Satan’s LOCATION Exposed! // Fallen Angels, Nephilim & Demons Explored in Detail

In popular culture We’ve all seen countless images of the Satan and usually we see him ruling the fires of hell from the underworld We see pitchforks and horns But what is the Bible actually say about the Satan?

What does it say about his location and his tactics? What does it say about his crew the Fallen Angels and the demonic entities? Well, it’s time to explore in detail what the Bible says about all of this and more Stay tuned

Whenever one decides to grow in their knowledge of God, one of the first things we have to do is Read the Bible for ourselves You see we all have been bombarded with inaccurate and fanciful ideas when it comes to spiritual concepts For instance many of us grew up with this idea that God

Is some giant with a long beard who sits on a cloud somewhere and Such ideas make it harder to believe in God but when you actually read the Bible for yourself, we see that it says God is spirit Which is actually a very practical

Concept many of us grew up with the idea that Satan is a red horned figure who lives underground But when you read the Bible, we are shown what and where? Satan really is And when you get deep into it again, you will find a very practical concept Now

Many of you have seen our previous episode which tells the story of this gangster who goes to hell and In that presentation it shows this image of Satan with horns, and it seems as if he is the ruler of hell

And so here I just want to make the point that the imagery there is not to be taken literally as how Satan actually works because this portion of that episode is Symbolic to show how Satan is largely responsible for those who end up in Hell

So in that episode the images are mostly figurative and often symbolic however in our most recent episode Where we expose one of Satan’s lies the imagery there Can be taken as more likely how Satan works and where he is

So is Satan ruling hell from under the ground well, let’s just jump right into what the Bible says So here Ephesians 6:12 Paul is writing to the effusion church and look what he says about Satan and the forces of darkness

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against the rulers against the authorities the cosmic powers over this present darkness Against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places So here Paul and he’s writing to believers he says we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood meaning humans

He’s saying that our main enemy Satan is rare in the heavenly places We wrestle against the authorities the cosmic powers who ruled the kingdom of darkness the spiritual forces of evil in heavenly places Now when we look at the Greek word for heavenly places here score tools

We end up finding the Greek word heavenly places and that is the Greek word at peroneus an Immigrant is is often used to translate the heavenly in heaven Celestial basically something that is existing in the heavens. And so let’s go a little bit deeper than that

By clicking here to see how heaven in the Bible is described and the Greek word of course there shows that heaven in the New Testament refers to what in The air the heavens really in the skies The universe the aerial skies or the universe. So here we see that Paul identifies

The location of Satan the forces of darkness the Satan am not underground Ruling but actually ruling we’re in the heavenly places, which we have just seen in the Greek refers to the universe the skies the airs Basically above us not below and if you study and research the ancient Israelite tradition

You’ll find numerous writings that – the Satan and the forces of darkness existing in the heavens or in the celestial regions in fact according to Israelite tradition there was once a time when Satan and the angels who he convinced to turn against God were banished from God’s presence

And when those rogue angels left the high heaven where God was They weren’t immediately thrown into hell No, they were actually allowed to roam around the universe to roam around the heavens with Satan Interestingly the book of Jude in the New Testament

Actually quotes from an ancient Israelite document. That was well known around the time of Jesus the Book of Enoch Many of you are well familiar with the Book of Enoch And so I’m sure you probably know that most Christian scholars don’t really view it as Scripture

But do recognize it as an ancient Israelite historical document that highlights what many ancient Israelites believed and In the Book of Enoch, there are quite a few interesting narratives They’re one of those narratives tells the story of how many years ago long long time ago

The group of angels who chose to side with Satan Committed a great sin These fallen angels were known as the Watchers and one thing that they watched were How pretty women were on earth in fact some of these Watchers or fallen angels? Decided to marry and even mate with human women

Which was a great great sin in the eyes of God and according to this narrative Whenever an angelic being and a human mate and produce a child the result will be a Nephilim What is a Nephilim a creature that was never supposed to exist a

Diabolical integration of the angelic with human flesh a walking abomination Now this could all just be a great story and very creative however Genesis 6 Says this look what it says in Genesis chapter 6 it shows us one of the main reasons why God sent the flood upon the earth

So here says that when human beings began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them the sons of God saw That the daughters of humans Were beautiful and they married any of them as they chose

Then the Lord said my spirit would not contend or would not remain in humans forever for they are mortal in their days would be 120 years The Nephilim were on the earth in those days and also afterward when the sons of God

Went to the daughters of humans and had children by them and They were the heroes of old men ever known So here we see in this story is talking about what happened, right? Leading up to the flood and it’s showing that the sons of God here

Saw the daughters of human beings and they were attracted to them and they decided to marry them and they had children by the daughters of humans and the product of that were these Nephilim and then here says that they were

The heroes who was it referring to most scholars would say that this is referring to the Nephilim back in those days were the heroes They were great great creatures of strength You see in verse 6 it says that this really disturbed God and it says that the Lord

Regretted that he had even made human beings on the earth His heart was deeply troubled but we know that God Did find favor with Noah and his family and so therefore Noah and his family were saved and the ark God then sent the flood and

Basically wiped out all of humanity and these Nephilim creatures Which in his eyes were just a huge abomination. They were never ever supposed to exist So ultimately we see here that one of the reasons why the flood came is because the sons of God impregnated humans and produced these hybrid Nephilim creatures

Now just like any biblical passage, there’s always going to be various interpretations Some scholars say that the sons of God here may refer to a different race of humans however, it seems that the majority of modern scholars and more importantly ancient scholars view the sons of God here as referring to angelic beings

Why is that? Well remember the story of Job? Job was a righteous, man and He had favor with God and so Satan wanted to test job’s faith and harm him But in order for Satan to do that, he had to first ask God for permission

Look at how it reads job 1:6 it says that the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord and Satan came with them So here in this scene we see that the angels they came before God and

Satan also came with them and then began to ask God if he could attack job so the interesting thing here is that these angelic beings are being referred to as the sons of God and so that’s one reason why some scholars would say that the sons of God in Genesis 6 refers to

Angelic spiritual beings and specifically in Genesis 6 the Fallen Angels who chose to follow Satan now again according to ancient Jewish literature found among the Dead Sea Scrolls such as the Book of Enoch the Fallen Angels who chose to impregnate human women were immediately

Punished by God and were chained and placed in prison in the darkest region of Hell for doing that and They were placed in a region of hell called Tartarus and so it’s quite an interesting narrative And so the question we have to ask ourselves is is there anything in the Bible that says?

That the angels who sinned with these women were chained up and placed in Tartarus Is there anything in the Bible that mentions that? Well, actually the Apostle Peter alludes to something similar in one of his letters Look at how it reads in

2nd Peter 2:4. So here Peter is talking about the judgment of God and and here he says regarding the angels He says God did not spare the Angels when they sinned but sent them to hell Putting them in chains of Darkness to be held For judgment, but said them to hell now

I always say that whenever you come across the word Hell in either the New Testament or the Old Testament because of modern translations you really have to Investigate the Greek and Hebrew word that was translated into the English word

Hell and one of the reasons is because the word hell is translated from many different words in the New Testament It’s translated from the word Hades Sometimes you’ll see the word hell translate it from the word Gehenna Sometimes it is translated from the word Totaro and these are three different things

And so we want to look here to see what is the greek word behind this translation of hell and to do so We’re just gonna go to tools’ here and we see that it says that if God did not spare the Angels when they sinned but cast them into hell and

The greek word used there is Tatar Oh, what is to taro the deepest abyss of hell to taro? refers to The deepest abyss of Hades of Hades in the Greek it is often referred to as the abode of the wicked dead and so

Being the deepest abyss of Hades we see that to taro is not just haiti’s it’s not just hell – taro is the darkest Probably the most painful region of hades, and that’s where the angels who sinned Were chained and sent to the greek word?

To Taurus hell therefore Judgment Day so pretty pretty scary stuff and So when it says that they were placed there to await Judgment Day in Chains some scholars note that perhaps the great sin that they committed was when they saw the daughters of humans and Married them and then produced these Nephilim and

So those who have a literal reading of the Genesis 6 account? Will likely say that yes Some of these fallen angels committed a sin that allow them to be placed in Chains of darkness until Judgment Day but

What about the other fallen angels who are not locked up in Tartarus? Where are they at? we know that Satan is not locked up yet because we know that he and his crew were still able to Approach God and ask God for permission to attack Jobe

Satan was seen in the heavens with the sons of God and that was after the Genesis 6 account so it seems as if Satan and his crew are still around Now one could say and some do say this one could say that perhaps when Jesus ascended to heaven

Satan was then locked away and Chained up at that point some have made that point and I understand that However, you still do have theologians who would counter that and argue that well even after Christ ascended The Apostle Paul still said that Satan and the powers of darkness are aware in heavenly places

And so seemingly even after the Ascension of Christ Paul is saying that we still war against cosmic powers and high places in the heavenlies that seems to indicate that Satan and his crew have not yet been locked up in Chains in the abyss

In fact, I just thought of something we know that during the thousand-year reign that’s when Satan is locked up into the abyss is likely that then he will be locked up into the same abyss that the Fallen Angels were locked into for sinning with women. Just thought of that

But anyways, so it seems that he is not locked up yet, right, so Is there anything else in the Bible that talks about if Satan is locked up yet or if he’s still out there roaming around well John in the book of Revelation he seems to indicate that

Satan and his fallen angels are roaming in the universe He seems to kind of indicate that and he kind of alludes to such an idea in Revelation 12 In the book of Revelation chapter 12 it describes a battle that will take place between the good and evil angels and in this battle

Satan will end up losing his place in heaven or in the universe and will eventually be thrown down to the earth Look at what it reads in? Revelation 12 7 then war broke out in heaven Michael and his angels fought against the Dragon and the dragon and his angels fought back

So here we see that Satan and his fallen angel crew Were strong enough to even fight Michael the Archangel and the good angels, but they were not strong enough Liquid it reads in the next verse But he was not strong enough and they lost their place in heaven

First not and then the great dragon was hurled down that ancient serpent called the devil or Satan who leads a whole world astray? He was hurled to the earth and his angels with him And as you read along here, you will see that after he is hurled to the earth

Then it talks about how the Antichrist will begin to rule with the help of Satan the Beast will then rise and so it’s very very interesting Passage here. Of course, that’s with our passages There are made different interpretations and scholarly opinions on it

Some people believe that this battle between the Angels of Light and the angels of darkness has already happened Some people believe it happened very recently But again, you do have scholars who say that it hasn’t happened yet

Because we’d see in the passage that after Satan is defeated in this battle against the angels of light and after Satan is thrown to the earth and loses his place in the heavenly realms that then the Anti Christ rises and so by that logic

I do understand how some can argue that it seems as if this battle is something that will happen in the near future right before the Anti Christ starts to rule and That might be a reason why it says that once Satan is thrown to the earth It says he is filled with fury

Because he knows his time is short And so this verse seems to indicate that the moment he is thrown down to the earth realm that that will be in the end times because as it says that his time is short and then soon after that we see the

Rising of the beast and the Antichrist and so what are your views on that? You know, do you see? Revelation 12 the angelic battle there as a future event, or maybe you see it as symbolic, you know So there there are many perspectives with that

But again, it does fit into the argument showing that Satan is not Underground the fallen angels are not underground. They are and always have been Roaming the heavens roaming the universe This makes things a little bit more serious because this means that we live in a world that is

Currently under the control of satanic forces and Angelic beings who are above us and if that is the case That gives us a huge clue into how Satan operates You see it is not Coincidence that we live in a world that looks at Satan as some type of preacher

Underground that’s what he wants us to believe that is part of the deception You see as long as we are Looking down We will fail to look up he doesn’t want us to look up because if we glanced towards the sky, what will we see? air the atmosphere

Well, why is that important oh it’s vitally important you see in the air what is traveling Radio waves television signals communication devices the entertainment networks every day Millions of invisible signals are traveling all around us the air and the Atmosphere is the highway of our technological world and who controls that highway?

Well, it’s like what the Bible says in Ephesians 2:1 and as for you you were dead in your transgressions and sins in which you used to live when you follow the ways of this world and the ruler of the kingdom of the air

The spirit who has not work and those who are disobedient Here clearly it shows that Satan is The ruler of the kingdom of the air and the King James Version says that Satan is the Prince of the power of the air My friends whoever controls the airwaves controls the radio waves

The TV signals the communication channels as long as Satan is above us it is easy And practical to understand why his influence is so strong in our world He is in control of the media And not only that but did you know that we now have technology that can transmit ideas

And emotions into individuals based upon the signals that we transmit to them through the air, so If we as humans have reached a point in our mechanical achievement that we can do such things How much more could Satan in his fallen angels with far more advanced technology do the same?

Now we clearly see how the Satan influences our world and so I would argue that even While he is in his remote Location he can still easily Remotely control much of what’s going on in our world? Now I know some of you have some ideas about

The type of technology that is now existing and possibly the type of technology that Satan may have his disposal So, you know, if you are one who has done extensive research on this, please share in the comments your findings as well now as you could imagine with any discussion of

Satan and fallen angels Existing and seemingly being able to roam around the universe this will inevitably bring up a big question an AOC Network is far from a conspiracy channel, but the question can’t really be avoided What about all of the identified sightings of objects that people? Report are they all fabricated?

