’. Father. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Blessed, Lord.

>> renado rose: Oh God Daniel God. >> Gregory Mitchell: Welsh, it’s period of time. >> renado rose: Blessed God. shall not God! You are my God. You are still God. >> Sadie Burnett: overall over here, God of the >> renado rose: Why God >> Valrie Welsh: yes.

>> renado rose: Mighty God? Holy God. We must >> Gregory Mitchell: Hey, my God. >> renado rose: All about. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Right. >> renado rose: Oh yes. >> Enid Moncrieffe: she’s >> Gregory Mitchell: My God. >> Sadie Burnett: Thank you, Jesus. Thank you.

>> Gregory Mitchell: My God, >> renado rose: Glorify you. >> Sadie Burnett: Lord. Thank You. Jesus. >> Gregory Mitchell: let me tell you people. Okay? Holy ghosts, your children are >> Enid Moncrieffe: Just a little. >> Gregory Mitchell: covered over to God. Hallelujah. It no matter where they are.

>> renado rose: No. >> Gregory Mitchell: Even if I didn’t finally >> renado rose: Come on. >> Gregory Mitchell: here they are good. We are big. >> renado rose: Comfort under the Blood of Jesus. >> Juliet Powell: In the name. >> Gregory Mitchell: The same

Songs 91 and I am killed this money. >> renado rose: Yes. >> Gregory Mitchell: My God. >> renado rose: Come on. >> Gregory Mitchell: Almighty God. It’s like a shutter blowing up a piece of plan. He’s salmon >> renado rose: Oh, yes, Jesus. >> Gregory Mitchell: Did you

Know? rocks forever? >> renado rose: I see God. >> Gregory Mitchell: Oh. >> renado rose: Hallelujah. >> Gregory Mitchell: And over what your God Hollywood. >> Barbara Spencer: Let me come see you. >> renado rose: In the secret, place of the move, >> Juliet Powell: Will not.

>> renado rose: shall I buy and that it should have the Almighty? >> Gregory Mitchell: he that do it in the secret place, the most God blessed the portraits right now. Open up the four times right now. >> renado rose: Yes. >> Gregory Mitchell: open up

Glory. and we sing some >> renado rose: In the name of Jesus, we said it to be schools. We >> Gregory Mitchell: right, You want to be here, You want My garden. >> Ann Marie James: Let me know. >> Gregory Mitchell: Jesus >> renado rose: certainly

Universities, we send it in the world clears. We >> Gregory Mitchell: Oh, you know it’s >> renado rose: set it in the world. Oh yes, we strip. >> Gregory Mitchell: We? >> Ann Marie James: We might. >> renado rose: We celebrate the rumbara rubber salmon here. We

Said it this glory to >> Juliet Powell: In. >> Gregory Mitchell: My God. >> renado rose: G. >> Gregory Mitchell: Come on. >> renado rose: Well, yes. >> Gregory Mitchell: If you have a care pack outside, >> renado rose: yes, we >> Gregory Mitchell: Sands 91

Even if you can’t like it, Put it in your Cameron. >> renado rose: study to defeater. Yes, we said >> Gregory Mitchell: Calder. >> renado rose: it didn’t feel mighty. God. Mighty God. >> Gregory Mitchell: More. He’s right. We say we send it. We say. Color, it won’t.

>> renado rose: Why to God? We did their hospital this morning. Oh God. No we’re oh man. >> Gregory Mitchell: Sounds Nicole >> renado rose: Over to God. Glory to God. >> Ann Marie James: Make. >> Gregory Mitchell: surprise this money, people of God, if

>> renado rose: we >> Gregory Mitchell: this one, >> renado rose: said to be here, we are starting >> Gregory Mitchell: My God Almighty, if you’re happy, >> renado rose: Yes. >> Gregory Mitchell: leave your house or if you’re not leaving your house, >> renado rose: just,

>> Gregory Mitchell: don’t leave our boss Benedict. I don’t read Psalms, 91 Read it, my >> renado rose: Yeah. >> Gregory Mitchell: God Almighty. but do it in the seat. >> renado rose: Shaliban. >> Gregory Mitchell: Yes, at the Most High God shut up. by the

Shadow of the Almighty. >> renado rose: I will >> Gregory Mitchell: God Hollywood. I will say >> renado rose: Is my refuge >> Gregory Mitchell: He’s my refuge and my fortress. my God in Him. Will I just >> renado rose: In Him. Will I trust

>> Gregory Mitchell: truly He will deliver me my God, from the snares of the phone >> renado rose: God has made toler and from the noise. >> Gregory Mitchell: forward to go dead and >> renado rose: And >> Gregory Mitchell: from the noise, some

>> Ann Marie James: Four. >> renado rose: With thy feathers and >> Gregory Mitchell: I don’t I trust my God his truth shall be the shield and butler. We shall not be afraid of the terror by night. >> Valrie Welsh: all night, the arrow that day.

>> Gregory Mitchell: Lord what flies by date and for >> Valrie Welsh: And start walking and noonday. >> Gregory Mitchell: the pestilent that walks in darkness not what the destruction that may waste >> Valrie Welsh: The beach. >> renado rose: wings. >> Valrie Welsh: Also, shall call.

>> Gregory Mitchell: at noon day, a thousand, a thousand, >> renado rose: Forever. >> Gregory Mitchell: a thousand >> renado rose: Glory. >> Valrie Welsh: To follow by side. >> renado rose: Oh, >> Valrie Welsh: and >> renado rose: Hallelu. >> Gregory Mitchell: James fall

Out by side until >> renado rose: You blessed. >> Valrie Welsh: Come nine. >> Gregory Mitchell: but it’s not, Oh, shut up, it’s not. >> Valrie Welsh: Come not from. >> Gregory Mitchell: it’s a not, each are not committee only with >> Valrie Welsh: And I shall be.

>> Gregory Mitchell: thine highs. Shall don’t look. >> Valrie Welsh: Could. >> Gregory Mitchell: and behold the reward of the wicked because you have made the Lord >> Valrie Welsh: You lower their god? Hi there >> Gregory Mitchell: your refuge. Even the most hand, you’re drilling place, you know

>> Ann Marie James: More important. >> Valrie Welsh: shall be for the no, he >> Gregory Mitchell: somebody said no evil. >> Ann Marie James: More. >> Sadie Burnett: Believer. >> renado rose: No evil. >> Gregory Mitchell: more. He >> renado rose: no evil.

>> Valrie Welsh: no evil child before we >> Enid Moncrieffe: Us family for me. >> Sadie Burnett: no evil nor he was out from Nowadwellyn know. We >> Valrie Welsh: Have that dwelling. >> renado rose: Thought I >> Valrie Welsh: and, you know, place.

>> Sadie Burnett: even Jesus no evil type on that. Ideally not whatsoever. Lord Jesus nor my God, no he would Jesus. >> Valrie Welsh: Shall give his >> Enid Moncrieffe: He just, >> Sadie Burnett: No no no >> renado rose: Hi. >> Valrie Welsh: angels charge over there to keep the ignore

Their ways. they shall >> renado rose: don’t even know, evil. >> Sadie Burnett: In the name of Jesus, you talk over them. >> Valrie Welsh: be the up in their hands. Let’s >> Sadie Burnett: You >> Valrie Welsh: That’s I put against a store. >> renado rose: Not.

>> Valrie Welsh: Those are treated upon the lion and the other young lion and the dragon >> renado rose: oh, >> Valrie Welsh: shall go Trevor >> Enid Moncrieffe: Jesus, Jesus. Yeah. >> Valrie Welsh: under thy feet because he had set his >> renado rose: God. Yes. What >> Sadie Burnett: Right

>> Valrie Welsh: love upon me. Therefore will I deliver him? I will >> Gregory Mitchell: Like that. >> renado rose: Thank you Almighty God. >> Juliet Powell: Follow me. >> Enid Moncrieffe: I, I >> Sadie Burnett: to God. Thank you, Jesus. Thank >> renado rose: For.

>> Valrie Welsh: set him on high because he has known my name. >> Gregory Mitchell: what we? >> Sadie Burnett: you. Jesus glory to God? >> renado rose: He that >> Sadie Burnett: glory to God. >> Valrie Welsh: he shall call upon me >> Enid Moncrieffe: thank you.

>> Valrie Welsh: and I will answer him. >> Sadie Burnett: here. >> Valrie Welsh: I will be >> Sadie Burnett: An answer to some >> Enid Moncrieffe: Hey, let’s go. >> Valrie Welsh: with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him with long life.

>> Sadie Burnett: He needs us over deliverancing the believer by God, they never Judith. >> Gregory Mitchell: he will deliver him and be with him in trouble. I will deliver him >> Enid Moncrieffe: Last showroom I salvation. >> Gregory Mitchell: and Hannah him with young life. Yes.

>> Enid Moncrieffe: I don’t know. >> Valrie Welsh: With long life. >> Sadie Burnett: Anything you? >> Gregory Mitchell: Satisfying and I will show him my >> Valrie Welsh: Liver him. >> renado rose: he shall >> Enid Moncrieffe: Bring >> Sadie Burnett: James. >> Gregory Mitchell: something.

>> Valrie Welsh: Salvation >> renado rose: My salvation. >> Gregory Mitchell: Told people God God boring. >> renado rose: Yes. >> Valrie Welsh: with long life. Will I satisfy him and show him myself >> Gregory Mitchell: Normally. >> renado rose: Oh >> Valrie Welsh: Is Sean. Amen. Amen.

>> Gregory Mitchell: I don’t know. Hallelujah. Somebody blessed. My compress. God and worship. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Hallelujah. >> Gregory Mitchell: God. Send a signs. God blessed. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Probably know. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> Dianne Drakes: Good. >> renado rose: You. hallelujah, blessed >> Michael Calder: The.

>> Valrie Welsh: Glory to God, >> Pansy Merchant: Follow you. >> Gregory Mitchell: God blessed you. >> Jenifer Somers: Hallelujah. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. We give you glory. >> renado rose: Glory to God. >> Sadie Burnett: You, thank you. >> Mercella Salmon: Yeah, >> Jenifer Somers: I don’t know. Yeah.

