When The Devil’s Son Is Awakened By Humans, The End Of The World Is Coming!!

During an eclipse in 1957, a priest sneakily  enters a church with a newborn baby who has   a unique mark on his left chest.  The priest lays the crying baby   on the altar before he starts praying. As soon as the priest finishes praying,  

He takes out a dagger and holds it up against the  baby, referring to the baby as “an evil seed”.  Just then, militia arrive at the church,  ordering the priest to drop his weapon.  The priest appeals to the militia, claiming  that they do not understand what he is doing. 

The soldiers are left with no choice but to  shoot the priest and rescue the baby afterwards.  Thirty years later after the incident, an  undercover priest and exorcist who identifies   himself as Father Marek, unboards a bus on an  eerie-looking highway.He takes out a map and  

Smokes a cigarette before arriving at a church. Marek is welcomed by a monk named Prior Andrzej,   as he expresses his gratitude to  Marek for willingly joining them.  Marek looks around inside the church,  where he sees a number of priests.  The Prior explains to Marek that  the church is in fact a sanatorium,  

A place in which people under the influence  of the Devil are brought in to be healed.  Additionally, the priests inside the  sanatorium also refer to themselves   as monks within a brotherhood and  live together inside the facility.   The Prior introduces Marek to Brother Dawid,  who is known as the resident jack of all  

Trades in the sanatorium. The three of them meet   inside an isolated storage area. Dawid offers Marek rosary beads,   but Marek respectfully declines and insists  that he has brought his own rosary.   They orient Marek with the standard  procedures at the sanatorium, as Dawid   proceeds with inspecting Marek’s suitcase.  Dawid confiscates Marek’s cigarettes before  

The Prior leads Marek to his quarters. There is no electricity or phones around   the quarters, but the Prior relieves Marek  that he will be comfortable during his stay.  After his final reminders, the Prior soon  leaves and Marek settles inside his room.  

When Marek changes his clothes and reveals  his chest, a familiar unusual scar shows   which infers that he is the same infant from  the shooting incident thirty years ago.   He opens his suitcase and shows a  hidden compartment containing a pistol,   a flashlight, and other items that  were not allowed inside the premises.  

Marek also takes out a piece of  paper before closing his suitcase,   exposing a small newspaper  article about a missing woman.   The bell tolls right at that moment, calling  all monks to gather in the dining area.  The Prior leads the prayer before the  priests start eating their dinner.  

Marek stares at the bowl of food  questioningly for its unusual taste and odor. He glances over the other priests  who seem to be eating just fine,   and so he eats the strange-looking food. After dinner, Marek continues his tour   around the sanatorium. He comes across several  

Different chambers containing other  individuals who are said to be possessed.  Inside one chamber, he stumbles  upon a woman and a priest inside.  Marek stares at the woman briefly  before he returns to his quarters.  He then takes a shower. However ,during the  interval, Marek does not notice that the crucifix  

In his room has subtly rumbled.   The next day, the Prior organizes   an exorcism session in the sanatorium.  Marek enters a room full of lit candles   along with the rest of the monks.  Inside, he discovers that it was   the woman he previously saw inside a chamber. She stares blankly at the ceiling while tied  

On a bed as the monks gather on the corner.  Father Piotr, Prior Andzrej’s second in command   and also his Vice Prior, prepares to record  the exorcism from the other side of the room.   Before they begin the ritual, Prior  Andrzej relieves the woman, telling  

Her that she will be healed through their help. Marek witnesses how the exorcism is performed as   the Prior sprinkles the woman with holy water. The holy water makes the woman wince,   as the Prior proceeds with the holy prayer. He continues the prayer in Latin and the  

Other monks follow his lead while the  woman slowly moves around the bed.  As the prayer intensifies, the woman wildly gets  up from the bed and snarls against the Prior.   The bed shakes fiercely as she continues  to wail, shuddering frantically. 

