A Day in the Life of a Modern American Exorcist

There is a war that is being waged between good and evil. Faith in God will lead us in one direction, the lack of faith will lead us in another. I have seen many manifestations of evil. Exorcism is the only cure for one who is truly demonically possessed.

The Catholic Church knows that most of these claims are baloney. They cling to this because they’re afraid to give up that last vestige of the supernatural. If there’s no demons, maybe there’s no devil . And if there is no devil, maybe there’s no God. I am Father Vincent Lampert.

I’ve been a Catholic priest for the past 25 years. I was appointed by my archbishop to be the exorcist for Indianapolis. It was not a position that I sought. But in 2005, the archbishop selected me for the role. He told me that he wanted a priest who believed in the reality of evil,

But not one who would be so gullible as to believe that everybody who came to him was actually up against the forces of evil. When I was appointed, I became 1 of only 12 officially appointed exorcists in the United States That number has now grown to around 50.

Some people will dabble in things of the occult. Believing that perhaps they’re just fun and entertaining But what they may not fully realize, is that they’re dabbling with evil. and they could be opening up an entry point for evil into their lives Take this, all of you, and eat of it

For this is my body, which will be given up for you I’m the pastor here at St. Malachi parish in Brownsburg, Indiana The parish has approximately 2500 families just around 9000 parishioners. There are many people who laugh at the notion of demonic possession. or even the reality itself.

But the Catholic Church does teach that evil is a reality and it is personified in the person of the Devil. Over the years, exorcism has undergone many different transformations. Exorcism goes back even before the time of Christ. But exorcisms became truly efficacious, or real, with the coming of Christ.

The oldest formalized version of the rite of excorcism would date back to 1614. It was revised in 1999. Some of the manifestations I’ve witnessed over the years seem kind of incredible, incredulous. I think that the manifestations that one sees in movies such as The Exorcist – all that truly is possible.

Eyes rolling in the back of the head, foaming at the mouth, growling and snarling like a wild animal, strong stenches, the temperature in the room will drop, bodily contortions. I remember a person who began to levitate during an exorcism. Now these manifestations are meant to distract the exorcist.

I learned quickly that the exorcist should not focus on the manifestations of evil, but focus on the power of God that is at work. There’s an international association of exorcists. Which received official Vatican approval about 2 years ago. I am a member of that organization.

And there’s a gathering in Rome every other year. Demonic possession is extremely rare. 1 out of every 5000 people who contact me is a genuine case of demonic possession. FATHER: Hello Mary. How are you? Obviously this is a ministry that I cannot do alone,

So there is a lady that works with me. I jokingly like to refer to her as my exorcis-tant. She’s really the first line of defense. The majority of people that she talks to just need a listening ear. I can help answer any questions that you have.

MARY: Well I got a revolving list right now of some people that are local because they would be in our diocese. I have that one guy from southern Indiana that keeps calling. I dont think he remembers all the times that we’ve talked because he always acts like

No one has ever talked to me or ever tried to help me. FATHER: And that’s what gives credence to the fact that this is truly something of a mental health issue as opposed to something that’s demonic. MARY: Of course it doesn’t help too because I also was talking to another priest.

He was telling me that he doesn’t believe any of this. FATHER: Some people will accept what the church believes and teaches about the reality of evil. Some people won’t. I am Dr. Michael Shermer, publisher of Skeptic magazine, and the head of the 55000 member strong Skeptic Society. I have two graduate degrees

One in Experimental Psychology and the other in the History of Science. My speciality really is understanding belief systems how the mind works related to why we believe anything that we believe in. The investigation of exorcisms has been popular since we started the magazine really because it kinda comes and goes

Depending on what’s hot in popular culture. You know the research says 1 in 10. Americans claim that they’ve seen an exorcism. I suspect most of those are people that have seen The Exorcist or watched a documentary on TV or something like that. If you go on YouTube and just type in demon possession

There’s thousands of videos. You could spend an hour and be an expert on what they’re supposed to look like. The church has a list of criteria for what would constitute a possession. Speaking in tongues, glossolalia, is one of them. Spouting off this sort of sequence of syllables It sounds nonsensical

And then somebody interprets it. Now we know because we’ve had linguists analyze recordings of what is being said and they say this is not a language. It’s just babble. It’s lliterally a psycho-drama The music, the chanting, the dancing, the singing. It gets you caught up into it. It’s like a rave.

You feel the emotions. You feel the brain chemistry changing. The hormones pumping through your body. Contorted body postures and the writhing on the ground, the utterances. It’s just imitation. I’ve actually gone up to one of these. I could almost feel like, “Okay, here I go.” I could almost feel it coming on.

I wasn’t even a believer. This is imitation. It’s roleplaying. In addition to these exorcisms being nonsensical, from a scientific perspective. They’re also dangerous. There have been people killed. Suffocated. Tortured. It’s not a harmless exercise in entertainment. It’s potentially very dangerous. Once you start to believe something, the confirmation bias kicks in.

In which you look for confirming evidence that it’s true, and you ignore the disconfirming evidence. Everybody does it. Unfortunately, this leads to great distortions of belief. There’s no such thing as the paranormal or the supernatural. There’s just the normal, the natural, and the things we haven’t explained yet

FATHER: This is where I performed my most intense case of exorcism. It took place 5 years ago here in this convent. The items I use for exorcism. In addition in my bag, I also have the holy water that I would use. We came into the space.

The spouse who was very strong and confident in his belief The woman who was afflicted sat down here. You could smell in the air the sense of perspiration just the anxiety of what was about to take place. No sooner did the drops of water hit the head of the lady,

Then the manifestations began immediately. She exhibited vocal outbursts. Speaking in languages that she didn’t otherwise know, exhibiting strength beyond the normal capacity of a person, and also an aversion to things of a sacred nature. All this was going on while I was praying *PRAYING IN LATIN*

I commanded the demon leviathan to depart immediately. Then the demon that had been speaking in this very strong, authoritative voice began to speak like a little baby. Then looked at me and said “Hail Mary, full of grace.” and there was a shriek and all the manifestations of evil ended.

Because the presence of evil was now completely gone. FATHER: People will believe what they will. It’s not really my task to try to convince people of something. Because if you are a person of faith, you began with the premise that believing is seeing.

People that may come from more of a scientific background may begin with the premise that I have to see in order to believe.

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Between God & The Devil: Mexico’s Land of Sorcerers

Oh Seigneur ! Oh Satan ! Laisse-moi entrer dans le plus profond de ton être. Je sais que tu es là. Je te sens. Et je te remercie encore une fois d’être là avec moi. Qu’il en soit ainsi… et ainsi il en sera. Je suis Alejandro Mendoza, rédacteur en chef de VICE au Mexique.

On va entrer dans la ville de Catemaco, dans l’État de Veracruz. Catemaco est connue pour ses grandes réserves naturelles, sa sainte patronne, Notre Dame du Carmel, et parce que Mel Gibson a tourné Apocalypto ici. Mais la ville est surtout connue pour ses shamans et ses magiciens qui pratiquent la magie noire et blanche.