>> Enid Moncrieffe: Jesus. >> Valrie Welsh: hallelujah. We worship >> renado rose: Hallelujah, the >> Sadie Burnett: Thank you Jesus. >> Gregory Mitchell: I don’t know. >> renado rose: world >> Sadie Burnett: Thank >> Valrie Welsh: your Lord. We adore you, >> Jenifer Somers: Hallelujah. >> Enid Moncrieffe: No

>> Sadie Burnett: you, Lord. Thank you. >> Valrie Welsh: we magnify >> Mercella Salmon: Thank you. >> Jenifer Somers: Hallelujah. >> Gregory Mitchell: Yeah. >> Sadie Burnett: Lord. We praise and >> Valrie Welsh: your name. You are great. >> Gregory Mitchell: Oh >> Mercella Salmon: Thank you, Lord. Thank you.

>> Sadie Burnett: will praise the name wrong. >> Valrie Welsh: You are >> renado rose: this morning. Oh yeah, you are >> Jenifer Somers: oh, >> Valrie Welsh: great. You >> Sadie Burnett: Not >> Gregory Mitchell: Hallelujah. >> renado rose: gloriously. It’s all this morning. >> Valrie Welsh: are great.

There is no >> Mercella Salmon: William. >> renado rose: with >> Jenifer Somers: I know you. >> renado rose: dwelling. You love. >> Michael Calder: oh, >> Sadie Burnett: worthy all. Thank You >> renado rose: We are safe in you. >> Gregory Mitchell: Jesus. >> Sadie Burnett: Jesus. Thank

You. >> renado rose: We are >> Valrie Welsh: light on to you. Lord no like on to you Karlene. >> Gregory Mitchell: she’s, >> Enid Moncrieffe: Jesus. >> Gregory Mitchell: she’s, >> renado rose: securing you Almighty God. Oh Lord >> Enid Moncrieffe: Precious Jesus.

>> Sadie Burnett: What we’re in. Praise God. Thank you. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Hallelujah. >> Dianne Drakes: That. >> Gregory Mitchell: Not. >> renado rose: God. >> Sadie Burnett: Hey Jesus. >> Naomi Smith: Running. >> Pansy Merchant: He? >> Sadie Burnett: I >> Naomi Smith: Oh yeah,

>> Gregory Mitchell: All right. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Nothing. >> Barbara Spencer: He? >> Naomi Smith: Dreams, you know, is not there’s no >> Gregory Mitchell: Where to go? >> Naomi Smith: more. >> Dianne Drakes: He? >> Valrie Welsh: will you >> Naomi Smith: Hallelujah >> Pansy Merchant: died. I

Really this is why we >> Gregory Mitchell: All this. >> renado rose: Blessed the enemy channel you when we are fighting you. >> Sadie Burnett: really prison in this morning. >> Naomi Smith: Reid’s and more attention to reason >> Gregory Mitchell: Please. >> Jenifer Somers: It’s just

>> Sandra Clayton: He? >> Gregory Mitchell: Sees. >> renado rose: you >> Sadie Burnett: Yeah, thank You, Blessed, Be Your name, Lord, >> Valrie Welsh: raise the name of Jesus? Hallelujah. >> Sadie Burnett: Blessed Your name, >> Pansy Merchant: thank you. >> Ann Marie James: For multiple.

>> renado rose: You friends. >> Gregory Mitchell: She? >> Sadie Burnett: Lord. >> Michael Calder: Over. >> Gregory Mitchell: Please. >> Sadie Burnett: God, Your name is a strong. Oh Lord. >> Sandra Clayton: Yes, Lord. >> Jenifer Somers: for, I see >> Sadie Burnett: And

>> Jenifer Somers: that. I >> Sadie Burnett: the rights us that when it treat them. >> Ann Marie James: Thank you. >> Valrie Welsh: you. Jesus. >> Sandra Clayton: Be easy. >> Gregory Mitchell: Hallelujah. Leil. >> Jenifer Somers: Might. >> Sadie Burnett: school.

>> Gregory Mitchell: I know you. >> renado rose: Started, your >> Sadie Burnett: Thank you Jesus. >> renado rose: name is Yahwebs and you >> Sadie Burnett: Blood Lord, >> Valrie Welsh: Colleaguely. >> Gregory Mitchell: Know. >> Valrie Welsh: Yeah. >> Naomi Smith: and he just

Running up present day by day, >> Sadie Burnett: keep your arms upon them. Jesus. >> Valrie Welsh: Oh >> renado rose: are alive to worry about but your >> Naomi Smith: who worship you have >> Enid Moncrieffe: Oh yeah. >> Sadie Burnett: guide and

Protect the more part of God, even from the Enslaughter, the >> Naomi Smith: better than they were forever. >> Valrie Welsh: the word is Salama and >> Naomi Smith: He go. Oh, >> Enid Moncrieffe: Okay, let’s go. >> Sadie Burnett: enemy of God, in the name of Jesus.

>> Gregory Mitchell: Oh, >> Jenifer Somers: When you? >> renado rose: About. >> Valrie Welsh: worthy Salam the Lamb of God. >> Sadie Burnett: mediator charge over the moon, God give >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah, you >> Sandra Clayton: Things Will. >> Jenifer Somers: Hallelujah, in the name of Jesus.

>> Valrie Welsh: are worthy. Lord and >> Naomi Smith: you very >> Enid Moncrieffe: After this. >> Sadie Burnett: your engine God over, didn’t you? >> Gregory Mitchell: My God. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. We praise >> Jenifer Somers: Everybody. >> Michael Calder: but, >> Sadie Burnett: Lord, We

Blessed Him into. >> Valrie Welsh: your name. We praise you. >> Naomi Smith: Blessed in this morning. >> Sadie Burnett: Lord God your >> Valrie Welsh: We worship. >> Sadie Burnett: true child. Be able Lord. Thank You. >> Valrie Welsh: you. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Yeah. >> Sadie Burnett: Jesus. Hallelu.

>> Gregory Mitchell: He? >> Valrie Welsh: Up >> Juliet Powell: I really >> Sadie Burnett: Also, in this day. >> Gregory Mitchell: Will. >> Sadie Burnett: but I think God, you know, we give you praise God will give you >> Dianne Drakes: We have. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Yes.

>> Sandra Clayton: Thank you. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Hallelujah. >> Gregory Mitchell: The reasons Jesus. >> Dianne Drakes: will be part of the new. What? >> Sandra Clayton: You do have. >> Enid Moncrieffe: oh, it’s like, >> Naomi Smith: Blessed, you crazy. I’ve blessed with mine and a

>> Sandra Clayton: thanked you this morning. >> Dianne Drakes: Got >> Sandra Clayton: Jesus. >> Gregory Mitchell: Not blessed. >> Naomi Smith: blessed in this morning. >> Michael Calder: What? >> Dianne Drakes: myself. And >> Gregory Mitchell: let’s, >> Naomi Smith: And Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.

>> Gregory Mitchell: That. blessed, you >> Dianne Drakes: heart. Will you desired? Oh God. You glorified this morning? >> Gregory Mitchell: God blessed you. My people. >> Michael Calder: Thank you. >> Gregory Mitchell: God blessed you. >> Dianne Drakes: No, give me glory to.

>> Gregory Mitchell: We are showings of God’s protection. >> Michael Calder: For watch. The. >> Juliet Powell: The. >> Gregory Mitchell: Remember that you are protected by God. Your competed by God and God cares >> Juliet Powell: Then. >> Gregory Mitchell: about you and today

>> Michael Calder: The name. >> Gregory Mitchell: you are wondering His covering. when you leave your home. >> Michael Calder: Oh, >> Juliet Powell: and then, >> Gregory Mitchell: leave under the blood. Remember that? You are protected and covered by God and no fear must come upon you today.

>> Juliet Powell: We? >> Michael Calder: Yes, Lord. >> Gregory Mitchell: And for the rest of the journey, as a >> Michael Calder: like, >> Gregory Mitchell: child >> Juliet Powell: Cheat. >> Gregory Mitchell: angels are being employed to hear you in their hands and no danger.

>> Juliet Powell: Jesus. >> Gregory Mitchell: No. And s*** of the enemy is going to attack you and prevail in the name of >> Juliet Powell: Mmm. >> Gregory Mitchell: Jesus. God blessed you today. God blessed, you have yourself a wonderful day in the care of the Holy

Ghost in Jesus name over to you, Mother-moderator God bless you, Jesus name. Amen. >> Valrie Welsh: Praise the. Lord. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. >> Sadie Burnett: I do. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. A glory glory. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. For it.

Reaches to the highest mountain and it flows to the lowest valley. It is the blood that give us trend from day today and it will never lose its power. Hallelujah! we give you glory Lord, we worship you. We worship you. Hallelujah, Let us continue to worship. God, let

Us take another moment and >> renado rose: Okay, so yes. >> Enid Moncrieffe: And I will. >> Valrie Welsh: let us worship God. >> renado rose: Oh yeah. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah! Hallelujah. Hallelujah. >> renado rose: Allelujah, we pray. >> Valrie Welsh: We glorify your Lord. We glory

>> Pansy Merchant: Differently. >> renado rose: We >> Pansy Merchant: Thank you. >> Valrie Welsh: for you. You are >> renado rose: saw the name of Jesus, we lift up the name of Without. >> Valrie Welsh: worthy of our praise. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. You are God and always we be

>> renado rose: I, I >> Valrie Welsh: God. Hallelujah, It’s changed. >> Enid Moncrieffe: I’m going out by yourself. >> Valrie Welsh: not Hallelujah. From here below us to >> Pansy Merchant: Thank you. >> Valrie Welsh: Everlasting. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Yes, Jesus. >> Valrie Welsh: you are God

Unto English years, >> Enid Moncrieffe: Oh God. >> Valrie Welsh: You will be the same. Hallelujah. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Yeah, Jesus. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. You deserve the glory. You deserve the >> renado rose: Yes. >> Valrie Welsh: honor you deserve the praise.

