Philosophy Pop: 5 mins on Problem of Evil

Hi everyone it’s Aimee here from the blog I Think Therefore I Teach   welcome to your next pop of Philosophy this   five minute summary is going to go over the topic of the problem of  

Evil so let’s get my timer started I do like this topic so let’s see if I   can do it here we go start okay the easiest way to deal with   this topic is to break into three main sections the first section is the  

Logical aspects of the problem of evil so this is questions how does evil   actually exist where do we get the problem from and this problem comes   about and is summarized by Epicurus and later termed the inconsistent triad by  

J. L Mackie and the inconsistent triad is the idea of if   God is all-powerful then he just must not want to stop evil   therefore he’s not all loving if he’s all loving and he just can’t   stop evil then he can’t be all powerful but if God  

Is all powerful and all loving then why does evil exist   and these form what is known as the inconsistent   triad because they do not go together they are inconsistent   and so this is known as the logical aspects because logically  

How can God be all loving and all-powerful and evil   exist the next part of this topic is the theodicies   these are presented by St. Augustine and John Hick   St. Augustine presented the theodicy theodicy meaning justification of God   with evil in the world he presents the idea that rebellious  

Angels and Adam and Eve are what corrupted and destroyed God’s perfect   paradise so God created everything in absolute perfect and said   do not touch the apple he laid that one rule down   so that free will stood and said do not touch from that tree  

And what Adam and Eve did was Eve took the apple gave it to   Adam and they ate the apple this then corrupted and destroyed the perfect   harmony because they broke that covenant they broke that   promise with God and so that moral evil of turning their backs on God  

And breaking a promise brought in that natural evil   so natural evil is a result of the moral evil Adam and Eve did so why is it   around today you ask it’s because we are seminally present in Adam and Eve we are  

All the bloodline of Adam and Eve so we therefore deserve punishment for what   our ancestors did so natural evil is a punishment and a   result of moral evil and therefore God is not responsible but   is not responsible to stop and do something  

For something that he did not create or bring in the other area of Augustine is   this idea of a privation evil is a privation   it is where something is lacking goodness is lacking   so evil is a privation or an absence of good you cannot create an  

Absence you can’t create a lack of something it is   where a lack of goodness is which is what happens when you bring your moral   evil you turn your back on God bringing in other evils into the world   we then have John Hick which is a new modern take on  

Irenaeus’s theodicy and what John Hick gives   in Irenaean light is that we are made in the   image of God and move into the likeness and when we’re made in the image of God   based around that quote in Genesis we are made in the image of God  

But we are spiritually immature we’re like rebellious children   we are trying to find our way and we therefore make a lot of mistakes but   we’re trying through being tested and challenged to move into that   likeness that relationship and that oneness with God  

And so what happens is when we make mistakes it’s because like Adam and Eve   they were not mature enough to make that decision and so what happens is   we are we are punished and we are tested and so evil is a test to  

Help us learn how we should behave and for Augustine   this world is soul deciding in that what happens to the fate of your soul heaven   or hell is designed in this world whereas for John Hick through Irenaeus  

This idea that this is the veil of soul making our souls are made   developed nurtured in this world through those   trials and those tests and John Hick was very different from   Irenaeus as John Hick believed everybody eventually would go to heaven  

Some through purgatory Irenaeus did not believe this he believed that hell was   still necessary for people that turned their backs completely on God   and in Against Heresies he presents the idea of the potter and the clay  

God is the potter we are the clay if you turn your back on God   you let yourself go dry to God then and and   you do not let God’s hands mould you and guide you through these tests  

Then and then you you’ll end up in hell for not accepting God’s help   that he gives you how am I doing for time one more minute   left so a few extra names that you could bring into this topic you have a few  

Supporters of free will free will is the issue if we didn’t have   free will then we wouldn’t be able to do moral evils   bringing in natural evil but we have free will because free will is important   and why is free will important John Hick says  

That we have to be free to love God love cannot be forced if God just said   no you are all going to just love me follow me and I’m going to give you no   free will why would God want that no with free  

Will though comes that chance of disobeying and turning away from him   and so we have to be free to love God and this is presented by John Vardy’s   peasant girl idea story and where he talks about the peasant girl  

Falls in love with no sorry the king falls in over the peasant girl he can force her to   marry him but not to love him similarly we have people like   Swinburne that says if God was constantly intervening in our lives  

It’d like an over protective parent every time we fall over he picks us up   and therefore again free will would be diminished because we think oh well God   does exist because he constantly comes and   helps us out somebody against free will though is Dostoyevsky  

That is time I’ll just finish that point off a   critic against free will is Dostoyevsky he’s the one that argues that free will   comes at too high a price he would rather not have it and so he   presents the story of a servant boy that was playing with  