On est venus démêler le vrai du faux dans une ville qui vit grâce à la magie. [LA TERRE DES SORCIERS] Il a fallu 3 heures 30 pour relier Veracruz à Catemaco. Sur place, on a trouvé une voiture pour pouvoir se balader en ville,

Et il se trouve qu’elle appartient à l’entreprise de pompes funèbres, Funeraria Velazco. Catemaco se situe dans la Sierra de Los Tuxtlas, dans le golfe du Mexique. Les Olmèques ont été ses premiers habitants, suivis par les Mexicas. Puis les colons espagnols sont arrivés et ont ramené des esclaves afro-cubains et afro-haïtiens dans la région.

Chacun avait son propre système de croyance, ce qui a conduit à un syncrétisme très particulier qui mélangeait les fois indigènes au catholicisme, à la “santeria” cubaine et au vaudou haïtien. Cela, après quelques siècles de capitalisme et de mondialisation, a fait de Catemaco ce qu’on voit

Aujourd’hui : une espèce de parc à thème plein de sorciers, où des rituels qui sont même sponsorisés par le gouvernement de l’État attirent des gens de tout le pays, venus en quête de santé, d’argent, d’amour et de pouvoir. On va faire un tour sur le lac de Catemaco, qui est vraiment spectaculaire.

Ils nous emmènent à la grotte où ils disent que Notre Dame du Carmel leur est apparue. “Clarita” est prête. C’est notre moyen de transport. Tu crois qu’un foutu croco pourrait sortir de là ? Non ? Le lac de Catemaco abrite une grande réserve naturelle, Nanciyaga, et quelques îles habitées par des singes.

La légende dit que Notre Dame du Carmel serait apparue à un pêcheur dans une grotte, et depuis, les gens viennent lui demander des miracles. Voici la grotte où la Vierge est apparue. Ce qui est étrange au sujet de cet endroit, c’est que les gens laissent des mèches de cheveux

Et des photos de personnes qui semblent souffrir d’une maladie. Bien que la grotte de la Vierge soit un site catholique, on a commencé à voir des trucs qui ressemblaient à de la sorcellerie. Les gens viennent demander la santé, le bien-être et offrent quelque chose à la Vierge en échange.

On a vu la partie religieuse. Maintenant, on va voir l’autre partie, le côté obscur, le mysticisme. Après la grotte de la Vierge, on a rendu visite à Don Reyes Alvarez, un vieux sorcier parmi les plus respectés de Catemaco. Bonjour, Alejandro. Reyes Alvarez Montes, je peux vous aider ?

Naturellement, on vous attendait pour voir ce qu’on pouvait faire pour vous. Don Reyes, aussi appelé Juan Francisco de la Peau Rouge, se qualifie de maître en botanique, en sciences occultes, et shaman. Il dit être un expert en chiromancie, en occultisme, en télépathie et en transmission de pensées.

La maison de Don Reyes a des autels dédiés aux esprits, bons et mauvais. On pourrait penser qu’un sorcier choisit son camp, satanisme ou catholicisme. Mais ici, il semblerait que tout se vaut. Entrez, mes frères. Entrez. Je suis né au Mexique, dans le centre spirituel El Peñon.

Celui qui travaille avec la Mort, c’est monsieur Reyes Alvarez Montes. Le spirituel, c’est Juan Francisco de la Peau Rouge. Je suis un shaman, et l’esprit de l’indien apache entre en moi. C’est lui qui travaille et qui soigne. Reyes Alvarez n’existe plus. Ici, on soigne des vésicules biliaires jusqu’à tout type de cancer –

De la prostate, du sein ou tout autre cancer de stade 1 ou 2. Les cancers de stade 3, non. Mais c’est Juan Francisco de la Peau Rouge qui fait tout. Après avoir expliqué comment il travaillait, Don Reyes nous a montré ses autels. La deuxième salle, là, est celle de la Très Sainte Mort,

Compagne inséparable du monde souterrain. Il se dit que, quand c’était une femme, elle a souffert d’un amour non réciproque, et qu’elle s’est suicidée. Naturellement, elle n’a pas été acceptée au Paradis. Mais on lui a donné le pouvoir de collecter les morts, leurs âmes et leurs esprits,

Et les emmener en Enfer, ou à Dieu. La blanche représente la pureté et la noire est du monde souterrain. C’est l’amie et la compagne de Satan. Il y a aussi celle aux 7 couleurs qui représente tout. Jaune pour l’envie, bleu le travail, vert pour surmonter les défis,

Rouge l’amour, blanc la pureté, et noir pour le monde souterrain. C’est la personne, la femme qui a descendu Jésus de la croix après sa crucifixion et qui l’a emmené. Voici une table de sacrifice. Je prends mon idole qui est satanique et je la place là-bas. J’attache les pattes de la chèvre ici.

C’est le moment du sacrifice. C’est la table de sacrifice. Quels autres sacrifices peut-on faire ici ? Tout, du moment que c’est du sang animal, et non humain. Voici le sanctuaire où je garde leurs images. Satan, Lucifer, Jéhovah et Adonaï. On travaille toujours avec Satan. Tu viens, tu me ramènes une photo

De la personne, je fais une poupée de cire. Ici, c’est une femme. Je plante ma dague, je fais une boîte noire, je mets la poupée dedans et je vais enterrer la boîte au cimetière. Là-dedans, il y a des photos de gens, pour le vice, naturellement.

Ils souffrent. Au lieu de les tuer, ils les font tomber dans le vice. Donc ils sont là, dedans. On lui offre aussi du tabac et de la marijuana. On peut aussi faire avec de la meth ou de la cocaïne. C’est ce que je brûle pour eux.

Vous avez déjà ressenti un malaise en provoquant la mort ? Non, bien sûr que non. Quand quelqu’un vient me voir, je lui demande s’il est sûr de sa demande. Parce que celui qui paye pourrait recevoir, demain, la monnaie de sa pièce.

Un tel va me dire : “Je veux un ranch. Tu m’as donné de l’argent, mais j’en veux plus.” Mais après, sa mère meurt, ses enfants meurent… Bien sûr, quelqu’un doit encaisser, pour ce qu’elle donne. Il faut adorer, mais pas se compromettre.

À la fin de ma visite, Don Reyes m’a baigné dans l’alcool pour me laver des mauvaises vibrations qui auraient pu venir de l’autel du monde souterrain. Catemaco est une ville d’environ 50 000 habitants. Ils disent qu’il y a un sorcier ou un shaman dans chaque rue.

Des milliers de personnes viennent chaque année s’offrir leurs services, et la sorcellerie est devenue un business lucratif pour la ville. Ici, on pratique le mysticisme depuis très longtemps, mais c’est devenu très populaire dans les années 1970 grâce aux émissions de télé de Gonzalo Aguirre, dit “le Grand Sorcier de la ville”.