>> Enid Moncrieffe: Three. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Yeah. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. Hallelujah. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Seriously. >> Valrie Welsh: There is not like unto you, your glorious in holiness. We are fearful and praises and you. On does. >> Pansy Merchant: Jesus.

>> Valrie Welsh: There is not like on to you? Hallelujah. >> renado rose: Right. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. Hallelujah. >> Pansy Merchant: Thank you This morning. >> renado rose: Blessed. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> Pansy Merchant: You >> Valrie Welsh: Thank you for your.

>> renado rose: The name of >> Valrie Welsh: protection. Thank you for your coverage. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. >> renado rose: Island. >> Valrie Welsh: Thank you for who you are. Your God. and God alone. Hallelujah. All for the Omega. >> renado rose: Love.

>> Valrie Welsh: The Beginning and the End. Hallelujah. >> renado rose: What? >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. Yes, Lord. >> renado rose: This part. >> Valrie Welsh: Not like on to You. Not like on to You. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Jesus. >> Valrie Welsh: No, like, on to

You Lord. We praise You. We worship You, Lord, we worship You, we worship You. We worship you. >> Enid Moncrieffe: That’s not. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah, eat our Barbara Siku. Yes, >> renado rose: Gregory is >> Valrie Welsh: Lord, the Hallelujah, We give you Glory. We honor you.

>> Enid Moncrieffe: What’s wrong? >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> renado rose: not like, Oh, he was yeah. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah, Yellow. Most You get Emma. Mama. Seiko, Hallelujah. Hallelujah. >> renado rose: Smart. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. Yeah. Lord Hear God. >> renado rose: My

>> Valrie Welsh: He that dual life in the secret place of the Most High. Shall I? buy all the Shadow of the Almighty. Hallelujah. I will >> renado rose: First. People. >> Valrie Welsh: see the Lord is my real Charlie. Lou Yeah. Hallelujah. You are

>> renado rose: But our life. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Yes, Jesus. >> Valrie Welsh: a refuge, you are. >> renado rose: fine, you >> Enid Moncrieffe: It’s trouble. >> Valrie Welsh: a strength. You are a present help. Even at the time of trouble, We will not fear. We will not fear.

Hallelujah. Hallelujah. We will not be afraid. Hallelu Yeah, because you are our God, your guide. your protection. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. >> renado rose: Want some? >> Valrie Welsh: Some Justin Chariot. salmon horses. But we will remember the name of the Lord. Oh God. >> renado rose: Are. >> Valrie Welsh: Halleluia.

Hallelujah. Hallelujah. We will remember your name, Allelujah? Hallelujah. because there’s power in your name. Hallelujah. Your mighty to see when you are strong to deliver. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. >> Enid Moncrieffe: That’s all. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> renado rose: blessed name >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. We blessed you. Jesus! We worship

You. >> renado rose: of Jesus blessed, the name of Jesus. We >> Valrie Welsh: We adore you. Hallelujah. King of >> renado rose: We people >> Enid Moncrieffe: Lord. >> Valrie Welsh: Kings and Lord of Lords, Hallelujah. Praise the name of Jesus. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

>> renado rose: there’s some >> Valrie Welsh: This time. You’re all going to pray for the man of God. Hallelujah. Hallelujah for pasta Mitchell. Hallelujah. >> Enid Moncrieffe: If you real Jesus. >> Valrie Welsh: Who let the charge this morning? Let us >> renado rose: Yes, Hollywood.

>> Enid Moncrieffe: Yes. >> Valrie Welsh: all a new to let us pray. Hallelujah. There is greatness in United Prayer. Halleluia one. >> Sadie Burnett: Thank the Lord. >> Valrie Welsh: shall chase a thousand but you will put >> Enid Moncrieffe: God blessed. >> Sadie Burnett: Thank you

Jesus. Thank you. Lord. >> Valrie Welsh: 10,000 to fly. Hallelujah. >> renado rose: The three. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> Dianne Drakes: Okay. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Hallelujah. Jesus. >> Valrie Welsh: A glory to God. Hallelujah. >> renado rose: Of work. >> Jenifer Somers: What we are.

>> Valrie Welsh: Something >> Dianne Drakes: oh, >> renado rose: It’s >> Enid Moncrieffe: Yes, Lord. >> Jenifer Somers: Thank you. >> Ann Marie James: and then you, >> Valrie Welsh: is still the atmosphere and divine >> Pansy Merchant: Is. >> Enid Moncrieffe: The name of Jesus blessed.

>> Valrie Welsh: protection is needed for the servant of >> renado rose: Nobody. >> Enid Moncrieffe: God. And we just worship you. >> Valrie Welsh: God. Hallelujah! >> Enid Moncrieffe: between your lower. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah, Hallelujah. >> renado rose: Created this morning for your month.

>> Valrie Welsh: Gray and seek coverage. Lord >> renado rose: Oh, >> Enid Moncrieffe: We honor you things >> Valrie Welsh: Comprehensive Protection. Hallelujah. >> Sandra Clayton: Like you guys >> Enid Moncrieffe: of things and large >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah, Glory Glory. Glory. >> Pansy Merchant: okay with

Different regional government. >> Valrie Welsh: No weapon. That is formed against >> Pansy Merchant: right? >> Enid Moncrieffe: God, there is no land you. >> Valrie Welsh: himself prosperous. >> Sandra Clayton: Will probably continue. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Over more. >> Valrie Welsh: and every time

That rise up against >> Trevor Trevor: Would be anything that I >> Jenifer Somers: Thank you. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Nicole’s >> Valrie Welsh: him in judgment, it shall be condemned for this. >> Enid Moncrieffe: You hear? >> Valrie Welsh: is the heritage of the child of God.

>> Sandra Clayton: Ann. >> Valrie Welsh: He shall >> Enid Moncrieffe: oh, >> Sadie Burnett: Know God, >> Sandra Clayton: With you more. >> Valrie Welsh: walk in his heritage. Hallelujah. He >> renado rose: Forever. >> Ann Marie James: thank you. >> Sadie Burnett: But for about not

>> Enid Moncrieffe: God. >> Valrie Welsh: shall walk in his heritage. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. >> Pansy Merchant: It’s >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Hallelujah. >> Sandra Clayton: just, >> renado rose: Ever >> Valrie Welsh: A hallelujah. Hallelujah. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Hallelujah. >> Valrie Welsh: Yes.

>> Pansy Merchant: good. >> Valrie Welsh: The Dark World Hallelujah. >> renado rose: Oh, >> Enid Moncrieffe: Jesus. >> Sadie Burnett: Keep going on, and >> renado rose: yeah. >> Valrie Welsh: Website Fire. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Father. >> Pansy Merchant: To the soul. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah.

Hallelujah. Holy Ghost. >> Trevor Trevor: Thank you. >> Enid Moncrieffe: You know. >> Valrie Welsh: I am Holy Ghost. >> Sadie Burnett: might be much, I Almighty. >> Enid Moncrieffe: As >> Valrie Welsh: Fire Up Hallelujah. >> Sadie Burnett: God blessed him up. >> Sandra Clayton: Not

Everything. >> Enid Moncrieffe: the Mitchell this morning, I presenting before you >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah Consumer The Works of >> Pansy Merchant: of this using local news yesterday >> Sandra Clayton: That we’re >> Ann Marie James: And >> Jenifer Somers: Thank you. >> Valrie Welsh: Darkness in our

>> Pansy Merchant: today and >> Enid Moncrieffe: With the giver of life >> renado rose: He? >> Enid Moncrieffe: and all good things. >> Valrie Welsh: Barbara’s. Secret Obama >> Enid Moncrieffe: Almighty God. >> Ann Marie James: As you. >> Enid Moncrieffe: I know nothing about it.

>> Tyrone Merchant: oh, >> Pansy Merchant: for more reasonable and these are probably >> Enid Moncrieffe: But I ask >> Valrie Welsh: Sacred. Oh >> Sadie Burnett: Obviously >> Enid Moncrieffe: you Almighty God, to cover him, ask him might be going to release movies. >> Sandra Clayton: will come.

>> Ann Marie James: Probably. >> Valrie Welsh: The internal God is His refuge and >> Enid Moncrieffe: Oh God, I have to Almighty God. >> Valrie Welsh: underneath, or the need on the need. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. >> Trevor Trevor: By the community. >> Sandra Clayton: Over here.

>> Enid Moncrieffe: Some 19 as >> Valrie Welsh: Oh, glory to >> renado rose: Is. >> Trevor Trevor: Just >> Valrie Welsh: God. Hallelujah, Hallelujah. >> Enid Moncrieffe: mighty God. >> Pansy Merchant: you know Oh this morning we just thank you. >> Ann Marie James: Much. >> Valrie Welsh: Are you?

>> Pansy Merchant: Bye, thank you >> renado rose: All right. >> Enid Moncrieffe: oh, >> Valrie Welsh: Hey glory. >> Pansy Merchant: Very >> Valrie Welsh: glory glory. What >> Enid Moncrieffe: Jesus >> Sadie Burnett: Know God, in the name >> Valrie Welsh: am I to God? We

Serve you’re always >> Jenifer Somers: but, >> Sandra Clayton: What you? >> Enid Moncrieffe: Oh, Jesus. >> Valrie Welsh: victorious. Always >> Trevor Trevor: we will probably magnifier and it’s like they used to. >> Enid Moncrieffe: There’s not last week. >> Sadie Burnett: of Jesus, Lord, that I

>> Pansy Merchant: Completely done. >> Valrie Welsh: watching over us a great. Big. >> Trevor Trevor: forever journey. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Oh >> Valrie Welsh: wonderful God’s. Hey, who >> Trevor Trevor: Thank you. >> Pansy Merchant: Thank you. >> Ann Marie James: Of certainly more.

