An Interview with Satan

Interviewer: Where’s our guest? Guess we’re ready. We’re here to interview the one that God calls, “Satan,” “the devil,” or “the evil one,” and this interview is based on what God has told us in His word about Satan. Satan, let’s begin our interview.

Satan: Well, so much for an introduction. Welcome to me, the great spirit. Interviewer: Okay, with that said… The True and Living God has told mankind that He wanted the world created for His Son and that it was His Son who made all things for His Father.

That’s when you, Satan, came to Earth to destroy His Son’s creation. Satan: Oh, yes. I was there from the beginning, and I have caused every human to disobey their Creator, and by the way, I’m very good at it. Interviewer: Satan, God has told us that you are the father of lies.

Satan: And sooner or later, they will all believe me. Interviewer: God has also said that you’ve been lying and deceiving since the beginning, starting with the first two humans He created. Satan: Oh, yes. As soon as He finsihed His creation, I was there,

And ever since, not one of His humans has escaped me. Well, maybe there was One. Interviewer: Wow, and Jesus said you brought envy, anger, and murder into the world. Satan: Perhaps I did show them how to be envious and to want what their neighbor has

And that it is acceptable to hate their neighbor, but murder? Oh no. They did that all by themselves, but maybe I did kind of plant the seed. Interviewer: Uh, maybe? Hmm. Now, God’s word tells us that there had been war between good and evil in Heaven

And that you lost and were forced out. Satan: There was a great war in Heaven. I started it, and I won. Interviewer: Satan, isn’t that just another lie? God said you were driven out of Heaven by Michael His archangel. Doesn’t that mean you lost?

Satan: Yeah, I left, but I don’t feel I lost. Interviewer: Of course, you don’t. Even here on Earth, God said you almost destroyed the human race. Satan: (Laughing) I got all of mankind on Earth to disobey Him because I knew that God would punish them for their disobedience.

But it wasn’t me, it was God Who destroyed them all by flooding the world with water. Interviewer: Now, Satan, tell the truth; not all men were destroyed as you said. Satan: Alright, so there was one man left that had not disobeyed God.

Interviewer: So, then you admit that God did save that one man and all his family from the flood. Satan: Yes, but when the flood was over and they were back on dry land, I was right there to meet them and to deceive them once again. Interviewer: Ah, yes, the great deceiver!

So, ever since the flood, you have been tempting men to sin, and because of that, every man has sinned against the Heavenly Father and His Son. Satan: Oh, yes. They–God and Christ– want all humans to live that good life, and when they die,

Their spirits will be with Them where They are, where they will live forever in a place of peace. But I tell you this; everyone wants the fun life. You know, they want what feels good to them, and they can and will enjoy all pleasures, but only for a while,

And I am here to make them think that they have that good life, but they will all end up following me because I’m their king. Interviewer: Well, you sound pretty sure of yourself, Satan. However, Jesus has provided His armor of protection for all of His followers,

And by using this armor, they will be able to withstand your temptations of sinful pleasures. Satan: (Laughing) Well, I know about this protection He provides for your souls, but when I work at it, I get the ones in His Kingdom who are weak and don’t want the armor that God provided for them.

It gives me great pleasure to take away one of His, just like I did in Heaven when I led many of God’s angels away. Interviewer: I see. Interestingly, our Heavenly Father has told us that you are the devil, an evil spirit, and all your angels and those deceived by you

Will go into everlasting punishment, to the place that God calls, “Hell,” where there will be outer darkness, where you and all those with you will be tormented forever and ever. Satan: I am the great deceiver, and I understand God and His Son tell you only the Truth,

But only a few of you will believe the truth, and even fewer of you will do what Jesus wants for you. Because of me, they will get a different story, and I work hard at keeping them from His Kingdom, you know, His Church.

Even the Bible you’re holding in your hands tells you that only a few will go to Heaven. Interviewer: But if they listen to you, they’ll be separated forever from the One True and Living God, and instead, go with you to a place of everlasting punishment. Satan: Everlasting punishment; they don’t need to know.

Interviewer: I hear you, but it was important enough for Jesus, the Son of God, to give His life as a sacrifice for mankind so that every man can choose to follow Him and receive their reward in Heaven, a place where there will be no sadness, but only everlasting peace and joy with God.

Satan: Well, let me tell you, it isn’t over yet, and I am winning because I am going to take most all of mankind that Jesus created with me. As for their punishment, as I have said, they don’t need to know. Interviewer: Well, let’s just move on.

Jesus said that His followers can speak to His Father in Heaven, and He will hear and help them in their need and forgive them when they repent of their sins. Satan: I know, but let me tell you; God will only hear those who are really the ones that belong to His Son,

And they are the only ones He’s going to have in Heaven. Just know this; every human that dies outside of Jesus’ Kingdom will be in my kingdom with me, forever. I will help them with wars, disease, and abortion, and they are really good at killing each other.

Interviewer: And with that said, the Word of God tells us that you can change yourself to appear as an angel of light. You’re teaching them that good is evil and evil is good. Satan: Yes, I could be an angel of light because it helps me to hide my lies;

Things like false worship, or “you can attend the church of your choice.” Most will not ever go to this Church because they want to worship their own way, or they want to worship their own gods and not the One True and Living God.

See, the gods that I have made for them, breed false worship. Interviewer: And you’re actually teaching them that there is no Hell or punishment, despite what the Bible teaches about it, even though you know Hell is real and that there is a great reward in Heaven for those who do God’s will.

Satan: Oh, that’s my big one. When I get them to believe there is really no Heaven or no Hell, they will then do nothing to find out the truth about God and His Son. When they believe there is no reward for how they live and obey God or believe

There is no punishment for their evil, they will only do what they want to do. Interviewer: So, Satan, your evil is destroying the good that is in man, causing them to believe there is no God, Who actually wants to save them. Satan: Well, now, if I can get them

To believe there is no God that created them, and there is no Son of God that came to this earth to save them from their sins, then I’ve got them all. For these will do nothing to find God. Interviewer: Satan, you truly are the enemy of all human spirits as the Bible says,

And you want to destroy them by tempting them to seek out false gods and false religions that you very well know the True and Living God will not accept. Satan: I have billions of people believing there is no God. For those who do believe in a god,

It is the god that they’ve invented in their hearts and minds, and most of them do not worship the True and Living God, nor honor His Son. Interviewer: God said that He will protect the ones who are in His Son’s Kingdom

And that He wants all men to be saved in Heaven for His Son, Jesus, but it will be up to each human to decide who they’ll follow, Jesus or you. And God has told us that, one day, His Son will return from Heaven with His mighty angels in flaming fire

And that He will take vengeance on those who do not know God and on those who do not obey the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that they will be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord. In the same everlasting fire prepared for you and your angels.

Satan: So what, you trust that book too much. Believe what you want to believe, this interview is over, but I’m always around. Interviewer: What about you? If you were to die tonight, where would your soul go; to be with God in Heaven or to be in Hell with Satan?

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