The Prior holds a crucifix against the woman  but she screeches and the crucifix catches fire.  After the exorcism, Marek comes back  to his quarters to wash his face.  He stares in the mirror for a moment  before it shatters in his touch,   making him freeze in surprise. Shortly after, the door to his wardrobe  

Mysteriously opens with a low, guttural growl.  Marek leaves his quarters and walks across   the hallway of the facility. He discovers a mysterious door   on the corner of the hallway and approaches it. Just when he is about to enter the mysterious   room, Dawid appears before him.  Dawid tells Marek that he can’t  

Enter the room unless the Prior invites  him, so Marek obediently leaves the door.  During dinner time, the monks  continue to eat the strange-tasting   food but Marek is unable to digest it.  He throws up as soon as he returns to his room. 

Marek feels an immediate ache coming from  his jaw, making him pull out his tooth.  When he looks at his tooth, it cracks  open, revealing a buzzing fly.    He frantically pants and checks his  mouth in front of the cracked mirror.  Later that night, Marek comes back  in front of the mysterious room. 

He pulls out a small pointed metal from the  cross of his rosary and picks on the lock.  The lock clicks open and he enters the room,  which is revealed to be the Prior’s office.  Marek quietly looks into the shelves, until  he stumbles upon a small hole in a painting. 

He touches the painting and not  long after the wall clatters,   displaying a hidden room behind the painting.  Marek finds a small storage containing a  number of cassette tapes and a television.  He plays a tape, showing the recorded video  of the woman who was previously exorcised. 

He later leaves the Prior’s office and comes  back to the room where the exorcism took place.  Marek lingers around the room, where he  finds a mechanism that controls the bed   and a machine produces the wind inside.  He also touches the crucifix that was used  

And discovers a lighter behind  it that initiated its fire.  Marek comes to a realization that the  exorcism he had witnessed earlier was staged.   He returns to his quarters in confusion  and picks up the crucifix on his wall,   keeping it concealed inside a cabinet. The Prior gathers the monks for another  

Prayer meeting the following day. He calls Marek in front of the platform   to lead their penitential act. Marek hesitantly steps in front   and leads the prayer. The Prior tells him to   recite the prayer in Latin, and he haltingly  obliges while reciting random Latin words.  

Prior Andrzej interrupts Marek, as he  instructs Father Piotr to take over   the penitential act instead. While eating their dinner,   Marek unexpectedly ingests strands of hair from  another bowl of the strange-looking food.    He automatically gags and coughs in the middle  of his meal, rushing to spit out the food. 

When he returns to his quarters, he  glances on his side only to find that   the crucifix is hung back on his wall. Feeling a sense of danger and anxiety,   Marek then opens his suitcase and takes out  the pistol before putting it in his pocket. 

He also burns the newspaper  article about the missing woman.   Marek walks through the halls and lets out  an exasperated sigh, unable to understand the   strange occurrences inside the sanatorium. He forcefully pulls the chained gates to   express his frustration, before he catches  sight of a few monks digging a grave with  

A casket outside the sanatorium. Marek returns to the individual   chambers to check on the possessed woman he saw  earlier but only finds the room to be empty.   Father Piotr, the Vice Prior, appears behind  Marek and watches him in the chamber.  

He requests for his presence in the church  while waiting for him in the confessional.  They enter the confessional,  where the two talk in secret. Piotr warns Marek that the other  priests are watching his every   step and that it would be dangerous for him  to continue on exploring the sanatorium.  

Marek reveals to him that he is not a  priest nor an exorcist, but an officer   of the Citizen’s Militia who went undercover to  investigate the missing women in their area.   It was through an anonymous tip that Marek is sent  in disguise to the sanatorium, after learning that  

The missing women were sent to the place. He further explains that the militia cannot   run a normal investigation in the  sanatorium because of the shooting   incident with a priest thirty years ago.  In response, Piotr reveals to Marek   that the possessions and exorcisms are  indeed staged in order to get attention  

And budget from the Vatican. Piotr leaves Marek with a last   warning before leaving the confessional. Later, Marek comes back to his room and   looks around for any surveillance.  He pushes aside a closet and finds   a hole with dark liquid spilling out. Marek touches the liquid and slowly puts  

His hand into the hole, discovering a peculiar  device made with an eyeball and a small bone.  Just then, he gags and ends up  spitting dark liquid on his floor.   He glances at the floor when a buzzing  sound intensifies, as more flies emerge  

From the dark liquid he vomited. Marek watches the door for a moment,   until he turns back and finds a hallucination of  his face being soaked by the unknown dark liquid.  As the night deepens, he sneaks  off to locate the exorcised woman.   He goes out to the graveyard and  digs through the grave earlier. 