Or is it possible that some of these? sightings are manifestations of fallen angels Alone in the universe UFO in the form of a bright light is seen descending over the Dome of the rock in Jerusalem The video is said to be taken over the weekend another video from a different angle Whoa, maaaah

Three more US senators received a classified briefing about UFOs at the Pentagon may have heard the pilots and other military personnel been reporting these these kinds of sightings for years a couple weeks ago the Department of Defense even released footage shot by a Navy Super Hornet pilot, Senator Mark Warner

Who is the vice chair of the Intelligence Committee said look, I think it’s important. He told us just this afternoon I think it’s important that the military is taking this more seriously now than they did in the past

So what are they taking seriously those videos you were talking about where these pilots were describing seeing these things up to? 30,000 feet in the air flying at extraordinary speeds hypersonic well over the speed of sound changing direction in the most astonishing ways and

Seemingly defying the laws of physics. I know you think that the government didn’t take the threat seriously enough So let me just ask you point-blank the question. Do you believe that that life from somewhere else while you ran this program? Came here visited it observed. I

Will tell you unequivocally that that through the observation scientific methodologies that were applied to to look at this phenomena that these Aircraft we’ll call them, aircraft are displaying characteristics that are not currently within the u.s Inventory nor in any foreign inventory that we are aware of

So I know you’re using your being clear, but I mean the answer is yes My personal I can’t speak on behalf of the government obviously, I’m not in the US government anymore My personal belief is that there is very compelling evidence that we we may not be alone whatever that means

Now if we are going to talk about this We must first consider something very very important We must consider what exactly fallen angels are we know that fallen angels were at one point angelic beings who were on God’s side and scripture shows that angelic beings have a special type of body a

Spiritual body what is a spiritual body a Spiritual body is a type of body that cannot only exist in the physical world But can also interact with the spiritual world

We talked about this in the how you will look in heaven episode and in that episode we explored the scriptures that speak on how Jesus was resurrected in the spiritual body that one day we all will have and that same body is very similar to the type of bodies that

Angels have it’s a body that Can literally exist in two different realms at once? basically this type of body Could go through physical Objects and then become physical again when Jesus was resurrected he was able to do this at one point

He walked through a locked door and then occupied physical space again and Ate fish and he was not hindered by anything. He was not hindered by space or time. And so the spiritual body is incredible and so the question that we really have to ponder at this point is

Do fallen angels still have that? Spiritual body that angels possess or were they stripped of that body after they left God hmm something to think about Share in the comments what you think about that? I do think that you could make the argument That when those angels chose to leave God

Maybe they lost some of their power and beauty in fact There are many who argue that evil possess to them and that they changed somehow To something much more sinister And so yes, you could make that argument But I would still say that I lean towards fallen angels not just being spirits

But still having a spiritual body in some capacity and one reason for that leaning is because in Revelation 12 it says that they were in a battle with the holy angels They lost eventually but they were still able to put up a fight

And so that indicates that they still must have some type of a supernatural body to even be able to Go to war with God’s angels of light now What about demons often people do confuse fallen angels for demons? And that’s understandable I mean

We don’t really talk about this sort of thing in this level of detail in our churches very often Which is why we’re doing it now but actually fallen angels are very different from demons demons are only described in the Bible as evil spirits No, where are they shown to be physical creatures?

They are always described as spirits who really aren’t even that powerful in fact They are often always shown to be looking for someone to possess because they are just spirits who don’t really have power in fact

That’s why they are always trying to possess humans because they need a human body in order to function and Operate in the physical world again and so demons are they just spirits? They they can’t really manipulate physical things without a host

So they really aren’t that powerful and they definitely couldn’t fight with angels. They are just spirits. So Where do demons come from? Well again if you look into ancient Israelite theology the primary idea of where demons come from is the aftermath of the flood

Remember the the Nephilim well many scholars argue that it is likely that when the flood killed those Hybrid creatures their spirits are now. What roam the earth as demons and Of course There are many ancient Israelite writings and there see squirrel documents that refer to this

Such as the Book of Enoch the book of Jubilees and so, you know It gets pretty interesting and it is an important study because if demons are just the spirits of Nephilim We can see why if there are Unidentified objects above us. It is most likely that they aren’t demons

But actually fallen angels Because fallen angels have that angelic body and the angelic body is really described as an interdimensional type of existence for example if you had an interdimensional body you would not have to even travel at light speed to get to a far place in the universe if you had an

Interdimensional body you would be able to move in and out of dimensions and even through portals to traverse the universe and even beyond and So it’s really above our level of understanding I mean we are really talking highly advanced angelic stuff here

But nevertheless it is great to research and as always, you know, we are interested in your thoughts on this So please share in the comments. Do you think that it is likely that? these sightings are actually fallen angels making appearances and

Moving around to observe and to manipulate our world or do you think it’s something else, you know, so something to think about Now I know Someone out there is thinking wait a second. Wait a second Do you mean to tell me that there are evil beings out there flying around who may have?

Advanced technology and power and they are roaming above us. What’s to stop them from coming down and hurting me or doing something else Well good question, but you know what’s holding them back? The power of God Let’s back up for a second. You remember Jobe? he was a friend of God and

Satan and his fallen angels They wanted to hurt Jobe and even though they were more advanced than job They could not harm a hair on his head until Satan first asked God for permission That is HUGE This means that Satan does not have ultimate autonomy. He can’t just do what he wants

He can only do what God allows him to do And if God allows him to do something, it’s always for an infinitely wise purpose that goes beyond our present understanding Now a job was just a friend of God and the Satan had to ask for permission to harm him but you

You are a blood-bought child of God So listen when you understand who you are in Christ, you start to realize why a Fallen angel does not want to come to your house Listen some of you out there Need to start realizing that you have authority in Christ

First of all, you have power in the name of Jesus out of my house and stay away from my family And second of all God’s angels watch over you did you know that read X 1215 Hebrews 13:2 Matthew 18 10

You have angels who watch over you and when you use the name of Jesus They are dispatched You thought this video was just going to talk about fallen angels and Satan No, this episode is not only to expose their location, but also to expose their weakness

When you are a child of God, there is not a fallen angel There is not a demon there is nothing that can come against you Some of you have been in fear, some of you have been worried about the satanic world But my friend let it not be

If you feel that a demon or an evil spirit is around you if you know Jesus It’s time to use your authority and command it to leave Get out and go to hell in the name of Jesus if you know God and have a relationship

With God my friend. The last thing a demon should do is come in your direction They fear it Paul they fear Jesus and if you know God they will fear you too. And fallen angels Will they fear the name of Jesus as well? But you know what else fallen angels fear?

Being thrown into prison like the ones who sent back in Noah’s day were They fear being thrown to the deepest abyss of hell so even a fallen angel Would not want to mess with you because the last thing you do is a mess with a child of God So basically

When your dad is the king of the universe? You can not fear So I just wanted to wrap it up with that truth because I know that this has been an interesting topic

But the most important thing that I could say about fallen angels and demons and any of that is that you have power over them all with the name of Jesus and speaking of power You don’t want to miss the next episode because we’re going to be looking at the power of the first

Christians and Just like how the Holy Spirit used them. I Believe he’s going to use you Get ready god bless

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Why did Satan quote Psalm 91 to Jesus?

If you read your whole Old Testament, you never see a demon being cast out of anyone. Ever. How in the world when Jesus shows up and he starts doing that? Did people automatically in their heads think: “Well, this is what the Messiah is supposed to do! This is a sign of Messiahship.”

Where does that come from? Psalm 91. Which, you know, in recent days, you’ve heard this quoted a lot: “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty… he will deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the deadly pestilence.

He will cover you with his pinions, and under his wings you will find refuge… You will not fear the terror of the night, nor the arrow that flies by day,    nor the pestilence that stalks in darkness.” In the corona environment, this passage gets quoted a lot.  

And unfortunately, in some cases deeply out of context to suggest that well, you know, Christians can do whatever they want here because God will protect us and we won’t get sick and. Okay, that is not what the passage is about. The passage is much cooler than that. It’s more sinister too.  

Psalm 91 is a psalm that was discovered among the Dead Sea Scrolls in a jar with four other Psalms that are not in the Hebrew Bible. There are extra Psalms among the dead sea scrolls, we have 150 in the Hebrew Bible,   

But this one that is in the Hebrew Bible, obviously, was put in this jar with four other ones. All four of those other ones are exorcism Psalm. So well, why would they lump Psalm 91 in there? That doesn’t look like an exorcism to me,

I’m, you read the whole thing and there’s no like casting devils out or anything like that. Well, if you read it in Hebrew, and you were a literate Israelite, you would know that words like pestilence (Deber). Okay,  there’s pestilence there. Deber down here, Qeteb (destruction), “the arrow that flies by day.” Okay, right here.

This whole motif of the arrow flying by day and the tear of the night. Right here; Pahad. These are names and titles and epithets of Canaanite deities, all of them.   To an Israelite, a Canaanite deity was a demonic, a sinister and evil spirit,  you know, a power of darkness. That’s why Psalm 91 was lumped into that

Because this is a prayer of protection and thwarting of powers of darkness   in ancient Jewish thought. What else is interesting is this psalm in the Hebrew Bible,   you notice there’s no superscription. There’s a psalm of whoever. In the Septuagint, it’s a psalm of David. Okay, also in the Septuagint, there are certain different wordings,

The Septuagint would have been based on a Hebrew text. Is a translation of Hebrew, that don’t always align with a traditional Hebrew text. But in the Septuagint, where it’s a psalm of David, there are a couple of psalms that use specific words for the Psalms, and the hymns and the,  

I want to use the word spell, because that’s what it means, or can mean, of David and Solomon. Okay, that in the poetry, the literature, they produced,   some of that stuff uses vocabulary that you will find in exorcistic material   in the Second Temple period. And so this answers an important question.   

And here’s the question. And maybe you’ve wondered this. If you read your whole Old Testament, you never see a demon being cast out of anyone. Ever. There’s actually only two references in English Bibles to demons;   Shedim is usually translated demon, which isn’t the greatest translation,  

But we’ll run with it for the sake of the illustration, Deuteronomy 32. And then there’s a Psalm.   Okay, but you never see a demon or a hostile evil spirit cast out of anyone.   How in the world, when Jesus shows up, and he starts doing that, did people

Automatically in their heads think: “well, this is what the Messiah is supposed to do! This is a sign of Messiahship.” Where does that come from? It comes from what I just described. It comes from certain Psalms   being associated with David, and a few with Solomon. In the Second Temple Period  

There was the belief that David and Solomon had power over evil spirits. And so if the Messiah is a descendant, he is The David, The Son of David, he should be able to do that too.   So this is something that we wouldn’t get because we’re not living in the culture.  

And we’re not familiar with how Psalm 91 in particular was viewed.   But when Jesus shows up and starts doing this, the bells and whistles are going off in people’s heads. This is an important thing he does to convince them that he’s the Messiah. And Isn’t it odd that Satan would choose Psalm 91  

To quote to Jesus, in a temptation, and he quotes the part, down here, “he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. On their hands they will bear you up, lest you strike your foot against a stone.” So what’s really going on here is Satan is fishing for information.

He’s got Jesus in front of him, he knows who he is, he knows why he’s there.  His silly Kingdom of God stuff, okay. But he doesn’t know what the plan is. So he’s there to tempt Jesus. Try to shortcut the thing. And you know, the last one is the worst because it’s idolatry.

It’s just kind of a terrible attempt. But this one’s interesting because let’s say that Jesus looks at Satan and says, “Yeah, that’s a good quotation. Yep. Yep,  you know, that’s a, that’s an exorcistic psalm. And I’m the son of David,    and I’m supposed to be able to cast out demons.

And if that’s true, then the rest of the stuff in the song must be true too. So go ahead, it’ll take me up to the top here, I’m going to throw myself off.”   What happens? Okay, let’s say the angels catch him. What is Satan learned? He can’t kill him,  

So we’ll take killing the Messiah off the strategy plan.   But Jesus knows, that’s exactly what needs to happen. “So I’m not going to demonstrate   anything for you. You’re not going to learn anything in this conversation.”   He just tells him that you hit the road, “you shall not put the Lord your God to the test.”

And that could be a reference to himself. But it could also be another way of saying;   “You shall not try to convince me to let God show you the hand that he’s going to play.”   He has to die. He must die. Again, it’s an interesting tit for tat conversation

between these two. And again, my take on it is that Satan actually was fishing for information. It’s not a worthless conversation. And the fact that he quotes Psalm 91 I find really interesting because of its nature. You know, the servant (Israel) out in the wilderness. I mean, let’s think of Jesus

Now as the representative of the corporate nation.   Did Israel in the Old Testament pass the test of being God’s servant? Well, yes, and no.   You know, they get to the promised land? Sure, after they fail, and then they wander   around for 40 years. So there’s that checkered past. They don’t really complete the conquest.  

They ask for a king to replace God as the one who fights for them.   And then three kings later they go off and start worshipping other gods and end up in exile. So probably no, they really don’t pass the test of being God’s representative son and his servant, but Jesus does.  

He passes the test. And now it’s Game on. His ministry begins.

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The Demons Of King Solomon: Testament of Solomon Complete Unabridged Series

It is often said that many texts were not included as the bible was translated from its original language to a common language, or were intentionally removed in the course of the numerous translations over the centuries and years.

One of these texts is the Testament of Solomon, which tells of Solomon, son of David, who was king in Jerusalem, and mastered and controlled all spirits of the air, on the earth, and under the earth. By the help of these spirits he built the magnificent temple and all its transcendent works.

It tells of the authorities these spirits wield against men, and by what angels they are made powerless. Let us begin. Behold, when the Temple of the city of Jerusalem was being built, and the workmen were all busy, a demon called Ornias came among them toward sunset he took away half of the pay

Of the master workman’s little boy, as well as half his food. Everyday Ornias sucked the thumb of the child’s right hand, and every day, the child grew thin, although he was very much loved by the king. Thus, King Solomon called the boy one day, and questioned him, saying: “Do I not love

You more than all the artisans who are working in the Temple of God? Do I not give you double wages and a double supply of food? How is it that day by day and hour by hour you grow thinner?” The child said to the king: “I pray you, O king.

Listen to what has befallen all that your child has. After we are all released from our work on the Temple of God, after sunset, when I lie down to rest, one of the evil demons comes and takes away from me one half of my pay and one half of my food.

Then he also takes hold of my right hand and sucks my thumb. And lo, my soul is oppressed, and so my body waxes thinner every day.” When Solomon heard this, he entered the temple of God, and prayed with all his soul, night

And day, that the demon might be delivered into his hands, and that he might gain authority over him. And it came to pass that grace was given to him from the Lord God, by Michael his archangel. Michael brought him a little ring, having a seal consisting of an engraved stone, and

Said to him, “Take, O Solomon, king, son of David, the gift which the Lord God has sent you, the highest Sabaoth. With it you shall lock up all demons of the earth, male and female; and with their help you shall build up Jerusalem. But you must wear this seal of God.

And this engraving of the seal of the ring sent thee is a Pentalpha. Solomon glorified the God of heaven and earth, And on the next day, he called the boy, and gave him the ring, and said to him: “take this, and at the hour in which the demon shall

Come unto you, throw this ring at the chest of the demon, and say to him: ‘In the name of God, Come! King Solomon summons you! And then do come running to me child, without any fear of what you may here from the demon.”

