What are the proofs for the resurrection of Jesus?

– The word proofs is a loaded term in philosophy and in many cases people will push back at us for using that in the Christian faith, but the Bible itself, Acts 1:3 says that with many convincing proofs Jesus appeared to his disciples for 40 days after his resurrection.

In fact, the apostles were faced with this accusation that they had actually stolen the body of Jesus. And so as early as the New Testament all the way to this present day there have been attacks on the notion that Jesus was raised from the dead. And through the next almost 2000 years,

If we were to come up to today, there are a series of what we call counter theories to the resurrection. The resurrection of Jesus through the centuries has responded to these counter theories such as, well his body was stolen, or maybe he wasn’t really dead

When he was put in the tomb, and so on, have been responded to powerfully such that I’m convinced today the very best answer is, in fact, rationally, that Jesus was historically raised from the dead. Now some of the actual historical evidences that have been discussed through the centuries

Are that Jesus was really dead. That is to say, there is no question that he just swooned when he was put into the tomb, to Romans knew how to kill you when they crucified you. Two, the fact is that his tomb was empty. The early Christians even lost where the actual tomb is,

We don’t know for sure even where you’re taken as a tourist today is actually where he was buried. Why? Because they didn’t care about it, he was raised from the dead. His enemies would have presented his body were he actually still in the tomb. Three, his disciples believed that they were seeing Jesus

After his resurrection, that is in a post mortem raised state, so much so that they were willing to die for this, this is remarkable. And in fact, they changed, four, their belief system. These early believers were Jewish, and so they began to worship on the first day of the week,

That is Sunday instead of the Sabbath day. They celebrated the Lord’s supper, which is a proclamation of his death, and burial, and resurrection until he comes, and baptism, which was a symbol of buried with him in the likeness of his death and raised in the likeness of his resurrection.

Interestingly enough, the various theories like swoon, or conspiracy, or they lost the body, and so on, only a handful of these are still used today by skeptics and the irony is they fail miserably simply to deal with what now the majority of New Testament scholars, even those

Who are not Christians, agree on those historical facts that I presented. The bottom line is the significance of the resurrection of Jesus is intensely personal. The reason is simply that if he’s not raised from the dead then Christianity is silly, there’s no forgiveness for our sins,

My having lived my life believing that he’s raised from the dead was a waste, I could’ve lived it any other of a number of ways. But if he is raised from the dead, then in fact, the hundreds of millions of people who trusted in him through the centuries

Really do have hope for eternal life. I remember 43 years ago when I was not a Christian, 20 year old pagan, hated Christianity, yet woke up on Easter morning with a bad hangover as a hippy with long hair, God has a sense of humor, it seems, I had been told recently by Christians

That on Easter, that was the day they celebrated Jesus having been raised from the dead. And the fundamental question of life that I was facing, like is there a God and could I be forgiven for the evil that I actually was fully caught up in and was convinced I was guilty of,

Could I be forgiven? I didn’t connect all those dots, but something bothered me that morning, this is the day Jesus rose from the dead. And that’s what makes Christianity so very special, the love of God displayed in the death, burial, resurrection of Jesus for us, has been demonstrated

To be true, and that’s what gives me hope, and it should you, too, if you belong to him. – [Narrator] Thanks for watching. You can submit your questions by email, Twitter, or in the comments section below. And don’t forget to subscribe to find out the answer to next week’s question.

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