However, Marek discovers  that the casket was empty.   Just then, Father Dawid emerges behind  him and covers his head with a cloth.  When Marek wakes up in his room, he  realizes that he is tied to his bed.  All his belongings, including his pistol,  have been discovered by the monks. 

Dawid watches him while he struggles  against the ropes, before the Prior   enters his room with four portions of meat.  The Prior expresses his disappointment to   Marek for their failed collaboration,  before they proceed to force-feed him   with four portions of meat. Marek gags and ends up losing  

Consciousness during his meal. He wakes up later that night and   notices that Dawid has dozed off.  In an instant, he untangles himself   from the ropes and takes the chance to escape. Dawid shortly wakes up and catches him in the act,  

Leading the two to engage in a wrestle. After much struggle, Marek throws Dawid   to the ground and shoots him dead.  Before leaving his quarters, Marek notices   the bowls that were used earlier for his meat.  He sets off in the kitchen to learn more about  

The strange-tasting food being fed to them.  Inside, he discovers a freezer which contains   the disfigured bodies of the  women he was looking for.  Marek soon figures out that he and  the monks have been consuming the   organs of the women all this time.  He bumps against Piotr in the kitchen,  

Who has come looking for him, and  they both stare in shock at the sight.  Marek becomes even more determined to  escape the sanatorium but Piotr calls   him over to an ancient library.    Piotr brings out an ancient book and   reveals a ritual about “The Chosen One”. He states that “The Chosen One” was born  

During an eclipse and had to be  immediately killed using a dagger.   If he isn’t slain after birth, then the  Chosen One will devour seven sinners and   drink the blood of an innocent.  As soon as the ritual is complete,  

The Chosen One will become a demon and  will bring upon the end of the world.  Piotr speculates that Marek is the Chosen  One and that the Prior and the rest of   the monks are completing the ritual. It is revealed that Prior Andrzej and  

The monks are priests that worship Satan  and are working on summoning the devil.  While Marek scans through the pages, he  finds an image of the same appearance as   the scar on his left chest. Despite that, he denies the  

Tale out of disbelief and the two of them  devise a plan to escape in the sanatorium.  Piotr offers a plan and mentions a hidden  passage that leads outside the monastery,   inviting Marek to escape with him.  In an attempt to gain his trust, Piotr  

Also shows Marek the scars he had acquired after  supposedly trying to escape from the sanatorium.   In the end, Marek trusts Piotr  and lets him lead the way.  He introduces Marek to a small tunnel and  the two of them crawl deep into a cave.  

Suddenly, they hear a noise from behind and  soon later Marek is cornered by two monks,   who immobilize him in the process.  He turns his head towards Piotr,   realizing that it was all a bait,  before the monks knock him unconscious.   Marek wakes up at the sight of  the church monks surrounding him. 

He is again bound and tied to  a wooden pillar while the Prior   and the church monks gather in their red cloaks.   Prior Andrzej reveals to Marek that he had  intentionally brought him to the sanatorium,   and the few anonymous tips Marek  got actually came from him.  

The Prior apologizes to Marek for the deception,  but he also clears out that everything they   had done came with good intentions. Prior Andrzej and their brotherhood of   church monks believe that God and the Devil  sit side by side with an understanding.  