So the child took the ring, and went off; and behold, at the customary hour, Ornias, the fierce demon, came like a burning fire to take the pay from the child. But the child according to the instructions received from the king, threw the ring at

The chest of the demon, and said: “King Solomon calls you.” And then he went off at a run to the king. But the demon cried out aloud, saying: “Child, why have you done this to me? Take the ring off me, and I will give to you the gold of the earth.

Only take this ring off me and give it back to Solomon. But the child said to the demon: “As the Lord God of Israel liveth, I will not stand you anymore. So come now.” And the child came at a run, rejoicing, to the king, and said: “I have brought the demon,

O king, as thou did command me, O my master. And behold, he stands before the gates of the court of your palace, crying out, and supplicating with a loud voice; offering me the silver and gold of the earth if I would not deliver him to you.”

And when Solomon heard this, he rose up from his throne, and went outside into the vestibule of the court of his palace; and there he saw the demon, shuddering and trembling. And he said to him: “Who art you?” And the demon answered: “I am called Ornias.”

And Solomon said to him: “Tell me, O demon, to what zodiacal sign you are subject.” And the demon answered: “To the Aquarius. And those who are consumed with desire for the noble virgins upon earth, these I strangle. While in a trance, I am changed into three forms.

Whenever men come to be enamoured of women, I metamorphose myself into a comely female; and I take hold of the men in their sleep, and play with them. And after a while I again take to my wings, and fly to the heavenly regions.

I also appear as a lion, and I am commanded by all the demons. I am the offspring of the archangel Ouriel, the power of God.” Having heard the name of the archangel, Solomon glorified God, and sealed the demon and set

Him to work at stone-cutting, so that he might cut the stones in the Temple, which, lying along the shore, had been brought by the Sea of Arabia. But the demon, fearful of the iron, continued and said to him: “I pray you, King Solomon,

Let me go free; and I will bring you all the demons.” He was not willing to be subject to Solomon, so Solomon prayed to the archangel Ouriel for succour, and lo! he saw the archangel Uriel coming down to me from the heavens.

The angel bade the monsters of the sea out of the abyss. In the book of Ezra, male sea monsters are named Behemoth, and the female are named Leviathan. The archangel cast his destiny to the ground, the destiny which made the great demon subject

To him, and he commanded the great demon and bold Ornias, to cut stones at the Temple, and to bring to completion the construction of the Temple. Solomon glorified God, and called forth Ornias, and gave him the seal, saying: “Away with thee, and bring to me the prince of all the demons.”

So Ornias took the finger-ring, and went off to Beelzeboul, who has kingship over the demons. He said to him: “Come! Solomon calls you.” So Ornias took the finger-ring, and went off to Beelzeboul, who has kingship over the demons. He said to him: “Come! Solomon calls thee.”

But Beelzeboul, having heard him, said to him: “Tell me, who is this Solomon of whom you speak to me?” Then Ornias threw the ring at the chest of Beelzeboul, saying: “Solomon the king calls thee.” Beelzeboul cried aloud with a mighty voice, and shot out a great burning flame of fire;

And he arose, and followed Ornias, and came to Solomon. When Solomon saw the prince of demons, he praised the Lord God, saying: “Blessed are you, Lord God Almighty, who has given to Solomon your servant, wisdom, the assessor of the wise, and has subjected unto me all the power of he devil.”

Then he questioned Beelzeboul, and said: “Who art thou?” The demon replied: “I am Beelzebub, the ruler of the demons. Solomon demanded that without interruption, the chief of the demons seat close to him, and explain the manifestations of the demons.

And Beelzebub sat next to the king, and promised to bring him all the spirits under his rule. solomon asked of the demon if there were any females among them. And when he told me that there were, the king desired to see them.

So Beelzeboul went off at high speed, and brought unto him a female demon called Onoskelis, who had a very pretty shape, and skin so fair, but her legs were those of a mule, and she tossed her head from time to time. The name Onoskelis means she who has ass legs.

As she stood before the throne, Solomon said to her: “Tell me who are you?” And he said to him: “I am called Onoskelis, a spirit which has been made into a body, and lurks upon the earth, There is a golden cave where I lie, But my most frequent dwelling-places

Are the precipices, caves, and ravines. I have a many sided character, and I pervert men from their true natures. I creep up from nature into the arms of men and strangle them with a noose. But sometimes I do consort with them in the semblance of a woman, especially with those

Of a darker skin. They who share my star with me, they who privately or openly worship my star, know not that they harm themselves, and fuel my appetite for further mischief. They wish to obtain money by the worship and commemoration of me, however, I supply a little to those who worship me fairly.”

Solomon questioned her about her birth, and she replied: “I was born of an untimely voice, born from an echo of the utterance of a man, made in the woods. This spirit is similar to the hebrew spirit and daughter of the voice named Bath kol, as well as the Greek spirit named Echo.

Solomon said to her: “Under what star do you pass?” And she answered him: “Under the star of the full moon, for the reason that the moon travels over most things.” Then he said to her: “And what angel is it that frustrates you?”

And she said to him: “It is he that lives in you.”  By this, she probably meant the spirit of god in Solomon, but Solomon thought that she mocked him, and had his soldier strike her. Onoskelis cried aloud, and said: “I am subject to you, O king, by the wisdom of God given

To you, and by the angel Joel.” So Solomon commanded her to spin the hemp for the ropes used in the building of the house of God; and accordingly, when he had sealed and bound her, she was overcome and made powerless and to do nothing night and day spinning the hemp.

After he had dealt with the succubus onoskelis, Solomon at once bade another demon to be led unto him; and instantly there approached him a spirit, intimidating and menacing, but he was bound, this was the demon Asmodeus. And the king asked him: “Who are you?”

But Asmodeus shot him a glance of anger and rage, saying: “And who are you? And Solomon said to him: “You are subject to me and to be punished by me, you must answer me”  But the demon, with rage, said to him: “How shall I answer to you, you who are born

Of a man, whereas I was born of an angel’s seed by a daughter of man.” No word of our heavenly kind addressed to you earth-born can be too offensive and arrogant.  Behold, my star shines bright in heaven, men call it the Great Bear, some call it the

Dragon’s child, and I keep near unto this star. So ask me not many things; for your kingdom after a little time, will fall, and your glory is but for a season, and short will be your tyranny over us; and then we shall again have

Free range over mankind, so as that they shall revere us as if we were gods, and being men that they are, they shall not know the names of the angels set higher above our kind.” And Solomon, on hearing this, bound Asmodeus more carefully, and ordered him to be flogged

With the whip of ox-hide, and to tell him humbly what was his name and what was his business. And the demon answered him thus: “I am called Asmodeus among mortals, and my business is to plot against the newly wedded, so that they may not know one another, and I sever

Them utterly by many calamities. I waste away the beauty of virgin women, and estrange their hearts.” And Solomon said to him: “Is this your only business?” And the demon answered him: “I tempt men into fits of desire and madness over other women,

When they already have wives of their own, so that they leave them, and go off by night and day, to women who belong to other men; so that they fall into sin and commit murderous deeds. Solomon listened in awe to this demon, this was the same act for which his father – David

Committed murder. He appealed to the demon by the name of the Lord Sabaôth, saying: “Fear God, Asmodeus, and tell me by what angel you are frustrated.” And Asmodeus said: “By Raphael, the archangel who stands before the throne of God.

But the liver and gall of a fish also put me to flight, when smoked over ashes of the tamarisk.  Solomon again asked him: “Hide nothing from me, For I am Solomon, son of David, King of Israel. Tell me the name of the fish which you fear.”

And the demon answered: “It is the Glanos, by name, and is found in the rivers of Assyria. It is why I merely roam about in those parts. And Solomon said to him: “Have you nothing else about you, Asmodeus?”

And he answered: “The power of God which has bound me with the indissoluble bonds of  your seal, knows that whatever I have told you is true. I pray you, King Solomon, condemn me not to go into water.”

Solomon smiled, and said to him: “As the Lord God of my fathers liveth, I will lay iron on you to wear. But you shall also make the clay for the entire construction of the Temple, treading it down with your mighty feet.”

And the king ordered his men to give him ten water-jars to carry water in. And the demon groaned terribly, and did the work he was ordered to do. As an act of caution, Solomon had the liver and gall of the Glanos fish hung on the spike

Of a reed and burned it over Asmodeus, because this demon was so strong, because this demon knew even the future. And this he did, to frustrate this demon’s unbearable malice. After Asmodeus had been bound, Solomon summoned again to stand before him, Beelzeboul, the prince of demons.

And he sat him down on a raised seat of honour, and said to him: “Why are you alone, O prince of the demons?” And the demon said to him: “Because I alone am left of the angels of heaven that came down, For I was an angel in the first heaven.

And now I control all those who are bound in Tartarus. But I too have a child, and he haunts the Red Sea. He is subject to me, and comes up to me on occasions and reveals to me what he has done, and I support him”.

Solomon said unto him: “Beelzeboul, what is your duty, what are your inclinations?” And the demon answered him: “I destroy kings. I ally myself with foreign tyrants. And my own demons I set on to men, so that they may believe in them and be lost.

The servants of God, the priests and faithful men, I rouse in them, desires for wicked sins, lawless deeds, and evil heresies. Fickle men that they are, they obey me, and are led to destruction. I fill men with envy, and the desire for murder, for wars, for sodomy, and other evil things.

Hear me now, I shall detroy the world.” So Solomon said to him: “Bring to me your child, who, as you say, is in the Red Sea.” But Beelzeboul said to him: “I will not bring him to you. But there shall come another demon, one of the wind, called Ephippas.

Him will I bind, and him will I bring up from the deep.”  And Solomon asked: “How is it that your son resides in the depth of the sea, and what is his name?”  “And the demon answered: “Do not ask me, for you cannot learn that from me.

He will come to you by command, and will tell you openly.” So Solomon said to him: “Tell me, in which star do you reside?” And the demon answered: “The one men call the Evening Star.” And Solomon again said to him: “Tell me by what angel you are frustrated.”

And the demon answered: “By the holy name of the Almighty God. If I be commanded by the great name of the power Eleéth, I disappear at once. Solomon was astounded when he heard this, and ordered him to saw up the Theban marbles.

When the other demons saw Beelzeboul, they cried out with a loud voice, howling because of their king.”  Solomon questioned him, saying: “If you would have the chance, would you tell about the things in heaven?” And Beelzeboul said: “Hear, O king, if you burn gum, incense, and sea-bulbs, with nard

And saffron, and light seven lamps during an earthquake, you shall firmly build your house. And being pure, if you light the 7 lamps at dawn when the sun rises, then you will see the heavenly dragons, how they wind themselves along, and drag the chariot of the sun.”

Having heard this, Solomon believed Beelzeboul was mocking him, and rebuked him, saying: “Be Silent this very moment, and continue to saw the marbles as I commanded you”. And by the divine power vested in him, the demon obeyed.

To the Jews, Beelzeboul is the same as Satan, as well as the Canaanite god Ba-al. Some say that Satan and Lucifer are the same, but many others believe they are not one, but are two separate beings, although they were both cast from heaven and rule over hell.

It is believed Satan is Baal-beelzebub, the cannanite lord of the flies and dung, while Lucifer is , well Lucifer, the morning star, the fallen seraphim. Having heard this, Solomon believed Beelzeboul was mocking him, and rebuked him, saying: “Be Silent this very moment, and continue to saw the marbles as I commanded you”.

And by the divine power vested in him, the demon obeyed. And Solomon commanded another demon to present himself. And a spirit appeared before him, with his face high up in the air, but the rest of him curled away like a snail.

The spirit broke through Solomon’s soldiers, and raised a terrible wind of dust on the ground, and carried it upwards, and threw it back on the people and their king, to frighten them. But Solomon stood up from his throne, and came forth, he spat in that spot on the ground

From where the dust was raised, and sealed that spot with the ring of God, and instantly, the wind of dust stopped. This is similar to the magic, some would prefer to call it miracle, that Jesus did in the

Book of John 9 verse 6, where Jesus spat on the ground, and made a clay of the sputum, and anointed the eyes of a blind man with the clay, and the man began to see. And mark 7 verse 33, where he spat and touched the tongue of a man whose speech was impaired,

And the man began to speak clearly. And so Solomon asked the wind demon, saying: “Who are you, O wind?” Then the demon once more shook up the dust, and answered: “What do you want, King Solomon?” Solomon said to him: “Tell me what you are called, and I would gladly ask you a question.”

And the demon answered: “I am Tephras, the spirit of the ashes.” And Solomon said to him: “What is your purpose?” And the demon answered: “I bring darkness upon men, I set fire to the fields; and I bring about broken homes and make them useless.

I am most busy in the summer, but whenever I get an opportunity, I creep into the corners of the wall, night and day, from where I wreck mischief. I am the offspring of the great one, and nothing less.” And Solomon said to him: “Under what star do you reside?”

And the spirit answered: “In the very tip of the moon’s horn, when it is found in the south. There is my star. I have the power to stop the convulsions of the terrible hemi tertian fever; and this

Is why many men pray to me when one is struck with this fever, and I heal them.” And Solomon said to him: “By whose aid do you cure this illness, and do you cause further harm?” And the demmon answered: “No harm is done, for it comes from the angel, by whose power

The fever fades on its third day. So Solomon questioned him saying: “By the power of which angel?” And he answered: “That of the archangel – Azael.” Calling upon the archangel Azael, some call him Azrael, Solomon set a seal on the demon,

Commanding him to carry the great stones, and toss them up to the workmen on the higher parts of the Temple. And by the archangel, the demon was compelled, and began to do as he was bade. After he had dealt with the wind demon Tephras, Solomon ordered another demon to come before him.

And there came seven female spirits, bound and woven together, fair in appearance and comely. And Solomon, seeing them, questioned them, saying: “Who are you?” And they, with one accord, said with one voice : “We are of the thirty-three elements of the cosmic ruler of the darkness.” The first said: “I am Deception.”

And the second said: “I am Strife.” The third: “I am Klothod, which means battle.” And the fourth said: “I am Jealousy.” The fifth said: “I am Power.” And The sixth said: “I am Error.” And the seventh said: “I am the worst of all, and our stars are in heaven.