Gonzalo est mort en 1982, mais nombre de ses disciples continuent de pratiquer la magie. Parmi eux, le Grand Sorcier actuel, Enrique Marthen, aussi appelé, le filleul du Diable. Enrique vient d’une longue lignée de personnes qui se consacraient à la magie. Il s’est fait connaître en exorcisant des esprits diaboliques,

Et en procédant à des purifications. Dans son immense maison, on a vu des autels pour tous types de saints et d’êtres magiques. Depuis les statues de Jesus Malverde, saint patron des narcos, aux animaux disséqués, la Sainte Mort, des masques aztèques et même une fresque d’un type qui ressemblait à Gandalf.

Au cours des 40 dernières années, il n’y a eu que 5 ou 6 Grands Sorciers. Ce titre est généralement donné à des gens de 70 ans ou plus. Pour moi, c’est un honneur. Surtout parce que je ne suis pas si vieux. J’ai 52 ans. Enrique était accompagné d’une horde d’adeptes.

L’une d’eux, Lupita, a insisté pour nous raconter son histoire. Mes racines sont ici à San Andres, Tuxtla. Et on m’a inculqué l’amour de la Sainte Mort, et l’amour à mon père, Luzbel. J’ai 2 filles, elles sont chrétiennes. Je vis loin d’elles, seule. OK. Mais je ne suis pas seule.

Ils étaient tous rassemblés pour une messe noire, dans un sanctuaire satanique qu’Enrique a construit à l’arrière de sa maison. Aujourd’hui, pour la 2ème fois, je m’abaisse devant toi, inclinant mon front, pour demander la permission de pénétrer ta maison. Encore une fois, on est en présence de cet homme prénommé Alex.

Aujourd’hui, avec cet être vivant, il va être purifié. Cet être vivant va extraire ce qui a pu… rester dans ou autour de son corps de négativité. En présence de cette petite communauté, on va éradiquer ce dont il n’a pas besoin, ce qui ne lui apporte pas le bonheur.

Nous détruisons, nous éradiquons tout ce qui ne sert pas au progrès, tout ce qui empêche cet homme prénommé Alex d’avancer, afin qu’il soit totalement libre de corps, de tête, d’âme et d’esprit. Je conjure et j’ordonne à tout être malfaisant de disparaître. Seigneur, je t’offre ce corps. Qu’il en soit ainsi…

Et ainsi il en sera pour toujours. Le Grand Sorcier a déchiré la poule face à la statue de Satan. Ils m’ont fait boire un peu de son sang et ont allumé un cercle de feu pour me protéger. Enrique nous a demandé de quitter le sanctuaire en arrière

Pour ne pas manquer de respect à Satan. Pour conclure la cérémonie, Enrique a allumé un pentagramme géant pour sceller les portes du monde souterrain qu’on aurait pu ouvrir, renvoyant les esprits invoqués là d’où ils viennent. Oh Satan ! Que le bruit des flammes soit

Le bruit de la joie qui inondera nos cœurs et nos corps. Qu’il en soit ainsi. La messe noire d’hier, avec Enrique, était un peu inquiétante. Aujourd’hui, on a été invités à une autre messe noire qui s’annonce plus tendue, parce qu’elle se tient dans la Grotte du Diable.

Là, on va à une messe blanche qui nous servira de protection pour ce qui va arriver ce soir. À l’opposé de la magie noire, la magie blanche sert à soigner et à protéger. Martin Villegas travaille avec les deux magies.

Il travaille aussi avec “Plume dorée”, une médium qui serait possédée par l’esprit d’un enfant aztèque. Lumière et force je te donne, sœur spirituelle, pour que tu sois possédée par l’esprit qui arrive. Lumière et force je te donne, sœur spirituelle. Lumière et force. Je m’appelle Plume dorée. Bienvenue. Je ne suis pas seule.

On est un groupe d’êtres de lumière au service de notre sœur, l’humanité. Que veut-il savoir ? On doit aller à une messe dans la Grotte du Diable. Je veux savoir si tout ira bien. Vous reviendrez bien. Vous devez vous protéger. Je vous demande de porter vos sous-vêtements à l’envers. OK.

Ça a été capté. Ils ont entendu, et on va le leur rappeler. Où est le tabouret ? Juste là. C’est tout pour la session avec la médium. Vous avez entendu ce qu’elle avait à dire. Maintenant, pour vous protéger, vous allez tous porter vos sous-vêtements à l’envers. Tout ce qui s’écoule emporte l’énergie négative.

Maintenant, on va demander la permission pour pouvoir commencer. Je vais commencer par souffler dans la conque. Nous ouvrons la porte depuis le seuil pour que nous soit permis de prendre l’énergie des 4 éléments. Et que cette porte ne laisse sortir que les esprits de paix. Que les démons restent dehors.

Qu’ils ne puissent pénétrer ce lieu qui est blanc, propre et pur. Je te protège. Du bout de tes cheveux jusqu’aux doigts de pieds. L’énergie positive de l’eau va pénétrer en toi. OK, tu peux ouvrir les yeux. Maintenant, on peut tranquillement aller à la messe noire ? Vous êtes tranquilles.

Porter mes sous-vêtements à l’envers et me faire cracher dessus ne m’a pas rendu plus serein. Mais il était temps d’affronter la Grotte du Diable. La Grotte du Diable est à 40 minutes de Catemaco. En chemin, on a discuté avec Felix Oseguera, un autre sorcier très respecté

Qui a travaillé avec des politiciens tels que l’actuel gouverneur de Veracruz, Javier Duarte, l’ancien président Vicente Fox, et l’ancien sénateur Diego Fernandez de Ceballos. Au Mexique, les liens entre politique et sorcellerie viennent de loin. D’après le livre “Les sorciers du pouvoir” de José Gil Olmos,

De nombreux présidents mexicains comme Miguel de Madrid, Carlos Salinas de Gortari et Enrique Peña Nieto ont demandé de l’aide pour leurs carrières politiques. Quel genre de services les gens demandent-ils au Diable ? Beaucoup demandent vengeance ou la mort d’un tel, d’autres veulent qu’on ouvre un portail de lumière, une porte spirituelle

Pour que leurs affaires avancent et prospèrent. Les gens viennent invoquer les êtres du monde souterrain pour demander ce genre de services. On a quitté le van pour s’enfoncer dans la jungle, vers un lac. Bien que Martin soit un sorcier brillant qui a travaillé pour des clients puissants,

Il s’inquiète que beaucoup de ses collègues profitent des besoins et du désespoir des gens pour abuser d’eux. Le problème avec ces pratiques irresponsables, c’est qu’elles sont devenues commerciales et non plus spirituelles. Tout le monde peut s’établir et devenir guérisseur du jour au lendemain. Combien demandent-ils pour une purification ?