>> Pansy Merchant: this morning, Jesus. >> Valrie Welsh: can stand before you and Mama. Yeah. >> Pansy Merchant: Thank >> Enid Moncrieffe: Yeah. Lord. >> Pansy Merchant: you this morning. >> Jenifer Somers: Do. >> Valrie Welsh: Who can stand before >> Pansy Merchant: Thank you. This morning.

>> Ann Marie James: And brakes. >> Valrie Welsh: you none? >> Pansy Merchant: We will continue >> Enid Moncrieffe: Hallelujah. >> Valrie Welsh: non non no >> Pansy Merchant: this morning. Nobody, >> Ann Marie James: And >> Pansy Merchant: Nobody >> Sandra Clayton: All the presidential open

>> Sadie Burnett: might >> Valrie Welsh: one will. No one >> Sandra Clayton: me, Lord. >> renado rose: that’s, >> Enid Moncrieffe: Glory hallelu. >> Valrie Welsh: can allelujah. Hallelujah. >> Pansy Merchant: oh, >> renado rose: Right. >> Sadie Burnett: About boarding in the powerful

>> Valrie Welsh: Glory to God >> Enid Moncrieffe: Jesus. >> Sadie Burnett: line. Almighty. >> Valrie Welsh: your eyes >> Sandra Clayton: The world, right? >> Sadie Burnett: God Lord. >> Tasha-Ann S Richards: Blessed me. >> Enid Moncrieffe: The Crazy Lord. >> renado rose: It’s okay.

>> Valrie Welsh: rolled toward the earth. You may hold the evil and your beholds and good. >> Sandra Clayton: Probably >> Sadie Burnett: people my understanding this morning or Michael >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. Hallelujah. >> Pansy Merchant: Thank you. >> Trevor Trevor: and I couldn’t >> Enid Moncrieffe: Hiding

Mighty God. >> Sadie Burnett: God, blessed things, Good morning, no God. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. Hallelujah >> Sadie Burnett: in the name of it. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Oh, >> Trevor Trevor: get the volume questions. >> Sadie Burnett: You know, that I >> Enid Moncrieffe: it didn’t

Cover him on the Irwin’s, Jesus. >> Valrie Welsh: Blessed. Be your name Jesus. Hallelujah, >> Trevor Trevor: We’re going to get >> Sadie Burnett: blessed your money servant. >> Enid Moncrieffe: oh, >> Valrie Welsh: Glory Glory, Glory. Hallelujah, >> Sadie Burnett: Almighty God and the

>> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> Trevor Trevor: in a very much you >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. Hallelujah. HALLELUJAH. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Announcing Lord from the corner of his friends. >> Valrie Welsh: And >> Enid Moncrieffe: all of his feet. >> Trevor Trevor: call upon you as the gun might.

>> Juliet Powell: He? >> Enid Moncrieffe: Oh, >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. Do you cry on to deeper >> Jenifer Somers: Oh, >> Valrie Welsh: of the water Spout? >> Enid Moncrieffe: Nicole? >> Sadie Burnett: name of Jesus. Lord will not helping people still >> Jenifer Somers: that’s very

Good. Every God you >> Sadie Burnett: standing Mighty God >> Dianne Drakes: Community. >> Tyrone Merchant: but, >> Jenifer Somers: will. Oh >> Valrie Welsh: over us a great big. Deep deep. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Of Jesus. Holy Holy >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> Trevor Trevor: But

>> Dianne Drakes: 18. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Yes, God. >> Sadie Burnett: what that Almighty God, in the name of Jesus. >> Valrie Welsh: We’re blessed you. >> renado rose: oh, >> Sadie Burnett: Lord God. >> Valrie Welsh: We adore you, we’re >> Sadie Burnett: Do you ever?

>> Valrie Welsh: magnify you. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Hallelu, let’s see. >> Valrie Welsh: We praise your name. >> Tasha-Ann S Richards: But the rules and experimented. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. Glory Glory. >> Enid Moncrieffe: I typically strongest. Alright. >> Valrie Welsh: Glory. Glory

>> Jenifer Somers: Put into one >> Trevor Trevor: That is very tight. >> Juliet Powell: He? >> Sadie Burnett: Oh my God You concerning Almighty >> Trevor Trevor: Grows gonna >> Enid Moncrieffe: oh, >> Sadie Burnett: God, >> Valrie Welsh: Glory, Glory, >> Jenifer Somers: almighty. God and that your fish,

>> Trevor Trevor: make them anyway. And >> Tasha-Ann S Richards: I think that, >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. Hallelujah. >> Dianne Drakes: He >> Jenifer Somers: are you serve and >> Sadie Burnett: line, Almighty, God, Lord, people my understanding this morning or Michael >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah.

>> Tyrone Merchant: it’s >> Sandra Clayton: It will. >> Valrie Welsh: THANK YOU. HALLELUJAH. >> Sadie Burnett: alone by the God, >> Valrie Welsh: Raise the wonderful >> Sandra Clayton: Small volunteers. >> Sadie Burnett: law people in the name of Jesus >> Sandra Clayton: You

>> Sadie Burnett: blessed, my baby Almighty. God. >> Valrie Welsh: name of Jesus. Praise Your Holy >> Jenifer Somers: you continue. Jesus Christ of another it after. Oh God. Yes. >> Valrie Welsh: name Jesus. Yeah, we >> Jenifer Somers: Oh God! >> Valrie Welsh: blessed you. We blessed you.

>> Jenifer Somers: the Word. >> Sadie Burnett: Blessed in the midway, North Africa, many, no God >> Valrie Welsh: We blessed >> Sadie Burnett: Blessed for basketball. >> Dianne Drakes: He? >> Jenifer Somers: in us. So >> Sadie Burnett: Michael. >> Valrie Welsh: you. We offer until

>> Enid Moncrieffe: Yeah. >> Sadie Burnett: That didn’t mean it >> renado rose: and oh, >> Jenifer Somers: I go >> Valrie Welsh: the sacrifices of praise. We >> Enid Moncrieffe: Forward to draw, hallelujah. >> Sadie Burnett: below Michael. >> Tasha-Ann S Richards: Going up.

>> Enid Moncrieffe: Jesus. >> Valrie Welsh: often unto you the sacrifices of thanksgiving >> Tasha-Ann S Richards: There’s just >> Jenifer Somers: and settle to God and would have victory this morning. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah, >> Jenifer Somers: Not every guy that >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah.

>> Sadie Burnett: know that. I >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. Hallelujah. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Oh >> Trevor Trevor: Like what I’ve done here? >> Valrie Welsh: Blessed. >> Enid Moncrieffe: It is >> Sadie Burnett: must. >> Dianne Drakes: doesn’t Judith church you. >> Valrie Welsh: Be the name of

Jesus >> Enid Moncrieffe: A man >> Tasha-Ann S Richards: But they >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> Sadie Burnett: be Your name Lord. Oh >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> Enid Moncrieffe: of the power of, man of the word, you can call >> Sadie Burnett: God. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah.

Hallelujah. >> Sadie Burnett: You need us from our on the >> Enid Moncrieffe: Over let your will be life. >> Sadie Burnett: righteous women. He can be asleep. >> Valrie Welsh: You are the Exalted One. >> Jenifer Somers: Well, that I >> Trevor Trevor: Almighty. He

>> Valrie Welsh: You are King of >> Dianne Drakes: Morning, >> Enid Moncrieffe: I came for his family. >> Sadie Burnett: But the Lord that I >> Valrie Welsh: Kings and you are Lord of Lords. >> Jenifer Somers: mean each and every one of us, right?

>> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah, >> Jenifer Somers: guys. >> Trevor Trevor: follow us. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Oh, >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> Jenifer Somers: that’s >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Jesus. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> Jenifer Somers: wrong. Oh God, we have money so far

>> Enid Moncrieffe: Jesus, Jesus. >> Valrie Welsh: Glory to your name, Jesus. >> Sadie Burnett: pray, God that I pray for strength of any more God. Oh God, I don’t know the enemies and >> Valrie Welsh: Glory to your >> Tasha-Ann S Richards: that’s, >> Enid Moncrieffe: oh,

>> Valrie Welsh: name, glory >> Jenifer Somers: that I feel. >> Sadie Burnett: oh God, I freak out that >> Valrie Welsh: to Your name. Lord, we >> Dianne Drakes: What we? >> Jenifer Somers: Oh. >> Tasha-Ann S Richards: Right. >> Jenifer Somers: God. It pray that you

>> Tasha-Ann S Richards: You are my >> Sadie Burnett: because >> Jenifer Somers: in his life, right? That the water will >> Valrie Welsh: Glory. You. Yeah. Blessed. >> renado rose: That’s if >> Enid Moncrieffe: And here, welcome. >> Valrie Welsh: Blessed Blessed, the name of

>> Jenifer Somers: flow, that I always love. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Please, yes. >> Tasha-Ann S Richards: Are my friends of the >> Jenifer Somers: always. >> Enid Moncrieffe: I have to go. >> Tasha-Ann S Richards: You are many of my God. >> Jenifer Somers: right God. That

>> Tasha-Ann S Richards: and because of >> renado rose: Blessed. >> Valrie Welsh: Slowly to God, glory to God. >> renado rose: The name of Jesus >> Jenifer Somers: Freeman, the name of John. Oh God >> Valrie Welsh: Glory Hallelujah. >> renado rose: blessed. The

Name of the Lord. >> Dianne Drakes: just, >> renado rose: Hallelujah, it’s smart in >> Enid Moncrieffe: To God. I love you. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah >> Tasha-Ann S Richards: thank you. >> renado rose: are great >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> renado rose: Almighty God.

>> Jenifer Somers: and oh God we’re running. No >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> Enid Moncrieffe: Jesus. >> Dianne Drakes: You need to do. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> renado rose: Right. >> Jenifer Somers: you. Oh God in the >> Valrie Welsh: Oh >> Tasha-Ann S Richards: With

God, Why you >> Jenifer Somers: Spencer, that’s it. >> renado rose: This morning, how do you >> Jenifer Somers: For instance, corporate over the kind of Madden. >> Tasha-Ann S Richards: but unlike >> Jenifer Somers: They go through and through today. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah.