Seven stars, blue and humble in splendour, and always together. We are called goddesses, and we live together. We change our abode, sometimes in Lydia, sometimes in Olympus, and sometimes in a great mountain.” These 7 spirits are said to be the same as the 7 Pleiades of Greek Mythology, the seven

Sisters who were companions of the moon goddess and huntress – Artemis, as well as the daughters of the great Titan – Atlas, and the sea nymph – Pleione. So Solomon questioned them one by one, beginning with the first, and going down to the seventh, saying: “What is your purpose?”

And the first said: “I am Deception. I deceive and weave snares here and there. I fuel and excite heresies. But I have an angel who frustrates me, It is Lamechalal.” Likewise, the second said: “I am Strife, the strife of strifes. I bring timbers, stones, hangers, and my weapons on the spot.

But I have an angel who frustrates me, It is Baruchiachel.” The third said: “I am Klothod, I am Battle, and I cause the well-behaved to scatter and fall foul one of the other. I have an angel that frustrates me,it is Marmarath.

And the fourth said: “I am jealousy, I cause men to forget their sobriety and moderation. I part them and split them into parties; for Strife follows me hand in hand. I separate the husband from the sharer of his bed, and children from parents, and brothers from sisters.

But why tell so much about my hatred? I have an angel that frustrates me, the great Balthial.” The fifth said: “I am Power. By power I raise up tyrants and tear down kings. To all rebels I give power. But I have an angel that frustrates me, it is Asteraôth.

And the sixth said: “I am Error, O King Solomon. And hear me now, I shall make you to err, as I have made you to err before, when I caused you to slay your own brother. I shall again lead you into error.

I teach men the art of Necromancy, so that they pry into graves. I lead errant souls away from all devotion to God Almighty, and many other evil traits are mine. But I have an angel that frustrates me, It is Uriel.

The incident this spirit of error spoke of, referred to Solomon’s elder brother, Adonijah, whom Solomon executed after he became king. It happened that at the death of the eldest sons of David, Amnon and Abaslom, Adonijah tried to proclaim himself king, for he was next in line for the throne.

But the prophet Nathan, warned David, through his wife Bathsheba, that it was the will of God that Solomon, the younger son, be made king, and as instructed, David proclaimed Solomon king. Adonijah was pardoned by Solomon who begged for mercy, but shortly into the future, Solomon

Would execute Adonijah over a very trivial matter, and the spirit of error claims it was she who made him react so strongly and unreasonably. And so the seventh spirit said: “I am the worst, and I shall make you worse off than you were; because I will impose the bonds of Artemis.

You shall set me free by the locust, for it is by that means that you shall fulfill my desire. If one were truly wise, he would not turn his steps towards me. By her statement, this spirit foretells that the time Solomon shall turn away from God

Was nigh, he shall build altars for foreign gods and worship them. He shall build an altar for the demon Moloch, and offer sacrifices of Locust to him. And It shall come to pass as the spirit foretold, Solomon would become far worse than he had ever been before.

Solomon wondered deeply at this revelation, and sealed them with the ring of God. But since they were so considerable and mellow in behaviour, Solomon only commanded them to dig the foundations of the Temple of God, which was 250 cubits in length.

He bade them to be industrious, and with one murmur of joint protest they began to perform the tasks as commanded. After the 7 sisters of darkness had been bound, Solomon bade another demon to come before him.

And there came a demon having the body and all the limbs of a man, but without a head. And Solomon, seeing him, said to him: “Tell me, who are you?” And he answered: “I am a demon.” So Solomon said to him: “Which are you?”

And he answered: “I am called Envy, For I delight to devour heads, being desirous to secure for myself a head. but I never eat enough, and as I stand before you, I desire to have such a head as yours. Solomon, on hearing this, stretched out his hand against the demon’s chest, and sealed

Him with the ring of God. The demon leapt up, and threw himself down, and gave a loud groan, saying: “I am doomed! where have I come to? O traitor Ornias, I cannot see!” So Solomon said to him: “I am Solomon.

Tell me then how it is you manage to see, when you are without a head.” And the demon answered: “By means of my feelings.” And Solomon asked him: “How do you manage to speak?” And he answered: “I, O King, am wholly voice, for I have inherited the voices of many.

In the case of all men who are called dumb, it is I who smashed their heads, when they were children and had reached their eighth day. When a child is crying in the night, I become a spirit, and move by the means of his voice.

Along the crossroads also do I pass, and whoever I encounter shall be harmed, For I grasp a man’s head with my hands, and with a sword, I cut it off, and put it on to myself. And through my neck, it is consumed by the fire which burns inside me.

I mutilate the dead in the graves, and inflict incurable sores on men’s feet”. And Solomon said to him: “Tell me how you emit the fire? Out of what sources do you emit it?” And the spirit said: “From the Day-star. For here has not yet been found that great demon Elburion, to whom

Men offer prayers and kindle lights. His true name is not known by men. He is invoked by the 7 sisters whom he greatly cherishes. Solomon said to him: “Tell me his name.” But the demon answered: “I cannot tell you, For if I tell his name, I render myself incurable.

He will come when he is called. And Solomon said to him: “Tell me then, by what angel you are frustrated?” And he answered: “By the fiery flash of lightning, and the angel Iax.” Not sure what to do with this headless eyeless demon, Solomon kept him in the custody of

Beelzebul until he summons the angel Iax. As Solomon was still contemplating on what to do with the demon, Envy, he ordered another demon to come before him, and there came into his presence an enormous hound, having a very large shape, and it spoke with a loud voice, saying, “Hail, Lord, King Solomon!”

Solomon was astounded. and said to it: “Who are you, O hound?” And it answered: “I do indeed seem to you to be a hound, but long before you were, O King Solomon, I was a man that wrought so many unholy deeds on earth.

I surpassed all in my vast knowledge of the letters, and was so mighty that I could hold the stars of heaven back, and many divine works did I create. I do harm to men who follow after our star, And I seize the frenzied men by the larynx, and so destroy them.”

Solomon said to him: “What is your name?” And he answered: “I am Rabdos”. And the king said to him: “What is your purpose? And what are the things you can do?” And the demon replied: ”Give me one of your men, and I will lead him away into a mountain,

And will show him a green precious stone tossed to and fro, with which you may adorn the temple of the Lord God.” Solomon, on hearing this, ordered his servant to set off with Rabdos, and to take the finger-ring

Bearing the seal of God with him, saying to the servant: “Whoever shall show you the green stone, seal him with this finger-ring, And mark the spot with care, then bring me the demon at once. The demon showed him a mine of the green stone, and as instructed, the servant marked the

Spot and sealed the demon, bringing him back to the king.  Having decided at last what to do with the demon Envy, as well as Rabdos the hound, that was so huge, Solomon, with his right hand, confined his seal on the two spirits.

He commanded the fiery envy to keep the lamps alight night and day, so that they cast their lights on the artisans at work in the temple, and bade the gigantic Rabdos to keep watch of Envy, and ensure he does not fail in his light bearing duties.

Then Solomon took from the mine of that stone, 200 shekels for the supports of the table of incense, and had his men construct an enclosure round the mine of that stone. This is where the legends of King Solomon’s mines came from.

Before he dismissed Rabdos the hound, Solomon asked him: “By what angel are you frustrated?” And the demon replied: “It is by the great Brieus.” And lead the fiery Envy to do the work they had been bidden. After the demon hound Rabdos had been bound, Solomon bade another demon to come forward;

And there came before him a spirit in the form of a mighty roaring lion. He stood before the king and said: “O king, in the form which I have, I am quite a spirit who cannot be perceived. I leap upon all men who lie prostrate with sickness, coming stealthily along.

I render the man weak, so that his body is enfeebled. But I am equally capable of glorious deeds, for I cast out demons, and I have under my control, many legions of spirits. I am well received by all those who I take possession of, along with all the demons belonging to my legion.

Solomon asked him: “What is your name?” And he answered: “I am the Lion-bearer, Rath.” And Solomon said to him: “How are you to be frustrated along with your legions? What angel is it that frustrates you?” And he answered: “If I tell you the name, I bind not only myself, but also the legions

Of demons under me.” So Solomon said to him: “I implore you in the name of the God Sabaoth, to tell me by what name you are frustrated along with your host.” And the spirit answered him, saying: “He is The ‘great among men,’ who is to come, and

Who is to suffer many things at the hands of men. His name is Emmanuel, it is he who has bound us, and who will then come and plunge us into the deep. By the name Emmanuel, the Lion-bearer refers to the son of God – Jesus Christ

Solomon condemned his legion to carry wood from the thicket. And condemned the great lion bearer himself to saw up the wood, with his powerful teeth, for the burning in the unquenchable furnace of the Temple of God. When the lion bearer had gone, Solomon bade another demon to come forward.

And there came before him a great dragon, terrifying and with three heads. And Solomon questioned him saying: “Who are you?” And the dragon answered: “I am a caltrop-like spirit, and as I have 3 heads, so are my activities of 3 kinds. I blind children in women’s wombs, and twirl their ears round.

And I make them deaf and dumb. And I smite men in the limbless part of the body, and cause them to fall down, and foam, and grind their teeth. But there is a way to frustrate me. That cavalry outside the walls of Jerusalem, appointed to guard that spot, is an angel

Of great counsel, who now openly dwells on the cross. It is he who frustrates me, and to him am I subject.” “O King Solomon, listen. In the place where you sit, stands a column in the air, of purple. The demon called Ephippas has brought it up from the Red Sea, from inner Arabia.

It is he that shall be shut up in a skin-bottle and brought before you. But at the entrance of the Temple, which you have begun to build, O King, lies a storage of much gold, which you can dig up and carry off.”

Solomon, on hearing this, sent his servants to dig into that spot, and they found the gold just as the demon told him. Solomon said to the dragon: “What are you called?” And he answered: “I am the crest of dragons.”

And Solomon sealed him with the ring and bade him to make bricks in the Temple, since he had hands. After he had sealed the crest of dragons, Solomon bade another demon to present himself. And there came before him a spirit in woman’s form, that had a head and half a body, but

Without any limbs, for they were invisible, and her hair was disheveled. And Solomon said to her: “Who are you?” But she answered: “Nay, who are you? And why do you want to hear concerning me? But as I stand bound before your face, if you would learn, Go then into your royal storehouse

And wash your hands. Then sit down afresh before your tribunal, and ask me questions; and you shall learn, O king, who I am.” And Solomon did as she told him, so that he might hear of her deeds and the extent of

Her powers, so that he might suppress them, and manifest them to men. He sat down, and said to the demon: “What are you?” And the demon said: “I am Obizuth as men call me, and I do not sleep nor tire.

By night, I go round over the world, and visit pregnant women who are due to give birth, divining the hour I take my stand.As the woman goes into labour and as she pushes forth the

Child, I go in for the child and make sure it does not live, for I strangle it to death. But if I am not lucky, I retire to another place, and look for the next child and the next.

I do not retire unsuccessful even for a single night, for I am a fierce spirit, known by many names and able to take on many forms. Indeed, Obizuth is a fierce demon, a very terrible one. Known as Abyzou in European myths, and as Hal in Persian myths, she is said to cause

Miscarriages and the death of new-borns, motivated by envy for what she could never have. She was once human and could not beget a child, for she was infertile. Some say she is the same as the Geek medusa, Medusa’s head turned into a demon, but this

Is likely not so, as they share no similarities, except that sometimes Obizuth appears with a head full of snakes, similar to a gorgon, but as she said, she is a spirit of many forms. And Solomon asked her, saying: “Where is your residence, Obizuth?”

And she answered: “Here and there do I roam, and like the sun, from the east to the west do I go my rounds. But as it is now, you have sealed me with the ring of God, yet you can do nothing.

I stand bound before you, but you will not be able to command me, For I have no work other than the destruction of children, the making their ears to be deaf, the working of evil to their eyes, the binding of their mouths and tongues with a bond so they shall

Not speak, the ruining of their minds, and the affliction of pain in their bodies. I can be of no other service.” When Solomon heard this, he again slowly beheld this demon and marveled at her appearance. Her lower body was no where to be seen, for it was hidden by the darkness, or perhaps

She had none. Her voice was clear, her eyes were bright and shiny, and her long but unkempt hair was tossed wildly like that of a dragon. And he said to her: “Tell me by what angel you are frustrated, O evil spirit?”

And the demon answered me: “By the angel of God called Afarôt, who is better known to men as Raphael. by him am I frustrated, now and for all time. If his name be written on a woman in childbirth, then I shall not be able to enter her and harm her child.

Having heard this, Solomon sealed Obizuth, and ordered her hair to be bound, and that she be hung up in front of the Temple of God; so that all the children of Israel, may see her as they passed, and glorify the Lord God of Israel, who had saved them from this evil,

By the authority, wisdom and power he had given to Solomon, their king. When the evil Obizuth had been dealt with, Solomon again ordered another demon to come before him. And rolling itself along, came a spirit in the appearance of a half man half dragon,

Having the face and hands of a man, as well as the body and limbs of a man, but its feet were those of a dragon; and it had dragon wings and tail on its back. And when the king beheld it, astonished, he said to it: “Who are you, demon, what are you called?

And from where have you come and what is your purpose? Tell me.” And the spirit answered and said: “This is the first time I have stood before you, O King Solomon. I am a spirit made into a god among men, but now brought to nothing by the ring and wisdom

Bestowed onto you by God. I am the so-called winged dragon, and although I pair with quite many women, only those of fair shape do I bed. I copulate with them in the form of a winged spirit, And she on whom I have leapt goes

Heavy with child, and that which is born of her becomes eros. But since such offspring cannot be carried by men, the woman in question breaks wind. Such is what I do. If you are not satisfied, then all the other demons nested within me, whom you have equally

Disturbed and bound, will tell you the whole truth. ‘And if you so wish, those composed of fire will burn up the logs which are to be collected by them for the building of the temple. As the demon said this, and to demonstrate, there went forth a spirit from his mouth,

And it consumed the wood of the frankincense-tree, and burned up all the logs which we had placed in the Temple of God. And seeing it, Solomon marvelled at what the spirit had done. He asked the dragon-shaped demon, saying: “Tell me, by what angel are you frustrated?”