Ces personnes peuvent demander jusqu’à 500 pesos [25 €]. Et si un client est vraiment dans la merde, ils peuvent lui soutirer 5 000 pesos [250 €]. Jusqu’à 50 000 pesos [2 500 €], et ils promettent de résoudre ses problèmes. Et s’il arrête de payer, ils vont l’extorquer.

Ils disent que quelqu’un leur a jeté un sort. Putain. Que Satan demande une offrande. Qu’il faut leur donner de l’or ou des trucs comme ça. Donc les gens payent. On va arriver à la porte. C’est vraiment raide. Un faux pas et tu peux mal finir. On y est. Je suis fatigué.

Voici l’entrée de la Grotte du Diable. Ils demandent la permission pour qu’on puisse entrer. Oh Seigneur ! Oh Satan ! Laisse-moi entrer dans le plus profond de ton être. Je sais que tu es là. Je te sens. Et je te remercie encore une fois d’être là avec moi.

Je crois que je marche dans de la merde de chauve-souris. Ma chaussure s’enfonce dedans. J’en ai vu quelques-unes qui volaient par là. Nous sommes venus jusqu’à ce sanctuaire pour demander que nos souhaits se réalisent. Qu’il en soit ainsi… et ainsi il en sera. Oh Satan !

Voici les prières à la mort qui sont réalisées. Ces prières ont été laissées par des gens. Celle-ci dit que telle femme devrait revenir immédiatement vers son mari. C’est ce que les gens demandent, ici. Visiter la Grotte du Diable n’était que le début du rituel.

Quand on a quitté la grotte, ils ont construit un autre pentagramme pour célébrer la messe noire. La cérémonie de clôture de la visite à la Grotte du Diable va commencer. Ils pensent qu’en brûlant le pentagramme, ils ferment la porte et remercient les esprits du monde souterrain pour leur protection.

Satan, en cette obscure journée, je viens t’offrir le modeste sacrifice de ce coq. Comme tu l’aimes. Nous demandons qu’en ce jour et cette nuit, culminant à cet instant, tu le reçoives avec approbation. Viens, Satan ! Voici ton festin. Viens en ce lieu. Reçois cette modeste offrande que j’ai pour toi.

Que son sang soit versé pour ton plaisir, et pour le mien. Reçois-le car c’est ta nourriture. C’est ce que tu aimes. Qu’il en soit ainsi… et ainsi il en sera… Toi et moi mangeons la même chose. Nous en connaissons le goût. C’est ton repas, et c’est aussi le mien.

Pour que tu continues de nous en donner. Qu’il en soit ainsi. À la fin du rituel, l’étoile a été allumée et le coq placé au milieu, en guise d’offrande. Ceux qui viennent à Catemaco recherchent l’aide de sorciers afin d’avoir la santé ou l’argent

Que les docteurs et le travail n’ont pas pu leur apporter. Ils cherchent l’amour, le pouvoir, la vengeance ou la mort qu’ils ne peuvent demander à Dieu, mais à la Santa Muerte ou à Satan. La sorcellerie répond au besoin des gens de croire en quelque chose et de trouver

Des issues à des situations difficiles. De nombreux sorciers ont une bonne réputation, et ils ont consacré leur vie aux arts occultes. Peut-être que certains d’entre eux canalisent des esprits ou parlent avec le Diable. Ou peut-être que la foi seule suffit à guérir des gens.

La plupart veulent sans doute aider ceux qui font appel à leurs services. Mais la popularité de la sorcellerie dans la région a aussi ramené pas mal d’escrocs et d’imposteurs qui veulent profiter du désespoir des gens qui viennent demander leur aide.

Ce qui est vrai, c’est que la pratique de la sorcellerie et la croyance des saints et des esprits extérieurs au catholicisme sont de plus en plus populaires au Mexique. Mais nulle part on ne le prend aussi au sérieux et de façon aussi spectaculaire qu’à Catemaco. Allez, on se casse. [TRADUCTION : STEPHEN SANCHEZ]

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The Rise and Fall of Secular Humanism: Only Two Religions with Peter Jones

JONES: This second lecture will deal with one of the powerful influences on our culture today, namely I’m looking at the rise and demise of secular humanism. I think it’s important that we understand today’s culture. And I really am so happy that there are young people listening to me because while some

Of you my age will say, “You’re saying what exactly what I understand and have lived through.” Sometimes our young people have difficulty figuring out what’s happening because they have not lived through this kind of thing. So I address them in particular.

And to understand our culture, we need to see that there are two fundamental ideologies that I will show at the end of my lectures possibly are really the same because they’re Oneist, namely secular humanism and revive paganism. They’re very different but at the end of the day, they are in their fundamental orientations

Of the world — Oneist. You know when I first came in 1964, I mention how amazed I was to see Christian America. And the other thing that amazed me was how much people lived in fear of communism. There were commies behind every bush.

And of course the McCarthy investigation of communist agents was just finished and many on the left poopooed that but it’s actually been shown that there were many communist agents in America during that time. But we were worried because this godless system of communism or Marxism was spreading throughout

The world in this sort of a domino effect from the Soviet Union to China, to Korea, to Vietnam, to Cuba. And you know the ’60s revolution was very much a revolution against the Vietnam War whose motivation of course was to oppose communism.

So we have radicals who still actually now have power who were part of those refusing to denounce communism which is sort of interesting. So the threat in the ’60s was not a religious threat but a nonreligious materialism in its various forms. In its political form of course — atheistic Marxism.

But it is also had an intellectual form called secular humanism and that was something that we all realized and perhaps still realize as a fundamental opponent of the Christian faith. Humanism was celebrated in the Renaissance just before the Reformation as the rediscovery

Of the value of the individual human being and his reason over against the power of the church. And many of us have seen the importance of that movement and of course it’s easy to describe the work of Martin Luther as an expression, in a certain sense, of that humanistic understanding

Of the importance of the individual. But of course, like most things, its good parts can be turned to bad. And what you have you see is, from the intelligent use of individual reason which has produced the incredible successes of Western culture through science and technology.

So, that one day human beings would walk on the moon; this kind of thinking became more and more enamored of its own power and felt that it was the only way of relating to the world — that human reason was the source of truth.

And belief in a world created by God and of reason created by God was dismissed as religious superstition and myth. And so for modern man — religion had to go, and this is why we have known and recognized that secular humanism is a massive attack on Christianity.

So from the 18th Century on what’s called “The Enlightenment” — “the age of light” if you like; this view of reason as the ultimate source of authority for human existence developed in a powerful way. Optimism in what mankind could produce, its capacities to bring about a better world took

The minds of intellectuals by storm and of course invaded the university. So that, so many of our intellectuals bought into this system. Bringing about if you like this vision of a kingdom of man on earth, you can already see how Oneist that is, right?

If it’s simply depending on human beings to put the world together, it is a form of Oneism. It was known as the religion of humanism and it was particularly expressed by the French Revolution. I spent eighteen years in France, so I love the French but I see their weaknesses too.