The master of the houses dogs he’s running around with them and one of the   prize hunting dogs breaks its leg and therefore it is no good to the master of   the house and so is punishment to the boy he takes the boy’s  

Clothes off and makes him run out into the field while his parents watch   the child being mauled to death by the other dogs now   whether this story has a truth or is based on something that he heard or   something that actually was true from his day  

And we don’t really know but as far as the story itself he’s   saying that these horrible horrible horrible things happen in the world what   we do to one another because we have free will   and you just rather not have it it comes at too high a price  

When we see how people treat one another and don’t forget in this question as   well to always bring in what’s happening in the world   give recent specific examples and and this is known as the evidential   part so always give examples of things that happen in the  

World that could show the problems that we have with evil right   folks thank you very much for watching if you’ve   liked this give me a little like and hopefully you do find it useful and   don’t forget to subscribe as well so that you always keep up to date  

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Inside Colombia’s Temple of Lucifer

-We’re about to start my initiation ritual, into the “Luciferian” religion. -I saw him, an angel, he was enormous, with seven wings. I’m organizing an army of Lucifer’s children. What would be the ultimate goal of this army? To confront them. -Who, you wonder? -The grand whore. -The grand whore, you mean Catholic church?

We bring this man before you. LUCIFER’S TEMPLE Hi, I’m Andrés Páramo. We’re really close to what is called the Luciferian Temple, Seeds of Light, led by a guy called Victor Damian Rozo. Hello friends from Latin America, I’m Victor Damian Rozo Villareal. Founder of the Association, Luciferian Temple, Seeds of Light.

We came here to interview him and to do a satanic initiation ritual. And to also see what people think about this and what their opinions are regarding this phenomenon. Until now he hasn’t revealed himself. Some girls that entered that place came out mentally insane. The way they adore Lucifer by sacrificing innocent animals,

Killing them in such a cruel way so they can drink their blood and idolizing Lucifer’s image. We’re carrying out some legal proceedings, not because of the religion they practice but because they don’t have the legal requirements to construct their building. They’re going to be fined

$64 million pesos. He has to pay it if not they’ll demolish the place. Even the police have visited but they didn’t find anyone in there. The devil for us is a negative thing, a symbol of all bad things like, no values We haven’t done anything here because we haven’t found anything

But we will keep our doors closed if we do. The people we interviewed at Quimbaya square all had the same opinion about Victor Damian and his temple. They all rejected the idea and were afraid of it so they kept the emergence of this Luciferian religion at a cautious distance.

A different story emerged when we traveled to his farm. Alberto Trujillo, a neighbor who worked for him doing many things, took us on a ride, recounting a kinder, more humane side of Lucifer’s son. -Yes, I’m his driver. He’ll ask me to go and buy materials for him since he’s sick.

-Yeah, and do you live close to him? Our properties are close to each other. -Yeah, and what do you think about the temple? Nothing, everyone has the right to do their own thing. -Even if it’s Satanic? -Yes. -And if he’s the devil, he’s just as bad. Yes or no? -Yes.

He’s evil so we have to take care of ourselves. -Well, what about Damian? -What do you think about him? -No, he’s very professional. -Very professional. -Hail Mary, for sure. -He just built that temple about a year ago. -And nothing has happened? No, nothing has happened. -Nobody has gone there? No, no.

-And don’t you find that a bit weird? A temple where nothing happens? Some people say that they use it to film horror movies. So they made that space to film horror movies. about vampires. The ranch has two houses, two swimming pools, a couple of German Shepherds, and finally, in the distance,

The construction of a building with inverted crosses. From the outside, the temple looks deserted, abandoned and totally private. And for being a church, it doesn’t really feel welcoming. -Victor or Hector? -Victor is more of an alias. But my real name is Hector Londoño Villegas. Victor Damián Rozo is more of a personality.

-So, Hector, please tell us what this space is about? On this side we have a shield, “Satanas Rae”, with an inverted cross on the shield, which represents the rebellion, a worldwide rejection of religion, of Christianity. And why do you reject Catholicism? Because of their history and what they have done to us.

Because of what they represent, this huge scam that they’ve embroiled us in for thousands of years. This is a Luciferian shield. It represents good and evil. And what is the evil part? Evil for us does not exist. Got it? What’s important to us is your character and behavior.

If you do good things than you’re going to have a good life. It all depends on your behavior. As followers of Lucifer, we do not believe in evil as something that’s imposed on us. If you do this, you’re bad. That having sex with your neighbor’s wife is bad. No.

We don’t believe in that. To make a pact with the devil is to change your doctrine, change your religion. To make a pact with the devil is nothing else but to embrace him and accept him. I wanted to deliver this message and grab the people’s attention in a certain way.