And he answered: “By the great angel which has its seat in the second heaven, and which is known in Hebrew as Bazazeth. And accordingly, Solomon invoked his angel, and sealed the dragon-shaped demon, condemning him to saw up marbles for the building of the Temple of God.

After the man dragon had been bound, king Solomon commanded another demon to come before him. And there came before his face another spirit, in the form of a woman, but with 3 heads, one in the middle, and two other heads by the sides, each with hands.

This was the spirit Enepsigos, known in Greek Mythology as Hekate or Hecate, the shapeshifting goddess of witchcraft, Necromancy and of the night. And Solomon asked her, saying: “Tell me, who are you?” And she said to him: “I am Enêpsigos, known among men by a myriad of other names.”

And Solomon said to her: “By what angel are you frustrated?” But the spirit said to him: “What do you seek, why do you ask? I undergo changes, like the goddess I am called. I change into a shape and I change again into possession of another shape.

Therefore do not be desirous to know all that concerns me. But since you are before me for this much, hear me. My abode is in the moon, and for that reason I possess three forms. At times I am magically invoked by the wise as Kronos, At times, in connection with those

Who bring me down, I appear in any form of any shape and size. And other times, I come down in the form as you see me. but I am frustrated by the angel Rathanael, who sits in the third heaven. This then is why I speak to you.

Your temple over there cannot contain me.” But Solomon did the thing he always did. He prayed to his God, and invoked the angel whom Enépsigos spoke of, then he sealed her with a triple chain, fastening the chain beneath her with the seal. He bound her with unbreakable chains.

And When he had done this, Enepsigos calmly looked at him and prophesied, saying:”This is what you do to us, King Solomon, is this how you treat us? Harken unto me, after a time your kingdom shall be broken, and this Temple shall be riven asunder.

All of Jerusalem shall be undone and conquered by the King of the Persians and Medes and Chaldaeans. The vessels of this Temple, which you make, shall be put to the service and worship of the gods; and along with them, all the jars, in which you shut us up, shall be broken by

The hands of men. And then we shall go forth in great power here and there, and be disseminated all over the world. We shall lead astray the inhabited world for a long season, until the Son of God is stretched

Upon the cross, For never before has there risen a king like him, the one who will frustrate us all, whose mother shall not have contact with any man. Who else can receive such authority over spirits, except he, whom the first devil will seek to tempt, but will not prevail over?

His name is Emmanuel. But for you, O King Solomon, your time is evil, and your years short and evil, and to your servant shall your kingdom be given.” Emmanuel, as mentioned before,refers to the son of god – Jesus Christ.

Solomon was shaken by the words of these spirits, for this is the third spirit to foretell his doom, but Of course, he would not acknowledge these prophecies, until they came true. He refused to believe their words; but when they were realized, he then understood how powerful these spirits are.

And right before his death, he would write this Testament to the children of Israel, and give it to them, so that they might know the powers of the demons and their shapes, and the names of the higher angels, by which these fallen angels are frustrated.

When the triple headed goddess, Enepsigos, had been bound in chains and dismissed from his presence, Solomon commanded another spirit to come before him. And there came before his face a demon, whose front the shape of a horse, but its behind was that of a fish.

He had a mighty voice, and said to the king: “O King Solomon, I am a fierce spirit of the sea, and I am greedy of gold and silver. I am such a spirit that rounds itself and comes over the expanses of the waters of the

Sea, where I trip up the men who sail there. I transform and round myself into a wave, and then throw myself at ships and come right in on them, and loot whatever money and treasures I may find.

That is what I do, for that is my way of getting hold of money and men. But I am not covetous of men’s bodies, For I have no use for them. I take the men, and whirl them round with myself, and hurl them so far away, casting them up out of the sea.

But Beelzeboul, ruler of the spirits of air and of those under the earth, and lord of earthly ones, has a joint kingship with us in respect that each one of us tell him of our deeds. Therefore I went up from the sea, to tell him of mine, only to be assaulted by bringing

Me here. I also have another character and role. I transform myself into waves, and come up from the sea, And show myself to men, so that those on earth call me Kunospaston, because I assume a human form.

As I pass up into men, I send forth a certain nausea, and cause them to be sea sick. I came then to take counsel with the prince Beelzeboul; and he bound me and delivered me into your hands. And I am here before you because of this seal, and you now torment me.

The waters of the sea sustains me. Behold now, in two or three days the spirit that stands before you and converses with you will weaken and fail, because I have no water.” And Solomon said to him: “Tell me by what angel you are frustrated.” And he answered: “By the angel – Iameth.”

And Solomon commanded that the spirit be thrown into a glass vessel filled with ten jugs of sea-water of two measures each1. And he sealed the mouth of the vessel round above the marbles and asphalt and pitch.

And having sealed it with his ring, he ordered it to be deposited in the Temple of God. After the demon seahorse had been sealed within a glass vessel, Solomon ordered that another demon be led unto him. And there came before his face an enslaved spirit, having obscurely the form of a man,

Very tall and large, with gleaming eyes, and bearing in his hand a sharp blade. This spirit was a Nephil, a member of the Nephilim, a race of Giants mentioned in the Christian bible, the children of the sons of God with the daughters of men. And Solomon asked him: “Who are you?

And the spirit answered: “I am a lascivious spirit, a lustful spirit who had risen from a giant man who died in the massacre during the time of the giants.” And Solomon said to him: “What do yo do on earth, and where is your dwelling place?”

And the spirit answered: “My dwelling is in fruitful places, but here is what I do on earth. I seat myself beside men who pass along and among the tombs of the dead, and in untimely season I assume the form of the dead; whereby if I catch any one, I at once destroy him

With my sword. But if I cannot destroy him, I cause him to be possessed with a demon, and to devour his own flesh, and the hair to fall off his chin.” Solomon said to him: “Do you you have fear for the God of heaven and of earth?

Tell me by what angel you are frustrated.” And the spirit answered: “He who frustrates me is he who is to become the Saviour, a man god whose name, if written on anyone’s forehead, will defeat me, and in fear I shall quickly retreat.

Likewise, if any one bears his sign on him, I shall be in fear and go no closer.” Like the spirits before him, this giant made reference to no other than Jesus Christ, the son of God. As soon as he heard this, Solomon glorified the Lord God, and shut up this demon like

He did the rest. After the Giant spirit had been bound, Solomon commanded another demon to come before him. And there came before his face thirty-six spirits, most of their heads shaped like animals, but in themselves they were in human form; having faces of all sorts, faces of asses,

Faces of lion, faces of oxen, and faces of birds. These were the spirits of the Zodiacal circle, and of the 36 constellations called Decans in ancient Egyptian astronomy. And Solomon, on seeing them, wondered, and asked them, saying: “Who are you?”

But they, of one accord with one voice, said: “We are the thirty-six elements, the world-rulers of darkness, and O King Solomon, you will not wrong us nor imprison us, nor lay command on us. But since the Lord God has given you authority over every spirit, in the air, and on the

Earth, and under the earth, we therefore also present ourselves before you like the other spirits, from ram and bull, from both twin and crab, lion and virgin, scales and scorpion, archer and goat-horned, water-pourer and fish. Then Solomon invoked the name of the Lord Sabaoth, and questioned each in turn as to

What was its character. He bade each one to come forward and tell of its actions. And the 36 spirits came forward in three’s, each set of 3 belonging to one Zodiac circle. The first 3 decans came forward, and introduced themselves as the decans of the first zodiacal

Circle, the one known as Aries or the ram. and Solomon questioned them, saying: “What are you called?” The first spirit said: “I am called Ruax, and I cause the heads of men to be idle, and I pillage their brows. But If I hear the words, ‘Michael, imprison Ruax,’ I retreat at once.”

The second said: “I am called Barsafael, and I cause those who are subject to my hour to feel the pain of migraine. If only I hear the words, ‘Gabriel, imprison Barsafael,’ I retreat at once.” And The third said: “I am called Arôtosael. I do harm to the eyes, and grievously injure them.

Only let me hear the words, ‘Uriel, imprison Aratosael’ and I’ll retreat at once. The fourth spirit was not given account of, or perhaps he declined to introduce himself, but from what we gather from the Decans, the 36 groups of constellations used in ancient

Egyptian astronomy, the same constellations these spirits represent, his name was Horopel. The fifth spirit said: “I am called Iudal, and I bring about a block in the ears and deafness of hearing. If I hear, ‘Uruel imprison Iudal,’ I retreat at once.” And The sixth said: “I am called Sphendonaêl.

I cause tumours of the parotid gland, and inflammations of the tonsils, and tetanic recurvation. If I hear, ‘Sabrael, imprison Sphendonaêl,’ I retreat at once.” These spirits from the 4th to the 6th were the 3 decans of the Zodiacal sign Taurus or the Bull.

The Seventh spirit said: “I am called Sphandôr, and I weaken the strength of the shoulders, and cause them to tremble. I paralyze the nerves of the hands, I break and bruise the bones of the neck, and I suck out the marrow.

But if I hear the words, ‘Araêl, imprison Sphandôr,’ I at once retreat.” The eight said: “I am called Belbel. I distort the hearts and minds of men. If I hear the words, ‘Araêl, imprison Belbel,’ I at once retreat.” And the ninth said: “I am called Kurtaêl.

I send colics in the bowels, and I induce pains. If I hear the words, ‘Iaôth, imprison Kurtaêl,’ I at once retreat.” These spirits were from the 7th to the 9th the 3 decans of the Zodiacal sign Gemini or the twins. The tenth spirit said: “I am called Metathiax.

I cause the reins to ache. If I hear the words, ‘Adônaêl, imprison Metathiax,’ I at once retreat.” The eleventh said: “I am called Katanikotaêl. I create strife and wrongs in men’s homes, and send on them hard temper.

If any one would be at peace in his home, let him write on seven leaves of laurel the name of the angel that frustrates me, along with these names: Iae, Ieô, sons of Sabaôth, in the name of the great God, shut up Katanikotaêl.

Then let him wash the laurel-leaves in water, and sprinkle his house with the water, from within to the outside. And at once I shall retreat.” And The twelfth said: “I am called Saphathoraél, and I inspire partisanship in men, and delight in causing them to stumble.

If any one will write on paper these names of angels, Iacô, Iealô, Iôelet, Sabaôth, Ithoth, Bae, and having folded it up, wear it round his neck or against his ear, I at once retreat and dissipate the drunken fit.”

These spirits from the 10th to the 12th were the 3 decans of the Zodiac sign Cancer or the Crab. The thirteenth spirit said: “I am called Bobêl, I am also called Bothothêl, and I cause nervous illness by my assaults.

If I hear the name of the great as thus, ‘Adonaêl, imprison Bothothêl,’ I at once retreat.” The fourteenth said: “I am called Kumentaêl, and I inflict shivering fits and torpor. If only I hear the words: ‘Zôrôêl, imprison Kumentaêl,’ I at once retreat.”

And The fifteenth said: “I am called Roêlêd, some call me Soubetti. I cause colds, frost and pain in the stomach. Let me only hear the words: ‘Iax, bide not, be not warmed, for Solomon is fairer than eleven fathers,’ I at once retreat.”

These spirits from the 13th to the 15th were the 3 decans of the Zodiac sign Leo or the Lion. The sixteenth spirit said: “I am called Atrax. I inflict upon men fevers, irremediable and harmful. If you would imprison me, chop up coriander and smear it on the lips, reciting the following

Charm: “The fever which is from dirt. I exorcise thee by the throne of the most high God, retreat from dirt and retreat from the creature fashioned by God.’ And at once I shall retreat.” The seventeenth said: “I am called Ieropaêl.

On the stomach of men I sit, and cause convulsions in the bath and on the road; and wherever I be found, or find a man, I throw him down. But if any one will say to the afflicted into their ear these names, three times over, into

The right ear: ‘Iudarizê, Sabunê, Denôê,’ I at once retreat.” And the eighteenth said: “I am called Buldumêch. I separate wife from husband and bring about a grudge between them. If any one write down the legends on paper as follows: ‘The God of Abram, and the God

Of Isaac, and the God of Jacob commands you — retire from this house in peace,’ and place it in the ante-chamber of his house, I at once retire. These spirits from the 16th to the 18th were the 3 Decans of the Zodiac sign Virgo or the Virgin.

The nineteenth spirit said: “I am called Naôth, and I take my seat on the knees of men. If any one write on paper: ‘Phnunoboêol, depart Nathath, and touch not the neck,’ I at once retreat.” The twentieth said: “I am called Marderô. I send on men incurable fever.

If any one write on the leaf of a book: ‘Sphênêr, Rafael, retire, drag me not about, flay me not,’ and tie it round his neck, I at once retreat. And The twenty-first said: “I am called Alath, and I cause coughing and hard-breathing in children.

If any one write on paper: ‘Rorêx, do pursue Alath,’ and fasten it round his neck, I at once retire.” These spirits from 19th to 21st were the 3 decans of the Zodiac sign libra or the scales. The 22nd spirit was also not given account of, or perhaps declined to share details of

Himself, but he is called Audameoth. The twenty-third spirit said: “I am called Nefthada. I cause the reins to ache, and I bring about dysury. If any one write on a plate of tin the words: ‘Iathôth, Uriêl, Nephthada,’ and fasten it round the loins, I at once retreat.”

And The twenty-fourth said: “I am called Akton. I cause ribs and lumbic muscles to ache. If one, on copper material, taken from a ship which has missed its anchorage, engrave this: ‘Marmarath, Sabaôth, pursue Akton,’ and fasten it round the loin, I at once retreat.”

These spirits from the 22nd to the 24th were the 3 decans of the Zodiac sign Scorpio or the Scorpion. The twenty-fifth spirit said: “I am called Anatreth, and I rend burnings and fevers into the entrails. But if Ihear: ‘Arara, Charara,’ instantly do I retreat.” The twenty-sixth said: “I am called Enenuth.

I steal away men’s minds, and change their hearts, and make a man toothless. If one writes: ‘Allazoôl, pursue Enenuth,’ and tie the paper round him, I at once retreat.” And The twenty-seventh said: “I am called Phêth. I make men consumptive and cause hemorrhagia.

,If one exorcise me in wine, sweet-smelling and unmixed by the eleventh aeon, and say: ‘I exorcise you, Pheth by the eleventh aeon to stop,’ then give it to the patient to drink, and I shall at once retreat.”