In 1789, the Paris revolutionaries built an altar to the goddess ‘Reason’ in Notre Dame Cathedral, can you believe that? There was an altar right in the center of that incredible medieval church and they celebrated to goddess ‘Reason’. The French philosopher who was part of this French Revolution — Voltaire, was fundamentally anti-Christian.

He was a friend by the way of Benjamin Franklin, who himself was a very conflicted man because some of you know that Benjamin Franklin was fascinated by George Whitfield and helped pay for some of his campaign.

And yet he was also a friend of Voltaire, one of the leading atheists of the 18th Century. Voltaire came up with the famous phrase “écrasez l’infâme,” — “Crush that vile unspeakable thing.” This became the battle cry of The Enlightenment, but it was actually Christianity that was the vile and unspeakable thing.

And so there were thousands of heads of priests and so on that were separated from their bodies through the French Revolution. The Emperor Napoleon asked Pierre-Simon Laplace, — the great French scientist if he believed in God; he was reputed to have said, “I have no need of that hypothesis.”

This is a movement, a very powerful movement in the West, and as western history develops in the 18th and 19th Centuries, you find leading intellectuals actually predicting the end of religion. In the 21st Century, we should be seeing the end of religion according to these predictions.

Ludwig Feuerbach called Christianity a “delusion,” “a gigantic human projection.” You remember Karl Marx described religion as “the opiate of the people,” the sign of a wrongly ordered society. “Man,” said Marx, “is the supreme divinity.” By the way, another expression Oneism.

But these people didn’t want to be called religious by the way; they weren’t religious, they were rational. Of course why did they believe in their own rationality, that was a faith statement by the way. Friedrich Nietzsche declared “Gott ist tot,” “God is dead.”

The tradition of Christianity was now being buried by these leading philosophers. Sigmund Freud in his book “The Future of an Illusion” speaks about religion in particularism his own Judaism as a “mass delusion, a collective neurosis which enshrines our infantile longing.”

He actually describes it as a serious pathological condition from which one needed to be healed. Really massive anti-religious mindset going on amongst the intellectuals of the 19th and 20th centuries. And that continues to this day in 1976, Richard Dawkins, one of the new atheists, in his book

“The Selfish Gene,” describes faith, quote, “as a kind of mental illness.” So here we have this rationalistic approach to eliminate faith and religion as a form of illness. And of course we saw this kind of thinking invade the church; that’s what liberalism is, you see.

Liberalism is the adaptation of the world’s kind of thinking and trying to make it Christian, that’s what liberals have done all through the ages since the beginning. Christianity, beginning with the Gnostics, who were the original liberals who tried to take pagan notions of the mystery religions and make them Christian.

So that’s the mechanism that liberals use. And when I was studying New Testament at Harvard, of course that was the great goal — to reinterpret the New Testament by demythologizing the supernatural. Demythologizing means taking away the myths and getting to the heart which really the

Heart was sort of a sense of one’s own existential being faced with nothingness; that was the real meaning of Christianity in the New Testament. So there was no miracles and certainly no resurrection of Jesus. And then of course, the mainline churches buy into this kind of thinking.

But of course, someone has said, “If you marry the spirit of the age, you will soon be a widower.” And we’ve seen mainline churches going down in their effect in our culture. And Liberalism thus defined the Gospel as mere social work, and saw Jesus only as an

Example not as a divine Savior, that was myth of course you see, so myth had to go. The Gospel was redefined in terms of Marxist politics. Liberation theology became all the rage, and Jesus was little more than a cake of 20th century revolutionary theory.

On a different level, the secular humanists were greatly influenced by Darwin, who would effectively eliminated belief in “God the Creator,” and proposed in place of “God the Creator” the idea of an unguided and impersonal process of natural selection.

Life came about by mere chance, and man was seen as the result of purposelessness and a mere natural process, that did not have him in mind by the way, and so we are really the result of chance.

It’s incredible to see how far people can go with that as an explanation for the incredible beauty and power of what we represent as human beings. The way our bodies have put together. The way our minds can function. There’s no valid explanation of this in secular humanism and yet so many liberal thinkers

Adopted it. Science was the only way of knowing anything about anything. And so, there was a belief that religion would disappear. When I came to the states in the ’60s, I was asked to read books on ‘the death of God’.

And this was all the rage and we were sort of told that this was the proof (and I wasn’t at an evangelical school and I don’t really blame my professors for seeing it this way, I saw it that way) that the death of God was the proof of the success of secular humanism.

That man no longer needed God as a hypothesis, he was now fine on his own. The final triumph then of secular humanism is to declare in America in the ’70s that God had died. Secular humanism had won. Now in a certain sense, these predictions have come true.

We’re seeing the decline of the Christian faith in the population as a whole. No longer are many people influenced by a Christian way of thinking and I don’t think we should hide our eyes from that. And in that sense we’ve seen the decline of attachment to the Christian faith.

Now, this is a massive change. People no longer actually believe in God the Creator and so they can do anything they want to, but that was not always the case. In 1890, the Supreme Court in United States defined religion as “one’s view of one’s relation

To his Creator, to the obligations they impose of reverence for his being and character and obedience to His will.” That was the statement of the Supreme Court in 1890. There was no other definition of God but of a personal transcendent creator.

But thanks in many ways to secular humanism, this is no longer the case in public discourse. So what is ‘secularism’ or secular humanism? Let me give you a simple definition, it comes in various names. As an intellectual discipline, it is known as “philosophical materialism,” that matter is ultimate. That’s the philosophy of materialism. As a religious expression, it is called ‘Atheism’, the faith belief that there is no God. There’s no — you can’t prove that rationally, right? So an atheist has to be in some sense a religious believer.

As a political form, it is practiced as ‘Marxism’ and various forms of socialism. And for many people, it’s simply a default way of thinking of living without any notion that God exists. That’s probably the way most people practice this kind of thinking.

But in all these expressions of secularism, it’s a consistent rejection as a mere ancient superstition, a sort of a holdover from the Middle Ages and we must refuse that kind of mythology if we want to really do our world good. Now, this kind of a view still dominates the western universities.

Some of you young people that go to schools around here will confirm that your professors — many of them believe in this kind of rationalism or secular humanism. However, this is not the whole story. Just as these philosophers of the 19th and early 20th century were predicting the end

Of the withering away of religion in a kind of ironic turn of events. We are now seeing the withering away of secular humanism, did you realize that? You probably don’t always see it, but this is happening and many people are talking about it.

And the withering away of secular humanism, (oh let me just say it) the proof is, how many people now say, “I’m spiritual but not religious?” In other words, they are making a claim to spirituality which doesn’t fit with secular humanism, right? — That’s superstition. Any kind of faith is superstition.