>> Jenifer Somers: Oh God, whatever >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. Hallelujah. >> Tasha-Ann S Richards: That I >> renado rose: hear >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> Jenifer Somers: it will speak from you and have you this morning >> renado rose: glory to God? Glory to Glory to God.

>> Jenifer Somers: before God. >> Enid Moncrieffe: He? >> Valrie Welsh: Oh, >> Jenifer Somers: and as he continued to >> Tasha-Ann S Richards: And listening you. >> Valrie Welsh: hallelujah. Hallelujah hallelujah. >> Jenifer Somers: educate your presence and continue around. You like us.

>> Valrie Welsh: We praise >> Jenifer Somers: we look to you or we did it. Thanks for doing it this morning. >> Valrie Welsh: We praise you, >> Jenifer Somers: And >> Enid Moncrieffe: but, >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. Thank you. Jesus. Hallelujah. Hallelujah, let me greet you

All. In the name of the Lord? Jesus Christ. What have we? This has been. We refer to it as men speak. And in deed God has been ministering to us from Monday until today the middle of the week Wednesday on Monday. we were reminded by Pastor Morris

Son. That we are. God has favored us. Hallelujah. Just to be favored by God. What more do we desire? And he refer to Nehemiah. Hallelujah, who found favor? Hallelujah. And so we too can find favor from God. He was able to The Walls. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Because God

Favored him and God favored us to himself as he gave his testimony and we can all join and say God has favored us. We have found favor in the sight of God and we can only be thankful to God. because when men would have refused us God has never refused us. Hallelujah. And

Yes, prove Himself mighty and great. Hallelujah. Then on Tuesday, Bishop Johnson, There is a way Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Sing John 14 and verse 6. Hallelujah. There is a way and we ought to walk in that way that the Lord has set for us. Hallelujah. And he’s dealt with three peas. We

Should have a praise. We should have our prayer and we should push. Hallelujah. Got a mighty God. we serve. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. And then this morning, Hallelujah to crown it. We had a Pastor Gregory Mitchell minister and the assurance of God’s protection. What more do we desire this morning to be

Protected by God? And as we are directing it to the men this morning to women too. but we’re focusing on men. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. men whom God has called to lead. And there is a chorus that said the Holy Ghost. men are no needed to carry the church, all around the

Men whom the Lord has selected. Should never go back into sin. Then stand for your right. My dear brother. the Lord is depending on you. he will give you the power to conquer and to have a bright Keenan in view. Hallelujah. Don’t lose your forecast. Hallelujah, Hallelujah. We have God as our

Protection. hallelujah. And in First Corinthians 16:13 men watch me stand fast in the face, Quickly like men, be strong. First Corinthians, 16 and verse 13, Watch ye men open Eyes and see. Turned fast in the field. The liberty we’re with God, has made you free and never to be

Entangled with the yoke of bondage quit ye like men be strong. Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His mind, you are not weaklands. Hallelujah, just having the Lord, by your side, your refuge your Your present help. You need not be afraid. Mighty men of valor, keep on fighting,

Hallelujah. Holy roll. Stand up like men, fight like men. we are here to encourage you along as women. Hallelujah, Aquila. And Priscilla was there for Paul and we are here. Hallelujah. To share it. What we are? Propelling, you take your position, stand up. The Lord is depending upon you,

Be the man that God has called you to be to be steadfast on movable. always abounding in the work of the Lord for of the Lord, for your labor will not be in vain in it. get discouraging on times, but God is God is not worse present,

God is your refuge and strength and a present help in the time of trouble. Keep on trusting. God, He is good to take you through, He did not bring you this far to leave you trust. In the Lord, with all your heart and lead, not to your own

Understanding in all your ways and knowledge Him. And He shall that great thy path. Hallelujah, hallelujah. At this point in time, we are going to pray for all our brothers. all the male fool. And what I’m gonna ask all persons to do. We want all the men on the line

To be acknowledged this morning? Whatever position you’re in Pastor bishop or dinner, or whoever you are, we want you to acknowledge your presence. Hallelujah. So what I’m gonna ask us all to do those with hands. Lifted, vertical answer. I’m gonna ask us to pull down our hands and we want

The men to put your hands up. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Praise the name of Jesus. All the men. Praise the name of Jesus. Hallelujah. Praise your Holy Name, Jesus. Hallelujah. it’s good to have men on the line, you know. Hallelujah. you are important, your leaders, Hallelujah. AND WE WANT TO RESPECT. Hallelujah. The

Calling of God on your life. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Praise the name of Jesus. Are these all the men that are I hallelujah. hallelujah ladies on your hands. Hallelujah men. Only at this point in time. You can raise your hands after but men, only at this time. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. men.

Raise your hands. Hallelujah. You’re a mighty army. You are a mighty army. You are not alone. God with you. Measurity Hallelujah. Hallelujah. We were always praying for men and we have men on the line this morning, and we want them to be equipped and just stand and to

Stand and haven’t done all to stand. They will remain standing. Praise the name of Jesus. Hallelujah, I am gonna ask Mother Carl to do the prayer for our men on the line this morning. To pray as the Lord leads you. Hallelujah and we We are going to back her up.

There is. Something about praying. God hears, and he answers even before we call, Hallelujah. Hallelujah. mother, Carol. Go ahead. Praise him in Jesus. >> renado rose: Crazy name of the Lord. >> Valrie Welsh: Thank you, Lord Hallelujah. >> renado rose: Praise the name of the Lord.

>> Valrie Welsh: Prince >> renado rose: Blessed. >> Valrie Welsh: Thank you. Lord >> renado rose: The name of Jesus. Praise God, >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> renado rose: Hallelujah. >> Valrie Welsh: Thank you. >> renado rose: Hallelujah. >> Valrie Welsh: Lord Hallelujah.

>> renado rose: blessed the name of >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> renado rose: Jesus. This morning were worded this morning Almighty God. >> Valrie Welsh: Just Lord, you are. >> renado rose: You are exalted, all glory. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. Yeah. >> renado rose: and honor

Belongs to you. >> Valrie Welsh: yes, Lord >> renado rose: all. Praise is belongs to you this morning, you alone. >> Valrie Welsh: Thank You, Jesus. >> renado rose: mostly in you alone. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> renado rose: Must be glorified this morning on my God.

>> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. Hallelujah. >> renado rose: And so Lord this morning and mighty God as, Oh God, >> Valrie Welsh: I really do. >> renado rose: We come to pray for the men Almighty God. >> Valrie Welsh: Aliyah >> renado rose: This morning or Mighty God, we are

>> Valrie Welsh: Thank you. >> renado rose: making a request no and to you for them. Oh, God the male figure. Oh God, >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah, >> renado rose: man, that you are doing, man, that you >> Valrie Welsh: Just cheese. >> renado rose: put in place and

Mighty God. Oh God, my tea to lead Almighty God. this morning. >> Valrie Welsh: Halloween. Yeah. >> renado rose: God Almighty. We know God that the >> Valrie Welsh: Thank you. >> renado rose: windows of Fnr open this morning. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah.

>> renado rose: We know God Almighty that >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. Yeah. >> renado rose: you’re hearing or cry. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> renado rose: You are hearing our prayers. this morning. Almighty God. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah >> renado rose: Oh God! Crying >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah.

Hallelujah. >> renado rose: out for the manner. >> Valrie Welsh: He? >> renado rose: another time of Oh God. Mighty land. Almighty God. And so God Almighty. >> Valrie Welsh: Haley. >> renado rose: Oh God, some are unlike this morning. some are not online but this morning,

You know where the >> Valrie Welsh: Yes, and >> renado rose: men are Oh God Almighty some are >> Valrie Welsh: Our living room? >> renado rose: in the prisoner. Some are in the >> Valrie Welsh: Yeah. Yes she Might God. >> renado rose: gambling. And

But this morning we glad to know this morning >> Valrie Welsh: Oh, glory to God. >> renado rose: that you got our deliverer. We glad to know this morning God. >> Valrie Welsh: Yes, Lord, >> renado rose: Almighty that >> Valrie Welsh: The Hallelujah. You. Yeah.

>> renado rose: You set the captive free and this morning. Lord. we put men before you and we bake up you this morning. You know. >> Valrie Welsh: And you, yeah. >> renado rose: Oh God. to bring deliverance to both that and >> Valrie Welsh: Yes, Jesus.

>> renado rose: yeah. Forever by the enemy God I love mighty. >> Valrie Welsh: We? >> renado rose: Oh God Almighty. They are so A man. Oh God. >> Valrie Welsh: Will. >> renado rose: Almighty. When we remember, Moses in the Bible, God Almighty. Oh, God

>> Valrie Welsh: Jesus, Jesus. give you >> renado rose: Remember me. Sadie up an abandon go remember. >> Valrie Welsh: Yes, Lord. >> renado rose: Daniel. God. Almighty >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Oh yeah. And if you hallelujah, hallelujah. Glory to your name. We worship

You, Lord. Hallelujah. Glory. Glory. Hallelujah. Haley. Yeah. >> Enid Moncrieffe: and we know your father, >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelu. >> Enid Moncrieffe: He was. >> Valrie Welsh: Jah elaba >> Enid Moncrieffe: Not as you just. >> Valrie Welsh: She could go over here Lord. Yes.

>> Enid Moncrieffe: How many? >> Valrie Welsh: Lord >> renado rose: He prayed that he will bring deliverance to >> Valrie Welsh: Yes, Lord. >> renado rose: the men this morning. Oh God >> Valrie Welsh: Yes. Lord. >> renado rose: Almighty you. >> Valrie Welsh: How long?

>> renado rose: Oh God are a delivery! You are a strong toward God >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> renado rose: Almighty. Oh >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. And >> renado rose: God, Almighty Thompson. Have lost his strength out, but >> Valrie Welsh: Thank you. Just >> renado rose: God this morning

God, we pray that you will restore strength to the manner. We pray that man will arise and take up their position. We pray. God Almighty that man will go back to the farmer glory. >> Valrie Welsh: Oh yes. >> renado rose: Oh God Almighty. Because if my people are called

By my >> Valrie Welsh: Have you? >> renado rose: name will humble themselves and seek your face, then you will hear from heaven. >> Valrie Welsh: Yeah. >> renado rose: and you will heal the land of Mana. Oh God. >> Valrie Welsh: A lady who.