These spirits from the 25th to the 27th were the 3 decans of the Zodiac sign Sagittarius or the Archer. The twenty-eighth spirit said: “I am called Harpax, and I send sleeplessness on men. If one write ‘Kokphnêdismos,’ and bind it round the temples, I at once retire.” The twenty-ninth said: “I am called Anostêr.

I give rise to uterine mania and pains in the bladder. If one powder into pure oil three seeds of laurel and smear it on, saying: ‘I exorcise thee, Anostêr. Stop by Marmarath,’ at once shall I retreat.” And The thirtieth said: “I am called Alleborith.

If in eating fish one has swallowed a bone, then he must take a bone from the fish and cough, and at once I retreat.” These spirits from the 28th to the 30th were the 3 decans of the Zodiac sign Capricorn or the Goat.

The thirty-first spirit said: “I am called Hephesimireth, and I cause lingering disease. If you throw salt, rubbed in the hand, into oil and smear it on the patient, saying: ‘Seraphim, Cherubim, help me!’ I at once retire.” The thirty-second said: “I am called Ichthion. I paralyze muscles and contuse them.

If I hear ‘Adonaêth, help me!’ I at once retire.” And The thirty-third said: “I am called Agchoniôn. I lie among swaddling-clothes and in the precipice. And if any one writes on fig-leaves ‘Lycurgos,’ taking away one letter at a time, and write

It, reversing the letters, like so, ‘Lycurgos, ycurgos, kurgos, yrgos, gos, os.’I retire at once.” These spirits from the 31st to the 33rd were the 3 decans of the Zodiac sign Aquarius or the water bearer. The thirty-fourth spirit said: “I am called Autothith. I cause grudges and fighting.

Therefore I am frustrated by Alpha and Omega, if written down.” The thirty-fifth said: “I am called Phthenoth. I cast evil eye on every man. Therefore, the eye much-suffering, if it be drawn. frustrates me.” And The thirty-sixth said: “I am called Bianakith. I have a grudge against the body.

I lay houses to waste, I cause flesh to decay, and all else that is similar. If a man write on the front-door of his house: ‘Mêltô, Ardu, Anaath,’ I flee from that place.” These spirits, from the 34th to the 36th, were the 3 decans of the Zodiacal sign, Pisces, or The fish.

Having heard all of this, Solomon commanded them to fetch water in the Temple of God, but they resisted just as they warned him they would. And Solomon prayed to the Lord God to cause the demons to be bound and made to approach the Temple of God.

Then he condemned some of them to do the heavy work of the construction of the Temple of God, and Some of them, he shut up in prisons. and Others, he condemned them to wrestle with fire in the making of gold and silver, sitting

Down by lead and spoon, And to make ready places for the other demons who would also be confined. After the 36 spirits and the spirits before them had all been bound. Solomon had much quiet in all the earth, and spent his time in profound peace, honoured

By all men and by everything under heaven. With the help of the demons, he built the entire Temple of the Lord God, his kingdom was prosperous. His army was with him, and the city and people of Jerusalem had serenity, rejoicing and delighted.

All the kings of the earth came to him from the ends of the earth to behold the Temple which he built to the Lord God. And having heard of the wisdom given to him, they paid homage to him in the Temple, bringing

Gold and silver and precious stones, bronze, iron, lead, and cedar logs. They brought him woods that do not decay, for the equipment of the Temple of God. Among them also, the queen of the South, being a witch, came in great concern and bowed low before Solomon.

She tried all of his wisdom, and he instructed her, according to the wisdom imparted to him. Behold, one day, one of his workmen, of ripe old age, threw himself down before the king, and said: “King Solomon, pity me, because I am old.”

Solomon bade him to stand up, saying: “Tell me, old man, all you will.” And he answered: “I beg you king, I have an only-born son, and he insults and beats me publicly, and plucks out the hair of my head, and threatens me with a painful death. Therefore I beg you, avenge me.

And Solomon, on hearing this, felt pity as he looked at his old age; and commanded that the child be brought to him. When he was brought, Solomon questioned him whether his father’s accusations were true. And the youth said: “I was never so filled with madness that I

Would strike my father with my own hand. Be kind to me, O king, For I would not dare commit such impiety, poor wretch that I am.” On hearing this from the youth, and not sure which to believe, Solomon urged the old man to reflect on the matter, and accept his son’s apology.

However, the old man would not, and insisted he would rather let him die. And as the old man would not yield, Solomon was about to pass sentence on the youth, when he saw Ornias the demon laughing. He was furious at the demon laughing in his presence; and ordered my men to lead the

Two men outside for a moment, and bring Ornias forward before his tribunal. When Ornias was brought before him, Solomon said to him: “Accursed one, why did you look at me and laugh?” And the demon answered: “I pray thee , king, it was not because of you I laughed, but because

Of this ill-fated old man and the wretched youth, his son. For after three days his son will die untimely; and lo, the old man desires to foully make away with him.” Solomon said to the demon: “Do you speak the truth?” And he answered: “It is true; O king.”

And Solomon bade them to remove the demon, and that they should again bring before him the old man with his son. He told them to make friends with one another again, and supplied them with food.

Then he told the old man to bring his son to him again after 3 days, and they saluted him, and went their way. When they were gone, Solomon again had the demon Ornias brought before him and said to

Him: “Tell me how you know this;” and he answered: “We demons ascend into the heavens, and fly about among the stars. And we hear the sentences which go forth upon the souls of men. With this knowledge we come, and whether by force of influence, or by fire, or by sword,

Or by some accident, we unleash our act of destruction, thereby carrying out sentences upon those they were pronounced. For men who are not sentenced to die untimely by disaster or by violence,If a man does not die by some untimely disaster or by violence, then we demons appear to them in our human

Nature, and walk among them and be worshiped by them. Solomon again questioned the demon, saying: “Tell me how you can ascend into heaven, being demons, and intermingle with the holy angels.” And he answered: “Just as things are fulfilled in heaven, so also are they fulfilled on earth,

For there are principalities, authorities, and world-rulers, and we demons fly about in the air; and we hear the voices of the heavenly beings, and survey all the powers. But as we have no ground on which to alight and rest, we lose strength and fall off like leaves from trees.

And men seeing us imagine that the stars are falling from heaven. But it is not really so, O king; we fall because of our weakness, and because we do not have anything to lay hold of; and so we fall down like lightning in the depth of the night and

Suddenly, and we set cities in flames and fire to the fields. Finding it hard to believe, Solomon, ordered that the demon be guarded for five days. After the five days had expired, Solomon called for the old man again, and was about to question him about his son.

But the old man came to him in grief and with a sad face. And Solomon said to him: “Tell me, old man, where is your son? And why do you look gloomy?” And he answered: “Lo, I have become childless, and now sit by my son’s grave in despair,

For it has already been two days since he died.” And Solomon, on hearing this knew that the demon Ornias had told him the truth. The queen of the South saw all this happen, and was marveled. She beheld the temple of God with all of its great works and precious stones, and donated

A shekel of gold, and one hundred myriads of silver and of bronze. After the revelation of Ornias the demon, Solomon one day received a letter from the king of the arabians, which read as follows; “To King Solomon, all hail! Lo, we have heard

About the wisdom bestowed on you by the Lord, and that you are a merciful man. We know you have been granted understanding over all the spirits of the air, and on earth, and under the earth. Right now, in the land of Arabia there is a spirit of the following kind: at

Early dawn, caused by this spirit, there begins to blow a certain wind until the third hour. Its blast is so harsh and terrible, that it slays man and beast. And no spirit can live upon earth against this demon. I pray you then, forasmuch as the spirit is a wind, come

Up with a solution according to the wisdom given to you by the Lord you God, and accept to send a man able to capture it. If you would do this, King Solomon, I and my people and

All my land will serve you till death, and all Arabia shall be at peace with you, if thou will perform this act of righteousness for us. We pray you, despise not our humble prayer, and suffer not to bring to nothing, the province under your authority. because

We are supplicants, both I and my people and all my land. Farewell to my Lord. All health!” Because he had a pressing matter to attend to, Solomon gave the letter to his servant, telling him to remind him of it after 7 days. What was this matter? Even though the temple

Had been built, it had not been finished, for there was a great stone, lying there in front of the temple, the corner stone which Solomon desired to lay in the head of the corner for the completion of the Temple. But try all they might, none of his workmen could

Lift tht stone, not even when combined, and neither could any of their equipment. For days, Solomon wondered what this could be. surely he knew this was no ordinary stone, for it was the same stone the crest of dragons spoke of some time back, the stone which had

Been brought up from the red sea by Epphipas the wind spirit of Arabia, and perhaps only he could lift and place it at the exact spot desired by the king. After seven days, being reminded of the letter of the King of Arabia, Solomon called his

Servant and said to him: “Prepare your camel and get yourself a leather flask, and take also this seal. Go into the land of Arabia to the place in which the evil spirit blows; and there untie the flask, and place the ring in the mouth of the flask, and hold them towards

The blast of the spirit. When the flask is swollen and blown out, you will know that the demon has been trapped into it. Then hastily tie up the mouth of the flask, and seal it securely with the seal-ring, lay it carefully on the camel and bring it to me quickly. If

On the way the spirit offers you gold or silver or treasure in return for letting it go, see that you are not persuaded. But listen to it without swearing to release it. And then if it points out to the places where there are gold or silver, mark the places and seal

Them with this seal. And proceed to bring the demon to me. Now go, and fare thee well.” The youth did as he was bidden and entered the land of the Arabians. And when the people of that region saw him, they could not believe that he would be able to catch the spirit.But

When dawn came and the blast began, the youth stood up and laid the flask with the ring in its mouth on the ground before the spirit’s blast, and as the spirit blew the winds, it was sucked right into the flask by the ring. Seeing the flask had swollen up, and knowing

The spirit was inside, the youth promptly tightened the mouth of the flask, and sealed it in the name of the Lord God of Sabaôth. Thus, thedemon remained within the flask. The youth remained in that land for three days to make Sure this spirit had been conquered,

And indeed the spirit no longer blew against that city. And all the Arabians knew that he had safely captured the spirit. As the youth made his way back to Jerusalem, the Arabians sent him forth with much honour and precious gifts, praising the God of Israel.

When he arrived, he at once laid the leather flask in the middle of the Temple for the king to see. And when Solomon went into the Temple, still distressed about the corner stone which could not be lifted, the flask

Stood up and walked Seven steps towards him, and then fell on its mouth and bowed to him. Solomon marvelled that even while shut inside the bottle the demon still had power and could walk about. And so he bade it to stand up, and the flask stood up on its feet, all blown out.

Solomon questioned the spirit, saying: “Tell me, who are you?” And from within, the spirit answered: “I am the jinn called Ephippas, that is in Arabia.” And Solomon said to him: “Is that your true name?” And he answered: “It is.

And wheresoever I will, I alight and set fire and blow the winds and do as I please.” Solomon said to him: “By what angel are you frustrated?” And he answered: “By the only-ruling God, that has authority over me. It is he who is to be born of a virgin and crucified

By the Jews on a cross, He whom the angels and archangels worship. He does frustrate me, and enfeeble me of my great strength, which has been given me by my father the devil. And Solomon said to him: “What can you do?” And the spirit answered: ”I am able to remove

Mountains, and to overthrow the oaths of kings. I can wither Beautiful trees and make their leaves to fall off.” And Solomon said to him: “Can you raise this great stone, and lies at the corner of the Temple?” And the spirit answered: “Not only

Can I raise this stone, O king; but also, with the help of the demon who presides over the Red Sea, I will bring up the pillar of air, and will stand it where you wish in Jerusalem.” So Solomon released him from the flask, and at once, the spirit girded himself up, and

Lifted the stone effortlessly, and went up the stairs, with the flask tailing behind him, and laid it down at the end of the entrance of the Temple, just where it was meant to be. And Solomon, beholding the stone raised

Aloft and placed on a foundation, said: ‘Truly the Scripture is fulfilled, ‘The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief corner stone.’ For this is not mine to grant, but God’s, that the demon should be strong enough to lift up such a great stone and deposit it in the place I wished.”

After the Jinn Epphipas demonstrated one of his powers to the king, Solomon bade him to bring to him the demon of the red sea, the spirit he so much spoke of to him, so that he could also witness his powers.

But it was a trick, Solomon was not so interested in their demonstrations, he wanted to contain the spirits, to bring them to nothing, both of them. And as commanded, Ephippas led the demon of the Red Sea with the column of air.

And they both took the column and raised it aloft from the earth. once they were both under the massive column holding it up in the air, Solomon quickly sealed the 2 spirits on that very spot from both sides, so that they could do nothing

But stand day and night, year after year, holding up the column, so that they would never again shake the entire earth from the depths of the sea, nor blow destructive winds upon the earth, for as long as he Solomon had power over them. He had outwitted the two spirits.

And Solomon questioned the other spirit which came up with the pillar from the depths of the Red Sea, saying: “Who are you? What are you called? And what is your purpose? For I have heard many things about you.”

And the demon answered: “O King Solomon, I am called Abezithibod, and I am a descendant of an archangel. I Once sat in the first heaven, of which the name is Ameleouth. And now I am a fierce spirit with a single wing, plotting against every spirit under heaven.

I was present when Moses went in before Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, and It is I who hardened the king’s heart. I am he whom the magicians, Iannes and Iambres invoked with Moses and Aaron in Egypt. I am he who fought against Moses with wonders and signs.“

Solomon said to him: “How were you then found in the Red Sea?” And he answered: “In the exodus of the sons of Israel, I hardened the heart of Pharaoh, and excited his heart and that of his ministers. I caused them to pursue after the children of Israel, And Pharaoh followed me with all

His army. I was present there, and we pursued them together. But when we all came up upon the Red Sea, and it came to pass that the children of Israel had crossed over, the water returned and hid all the host of the Egyptians and all their might.

The water hid me too as I remained in the sea thenceforth, being trapped under this pillar. But when Ephippas came, being sent by you, he freed me, and fetched me up to you. Having heard this, Solomon commanded the spirits not to disobey him, but to remain supporting the pillar.

And they both swore, saying: “As long as the Lord your God liveth, we will not let go of this pillar until the world’s end. But whatever day this stone falls, then shall be the end of the world.” As he writes this testament in his final days, Solomon says to his readers: “Watch.