Well, the reasons why this movement of secular humanism is on the decline and indeed is withering away, is that while it was so optimistic and full of self-confidence; secular humanism produced two devastating World Wars that produced the death of millions. In some of its socialistic expressions it became totalitarian fascism.

And some of its great leader was Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot that produced the murder of countless millions, in the name of secular humanism. That doesn’t give a movement too many honors. And of course from that — you have wild industrialization, ecological disasters; but as I was indicating

Earlier, one of the real problems is that many people have begun to feel that without some kind of spirituality they can’t exist in this world. And that’s what secular humanism does; it leaves us with a soulless materialism without any sense of a meaning in a spiritual way of thinking.

And so secular humanism produced a profound sense of alienation from the rest of the universe. So we human beings, you see, are isolated in this massive cosmos, and we have no real relationship with the outside and so we have a profound sense of alienation. Have you met people like that?

They are looking for a sense of wholeness. “W-H.” (I didn’t say holiness, I said whole-ness) they want to belong somehow to more than a mere physical. But there is another reason why secular humanism is in decline. It is severely weak as a philosophical system. What do I mean by that?

Well, you see, to be a secular humanist, you have to believe in the validity of human reason. But in order to believe in human reason, you have to presuppose it. So to demonstrate that, you have to presuppose it. So it’s a perfectly circular way of thinking, does that make sense?

In order to prove reason, you have to presuppose it. And to presuppose it, that’s a faith statement that the world is rational. You don’t have all the information, right? You don’t sit outside of the cosmos and look down, ‘Oh yeah, that’s rational’. You have to presuppose that.

And some scholars have realized that this is not a ground for establishing secular humanism. The postmodern critique of secular humanism which argued that all major ideas are simply human notions and they are not scientific or philosophical, included the critique of secular humanism oddly.

So postmodernism — the thinkers of whom were probably the sons and daughters of secular humanist turns around and eats up their parents. There are two reasons really why secular humanism is on the decline. The first, is it really cannot stand against true biblical theism.

The conversion of Antony Flew — the great atheist is an example of that. He stated this, “It is simply inconceivable that any material matrix or field can generate agents who think and act. Matter cannot produce conceptions and perceptions such a world has to originate in the living source, a mind.”

The greatest atheist of the 20th century finally has to admit that secularism cannot justify the human mind. Isn’t that beautiful? But then, finally, there’s a new way of thinking. It is the thinking of this new spirituality. David Miller, who was a professor at Syracuse University, and was one of the ‘death of God’

Theologians actually said, “At the death of God, you will see the rebirth of the gods and goddesses of ancient Greece and Rome.” That’s not secular humanism. That’s a justification of a belief in all the gods. What did Miller know that we didn’t know as we read him in the ’70s?

Well, he was a devout follower of Carl Jung. And that will be the subject of my next lecture. Thank you.

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Inside Colombia’s Temple of Lucifer

-We’re about to start my initiation ritual, into the “Luciferian” religion. -I saw him, an angel, he was enormous, with seven wings. I’m organizing an army of Lucifer’s children. What would be the ultimate goal of this army? To confront them. -Who, you wonder? -The grand whore. -The grand whore, you mean Catholic church?

We bring this man before you. LUCIFER’S TEMPLE Hi, I’m Andrés Páramo. We’re really close to what is called the Luciferian Temple, Seeds of Light, led by a guy called Victor Damian Rozo. Hello friends from Latin America, I’m Victor Damian Rozo Villareal. Founder of the Association, Luciferian Temple, Seeds of Light.

We came here to interview him and to do a satanic initiation ritual. And to also see what people think about this and what their opinions are regarding this phenomenon. Until now he hasn’t revealed himself. Some girls that entered that place came out mentally insane. The way they adore Lucifer by sacrificing innocent animals,

Killing them in such a cruel way so they can drink their blood and idolizing Lucifer’s image. We’re carrying out some legal proceedings, not because of the religion they practice but because they don’t have the legal requirements to construct their building. They’re going to be fined

$64 million pesos. He has to pay it if not they’ll demolish the place. Even the police have visited but they didn’t find anyone in there. The devil for us is a negative thing, a symbol of all bad things like, no values We haven’t done anything here because we haven’t found anything

But we will keep our doors closed if we do. The people we interviewed at Quimbaya square all had the same opinion about Victor Damian and his temple. They all rejected the idea and were afraid of it so they kept the emergence of this Luciferian religion at a cautious distance.

A different story emerged when we traveled to his farm. Alberto Trujillo, a neighbor who worked for him doing many things, took us on a ride, recounting a kinder, more humane side of Lucifer’s son. -Yes, I’m his driver. He’ll ask me to go and buy materials for him since he’s sick.

-Yeah, and do you live close to him? Our properties are close to each other. -Yeah, and what do you think about the temple? Nothing, everyone has the right to do their own thing. -Even if it’s Satanic? -Yes. -And if he’s the devil, he’s just as bad. Yes or no? -Yes.

He’s evil so we have to take care of ourselves. -Well, what about Damian? -What do you think about him? -No, he’s very professional. -Very professional. -Hail Mary, for sure. -He just built that temple about a year ago. -And nothing has happened? No, nothing has happened. -Nobody has gone there? No, no.

-And don’t you find that a bit weird? A temple where nothing happens? Some people say that they use it to film horror movies. So they made that space to film horror movies. about vampires. The ranch has two houses, two swimming pools, a couple of German Shepherds, and finally, in the distance,

The construction of a building with inverted crosses. From the outside, the temple looks deserted, abandoned and totally private. And for being a church, it doesn’t really feel welcoming. -Victor or Hector? -Victor is more of an alias. But my real name is Hector Londoño Villegas. Victor Damián Rozo is more of a personality.

-So, Hector, please tell us what this space is about? On this side we have a shield, “Satanas Rae”, with an inverted cross on the shield, which represents the rebellion, a worldwide rejection of religion, of Christianity. And why do you reject Catholicism? Because of their history and what they have done to us.

Because of what they represent, this huge scam that they’ve embroiled us in for thousands of years. This is a Luciferian shield. It represents good and evil. And what is the evil part? Evil for us does not exist. Got it? What’s important to us is your character and behavior.

If you do good things than you’re going to have a good life. It all depends on your behavior. As followers of Lucifer, we do not believe in evil as something that’s imposed on us. If you do this, you’re bad. That having sex with your neighbor’s wife is bad. No.

We don’t believe in that. To make a pact with the devil is to change your doctrine, change your religion. To make a pact with the devil is nothing else but to embrace him and accept him. I wanted to deliver this message and grab the people’s attention in a certain way.

My goal here on Earth is to gather souls for him. So I had to send a message since people know him like this. So, I had to do something like a marketing campaign. Hello friends from Latin America. I am Victor Damian Rozo Villareal. Lucifer’s representative here on earth.

And, founder of Lucifer’s Temple, Seeds of Light. The only Luciferian temple in the world. Don’t let yourself be fooled! Don’t you let them take your money anymore. Don’t let them scam you. If they do, you’re gullible. Don’t be fooled! This is Victor Damian Rozo, the founder of the Luciferian Temple, Seeds of Light.