>> renado rose: This morning. >> Valrie Welsh: Yeah. >> renado rose: They are so many that you wish and around manner. They are so many dead people wishing around men. I mean they are so many. Oh God. dry bones around Manor but this morning but it is not

>> Valrie Welsh: God, yes. >> renado rose: over until you said it is >> Valrie Welsh: Lord. Oh >> renado rose: over. I pray that you will breed. Oh God blessed upon the men again Almighty God you will call them back to life Almighty. God. Oh God I

>> Valrie Welsh: Yeah, yes. >> renado rose: pray this morning. God Almighty that Sim. You are Almighty. >> Valrie Welsh: We? >> renado rose: God will begin to. Oh Other mighty. Oh God, covered the dry bones of the men again. God Almighty you will go down in that valley and

You will restore. >> Valrie Welsh: Hope he. >> renado rose: Oh God. Almighty every death. If you wish Anna, every dry, one >> Valrie Welsh: die bones. All you >> renado rose: condition. God almighty. I pray this morning. God Almighty. When is we can ask

And these bones again? Oh, God is a don’t know. >> Valrie Welsh: Lord the most. >> renado rose: it’s a but this morning they can live again. >> Valrie Welsh: Hardly we can. >> renado rose: They can write again. Oh God! >> Valrie Welsh: Make.

>> renado rose: They can’t do that again because you are still in control. They can be resurrect again. Almighty God. >> Valrie Welsh: Yes. >> renado rose: this morning. God, I pray for resurrection. Among the manner, I pray that You will call them four top. Oh God, just us.

>> Valrie Welsh: Yes, Lord. >> renado rose: Hope you are from the dead. >> Valrie Welsh: Yes, Jesus. >> renado rose: sister. We are now. Oh It is not. >> Valrie Welsh: We call you. >> renado rose: To let God Almighty because it is

>> Valrie Welsh: Oh, >> renado rose: not over until it over. >> Valrie Welsh: Glory to your name. She >> renado rose: But if they would arise Almighty God because you said If My people are >> Valrie Welsh: alrights and shine >> renado rose: called by My name

>> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> renado rose: will humble themselves and seek and >> Valrie Welsh: Yes, >> renado rose: Turner. Oh God, then you will hear from heaven and you will >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> renado rose: heal the land of the men. This morning. Oh, the

Men, we are calling them back to life in the name of Jesus Christ of that’s right. We are calling them back from the dead situation. >> Valrie Welsh: Yes, >> renado rose: We are calling them back from the gambling dinner. We are calling them back. Oh, God. From the

Rumbara. We are calling >> Valrie Welsh: James. >> renado rose: the men from the prison this morning. we are calling the men from the guns again. >> Valrie Welsh: Are you? >> renado rose: This morning, we are high in the men. God >> Valrie Welsh: We are calling.

>> renado rose: Almighty from Singer. We are calling the men from darkness in the name of Jesus. How we ask your man? God Almighty, who hopefull of the dead Sister? We are trying men from concavision life. >> Valrie Welsh: Yes, Lord. Jesus. >> renado rose: We call men from

Witchcraft this morning who calling men from Walmart, sexual smile, you know, within men to find their. I identity this morning. >> Valrie Welsh: highly, we >> renado rose: What it goes this morning I pray that here will be. Oh God, I hope it was

For you. Oh God up. In this morning. >> Valrie Welsh: God, he >> renado rose: look at them this morning. God. Almighty. Look here. >> Valrie Welsh: Got. >> renado rose: The men and this morning. a look at them in. He’s in the Western not in the

South, my God Almighty. when you look in the church. Oh God, the church is overflowing with female Lord. God, and there is no me and God Almighty and >> Valrie Welsh: why >> renado rose: God Almighty. We are calling unto you this morning because >> Valrie Welsh: God they can’t

But oh God. Eruption no glory mighty God. Oh, Glory. Glory to Jesus men, men, men men men, hallelujah. we call you for telling you. Here. we call you food. Hallelujah, we call you for it. >> renado rose: But there have been like this >> Valrie Welsh: Oh, you, yes,

>> renado rose: morning every suck back, you will call them back from their sick but this morning. >> Valrie Welsh: Telling you. >> renado rose: Oh God, we declare and we decree that they shall come up with the clear And with decree that they’re the men

>> Valrie Welsh: Yes. >> renado rose: will arise and shine for the lightest as karma. I say. I said, I’m the glory of the Lord is risener, Madden rights. >> Valrie Welsh: Here, right. >> renado rose: and shining the name of Jesus and shine for the

Lightest karma, man. We are loosen in the men this morning. Yeah, it lives around Florida. Every chain >> Valrie Welsh: Yes. Of. >> renado rose: that enemy used to tie them up every chain that the >> Valrie Welsh: The >> renado rose: enemy you some

Mighty God. I pray this morning God in the name of Jesus Christ, something you are actually. you are you and do bird. >> Valrie Welsh: Know. >> renado rose: Other mighty. Oh God. >> Valrie Welsh: Hollywood. >> renado rose: And so this morning we pray. God Almighty

The men that are oppressed. They will go free. >> Valrie Welsh: OH, >> renado rose: Not God Almighty. we send the fire of God. >> Valrie Welsh: God. Seven into worship. Oh Lord. >> renado rose: of, oh, God to new, Son to deliver and to set

>> Valrie Welsh: How did we? >> renado rose: free, we set the fire of God and mighty. oh God, to break you this morning from the >> Valrie Welsh: Great, we do. >> renado rose: manner. Oh God! Almighty! Some of the manner. They are not standing about Father.

>> Valrie Welsh: Shoes. Oh, >> renado rose: Answer the Father figures have gone down. it have water donor, He had no standard and no value but we know that you are always a rich and God and there is nothing too hard for you. God Almighty and it is not over until you

Said it is over. And so God the situation we call you this morning and we pray that you will be resurrection. Among the manner, we pray that there will be resurrection among the manner >> Valrie Welsh: he >> renado rose: we pray that there will be resurrection in

The community resurrection in the home, resurrection in the community resurrection for the men in the Church. Resurrection. Oh God. >> Valrie Welsh: Grace. >> renado rose: Almighty, the workplace are right sun for the many society, resurrection for the many name of >> Valrie Welsh: You know.

>> renado rose: Jesus, we call them back for life, in the name >> Valrie Welsh: She? >> renado rose: of Jesus. We are looking heels are from >> Valrie Welsh: Almost. >> renado rose: when commit our health for our men. this morning. Not God. this morning.

You said the Lord approaches with us, He got up. Jacob is the refuge for the men this morning. >> Valrie Welsh: He? >> renado rose: Welcome to dwell in you because you say He that quality in the secret place of the most higher I do not shadow

Of their mighty God Lord Jesus call >> Valrie Welsh: He? >> renado rose: The man we are calling them. God’s men man to pray. God man, to lead man. to seek your. Oh God man >> Valrie Welsh: Yes. >> renado rose: to call devotion in your home. Oh God. Almighty

Man to call the children and sit with >> Valrie Welsh: Or Jesus, some. >> renado rose: them. Oh, God Almighty, Man to lead Almighty God. in different here and capacity. And so this morning God, we put them before your, we put our God. Oh man Richards. before you we are

>> Valrie Welsh: Yes, Lord. we put them right. >> renado rose: asking it to straighten them, we are asking you to keep them. We are asking You Almighty God to cover them with your hands, >> Valrie Welsh: Yes, Lord. >> renado rose: I say Continue, and to go forward

>> Valrie Welsh: have you >> renado rose: and to declare that Jesus Christ is Lord. I pray that their ministry will go from strength to strength. I pray God that they will continue to >> Valrie Welsh: To. >> renado rose: be good Father because a good role model,

Mighty God to your Oh God young man. It. God, this man in our hearts Almighty, God are crying out for a man. This morning. The Spirit of God is searching for Mena men. Oh God, Almighty will declare Oh God that Jesus Christ. Is lord; >> Valrie Welsh: Are.

>> renado rose: men that will stand up and charity gospel men that will >> Valrie Welsh: Yes, you >> renado rose: stand up and preacher man that will stand up like me. Chadra can abandi go man will stand up like Peter in PR. odd dollar might take, man, that will

>> Valrie Welsh: Are. >> renado rose: stand like Daniella. Oh God, this morning. God you’re seeking It shall be set free with declare that they shall be straightened. We declare that they shall be healed. We declare that there shall be victory in the name of Jesus,

Christ of Nazareth. We look to you this morning. We look to you this morning, we look to you this morning. we look to you this morning. We look to you this morning. we look to you Jesus we look to you Yahweh. we look to you we look to you we

Look to you this morning God. we are looking unto you this morning. Mighty God. we are looking unto you. We are looking unto you this morning, Mighty God, mighty God, we >> Valrie Welsh: How do you all? >> renado rose: are looking on you this morning.

>> Valrie Welsh: To me. >> renado rose: We declare that >> Valrie Welsh: free. >> renado rose: I meant shall be free with it. >> Valrie Welsh: Yes. >> renado rose: Clear that our men shall be stronger. We declare that to a man, >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah.

>> renado rose: no woman. Shall be delivered. We clear that >> Valrie Welsh: Yes. >> renado rose: our mental rights up. Oh God will be clear that there will be healthy. Lord, Jesus, Lord. Jesus men don’t want even to go to doctor when they are sicker, That’s

How the enemy wrap them up and have them. But this morning we declare health upon them with declare strength with the clear. Oh God. anointing with declare saving, grace this morning, over their life. This morning. God Almighty we call forward for Angelo to encamped round about them this morning.