My goal here on Earth is to gather souls for him. So I had to send a message since people know him like this. So, I had to do something like a marketing campaign. Hello friends from Latin America. I am Victor Damian Rozo Villareal. Lucifer’s representative here on earth.

And, founder of Lucifer’s Temple, Seeds of Light. The only Luciferian temple in the world. Don’t let yourself be fooled! Don’t you let them take your money anymore. Don’t let them scam you. If they do, you’re gullible. Don’t be fooled! This is Victor Damian Rozo, the founder of the Luciferian Temple, Seeds of Light.

-Tell me, where are you from? -I come from a very spiritual family. From witch doctors and sorcerers. My mother was a renown spiritist. My grandfather too, he healed and cursed as he wished. I stared studying this when I was in school. I remember I used to get my books and a Ouija board,

And I would go study. I would go to the bathroom and I began playing with the Ouija board there. I explored new things. And as I got older I started to work as a spiritist. As a sorcerer. Like what your mom did? Exactly. But, it was a side job

Because before this, I used to do random jobs. I use to be a normal person, working in shoe warehouses, selling clothes. -All day? -All day. But when was the moment where you decided to work for Lucifer, and nothing else? In a dream, I saw him, he was an enormous angel,

And he told me that he had big plans for me. He told me, you are the chosen one. Got it. I chose you to gather my children. We have to organize the army of the children of Lucifer. What would that army’s goal be? We would confront them. Who, you wonder? The great whore.

The great whore? The Catholic church? Yes, the Catholic church. I’m here on earth, sent by my father, Lucifer. I was sent by him, to gather souls. To gather souls, devoted followers for Lucifer. For our amazing God, I am the chosen one. -We’re in front of La Crónica building,

One of the most important and established newspapers in this region. In there, Oliver Gomez is waiting for us. A journalist that has been following Lucifer’s son very closely. Among other things, he has reported that this guy hasn’t traveled around the world, but has actually photoshopped himself into these pictures.

So let’s hear what he has to say. I found out about him from a report that I wrote about a person that has no legs. -Why do you do this? Because it’s easier for me to receive what I need from the devil than with God. And I hope that Mr. Damian helps me.

What tangible things has Lucifer given to you, what do you have now? Right now, I have some money saved, a car, and my health. He has given me what I dreamed of, and I have more dreams that he’s going to help come true for me.

But then he told me that it was a lie. It was a scam, he received money to do that. And that guy ended up scamming him as well. Journalistically speaking, what do you think was the most serious thing? His false advertising. You can’t play with people’s hopes and dreams.

We seen his videos on the internet, I think he’s deleted them all but fortunately we downloaded one of them and we uploaded it to our platform. We saw a powerful, rich man telling people that they could get all these material things Just as he did with the handicapped man,

The man with no legs, who’s asks for help in southern part of the city. This was all a lie. So lying to people and playing with their dreams is the worst thing about Damian Rozo, or whatever his name is. He’s destroying people’s dreams.

Hello, friends from a Latin America. This is Victor Damian Rozo. The founder of the Luciferian Temple, Seeds of Light. Your temple. The benefits are clear and obvious. You’ll leave your sadness behind. Rebel against the regime and start worshipping Satan, the true god, Lucifer.

Are you tired of looking for God and answers that you can’t find? Contact me, from anywhere in the world. I’ll tell you how you can be a true believer and make a pact with Lucifer. My name is Victor Damian Rozo Villarreal. Dare to do it! Let yourself be surprised.

As night fell, we came back to Victor Damian’s farmhouse to see him in action. To see how far or close we were to the possible manifestation of this serious religion. We are about to start my initiation ritual into the Luciferian religion. Victor Damian is anxiously awaiting, but I think I’m more anxious.

There are some of his followers. He’s wearing a red tunic the rest of them are wearing black tunics. and they’re about to dress me up to convert me into a believer. We’ll see what happens tonight. We’re gathered here, once again to venerate the name of our father, Lucifer.

We need a lot of discipline and consistency. In the name of our father, Lucifer, the God we worship, please, let’s “hit a home run” as they colloquially say. King of Earth. Planetary King. Before you, Lucifer, is this man. Open up his eyes. He’s here before you, God of freedom.

God of love, God of the universe. Oh, Lucifer. We present this man before you. Praying for you. I curse the presence of that false God they taught us to adore. I curse the presence of that God that I used to follow. Your revenge is my revenge. Your power is my power.

Your light is my light. Your goodness is my goodness. You taught me the true meaning of goodness. Your gave me freedom, you gave me power. Your gave me a true reason to live. For eternity, our eternal celestial father, we stand before you, Lucifer. My soul evokes your presence.