The spirits have remained upholding the column until this day, for proof of the wisdom bestowed onto me. Look there, and you will see the pillar of enormous size, hanging in mid air, supported by the winds. These were the spirits appearing underneath, like the invisible air, supporting it.

And if one looks fixedly, the pillar is a little oblique, being supported by the spirits; and it is so to this very day. The demons had all been silenced, the temple of the lord was complete, his kingdom was prosperous and at peace.

He was wealthier than any king before his time, blessed with unfathomable wisdom and given power beyond mundane comprehension, the spirit of God was with him, and he had dominion over all the spirits of the air, on the earth and under the earth. What more could King Solomon ask for?

All lands far and near were subject to him, And Solomon began taking wives of his own from every land. He took so many that they were countless, yet he would not stop. One day he marched against the Jebusaeans, and there he saw a fair dame called Jebusaean,

Daughter of a man: and fell violently in love with her, desiring to take her as his wife, in addition to his many other wives. And he came to the Jebusaean priests, who were priests of Moloch, and said to them: “Give me the Shulammite as a wife.”

But the priests of Moloch said to him: “If you love this maiden, go in and worship our gods, the great god Raphan and the god called Moloch.” In fear of the glory of God, Solomon could not do as they bade him, And said to them: “I will not worship a strange god.

What is this proposal that you compel me to do so much?” And they said: “It is our custom, laid by our fathers.” And when Solomon answered that he would on no account worship strange gods, the priests instructed the maiden not to sleep with him until he complied and sacrificed to the gods.

Deeply conflicted, the king slowly began to succumb to his lustful desires. On a fateful day, that fair maiden, that crafty Eros, brought him 5 Locusts, and laid them beside her, saying: “Take these locusts, and crush them together in the name of the god Moloch; and then will I sleep with you.”

And Solomon did it, the worst thing he and his fathers could ever do. By sacrificing Locusts to the god Moloch, he had fulfilled the prophecy of the worst of the 7 sisters of the cosmos. And at once the Spirit of God departed from me, and he became weak as well as foolish

In his words. At the wish of the maiden, he built a temple of idols to Baal, and to Rapha, and to Moloch, and to many other spirits, worshipping and making sacrifices to them. He had fallen into error, just like the spirit of error told him he would.

Thus, God turned his back on Solomon, and his glory departed from him; and his spirit was darkened. The power vested in him was brought to nothing, and he lost his dominion and control over all the spirits of the air, of the earth, and under the earth.

They were finally free from his Tyranny, and the once great king, became an object of ridicule, not only among these spirits, but also among all men who once held in high esteem and reverence. What madness could make a man fall so low, as to give up everything of great importance,

For something so inconsequential, for pleasure that is fleeting? And so it came to pass, that the words of the great Asmodeus, and of the 7 star sisters, and of the powerful triple goddess Enepsigos, had all been fulfilled. Therefore, in his last days, Solomon wrote out this Testament, so that whoever sees it

May avoid the very mistakes he made, and attend to the last things, and not to the first. So that they may find grace for ever and ever.

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Angelic Battle: The Fall of Satan Movie // War in Heaven

In the last episode we discussed many things regarding satan’s location we’ve looked at his tactics and how he is still currently deceiving the world we saw how unlike popular opinion Satan is not underground no he’s still out there and still actively trying to deceive the world and when you realize that Satan is

Not locked up underground but he’s still around actively trying to mislead the masses he began to realize why the only truth that you can trust is biblical truth now the last video inevitably brought up more insights to discuss so today we are going to address many questions

Regarding the fall of Satan the origin of Nephilim and the angelic wars in heaven stay tuned so one thing that we’ve looked at in the past video was how in Revelation chapter 12 it speaks of how there will be an angelic battle in the heavens when Satan and his fallen

Angels are thrown down into the earth realm in essence after this battle takes place Satan and his fallen angels will no longer be able to roam the heavens and we see that in revelation 12 verse 8 as it says and they lost their place in heaven so after this battle Satan and

His fallen angels will no longer have a place in the heavens to roam now automatically when you hear the word heaven we often think of the throne room of God right we only think of the high high heaven however in this verse we see that the Greek word for heavens here can

Often refer to the sky as well it can refer to the atmosphere and even the universe and so this is why many interpret this passage as referring to when Satan will ultimately lose his ability to roam and traverse the universe apparently this is what will happen after this battle he will lose or

Be dethroned from that ability now this is interesting because many of us either believe that the angelic battle in Revelation 12 happened before the world began or that it refers to something that will happen in the future and so those are usually the two sides either

It was a past thing or it’s a future thing so how can we investigate that well one thing we can do to have more clarity on this is to see if there is anything in the Bible that indicate it’s that Satan is currently roaming the universe then we will know if this

Battle took place in the past or if it is a future event now of course in the previous video we did see how Paul writes in Ephesians 6:12 that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against the rulers against the authorities against the cosmic powers over this present darkness and against

These spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places so this verse clearly shows that the forces of evil are currently in the heavenly places now this right here is a translation from the ESV version um however if you are looking at the King James Version you

Would see that it reads that the Satanic forces are aware in high places so to get down to the bottom of this we really need to look at the original Greek words that were used and you know one thing that we have to remember is that the

Bible was not written in the English translation as that we have today or even the English translations that we have had for centuries the Old Testament was originally written in Hebrew and the New Testament was originally written in Greek and the amazing thing is God has so graciously allowed our generation to

Have Bible tools that allow us to investigate their original Hebrew and Greek words scholars have recovered many ancient manuscripts some of the earliest existing copies and placed the original words that were used in these Bible tools that we can all access and so this is this is huge

You see many who are against God and the Bible will say things like this they will say how can you trust the Bible you know there are so many different translations it’s not accurate and some verses have been changed you know I’m sure you’ve heard that argument they

Will say how can you trust this thing where there’s so many different variances but now you can respond to them how that argument doesn’t really hold up anymore because today we can ourselves see the original Hebrew and Greek words we can do the research and see what the original words were and so

In our generation that argument is outdated so if we want to see you know what does it mean when it says that the satanic forces are ruling up in the heavenly places all we have to do here is see what the original Greek word for heavenly places is so here I’m on the

Blue letter Bible site we’re looking at the King James Version and as it says in verse 12 you know that we war against the satanic forces the spiritual wickedness we’re in high places and so what we want to do is see what is the original Greek word that was used for

High places well let’s go to tools here and we see that when we scroll down the word that was translated into the word high is the word there protineus and that bar Aeneas refers to what existing in the heavens things that take place in heaven the celestial regions

And the interesting thing is in the King James Version this same greek word was used for the word heavenly many times in the scripture we see that it was used for heavenly here it was used for heavenly anjaan in the 1st Corinthians and Ephesians so this word usually

Refers to things heavenly in fact the only time it’s ever used for high is just in that one passage and so this is why it is still accurate to say domain of where these spiritual forces of darkness are are in high or you can say heavenly places because that same

Word there is used to translate the word heavily and so in this instance because the Greek word refers to the heavenly realm it is more accurate to have a perspective of the domain of darkness of the domain of Satan as not some place underground where his ruling but ruling

Or roaming around in heavenly or high places so if Satan and his forces are currently roaming around in the heavenly realm has revelation 12 verse 8 happened yet because it clearly says that when he and his forces are thrown down they will lose their place in the heavens hmm so

You see why this this is causing some now to wonder if the battle in Revelation 12 has happened and you know that’s something that we looked at in the previous episode and I mentioned how I can understand why some would say that the fall of Satan is a future event

Because clearly we see that he’s roaming the heavens we end still deceiving the world I mean you can look at the world and see how there’s so much satanic activity it’s obvious that he is still active he’s not completely locked away however I can also see the other

Perspective that says that he already fell from heaven as we know Jesus said that he saw Satan fall as lightning correct and we know that Satan roams throughout the earth seeking who he can devour so what do we say in response to this well I want to first say that we greatly

Appreciate your comments because your comments have been so insightful and we love how the Holy Spirit is working through you to reveal things and insight to you as well because with this last video there were a few comments that I thought were so interesting regarding

This and I’m a few of you commented and mentioned something very interesting you said what if the angelic battle in Revelation 12 what if it’s not just a singular one-time event what if the angelic battle in Revelation 12 is a prophetic summary of the angelic wars that have been taking place over the

Ages and so I thought about that and you know after some pondering I I think that is another good perspective actually some of you mentioned how yes you know initially Satan was kicked out of the heavens with his fallen angels for having pride and having evil intentions

And ever since then he has been in numerous battles with the Archangel Michael and the other Angels of Light some of you even quoted the Book of Daniel chapter 10 which speaks of how the Archangel Michael was in an angelic battle with the forces of darkness even

Back then and also we saw in the book of Job how Satan was not completely cast out of the heavens because he was able to worm his way into the high heaven so that he could approach God for the purpose of trying to accuse a job and so

It does seem as if there has been an ongoing conflict between the angels of darkness and angels of light for thousands of years and if that is the case it would make sense if the angelic battle depicted in Revelation 12 is perhaps a summary of when Satan is first

Kicked out of heaven and then it tells of these frequent angelic battles that he has as he tries to accuse the people of God and finally in the passage we see that there will come a moment when Satan is ultimately kicked out of the heavenly realms and is only

Allowed around the earth realm so yeah I would say that that position is a worthy argument to add into the equation of perspectives and so again we’re opening up the floor you know what do you think about that point of view please share in the comments how you consider this and

How you interpret revelation 12 now I do think that there is more evidence within the text that indicates that this angelic battle in Revelation 12 likely did not completely take place before creation and I think if you look at revelation 12 verse 9 there’s an indicator of that look at what it reads

And the Great Dragon was thrown down that ancient serpent who has caught the devil and Satan the deceiver of the whole world he was thrown down to the earth and his angels were thrown down with him verse 10 and I heard a loud voice in heaven saying now the salvation

And the power and the Kingdom of our God and the authority of his Christ have come for the accuser of our brothers has been thrown down who accuses them day and night before our God so here we see that it says that he was thrown down as

One who accuses the people of God and that he was accusing believers before God day and night so if this event here happened before humanity was even created who would he have been accusing right so you see why some scholars are saying that this is not

Just a past event because we clearly see here that he has been accusing us the brothers and sisters before God and then he has thrown down and this is similar to how as we saw in the previous episode Satan was trying to accuse job even though job was a righteous man Satan

Approached God to try to call out job and to say that job would curse God if he was inflicted with pain and so it seems that even since the days of Job Satan has had this ability to not only wander the earth but also to wander

The heavens as the accuser and so this is very interesting look at what it says in verse 11 as it explains how he was dislodged from the heavens and they the Saints have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony for they loved not their lives

Even unto death therefore rejoice o heavens and you who dwelled in them but woe to you o earth and sea for the devil has come down to you in great wrath because he knows his time is short so here it seems that one of the reasons

That Satan will be thrown down is not just because of an angelic battle but also because of what the blood of the Lamb and by the word of the people of God’s testimony so we again see that this must not refer to what happened before creation because you are involved

With the dislodging of Satan now of course before creations Satan obviously has some type of falling out with God we know that but here we see that he has ultimately expelled by the blood of the Lamb and by the testimony of God’s people and that is big because

That would mean that your proclamation of the gospel is a part of the ultimate dislodging of Satan you see why he doesn’t want the gospel to spread you see why he doesn’t want videos like this to get out because the more he is exposed the closer he is to being

Expelled so I believe the puzzle is starting to fit together because if the Battle of revelation 12 climatically will conclude when Satan is dislodged completely from the heavenly realms and then comes into the earth realm we can see why right after he is thrown to the

Earth he’s furious and as it says in revelation 12 wrote to the earth the devil has come down to you in great wrath because he knows that his time is short and then after that what does he do he empowers the Antichrist to rise

And this is why we see that in the very next chapter in Revelation 13 the Antichrist comes onto the scene now something else that I briefly want to mention here is right after it says that Satan was thrown down to the earth look what it reads in revelation 12 verse 9

He was thrown down to the earth and his angels were thrown down with him and I heard a loud voice in heaven saying now the salvation and the power and the Kingdom of our God and the authority of his Christ have come for the accuser of our brothers has been thrown down who

Accuses them day and night before our God and so if we look at the Greek words behind this passage it says the so today era has come the Dunamis this is power so today that refers to salvation and the word salvation there can mean salvation which we know salvation we

Have in Christ and salvation refers to what deliverance safety deliverance from the molestation of enemies this is how that word is often used in scripture to refer to really being rescued anyway so when it says that now that Satan has been dislodged from his position he’s basically saying now the people of God

Can experience deliverance and they can experience power and the what the authority of his Messiah interesting and of course you know there are many ways that you can interpret this but I think one perspective to consider is that after Satan is thrown out and loses all of his level of authority in the

Heavenly realms that likely will be the beginning of what the tribulation because he will be thrown down to the earth the Antichrist will rise and what happens towards the beginning of the tribulation the rising of the two witnesses when the power of God as it was shown in the book of Acts

And the days of Moses and Elijah once again comes into the world to war against evil so it is possible that the deliverance and the power and authority that will come after Satan is dislodged and completely thrown down is a reference to the power and authority

That the witnesses of God will walk in thereafter and so we actually did a documentary on the two witnesses and I recommend watching that especially part two and Fatt you could just start with part two because I feel that that is in far more detailed it looks at not just

The olive trees of the house of Judah and the house of Israel but also it looks at the two lampstands in detail and that is critical and so please check that out if you would like to know more about the two witnesses so yes it is interesting how after Satan is

Ultimately removed from his position that there is this empowerment that comes to God’s people and that seems to line up with what we know will happen during the time of the two witnesses now we still have more things to walk through here in the text because if the

Ultimate fall of Satan happens right prior to the time of the tribulation well what about Isaiah 14 some of you mentioned I was there 14 which speaks of how Satan will be thrown into hell will that happen has it already happened when will it happen let’s look at it so

Isaiah 14 some people interpret Isaiah 14 as being something that possibly happened in the past but I think in light of what we have just looked at here that it is so possible that Isaiah 14 is a prophecy of what will happen in the future so

Let’s look at Isaiah 14 verse 13 here is what the prophet Isaiah says concerning Satan you said in your heart I will ascend to heaven above the stars of God I will set my throne on high I will sit on the Mount of Assembly in the far