We call forth in the name of Jesus, that the angel of Almighty God will and can’t patron about them. We declare God Almighty that, there will go forward. There will go. far away in the name of Jesus. there will be quick with power. There will be anointed with

Fire. Oh, glory to God, this morning there will fire in their handsome fire in their >> Juliet Powell: oh, >> renado rose: mouth when they speak victory salmon. There’s a shall be delivered. they shall be set free in the mighty name of Jesus. We look to you this

Morning. God. We tell you. Thanks a what you have done and what you’re going to do in Jesus mighty name. praise the of the Lord. Hallelujah blessed. the name of Jesus blessed, the name >> Valrie Welsh: Phrase for me or Jesus. >> renado rose: of Jesus Blessed name of cheese. That’s

Hallelujah, Hall. We are. Hallelujah blessed. The name of Jesus. Why fighting is giving us a fight Britain, but God is hearing us. >> Valrie Welsh: and but in the name of >> renado rose: God is hearing us, He’s hearing us. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> renado rose: Hallelujah.

HALLELUJAH. WE WILL NOT QUIT. WE are warriors. >> Valrie Welsh: Thank you. >> renado rose: WE ARE FIGHTERS ARE HALLELUJAH. >> Valrie Welsh: Jesus. Yeah. In the army. >> renado rose: We are over commerce. Oh we try to find squat. Yeah. and we try to

>> Valrie Welsh: Ors. >> renado rose: find demons we command and mighty God and it is done in the name of Jesus. >> Valrie Welsh: I really >> renado rose: We are fighters. We are warriors outside. Oh, we are so just we are. Go God. Giant Killers Mighty God, this

Morning. The neck of the enemy this morning, which the enemy and our feet with that >> Valrie Welsh: Yes. right there. >> renado rose: Parity. The name of Jesus. We declare victory Here, we’re declare victory over your people, this morning and look to you, tell your friends, Is name over to you?

>> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> renado rose: Mother God >> Valrie Welsh: Thank you. Jesus blessed. Be the name of God. Hallelujah. The name of the Lord. Jesus is a strong power. The righteous run into it. and they are see like Joshua. Our man will be able to

Say as for me and my house. We will serve the Lord. Hallelujah. Let this be your determination and your prayer requests this morning to serve the Lord. This is men’s deer and I’m going to ask all the men on the line, even one sentence to declare in the

Atmosphere men. Men Even a sentence to declare in the atmosphere. Hallelujah, a praise. our whatever it is, put it in the atmosphere. You are mighty, man of God. you are not weakling, you are mighty, you are mighty men of valor stand, walk in your authority, speak in your authority. Go ahead,

Man. >> Michael Calder: Praise God. The Almighty God. >> Valrie Welsh: Praise the Lord. Hallelujah. >> Michael Calder: I blessed the Lord, I belong to Him. Praise God. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. Thank you. Jesus. Hallelujah, thank you for the Michael. >> renado rose: Is yes. Yes.

>> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. Men. >> Tyrone Merchant: Is God. praise God. Praise God. >> Valrie Welsh: Who blessed the Tyrone? Hallelujah. >> Tyrone Merchant: Hallelujah >> renado rose: It. Yeah. Train strength. Yes. >> Tyrone Merchant: Hallelujah. Hallelujah. >> Valrie Welsh: Yes. >> Tyrone Merchant: Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

>> renado rose: Friends, >> Valrie Welsh: praise the Lord. >> renado rose: How do you? >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> Tyrone Merchant: Hallelujah. >> renado rose: brother? >> Tyrone Merchant: Mighty God. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> Tyrone Merchant: Hallelujah. Hallelujah. >> Valrie Welsh: Yes. Yes. >> Tyrone Merchant: what a

Friend? You have in Jesus. Hallelujah. >> renado rose: Yeah. >> Valrie Welsh: Hey, Glory. >> Tyrone Merchant: All I was sins and dreams to be here. Hallelujah. >> Valrie Welsh: Glory. >> Tyrone Merchant: what a privilege to >> renado rose: Yeah.

>> Valrie Welsh: Everything. Yes, Jesus. >> Tyrone Merchant: Hallelujah, let’s take it to the >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> Tyrone Merchant: Lord in prayer, mighty God. He said his blood for us. >> Valrie Welsh: Yes. >> Tyrone Merchant: Hallelujah. >> Valrie Welsh: Glory. >> Tyrone Merchant: Hallelujah.

He will turns on his head for us. Hallelujah. >> Valrie Welsh: Thank you, Lord. >> Tyrone Merchant: Hallelujah. He cover us under his blood. The blood that prevail. Hallelujah. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> Tyrone Merchant: I will never leave him. I will never forsake him.

>> Valrie Welsh: Thank you. >> Tyrone Merchant: Just pray me of people of God. >> Valrie Welsh: Praise praise. >> Tyrone Merchant: Premium. Hallelujah! >> Valrie Welsh: the Lord. >> Tyrone Merchant: Hallelujah! >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. >> Tyrone Merchant: hallelujah. Hallelujah. Pray me up.

>> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> Tyrone Merchant: God, pray me a prayer changes things. >> Valrie Welsh: Yes, it does. >> Tyrone Merchant: Hallelujah. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. thank you. Jesus >> Tyrone Merchant: Hallelujah. Hallelujah, Turn Your Jesus. Thank You. >> Valrie Welsh: blurry. >> Tyrone Merchant: JESUS! HALLELUJAH.

>> Valrie Welsh: Yeah. Barbara thank you, Lord. Hey God blessed your brother Tyrone. Hallelujah. Man. >> Denzil Salmon: Praise the Lord morning. >> Valrie Welsh: Praise the Lord. >> Denzil Salmon: I want to give God for His >> Valrie Welsh: Yes. >> renado rose: Then.

>> Denzil Salmon: goodness and for His mercy and for >> renado rose: Yeah. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> Denzil Salmon: His friends that keeps me all the day long and I want to reject the morning I found >> Valrie Welsh: Amen. >> Denzil Salmon: God for His

Word this morning >> renado rose: Let’s see. >> Denzil Salmon: that encouraged my heart >> Valrie Welsh: Oh yes. Hallelujah. >> Denzil Salmon: and I just want to continue to live and to serve Him. It’s it’s a mighty long way but I >> Valrie Welsh: Come on.

>> Denzil Salmon: know that God we see me too. It’s rough. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. Yes. >> Denzil Salmon: Oh, that time. What with His blessed and His friends. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. Hallelujah. >> Denzil Salmon: He’s able >> Valrie Welsh: I believe you. Hallelujah.

>> Denzil Salmon: to keep us and to protect us as men. It’s a hard road. and it’s a mighty long way to go. >> Valrie Welsh: Our glory is grace, is Hallelujah. >> Denzil Salmon: What Jesus >> renado rose: Blessed. >> Valrie Welsh: We’ll show you.

>> Denzil Salmon: with His blessed Savior will lead us. He will guide us. >> Valrie Welsh: The >> Denzil Salmon: He will protect us. >> renado rose: If we. >> Denzil Salmon: He promised never to leave us, not forsake us. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. Glory

>> Denzil Salmon: But I know with God, all things are possible. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> Denzil Salmon: Pray for me >> Valrie Welsh: Praise the Lord. >> Denzil Salmon: Amen. >> Valrie Welsh: Glory to God. God blessed you for the deaf. Go ahead. Hallelujah. Man, it’s

Your day shine. Pretty, let me. >> Tyrone “divine” Chin: Man. Good morning. Good morning. >> Denzil Salmon: Hey. >> Valrie Welsh: Good morning. Praise the Lord. >> renado rose: I mean, some >> Tyrone “divine” Chin: Good. God. >> Valrie Welsh: Yes.

>> Tyrone “divine” Chin: be the glory great things. He has done. >> Valrie Welsh: Hmm. >> Tyrone “divine” Chin: a manner. Really appreciate the fact that this week is the most men week. Amen. To God, be the glory, and I want to declare that. I won’t be one of those

Jelly. But man, >> Valrie Welsh: Come on. >> Tyrone “divine” Chin: In this >> Valrie Welsh: Yes. >> Tyrone “divine” Chin: generation and I will leave my legacy as a man to God. be the glory. Amen. >> Valrie Welsh: Only you. >> Tyrone “divine” Chin: It’s

Been a blessed day. We thank God for the water. We heard as men that we have a Psalms 91 to guide us. >> Valrie Welsh: Yes. >> Tyrone “divine” Chin: So continue to >> Valrie Welsh: Yes. >> Tyrone “divine” Chin: For us as men. So we may

Come forward as God has called us to be in this earth that we won’t stay behind and because if we >> Valrie Welsh: How? >> Tyrone “divine” Chin: don’t know what we’re doing but we will get on the mission. >> Valrie Welsh: Yes. >> Tyrone “divine” Chin: get on

The fire line and do that with God, has called us to do. Am I may have been connected. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> Tyrone “divine” Chin: Continue to bless you all in Jesus name. >> Valrie Welsh: Praise the Lord. God blessed. You Pastor Chin. Go ahead, man.

Hallelujah. Come on. >> Trevor Trevor: Morning morning. >> Valrie Welsh: Good morning. Of the Trevor. >> Trevor Trevor: It’s running as many as the app we should. appreciate this dear. >> Valrie Welsh: Come on. >> Trevor Trevor: Is that being a challenge? We took us to

Sleep. But being a little sleep nearly, so that’s missing the primary in the morning. But this one I was deterred. I think here, what time it, But I was gonna give Anna. I’m glad it’s Monday. And be gluified. God for this. This DM. Appreciate this year. That’s not Anna.

Monica, man. Got Carlos to take our position >> Valrie Welsh: Come on, yes. >> Trevor Trevor: in other format to lead. and to take control while I was as the past as a Billy bank. Lovers are weak. But you know, we need to stand up as men and

>> Valrie Welsh: Come on strength. It’s pretty Latin, man. >> Trevor Trevor: I understand it takes a child at Omaha. So not only the prayer line and not only forever, but for womb, >> Valrie Welsh: Yes, No. >> Trevor Trevor: Men need to stand up kalala manana Not

Taking up their responsibility. All right. God bless you. Continue to pray for us. >> Valrie Welsh: God >> Trevor Trevor: you know prayer for do that. He pray that their movement walking because I believe those mantle >> Valrie Welsh: Come on, yes. >> Trevor Trevor: A lot of money

With them. Some bar and my drink and smoke. and do I kind of foolish is a big, they like to God. So >> Valrie Welsh: Mighty God. Remember them. >> Trevor Trevor: Can’t you pray for us in Jesus name? >> Valrie Welsh: Yes. Praise the Lord, on the Trevor. Glory.