Our souls are longing for the end of times. The day when we will finally fight at your side. The day of the final battle, when we will be victorious. Glory to you, Father Lucifer. Repeat after me: -Before you. -Before you. -Powerful God of freedom. -Powerful God of freedom. -Powerful Lucifer. -Powerful Lucifer.

-God of the Universe. -God of the Universe. -God of freedom. -God of freedom. -God of love. -God of love. -God of power. -God of power. -God of richness. -God of richness. -I come before you. -I come before you. -Here we are. -Here we are. -In your temple. -In your temple.

-Looking for. -Looking for. -The path. -The path. -That leads me. -That leads me. -To you. -To you. -It is for you to judge, not me. The Luciferian ceremony has come to an end. One of the thousand ceremonies that have taken place here at the Luciferian Temple, Seeds of Light.

How did feel me throughout the ritual? You were very relaxed, very calm and curious. What about what we did in the temple, like making me go down on my knees What was that for exactly? That was an invocation to our father, Lucifer.

But it all depends on him, he knows if you really want it. I feel that you really don’t want to be a Luciferian. That’s what I believe. I think that your beliefs are different. I don’t know what your beliefs are, but I respect them.

But I don’t think you’re really interested in being a Luciferian. Now it depends on him, if he decides to accept you. The ceremony has come to an end. It was intense. It seems now that Lucifer is going to decide if I’ll be a part of his reign. We’ll see tomorrow how I feel.

-We are back in Montenegro Quindío, the day after the ceremony. We were left with some doubts yesterday. Everything went too fast. I’d like to know how this place usually works. Victor Damián is really charming. I found him fascinating during the interview.

He’s very kind, recieved us openly and he put on a good show. The ceremony was incredible, but there were some details that disappointed me a little bit. His cellphone kept ringing throughout the ceremony. He paid his followers. We have an audio recording

Where he told them he’ll give them a certain amount of money for their time. -How much for you? $10 pesos? -$11 pesos. -$11 pesos? -Fine, $11 pesos. -May God bless you, my son. That man has $50 pesos for each one of you. Arrange it with him.

Guys, please head out fast. Hurry up! Hurry up! Oh! This is what I love the most about parties. These are the tunics that the believers used. Today we found them in the swimming pool, in a very visible place. We also found the cross thrown over there.

The cross they used to purify me yesterday is now laying here at the entrance. All the things that we found the next day after the ceremony make me doubt the faith that Lucifer’s son has in his father. However, that doesn’t take away from his charisma when speaking about

The subject, or the grandiosity of the ceremony he conducted. There’s no doubt that this guy knows how to put on a show. What’s the purpose of forgiveness, if they keep cheating on people? If they keep subjugating them? If they keep taking people to churches

So they can take away the little money they have. While they continue to get richer and richer, and the people get poorer. Don’t close your eyes during the day, and say, “It must be nighttime since I only see darkness.” No! Dare to join us, and you will be surprised.

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And sometimes asked what I mean when I refer to myself as a secularist. The term secular has different meanings but when I describe my own position as secular I’m referring to a view encompassing two broad principles: firstly the separation of religion from state leaves religious people free to practise their religion

Provided they don’t infringe the freedoms of others and allows the non-religious to live without the imposition of religion through law, education, government, employment or health. This promotes freedom of religion and from religion. Secondly the principle of equality before the law seeks to

Remove all privilege or penalty for having or lacking religious faith, to ensure that no belief – religious or otherwise – receives special protection from criticism. And that inequalities which some support within their religion won’t be supported outside it. Obviously under this principle blasphemy and apostasy are non punishable. When properly understood secularism creates

An environment of equality that benefits us all. Which is why it’s supported by theists and atheists, religious and non-religious people, alike. This is not a Christian nation, it’s not even a religious nation. It’s a nation of many faiths and none. And even within faith groups there can be fundamental

Differences of opinion on important issues. Establishing secular boundaries that prevent any single religion imposing its values on everyone else is as much a protection for the religious as it is for the non religious. Boundaries naturally upset those whose nature is to impose and people who’ve

Got used to privilege don’t like it being removed. Their complaints are to be taken for granted. When Sayeeda Warsi told the Vatican that aggressive secularism is being imposed by stealth, likening it to totalitarianism, and saying secularism denied people the right to religious identity this was shameless

Misrepresentation. Secularism denies no one religious identity. It defends that freedom but not the freedom to impose that identity on others. What secularism says is that having a religious identity does not justify special tax exemption, especially for the already rich, preaching religion in state schools, inserting narrow religious values into common law, having unelected

Religious leaders as legislators or demanding council prayers. Redressing these unjust and inappropriate privileges is not totalitarian nor is it an attack on faith. It’s a recognition of the freedom of all people to live without divisive inequalities. Secular principles supported by theists and atheists alike encourage fairness and mutual consideration and help us all

Within reasonable limits to live together in the way we choose. you