-Tell me, where are you from? -I come from a very spiritual family. From witch doctors and sorcerers. My mother was a renown spiritist. My grandfather too, he healed and cursed as he wished. I stared studying this when I was in school. I remember I used to get my books and a Ouija board,

And I would go study. I would go to the bathroom and I began playing with the Ouija board there. I explored new things. And as I got older I started to work as a spiritist. As a sorcerer. Like what your mom did? Exactly. But, it was a side job

Because before this, I used to do random jobs. I use to be a normal person, working in shoe warehouses, selling clothes. -All day? -All day. But when was the moment where you decided to work for Lucifer, and nothing else? In a dream, I saw him, he was an enormous angel,

And he told me that he had big plans for me. He told me, you are the chosen one. Got it. I chose you to gather my children. We have to organize the army of the children of Lucifer. What would that army’s goal be? We would confront them. Who, you wonder? The great whore.

The great whore? The Catholic church? Yes, the Catholic church. I’m here on earth, sent by my father, Lucifer. I was sent by him, to gather souls. To gather souls, devoted followers for Lucifer. For our amazing God, I am the chosen one. -We’re in front of La Crónica building,

One of the most important and established newspapers in this region. In there, Oliver Gomez is waiting for us. A journalist that has been following Lucifer’s son very closely. Among other things, he has reported that this guy hasn’t traveled around the world, but has actually photoshopped himself into these pictures.

So let’s hear what he has to say. I found out about him from a report that I wrote about a person that has no legs. -Why do you do this? Because it’s easier for me to receive what I need from the devil than with God. And I hope that Mr. Damian helps me.

What tangible things has Lucifer given to you, what do you have now? Right now, I have some money saved, a car, and my health. He has given me what I dreamed of, and I have more dreams that he’s going to help come true for me.

But then he told me that it was a lie. It was a scam, he received money to do that. And that guy ended up scamming him as well. Journalistically speaking, what do you think was the most serious thing? His false advertising. You can’t play with people’s hopes and dreams.

We seen his videos on the internet, I think he’s deleted them all but fortunately we downloaded one of them and we uploaded it to our platform. We saw a powerful, rich man telling people that they could get all these material things Just as he did with the handicapped man,

The man with no legs, who’s asks for help in southern part of the city. This was all a lie. So lying to people and playing with their dreams is the worst thing about Damian Rozo, or whatever his name is. He’s destroying people’s dreams.

Hello, friends from a Latin America. This is Victor Damian Rozo. The founder of the Luciferian Temple, Seeds of Light. Your temple. The benefits are clear and obvious. You’ll leave your sadness behind. Rebel against the regime and start worshipping Satan, the true god, Lucifer.

Are you tired of looking for God and answers that you can’t find? Contact me, from anywhere in the world. I’ll tell you how you can be a true believer and make a pact with Lucifer. My name is Victor Damian Rozo Villarreal. Dare to do it! Let yourself be surprised.

As night fell, we came back to Victor Damian’s farmhouse to see him in action. To see how far or close we were to the possible manifestation of this serious religion. We are about to start my initiation ritual into the Luciferian religion. Victor Damian is anxiously awaiting, but I think I’m more anxious.

There are some of his followers. He’s wearing a red tunic the rest of them are wearing black tunics. and they’re about to dress me up to convert me into a believer. We’ll see what happens tonight. We’re gathered here, once again to venerate the name of our father, Lucifer.

We need a lot of discipline and consistency. In the name of our father, Lucifer, the God we worship, please, let’s “hit a home run” as they colloquially say. King of Earth. Planetary King. Before you, Lucifer, is this man. Open up his eyes. He’s here before you, God of freedom.

God of love, God of the universe. Oh, Lucifer. We present this man before you. Praying for you. I curse the presence of that false God they taught us to adore. I curse the presence of that God that I used to follow. Your revenge is my revenge. Your power is my power.

Your light is my light. Your goodness is my goodness. You taught me the true meaning of goodness. Your gave me freedom, you gave me power. Your gave me a true reason to live. For eternity, our eternal celestial father, we stand before you, Lucifer. My soul evokes your presence.

Our souls are longing for the end of times. The day when we will finally fight at your side. The day of the final battle, when we will be victorious. Glory to you, Father Lucifer. Repeat after me: -Before you. -Before you. -Powerful God of freedom. -Powerful God of freedom. -Powerful Lucifer. -Powerful Lucifer.

-God of the Universe. -God of the Universe. -God of freedom. -God of freedom. -God of love. -God of love. -God of power. -God of power. -God of richness. -God of richness. -I come before you. -I come before you. -Here we are. -Here we are. -In your temple. -In your temple.

-Looking for. -Looking for. -The path. -The path. -That leads me. -That leads me. -To you. -To you. -It is for you to judge, not me. The Luciferian ceremony has come to an end. One of the thousand ceremonies that have taken place here at the Luciferian Temple, Seeds of Light.

How did feel me throughout the ritual? You were very relaxed, very calm and curious. What about what we did in the temple, like making me go down on my knees What was that for exactly? That was an invocation to our father, Lucifer.

But it all depends on him, he knows if you really want it. I feel that you really don’t want to be a Luciferian. That’s what I believe. I think that your beliefs are different. I don’t know what your beliefs are, but I respect them.

But I don’t think you’re really interested in being a Luciferian. Now it depends on him, if he decides to accept you. The ceremony has come to an end. It was intense. It seems now that Lucifer is going to decide if I’ll be a part of his reign. We’ll see tomorrow how I feel.

-We are back in Montenegro Quindío, the day after the ceremony. We were left with some doubts yesterday. Everything went too fast. I’d like to know how this place usually works. Victor Damián is really charming. I found him fascinating during the interview.

He’s very kind, recieved us openly and he put on a good show. The ceremony was incredible, but there were some details that disappointed me a little bit. His cellphone kept ringing throughout the ceremony. He paid his followers. We have an audio recording

Where he told them he’ll give them a certain amount of money for their time. -How much for you? $10 pesos? -$11 pesos. -$11 pesos? -Fine, $11 pesos. -May God bless you, my son. That man has $50 pesos for each one of you. Arrange it with him.

Guys, please head out fast. Hurry up! Hurry up! Oh! This is what I love the most about parties. These are the tunics that the believers used. Today we found them in the swimming pool, in a very visible place. We also found the cross thrown over there.

The cross they used to purify me yesterday is now laying here at the entrance. All the things that we found the next day after the ceremony make me doubt the faith that Lucifer’s son has in his father. However, that doesn’t take away from his charisma when speaking about

The subject, or the grandiosity of the ceremony he conducted. There’s no doubt that this guy knows how to put on a show. What’s the purpose of forgiveness, if they keep cheating on people? If they keep subjugating them? If they keep taking people to churches

So they can take away the little money they have. While they continue to get richer and richer, and the people get poorer. Don’t close your eyes during the day, and say, “It must be nighttime since I only see darkness.” No! Dare to join us, and you will be surprised.