Hallelujah. >> Ohorane Swaby: Morning. Good morning. >> Valrie Welsh: Good morning. >> Ohorane Swaby: If I want to give you, our thanks for streaming my life over the past years. And You’ve got. thanks for giving me The opportunity to the Endpace was on a daily basis. I thank God for

Everything that done so far anything that the wind >> Valrie Welsh: Yes. >> Ohorane Swaby: And continue to pray for us. men that you may >> Valrie Welsh: Yes. >> Ohorane Swaby: continue to service in the month to be a part of His kingdom. >> Valrie Welsh: Glory.

>> Ohorane Swaby: And isn’t it? Thank you. >> Valrie Welsh: God blessed. You Brother Rain, Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. We have more. Go ahead. >> Toby Madden: Good >> Valrie Welsh: And leave you. Good morning, Brother Toby. >> Toby Madden: Good morning.

Good morning. Good morning to everyone. >> Valrie Welsh: And yeah. >> Toby Madden: as I’m here, this song that comes to me that says when the trumpet of the largest zone and time should be more, When the turn eternal Brighton, fear. >> Valrie Welsh: My teacher.

>> Toby Madden: Screens of God shall gather over on >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> Toby Madden: the other shore. When the role is called of yonder, I’ll be there. Can I tell you? >> Valrie Welsh: I’ll be there. Praise God. >> Toby Madden: if you miss heaven, you missile.

>> Valrie Welsh: Hmm. Right. Haha. >> Toby Madden: because First Corinthians 15 from 50 to verse 60. But what I’ll just do first 50. Now, this I say, virgin that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, neither, do it corruption in. Inherit in corruption. Verse 51

Says, Be all that you are mystery. >> Valrie Welsh: Come on. >> Toby Madden: We shall not >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> Toby Madden: all but we shall be free and Jennifer you continue. will be a blessing. May God blessed you all in Jesus name?

>> Valrie Welsh: Praise the Lord but blessed woman Toby. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Any more, man. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Halley. Hallelujah. I don’t want any to be blessed out. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Right. here, we have the perfect number. We have seven men who witnessed this morning gave their testimony, their encouragement.

And we want to thank God for them. Sometimes we don’t even realize so many men. we have on our line for the past, as the bishop delay preachers. Whichever position on your find yourself. In this morning, we want you to know God, faith was you He has placed you in the

Position of a man to lead and we pray. God, will renew your strength daily for the Word said there. That wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings as eagle, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk. Not faith. We

Pray. God for a double portion of His Spirit to rest upon you. O glory to God and from this day onward, that you will never be the same. Again, you will stand up. Hallelujah. Quit. He like men. Be strong. Quit. You like men. Be strong. I’m just pausing. Quit. Ye like men.

Be strong. What she stand fast in the faith? Quick. ye like men be strong. You are no weakling, you’re no jellyfish. You’re no jelly. You are men. You were the first one created, and we came from your rip and this morning, we want to acknowledge your position in the whole

In the church in the nation within your workplace wherever you are called. you are a chosen generation. You are a royal priesthood. You are a peculiar people. Keep going on. God’s grace is sufficient for you. And his strength is made perfect in weakness, Praise the name of Jesus because of that,

This morning, I am not even gonna ask for any prayer requests. because our focus is a man and we’ve been praying for our men and we know God hears and we know he answers Hallelujah. He is God, all by himself and we thank God for this morning. We

Thank God for this week, when men, Are standing up for God. They are not in the wrong bar, but they are seeking for those who are there. They are going out and they are becoming fishes of men. Keep on doing what you can do. Those everybody got us selected you to

Win somebody. And the one that you win Pastor Chin, might not be able to win that one because you are called to B, The fisher for that man. Keep on fishing soul. And when I say men, I don’t mean just men individual, but all persons who needs to

Know the Lord as Master and as Savior, God is giving you grace. God is giving you wisdom. God has anointed for your calling this morning and we pray God that you really remain true to Him. And for those men who always on the line and take up position, we mention them to

God too. And for those who have never been on, we are mentioning them to God for our brothers, our nephews, our fathers, our uncles wherever they are this money. We are calling them for from the ruins of sin, that they will start to live righteous life. So that we

Can have a better generation. What a mighty God, we serve, He is always victorious. He is always watching over us. He is a great big, wonderful God. Hallelujah. praise the name of Jesus. Wrong is the Lord. and in the power of His might God is with you. He

Promised that He will never leave you nor forsake you and the assurance this morning. Psalm 91. And when we leave the Spirit line this morning, I want us all to get our Bibles or whether the phone and go over that scripture. It is powerful. Hallelujah. And if we God to

Guide and to protect us, we have nothing to fear. we have nothing to dread leaning on the everlasting arms. Hallelujah! We have fellowship with our Lord Divine leaning on the everlasting arms. Hallelujah, I like this saying that was meant. John if you miss Heaven, you can’t miss hell, Hallelujah.

We want none of our men and our women on our children to miss heaven because that is our goal. Hallelujah. Because if it was in this life only we had hope we would have made me most miserable, but we thank God for the blessed. hope that we have in Him and

This whole will not make us feel ashamed. Hallelujah. the name of Jesus. Do your glory to God. Hallelujah, Hallelujah. We thank God for His blood coverage this morning. And as we go, we are going to go up, believe in God, that He who has begun a good work, is going to complete

It. We are not going to worry. We are going to trust God. We are going to see even more men, be drawn to this prayer line. because the Word of God said. And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto me. God is in the drawing

Business. Put out your nets, you will have a draw. Hallelujah, hallelujah. And this line, we are going to rejoice because we are going to give God glory. We’re gonna say, Look what the Lord has done. Look what the Lord has done. What we are praying for,

Has come to pass. Look, what the Lord has done, the Lord has done great things for us. We are off. We are glad You glad this morning are you? glad Hallelujah? Hallelujah. Keep walking in the grace. and in the power of the Lord, Jesus Christ. Hallelujah. For it

Will be worth it all. When we see Jesus lies, trails, we seem so small when we see Christ. One glimpse of his dear faith, all sorrow will erase. So, bravely run the race till we see Christ. I just think that cause It will be. Theodore. when we see, Jesus.

Lies trails will see. so small. When we see cry. dear. All saw us really. so, Vulnerable. Way till we see. cross one more time, it will be worth it all. when we see, see. So small. When? See. Christ. All sorrows, we so,

Till we. Praise the Lord. God favored. You God, faith us me. There is a way. Praise your way through. Pray away to push your way through. We have the assurance of God’s protection. Psalm 91. Keep on dwelling in the Presence of the Lord. He is your refuge and

Strength and a present help in the time of trouble. Don’t give up. Be steadfast in the faith. I know it becomes discouraging at times with your old faith with challenges but God knows the way that He takes and when you have tried you, He will bring your faith as pure gold.

Remember, His grace is sufficient for you. And His strength is made, perfect in weakness. So when you’re weak declare over yourself, I am strong. Let the weak say, I am strong. Let the poor. See, I am rich because of what the Lord has done. He is taking you

Into some places, follow Him. Know him, he is not going to take you partway and leave you. you will take you to the end. Let’s be true to Jesus. There are thousand voices from this world may call. It is He who died to save you? He demands your life, your loyalty

And your all meet you to God. He is a faithful God. He is faithful. He will always be faithful to the end. Great is thy faithfulness. Oh God. My Father. There is no shadow of turning with thee. All we have needed your hands of provided. Great is Your faithfulness Lord

Unto all of us. Hallelujah. Hallelujah at the time. If there’s anybody who has something that they would like to share it is open to you. It is open to you. Go ahead, Hallelujah. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you. Lord. Thank you, Lord. I want to thank you all

For joining us this morning. I trust you have been blessed. I trust you will walk in the blessings of the Lord. It makes rich and it added no sorrow with it, may the Lord continue to guide and protect you His flock, and we meet again, tomorrow morning at 5 o’clock.

Early rises or leaders? I pray your strength. Hallelujah, that you will continue to go from victory, to victory. your soul, and See to the travel of your soul and be ask Brother Michael Calder to pronounce the benediction and you can go in the strength of the Lord Greet. Somebody, as

You go, God bless you all. >> Michael Calder: Blessed the Lord. Greetings to you all again this morning. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> Michael Calder: Thank God for another blessed day. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah. >> Michael Calder: Praise God. I know unto Him with able to

Keep us from falling. and the presenters for the fortress, before his Joan, but no one forevermore. Amen. Praise God. >> Valrie Welsh: And let everybody say, Amen. >> Pansy Merchant: Amen. >> Sadie Burnett: have a blessed day everyone. >> Valrie Welsh: Another shout of Amen. >> Sadie Burnett: Amen.

>> Juliet Powell: Lord. >> Sadie Burnett: Amen. Amen. >> Valrie Welsh: Hallelujah to Jesus. Praise the Lord. >> Sadie Burnett: Papa blessed. Everyone of a blessed thing. >> Patricia Trish Bailey: And God blessed you all. God blessed you. >> Sadie Burnett: Have a blessed blessed, day blessed, be safe.

>> Pansy Merchant: Forever one. >> Sadie Burnett: God Blessed, God Blessed, God blessed, you all. >> Valrie Welsh: God blessed you, too. >> Faith Walk’s Presentation: Me love, man. We are man. We start up like man when Man, man must stand up. Like, man. Must act like, man. Must

Be here of like man manus. Take this decision. Like, man. He you’re weak. jelly back. Jesus of mercy may not deal with jelly back. man. We love man. We are man. This time of life. man must turn up. Like, man.

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