He further explains to Marek that it  is not the Devil but the humans who   are evil, and that in turn they have  deserved punishment for a long time. The church monks also believe that a gateway  to Hell exists in the nearby well, leading them  

To build the sanatorium in the said location. The entire brotherhood has waited for 800 years   before Marek, the Chosen One, came to existence. When the ritual is complete, the devil will emerge   from the well and enter Marek’s body.  Soon after, the church monks proceed  

To complete the ritual by acquiring the last  requirement, which is the blood of an innocent.  They bring over the woman who was previously  exorcised, making her kneel before Marek.  Marek stares down at the woman  he has long been looking for,  

Trying to stop the priest from killing her.  The priest mercilessly slashes the throat of the   woman and collects the gushing blood out of her.  Then, they all sips the woman’s blood from a   bowl before disposing of her. Ultimately, The Prior reaches  

The bowl onto Marek’s mouth and forces  him to do the same while he whimpers.  The Prior leads another prayer, as the church  monks recite a chant to call upon the Devil.   But after reciting their chants and  completing the ritual, nothing happens.   Marek cackles weakly while Prior  Andrzej checks back to Piotr  

Whether they have missed a step on the ritual. Piotr reviews the ancient book but fails to find   any more instructions left to do. The two continue to speculate and   recall how they did the ritual.  When they come to a realization that   the ritual has failed, Piotr becomes  upset and subtly blames the Prior.  

As a response to the rest of the church monks,  Piotr admits there was a mistake on their part.  He orders them to go back to their quarters  and meet the next day like nothing happened.   The members grow concerned with Marek, thinking  that the militia will come looking for him soon.  

Piotr faces Marek and apologizes to  him before he stabs him with a dagger.   He stares at Marek until he loses consciousness,  before the church monks untie him.  They then drag Marek towards  the well and throw him inside.   Later on, the Prior drinks out his dissatisfaction  at the failed ritual while smoking a cigarette. 

He goes through the night while  drowning his frustration in liquor,   failing to notice that the cross in  his room has turned upside down.    After some time, Piotr enters  his room and finds him wasted.   It looks as if he is helping  the Prior to settle on his bed,  

However, Piotr grabs on a pillow and pushes  it against the Prior’s face, suffocating him. The Prior chokes and lets out  continues muffled struggles but   Piotr holds the pillow firmly, killing him.  By the following day, the church monks burn  

The disfigured bodies of the women, when suddenly  Piotr calls them to gather in the Prior’s room.  He shows the church monks the dead body of the  Prior while pretending to mourn his passing.  The responsibilities of the  Prior are now given to Piotr. 

Meanwhile, Marek turns out alive as he  awakens at the bottom of the well.    He slowly gets up and looks around  the well surrounded with bones,   before his body starts to shake violently.   Inside the sanatorium, Piotr and the church monks  

Recite a prayer for the soul of Prior Andrzej. In the midst of the prayer service, Piotr   shudders as he loses control of his senses.  All of a sudden, he drops the ancient book,   as he is unable to talk any  longer or move at his own will. 

The church monks stare at Piotr in  confusion while he continuously gags.   He slowly rises into the air with his  arms forced to be spread horizontally,   mimicking the pose of the crucifix. Just then, Piotr screams in agony   while his body dissipates into a  massive group of buzzing flies. 

While the flies buzz, a demon known as the  Sabbatical goat, emerges from behind the altar.  It is later revealed that the entire ritual  was not a failed attempt because they have   successfully summoned the demon, and the  demon was able to enter the sanatorium. 

The faceless demon-goat looks at the church  monks and shrieks loudly, shocking them.  They attempt to run out of the sanatorium,  but the demon stuns them in place.   The church monks all freeze there  while the statue of Jesus on the  

Altar slowly turns towards the demon.  It looks back at the statue of Jesus and   imitates the pose of the crucifix. At the same time, the church monks   levitate on their spots and are forced to stand  upside-down, following an inverted cross.   Soon, every human being inside the  sanatorium takes after the inverted cross.  

Outside the sanatorium, the dead  flowers and trees slowly come alive.  This implies that the dead would  be brought back to life while   the living would immediately come to die. In the end, the demon continues to empower   its presence inside the sanatorium. Within a few minutes, the ceiling  

Of the sanatorium breaks in half. The sky cracks open and is followed   by a rumbling thunder, signifying how evil has  returned into the Earth with a new world order.

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