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The Truth Behind Modern Day Satanism

Oh the antichrist is coming hi it’s thomas we’re in cleveland outside the house of wills this is an old funeral home owned by one eric freeman who is cleveland’s leading proponent of satanic thought he is uh formally associated with anton lavey and some of his children from the church of satan

I’m curious about full term possession like wholly giving yourself over to dark forces and they think of no better format for doing so than satanism where the foundational right is selling your soul to the biggest dark force of all the government so tonight we will be conducting uh one of the satanic rituals

Is written by levay the ceremony of the nine angles and uh we will hopefully be summoning the goat of a thousand ages and maybe indoctrinating ourselves into the order of the nine angels which is a secret society of satanists perhaps the most secret society of satanists who advocate animal sacrifice human

Sacrifice and reshaping the world according to your will let’s see if it works Hail satan Well like what is satanism like really i mean to me it’s a logical format of exactly how to fundamentally get the most out of life without any kind of dogma superstition fear or anything else controlling you it’s you being completely in control of your universe

Okay and in satanism we have our own you know general structure of how we treat people oh can you describe that structure well i mean it’s pretty simple we absolutely do not turn the other cheek stupidity is the number one sin if you’re magic and you create something never doubt yourself

Because once you doubt yourself it’s gone and that’s the that’s the worst part about heaven or hell or any of that is that people fundamentally believe that after this existence they’re going to go to a better place so what you do here doesn’t matter and that that’s

Really sad i would say these things like the skulls the tombstones the coffins any of these various objects of our memento mori’s are just symbols of death these uh do not imply in any way that we’re the least bit eager to die or have any sort of freudian death wish on the

Contrary these are constant reminders that death is around the corner and death doesn’t present a better uh than what we have now world can you walk me through the roots of american satanism i would state that uh most ideas of western satanism was probably come from the fool society back in the

Uh in germany in the uh early 1900s after that you absolutely have crowley who is the most evil man you know alive i mean when you look at him his do without wilt turned into do your own thing which is absolutely instrumental in the structure of the 60s the 70s you know

Even today with let your freak flag like that’s all based on crowley who’s the most evil man in the world but then you have this hippie peace movement that spawns from this gentleman you can even go to charles manson who was instrumental in ottowa what is the air

Trees water earth i believe the green movement today is all based on charles manson this is a man that’s still in prison today who never killed anyone like if you want to talk about will and what you can create that man like that man knows what’s going on and that’s why

They have him in a cage and if you ask him like hey do you like jail he’ll just straight up he’ll be like what jail because he knows that he can do whatever he wants in his mind is he completely sane absolutely not but that doesn’t mean that he’s

Completely ignorant as to the way things work it’s the duality of nature that people don’t comprehend they only see one thing when they look at things the altar is a living slab of flesh in the personification or in the person of a nude young woman the altar stone or the

Mantle which holds the officer was made from cobblestones from the san francisco streets that were broken up in the 1906 earthquake satan is simply a word that means the adversary or the opposition or the accuser it doesn’t necessarily mean evil or brutality or cruelty it simply means the dissenter

This is evidently today’s ritual room in the basement i know and these are i presume the participants in uh the ceremony we’re about to conduct this looks about right the order of the nine angles is actually taken from michael aquino who is the co-founder of the church of satan with levay wrote the

Satanic rituals at least the mentality behind is you utilize different trappings to collect more power so that you have more power to alter reality as a thought great center of the cosmos let thy fluids sing unto us lulling us against the terrorists of thy domain whether it existed or didn’t exist it

Exists today that’s the mentality of you know crowley manson all of it it’s all a mental state where you restructure the entire universe through your thought process satanists don’t believe in the devil they don’t believe in heaven hell god anything we believe in us and we believe in our will

Altering reality that it’s your life it’s your reality and you have the ability to do whatever you want and either you can do it or you can’t do it you can either be a victim or you can be a winner and it’s up to you on which

Choice which path you want to take you can either be part of it or you can be it you

#Truth #Modern #Day #Satanism

The Head of a Satanic Temple Explains Satanism

We do not sacrifice children. The foundation of Satanism is built upon the self and carrying out the devil’s work. Hail Satan! Hail Satan! Hail Satan! Hail Satan! Hi! My name is Zeke Apollyon and I am the chapter head for the Satanic Temple, London and UK.

I think what attracted me most to Satanism, I think how preposterous a lot of stuff that was coming from people who call themselves Christians. These people are extremists, they’re religious extremists. That use Christianity to kind of further their extremism. Some of these people have blood on their hands, and so

I figured if they could do horrible things in the name of Jesus then I could do wonderful things in the name of Satan. It’s so liberating. It is so liberating. I don’t think I’ve ever felt as in my own skin as I do as a Satanist

Because, I mean part of it is looking at like ugly sides of yourself and being able to sort of reconcile that and looking at ugly sides of humanity. No. No. I don’t want to catch anything and I’m pretty sure other people don’t either.

People get in touch with us and we just have a conversation. A lot of times what people want is community, a lot of people feel like outsiders and so they come to us because they’re looking for people that are accepting. They do not come around anymore. They don’t come around anymore.

They came over one time when we were having a big ritual and they must have seen it on my face or something ’cause I opened the door to come out to get something and they were walking up the path and I was just like, no! And they just turned around and left.

And I haven’t seen them since. We still live in a time when people who are satanists have to live incognito? But I think in terms of misconceptions about Satanists I think people think that we sacrifice babies, that we are engaged in some kind of like underground sex trafficking.

I’ve definitely met some babies that I haven’t really gotten on with very well, but I’ve never actually killed one. There’s a little girl in the window right there. Satanism, it’s been a philosophy or a way of life for people for a very long time.

For me, Satanism is really about not letting myself off the hook. And I believe for me that being a Satanist is about trying to continually advocate for people especially people who aren’t able to advocate for themselves. You could definitely go much worse than to use those things

As your way to kind of move forward. Every day! In fact somebody is probably right now, asking us to put them in touch with the devil. People ask for riches, they ask if we can allow them access to the Illuminati. Some of the weirdest interactions are people who like send us satanic prayers.

People will sometimes ask us to pass on messages to the devil. And I’m like, we’re not the devils answering service. I wish! Satanism is a love affair with the self. Actually, I think one of the things that the Satanic Temple wants to do is actually sponsor an orgy.

We do, but like we would be there as people who would fold the towels and we would make sure that there was enough condoms and lube. And we would provide sex education. A lot of us are trained. Some of us are medics. And what we would do is facilitate

What would be like a safe, consensual, group sex practice for people and it would benefit something. I think it would be great if Satanists went on Love Island. That would be amazing. I totally would. I would turn that party out.

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