Reaches of the North you said that I will ascend above the heights of the crowds I will make myself like the Most High so here Isaiah’s really forecasting the doom of Satan and he explains how at one point Satan became very prideful and God pretty much calls him out on that and

Says no no yes you want it to be like the Most High and ascend above the angelic host but no you are brought down to Sheol to the far reaches of the pit so if this is a prophecy about the doom of Satan what is Sheol welcoming look at the

Original Hebrew word for Sheol and of course I believe in the King James Version that would have been translated as either the grave or hell or even the pit but the actual Hebrew word used there’s shiho and that is often referred to as the underworld sometimes it is

Translated as a grave the pit I’m usually it’s used as the Old Testament designation for the abode of the Dead the Greek equivalent of it is Hades or the world of the Dead so it says that Satan will be thrown into Sheol is he referring to just a grave

Well or is he referring to some underworld the abode of the Dead well let’s look at the context of how it is used so it says he’ll be thrown down to Sheol to the far reaches of the pit those who see you will stare at you and ponder

Over you it says he will be thrown down to Sheol and there are there individuals or spirits or souls who will stare and ponder for Satan and we’ll say is this the man who made the earth tremble who shook the kingdoms is this the one who made the

World like a desert and overthrew its cities and who did not let the prisoners go home this is the guy now it says that he was thrown down to a shield right and he was thrown down to the far reaches of the pit where is that where is that

Located well in the last episode we looked at how the fallen angels who sinned back in Noah’s day were sent where to Tartar oh and to taro in the Greek refers to the deepest abyss of Hades which again often is often referred to as the underworld and we saw

How the Apostle Peter wrote that some of the fallen angels who were locked up in the deepest abyss of the underworld and so that same language is used here as isaiah prophesized that satan will ultimately be thrown into the far reaches of Sheol which many interpret as the underworld so the ultimate question

Is when does that happen when will he be thrown into the abyss of Sheol well again we see that in the isaiah 14 through 16 he is thrown down and when he is thrown into this pit there are individuals there who see him and ponder

Over him like his is this this is the satan the great deceiver and so this seems to indicate that when he is thrown into Sheol or the poor the underworld that this is not something that happened before creation because when he is thrown there there are individuals there

Questioning and pondering over him that has to indicate that this is a prophecy of a future event it’s a prophecy summarizing why he was cast out of heaven and it then prophesizes his ultimate doom were one day he will be thrown into the abyss the hid the

Deepest abode of Sheol so when will that happen if it hasn’t happened in the past when will it be well let’s look at Satan’s timeline so at one point Satan he was in heaven he was a beautiful angelic being and then at some point he began to realize

That and pride and jealousy possessed him jealousy of God and so he had a falling out with God and after that he and the fallen angels that he convinced to take his side were kicked out of the highest heaven and were allowed to roam the earth and the heavens now just as

We’ve seen before even after he was kicked out sometimes he would visit heaven to try and accuse the people of God like he tried to do with Jobe but we know the day will come when he is completely banned from the heavenly realms when Michael the Archangel defeats him

And then Satan will be thrown to the earth Satan will empower the Antichrist and after the Antichrist rises and creates chaos we know that then Jesus will return And once Jesus returns look at what revelation says will happen to Satan bin revelation 20 verse 1 and I saw an angel coming down out of heaven having the key to the abyss and holding in his hand a great chain verse 3 and he threw him

Into the abyss and locked and sealed it over him to keep him from deceiving the nation’s anymore until the thousand years were ended after that he must be set free for a short time so basically we see here that at this point when Jesus returns then Satan will be thrown

Where into the abyss Now if you’re reading along the King James Version it may read that he was cast into the bottomless pit but again you know if you look at the original Greek word there the bottomless pit there is translated from the Greek word abyssal which is where we get the word

Abyss and so even in the King James Version really all versions the root word there is abyss and what does that refer to refers to of course the obamas pit and it is used in the Bible to refer to often the lowest parts and the earth were the realm of the Dead especially

The boat of demons there are some who would argue that this is actually within the core of the earth or in the center of it so we actually do have a video that explores where Sheol or Hades and the abyss might be in our earth so

Please check that out it is call hell explain part 2 so I wanted to show that yes the word from boundless pit here is abyss and so we see that in Revelation he will be thrown into the abyss or the lowest parts of shield and that aligns

Perfectly with the prophecy in Isaiah 14 which says he will be brought down to the far reaches of the pit and then it says that those who see him will almost be in shock they will almost mock him like this is the guy who deceived the world so there you have it very

Interesting and of course if you have researched this please share your insights as well now it’s time to go into depth on a few things because after the recent video there were a few questions and a few comments which led of course to more Bible study and more

Prayer and more research and so we have something that we need to look at here and it regards the Nephilim now in the previous video we looked at a few theological perspectives on the Nephilim demons and fallen angels and we started by examining Genesis 6 Genesis 6

Tells the story of how the sons of God had children with human women and that led to the women giving birth to Nephilim and whenever you do research on Genesis 6 and you look into theological commentaries when it begins to interpret the Nephilim most theologians will often

Mention how this is similar to the language that is found in the Book of Enoch well the Book of Enoch as we know is an ancient Israelite document that speaks of how long ago angelic beings who were referred to as the sons of God mated with humans which produced these

Nephilim and so I think at this point we all are familiar with what the Book of Enoch says but how would you interpret Genesis 6 if you stick solely to the Bible what would it mean by sons of God here well one thing that you can do is

Cross-reference so all you have to do here is type in sons of God and let’s see what that pulls up and so of course in the Old Testament sons of God in Genesis 6 verse 2 this is referring to the sons of God saw the daughters of

Humans let’s see we see the sons of God also in job 1 6 look what it reads it says now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord and Satan also came among with him so in this context the sons of God

Refers to angelic beings and then Satan tried to worm his way among them also we see in job 2 1 it says and there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves to the Lord and Satan also try to come among with him so again this

Sons of God refers to the end jug beings and job 30 seven it says where were you when the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy so of course we know this is referring to angelic beings as well now one day we’re gonna

Get into the New Testament and it’s usage of the sons of God because it flips things around and says basically how we as the children of God can also be included in this but in the Old Testament the sons of God here primarily is used to refer to as we see in the

Context angelic beings and so even if you’re not looking at extra biblical ancient texts you can reasonably come to the conclusion that the sons of God here are also likely referring to the same thing as sons of God usually refers to angels and this is why many theologians

Interpret this sons have got here as referring to angels and so let’s read verse 1 when human beings began to increase a number on the earth and daughters were born to them the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful and they married any of

Them as they chose then the Lord said my spirit will not contain him with humans forever for they are mortal and their days would be 120 years and in verse 4 it says the Nephilim were on the earth in those days and also afterward when

The sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children they were the heroes of old men of renown the King James Version actually interprets is very well to say mighty they were creatures of strength

So this is where people have questions and concerns and it causes a lot of rift and confusion and hard contemplations because you have to wonder how is it possible for angels to have children with humans right like clearly it seems to indicate that the sons of God which we see in the Old

Testament usually the first angels saw the daughters of humans and then had children by them which produced Nephilim why did that happen and how did it happen do angelic bodies have the ability to reproduce and if so why right we know if they weren’t supposed

To do that why would they even have to be given that type of a body that’s one of the big questions that many ask and I think it’s a great question you know why would Angela given that ability of they were not purposed for it

And I I guess you know my best shot at thinking through that is we we do have to remember that angels are not like ghosts right they’re not just disembodied spirits they are spiritual beings you know you are a spiritual being we all have a spirit but we just

Happen to live in a human body angels are also spirits but they live in a angelic spiritual body a ghost or a spirit is something that is just spirit but no physical no body at all and so angels aren’t like that they do have bodies but a spiritual body and a

Spiritual body is a type of body that is very unique we looked at in the last video how often it can be invisible sometimes it can even go through objects but it can also take on physical form if it wants to and we see this numerous times in Scripture in Sodom and Gomorrah

There were angels who took on physical form and once they did some of the men in that region started to lust after them If you also see how angels often take on some type of physical form whenever they are trying to deliver a message to the people of God and one of the biggest i opening accounts is what is written in the book of hebrews chapter 13 look at

What it reads do not forget to show hospitality to strangers for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without even knowing it Wow so here the writer of Hebrews says that basically you better be careful how you treat people Because angels have the ability to take on human form and you may actually be interacting with an angel so this is what the angelic body can do spirits don’t have a body they can’t just morph into human form demons cannot do that they have to try to possess a

Human body they can’t just create their own body and start showing up places but a spiritual body can do that and so if angels can take on human form at will we see why their body could possibly take on human form if it wanted to and perhaps even produce a child with it

Because apparently with the angelic body there’s not really any limitation as far as what their physical body could do however as we see here if a human and an angel were to interact in that way a Nephilim would be produced and they are described as people that are mortal

Absolutely but a bit different and larger in size now if you were to look at the King James Version in Genesis 6:4 instead of the word Nephilim it will read Giants so if you were reading the King James Version how would you have known that this is actually referring to

Nephilim well again you know we can easily investigate that all we have to do is just go to where it says tools here and we see that the original hebrew word there for giants was what nafeel which is where we get the word Nephilim and this is one of the reasons why these

Bible tools are so great if you were to type in to see the word Giants here you will see that it says Giants in Genesis 6:4 we know that refers to Nephilim but if you were to go to Deuteronomy 2:11 it says Giants but to go a little bit

Deeper you would have seen that in that instance of the word Giants is actually the Hebrew word Rafa II which is completely different from what a Nephilim is and we are truly blessed that we live in a generation where we conceived the original Hebrew and Greek words because

Now we can see what the original author meant when he wrote the word Giants we know here it refers to Nephilim here it refers to Rafa which is really about just large beings but here it gets more specific as to what was the makeup of these beings so

Again this is a great resource it’s free and this is the blue letter Bible site so definitely make use of these and so now that we have looked at the sons of God and the Nephilim we can tackle a very troubling fault ok so some have asked this question and I have pondered

It myself if the Nephilim who were produced in Noah’s day were killed in the flood why is it that they seemingly show up again at other parts of the Bible big question because we know that these creatures they were killed in the flood right and certainly none of them were on Noah’s

Ark to survive that so how did they come back well this investigators So again we’re in the kingdom version here we know that the Giants here in Genesis 6:4 that refers to the Hebrew word the net field which is where we get Nephilim we know that in deuteronomy 2:11 that instance of the word Giants refers to a rough ie which is a different context

Also Deuteronomy 2:20 that refers to the Giants Rafa eat this is also different so what we want to do is find out are there any instances of the word Nephilim other than just what is shown here in Genesis 6:4 well when we go to numbers 1333 we see that there are giants

Mentioned here let’s see what the original hebrew word for there was ah so this instant of the word Giants is again where we’re looking for the Nephilim we want to see what the context of this is so we know that now here is referring to the Nephilim so here in the book of

Numbers the people of Israel were on the verge of entering the promised land and before they could enter Moses commanded some of them to go and spy the land to make sure that it was safe for entry and when these spies went out to view the land there they saw Nephilim and they

Were frightened and they were scared they returned to Moses and look at what they said they returned to Moses and said and there we saw the Giants which we know are Nephilim the sons of anak which come from the Giants and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers and so

Worried in their sight so this is interesting you know they reported that they saw the Nephilim the Giants and whether or not they actually saw the original Nephilim or not we see that these here the sons of anak were the descendants of the Nephilim and so if

That is the case it must indicate that at some point after the flood the Nephilim must have returned if they ended up having descendants and children who were living in the promised land so how is that possible how is that possible well there are a couple of

Theories about this one is that possibly the Nephilim survived the flood not sure how that might have happened some theories or that perhaps the Fallen Angels took some of the Nephilim z– away before the flood came and then brought them back that’s one theory the second theory is that perhaps the

Nephilim were reproduced after the flood hmm so which is it yeah I had to do some research on this but thankfully some of you provided insight in the comments and a few of you pointed out something that was pretty evident right there in the text so let’s look at it

Genesis 6 verse 4 the Nephilim were on the earth in those days and also afterward when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them so right here it says in Genesis that yes the Nephilim were around the days of Noah but then even after the

Days of Noah they were still around and also afterward how did that happen how did that happen it says it and also afterwards when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them the ordering of the text is so critical

It says that they were here in Noah’s day and afterwards how when the sons of God had children with human women that is huge because what that means is that even after the flood even after apparently some of the Fallen Angels had been locked away for sinning with women

Apparently it happened again and I assume it wasn’t on a massive scale but we do see that after the flood some of those fallen angels were likely up to the same thing making appearances on the earth interfering with humanity and even producing Nephilim which is why we see

Them again around the time of Moses and so this is not an insignificant thing because this would mean that it is possible that even after the flood as long as fallen angels are around they still could interact with people you see how that would drastically change things because the question becomes if fallen

Angels were able to produce Nephilim even after the flood are they able to do it again even now that is the question and I will say this I will say you know if you look at the very last scene of the previous episode there is a message

There and that is why I always say that when you watch these episodes you know it’s not something that you can just have in your ear you got a visually tuned in because the imagery there is very purposeful and there is a quote at the end of the last episode from Christ

About what will take place on earth right before his return look at what it says Matthew 24:37 as it was in the days of Noah so would it be at the coming of the Son of Man so what does that mean some people interpret this to refer to

How in the days of Noah there was fallen angel activity and so possibly even in the end times leading up to Christ returns there will be more fallen angel activity that’s one view i personally am not sure what could happen but i do lean towards this verse

Certainly hinting that just as it was wicked and noah’s day and in lots day it will be very wicked on the earth prior to his coming absolutely will fallen angels have some part in that we will see you will see Many of them who sent back in Noah’s they were locked up in Tartarus we explored that in the last video but we know that Satan and his fallen angels some of them are still deceived in the world that we have pretty much clarified with these past couple of presentations

Here looking at the text can they return into what capacity we will see but it is something to think about it is something to discuss and would love your insights on this and what you feel the Holy Spirit is speaking to you this is a ministry where you are involved people

Are reading your comments and that is critical that is very critical and so now that we have gone over these things we can now begin full production on the next episode which will cover the Holy Spirit activity of the first century church it will be a very important

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